Assim Al-Hakeem – How can I stop the cycle of sinning & repenting and find khushu in prayer

Assim Al-Hakeem
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I have

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I will say serious problems you will see what I have a serious problem don't we all

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I do the things I do the scenes and then I feel sorry and regret and then repent again.

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But couple days I do this again feel regret feel sodium deepened over and over again

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I feel

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maybe so many years doing like that, I feel the spread Maybe Allah will say my papa or not I do not know. And then

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recording according to your speech in the early speech that when the story of Sahaba did that when he practicing Salah Handan

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the beauty of the Salah and beauty of the prayer the beauty of of reciting Quran I feel that I do not feel

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that deliciousness or goodness in praise so many years, maybe she I will try too hard. I feel I try hard to to fill in that, that the connection. But I The question is, is that okay? i

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It's not okay maybe to sin and repent again. But maybe the question is, what is the ultimate

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strategy or what should I do to cut off this, this cycle of sins, repent of sins, repent, sins, repent and so on and so on. So I can get my

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happiness with Quran with Salah and silence. Okay. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh. First of all,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam said, khulumani, Adam have bought waha your own hot enough to wear Boone? Every son of Adam is sinful. But the best of those sinful are those who repent. Good news is you repent, ALLAH forgive you. Bad news is that the more you sin, the more less remorse you have. I know many days, students of knowledge. They were this high.

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In Dawa, they have tapes, they have books, they were giving hotbar and lectures like me, but little by little shaitan drag their feet. So in the beginning, you make sense. You feel very remorseful, you cry, you're ashamed. And you ask Allah for forgiveness, or 1234 weeks, you're good, doing fine. Then you do the sin again.

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And you feel remorseful but less and you're ashamed, but less. After two, three weeks, you do it again. And the remorse is less and less until you reach a level where you do the sin. You enjoy it.

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You feel that you want to finish Orisha prayer to go and watch two three hours of haram content which has a lot of the Muslims say so many people I ask them you have this No no no. Do you have that? No, no, no no. hamdulillah I'm a living a Muslim life. Yeah, Netflix is it? Yes.

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Mashallah, why

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this is sinful. So, the bad news is that shaytaan drags your feet until you feel no remorse. And you enjoy

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there is more

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after some time, you don't feel that you're ashamed of people knowing

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so you go and say, Oh, he yesterday I saw this movie. And it was good movie really nice. Haha. And you share sins with others you don't feel ashamed. Now before you were remorseful, you're crying now. You're sharing it? deck this DVD it's pirated. It's okay. It's from China

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and watch it. So, you sharing it. After a while you become a dairy.

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You become asking people come and you propagate talam and you become one of the soldiers of shaytaan

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This is a different topic altogether. Needs a lecture by itself. How to counter it. Number one, by always remembering Allah, vicar or n

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Number two, by associating yourself with Muslims. If I'm alone shaytan can easily play with my head. If I have brothers around me, I'm in good hands. Every time I want to do something, brother. This is haram. It's not good. Brother. Let's we have a lecture. Let's go. We have this does. Next month we're going for ombre. They're encouraging you so the sin is less and less and less, among other reasons. You have to look where the sin is coming from and cut it, meaning a lot of the youth complain from * and *.

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This is 90% So what to do? Shame, shame, shame and remorse for them. Stop internet.

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What about my social media share? What about my Instagram? I have more than 50 sisters on Instagram. You know we just shared our and share Hadith, masha Allah to Allah, Allah. Look how shaitan is messing up with your head.

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Everyone who complains of this addiction to *, use Nokia.

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No smartphone, no stupid phone, no computers, you have to use computer in the house. No problem. Put the screen to the wall.

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Not the opposite.

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Every time you enter the house and you see your brother, even your father, even your mother giving their back to the wall and doing this. They're doing something wrong.

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Do it do it this way.

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The minute I shift the minute I did this,

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he's covering I'm joking.

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I think I'm too hard on the ship. He has to buy me dinner tonight. And

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so it is important that you cut the means

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by not having internet you have to have internet have the screen in the living room where everyone coming in passing will be behind you and they can see you will never sink.

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Now when it comes to the beauty of prayer,

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how do we reach this? It cannot be reached by steroids.

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This is something you have to hit the gym. You want muscles. You have to hit the gym and you don't hit the gym for three months and say I don't have muscles. You have to go for five, six years, every day and work out. The setup used to say I struggled with prayer for 20 years.

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I'm trying 20 years every day trying to reach oh sure trying to find the sweetness after 20 years. I enjoyed it for another 20 years has reached the peak now 20 years Mashallah. I'm having fun. So it needs dedication it needs practice. And as I said, the more you know about Allah has beautiful names and attributes. The more you love Allah, the more sweetness you will find when you read the Quran. When you pray when you make vicar when we make so Alex Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross, Ross Ross, Ross Ross, a lot more local level. What is this?

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You want to make these Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah for what? For everything that Allah has given me, so you can feel rather than just parroting it like parrots and Allah knows best

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