Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah 5 of 10

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The hosts of a TV show called "days of huddle" discuss the origin of the title, a book that contains a series of acts and legends from the Hanuk retro culture. They encourage viewers to read the book and interact with it, as it is a popular book and will help them understand the meaning of their actions.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome Friends days of hudge, our fifth episode, possibly your fifth day, from the excitement of the hija and Hajj days Arafa has come, we have done our worships we did our playlist of very Bada, then we found out those acts of arriba that we could drop in deep. And I did I waited five days to say this friend, what is the one activity the core that binds or from it originates at 90% of your worship, you know, those dwarfs? They're all in one book. Do you know the names of Allah subhanaw taala. More than 2540 of them can be found in that book too. You know, when we make salawat on the Prophet, peace be upon him, peace be upon him, we think good things about

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him. It's all found in one book, day number five days of hudge. And oh, no, what good activity could I be doing? Reading the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala So with me today, would you even if you prayed and made knuffel voluntary prayers, dude 80% of your prayers Quran you're reading Quran you read Quran and now we're going to read some more Quran. So I'll throw this one on the side too. Not this topic. You know people talk to you about the dark arts and some possession and this and that right right forever. You know what the guy you call to read upon you does they read Quran Why not self spiritual, immunize and choose the Quran has to ah and the Koran has motivation in it the

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Quran? Is God going to regulate my breathing? The Quran is gonna connect me to Allah subhanaw taala. And guess what? Allah didn't reveal the Quran, Allah said the Quran. Sometimes we miss that. Day five, are you looking for a good deed? Now, I understand someone just imploded a water balloon of shame in your life, but I can't read, but I can't do this. And before I give you a suggestion, are you willing to accept that the core of all that is good, your good deeds, even the oral hygiene that you keep, and the cleanliness that you keep? It will do? Right? It all ends up coming and the clean space that you keep so your grandson good spot. The Quran does a lot for us. And we're all looking

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for some magical number. If I read this this many times, then Ed Sheeran. Yeah, days of Hodge, let's pick up the Quran. And once we pick it up, and we acknowledge it, okay, this book, I don't know how to read, I don't know how to do anything with it yet. I know this book came from God. If you keep that as your first trigger, that this is going to help me this is the book of God, I believe your brain will then say, Now let's set up some levels, your brain will say, hey, there must be a way to be able to get there to be able to do this. Got to learn the letters, how those letters connect. And then if someone could just make the sound I could repeat after them. Yeah, all of that's out there.

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And you know that already? We've got letters, we've got words, but this is not that class. There's not a class, the days a hunch. So I'm not lecturing you. I'm asking you as the greatest good deed that you can do in terms of binding all your other good deeds, the source of all your other good deeds. Grodd, vicar Salawat dua.

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It's all here. So why not make the intention on the days of hudge during 2023

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I made the choice. And I brought the Quran and its recitation into my life, and I changed who I was. So if you want to move, I encourage you make the Quran a bigger part of your life. Complete pun intended. Make the Quran reading it, you touching it a much bigger part of your life. Friends, days of hudge day number five.

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Let's go do this. Let's go touch the Quran interact with it. We're on WB W on your phones.com and recite quran.com If you still have a thing called Computer was said Armonico or Rahmatullah.