Assim Al-Hakeem – How can we increase our iman in the hereafter

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning and reading the "the Day of Judgment" book, which is the largest book in Arabic and is the largest book in English. The book provides insight into the fundamental teachings of Islam, including the importance of learning and reading the "the Greatest Book of the Day of Judgment" to increase one's Eman.
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So the brother is asking that many places in the Quran it talks about the Hereafter. And unfortunately we read the Quran it goes from one ear and exits from the other. So how can we increase our Eman in the hereafter? A free this is a question that requires a full

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lecture. Why? So many people that I have counseling with? They come to me because I'm not a psychiatrist. Of course, it's not free counseling is money. I take money from people, because they take half an hour of my time they have to pay

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the Flog. So, they come to me with their problems. I'm not a psychiatrist. I'm an eye opener. And they come to me for the reason I'm a chef. So the first question I asked them, What are the pillars of Eman? And they laugh is a shadow Laila who lives in Honduras Hola. If I'm a Salah to eat, I was like it some Ramadan has your date.

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They're shocked. What do you mean wrong? I said are you muslim? Said Yes. These are the pillars of Islam. You moron.

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I said what is the pillars of Eman? Never heard of it. Yeah. Subhanallah without believing in the six pillars of Eman, you're not a Muslim, to believe in Allah. And the human will after a day of judgment, to believe in the angels to believe in the messengers to believe in the scriptures to believe in Al Qaeda, whether good or bad. And each one of these six pillars

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constitute your happiness in this world. If you have full Eman, the vast majority of Muslims don't even know all what they know is Salah.

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Some even sicker they don't know. Some people I speak to them. You have a knowledge. I'm a doctor I am a professor I I said, Do you know that zakat can be 2.5%? So of course, in 5% What and 10% come AHA and 20%. So you crazy shift.

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You don't have knowledge. You didn't study? This is what you don't know. So most people when it comes to the six pillars of Eman, they have zero knowledge and took me in Avila to believe in Allah. What does this include? To Know Allah has beautiful names and attributes to know the worship of Allah to Heydo Allah here and to he do a Ruby the Lord ship the heat? People don't know the difference. If you ask people mashallah good Muslims said yes. How many names of Allah? Are there? 99 No, there are more. But we will assume that the Hadith 99 names 100 Minus one, whoever calculates them, he will enter Jannah how many names of Allah do you know?

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Maybe 20. Liar. You know not 20 Right? So okay, 10 Okay, good. Thank you from the 10 How many of these names you know the meaning.

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I don't speak Arabic.

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So we have a problem. And this is why when you start to pray, you say Allahu Akbar, you don't know who you're praying to.

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But if you knew Allah's beautiful names and attributes, when you say

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you feel the sweetness of Salat, you feel the connection between you and Allah, you don't see anything, even if a cat comes,

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you will not feel it, you will be focused on solid. So to know the day of judgment includes number one, the signs of the Day of Judgment, minor, and major

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includes what will happen the grave includes resurrection, for yomo Alberti, when new shore includes a hash of when everybody is gathered, includes

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a while of the Day of Judgment includes walking on the straight path, which is a bridge over Janam and people fall and people crawl and people walk and people run. It includes the pool of the Prophet May Allah azza wa jal grant you and me a drink from it. Yarrabah Alameen in Kolkata, for so Lilia became so it includes Jana, and now, Heaven and *, if you don't have knowledge in this. When I came to Indonesia, they said you're going to go to Chuck.

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Chuck, this is like pancake. What's his point? Chuck? I had to google it today. Oh, come on. Sure. Very nice. You're going to Jana. Do you know what's in Jana?

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Shepard, I know it's free. You don't have to pay anything. No credit card. You have

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have to know what's happening. So in order to increase your Eman of the Day of Judgment, you have to learn and read the fsid one of the greatest books in Arabic that I have learned and benefited a lot. I think it's translated into English. It's for Shaffer Omar. Even Suleiman ashore. He died on the 27th of Ramadan. Johanna Allah maybe 15 years ago or 10 years ago. He was one of the great scholars of Islam. He wrote a number of books about the day about these pillars of iman. If you go and buy the science, minor signs of Day of Judgment, major signs, Heaven and *, you will find Inshallah, a lot of benefits from that.

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