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The Distance of ‘Travel’ – Part 2

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Last week, I had begun the discussion about the issue of custody. And

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I said that there's still much more to do this week and shallow data. And so I will divide today's response into two first that we're going to continue from where we left off. And then secondly, there's an issue that some people wrote wrote to me about about last week, so I'm gonna get back to that.

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Also, I got a lot of feedback, a lot of people said, You gave a 45 minute talk. And we are, we're not able to listen to 45 minutes. So I'm just going to give the one minute response from last week that suffer is not a distance it is a state of mind. And that you are more softer when you travel outside of your city to a distance that you and a reasonable person as well, because we don't want to say a crazy person who says across the street, this is about somebody, like a valid person would say, this is a travel. And what this means is that it is relative. And what it means is that you don't need to ask for it. If you are asking somebody you don't understand the response, you do not

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come to a chef and say, shall I travel from this to this am I Mustafa, you know when you are most often, and it is possible that two people can do the same journey. And one of them considers Mustafa and the other not depending on their culture and habit, the one who takes a private jet every day to work 200 miles away, and he goes at 8am comes back at 5pm is not an wasafi and the one who goes the same distance for a one day trip and he's not a regular and he's going it's up to your mindset and your culture and your habit. So you know when you are a massage, that is a two minute response. Jason, we now move on and I'm going to come back to one issue at the end. We move on by stating

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today we're going to do in Shell a number of things. The first of them is that is possible obligatory or not is possible wajib are not generally speaking, majority of the scholars said that it is Mr. hub, you should pray the for record as to but it is not wajib. Hence, if a person performs for whatever reason, the full prayer and they are most after the prayer is valid, they are not sinful, but they have gone against the sooner. So when you are in the state of suffer, you are rewarded by Allah for praying to not for praying for every photo God becomes too. Even Omar said Hadeeth isn't Buhari, I did suffer with the Prophet system and with Abu Bakar and with my father

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Omar, and in every journey every time we prayed

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this was their habit. So posture is the default to not do concern goes against the Sunnah. But it is something that the Salah is not going to be about it. It is permissible but it goes against this sooner. So the point here, posture is rewarded by Allah. No one should think that if I pray for I'm going to get extra reward no also deserve by Allah j at second point. When does a sir begin? Once you've decided it is possible for me. So

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this Friday, I'm going to Atlanta clewd that as possible for me. One will consider began when I packed my bags. I'm about to leave for the airport, his or her time, right? Can I start my cursor? Knowing I'm stepping out the door and I'm heading to the airport. I was elected just to pastor and Jamal O'Hara and get it out of the way. Can I do custom from my house? How about if I get to the plane, and I'm waiting and it's almost McGriff time finishing, or let me just get on the plane, but I'm still in my city, or when does posture began. So again, as you can imagine, there are a number of opinions. However, the overwhelming majority of the Sahaba and tab your own, they had one

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opinion. So Alhamdulillah, we can say in this case, we have a vast majority who says suffer begins when you travel outside of the walls of the city when you leave the final inhabitation of the city and you are now your back is to the city and you're walking away you're going out even if you can still see the city, but you have left the premise of your land, not your country but your city. And there are numerous narrations from the Sahaba themselves. of them. Is that some of the Sahaba they would break their fastest from Oban. They're going to go into a long journey. So you're not going to fast that day. But they're fasting when they wake up. You cannot just wake up and say oh, I have a

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sufferer at 6am let's say 2pm let's say as I'm not gonna fast today, no, you are Ramadan. You are not musafir now

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Imagine in those days you're walking at 7am you're not gonna be able to fast right? You know you're gonna break your fast you're still starting in Ramadan you're going to be fasting some of the Sahaba when they walked outside the city he said to his servant okay give me the water Now give me something now to break I belong day ahead, but we don't need we're going to break the fast anyway. And his servant said I can see the walls of the cities that doesn't matter Give it to me now we're suffer now the sufferings done even if you can see the walls of the city but you are left the premises now in those days they had walls in our times, there is no wall so you have to use a bit of

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a cultural thing because you know habitation goes smaller and smaller, you get to smaller and smaller places. But there is still something called the overall city of Dallas and it's not an exact line but you get the point that when you have left and you feel that Okay, now I am no longer in my city of residence then suffer can begin and that is when you can start your posture when you do that. And this is proven, and actually a hadith of Anna symptomatic that he said that we prayed for her for Raka in Medina, this going for Hajj. Then what do we got to do? We pray to Raka Dooley Hooray for it is literally a 10 minute drive from Medina. It's definitely not for burow there are 16

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photos of not at all. Don't LA for his 10 minutes those of you that have done Amara from Medina you know this was literally outside but it is outside the city. So Anna says in Medina we prayed for when we got to do halifa we prayed to even though you haven't gone the distance, even if you follow the four gurus or whatever positions, you're still within that but suffer has begun. So suffer when does it begin? It begins when you leave the area city of your inhabitants This is the second point. The third point A lot of times questions comes about musafir praying the hammock, a Muslim praying bamboo softer, etc. I just want to do this quickly. That pretty much there is unanimous consensus in

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this regard that if I'm with soffit is praying behind a morpheme you're traveling you have the permissibility to pray to God but you come to a Masjid now the Imam is not traveling and the man prays for pretty much I would say there's one or two but essentially by unanimous consent almost. You must pray for records. Why? Because in the Hadith the Imam has been made to be followed in the majority Imam Will you tell maybe once you join the congregation, you are following the Imam and praying the full for it is permissible. It's not how long for you is permissible and following the Imam is wajib so we prefer the wajib over the permissible because praying to his son praying for his

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dice is permissible but it's against if you were alone it would be against the Sona but now that you're in a Gemma you will pray all for and the opposite also applies if the musafir is leading as we all know and this is reported from the Sahaba some of them they lead the solder and after to the car they finished and they said that in Pomona Allah suffer that we are a people who are traveling so you continue your Salah. So the Imam pray to Dhaka and obviously everybody knows this if you're not wasafi you don't just get a concession because the mom is praying to the guy no you have to pray the full four. By the way that having been said even though it is allowed for the Imam who's Mustafa

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to pray to. Some of our scholars have said that in if there is like a jamaa it would be better for him to pray for to not cause confusion. Because you know, these days people don't know fear and whatnot and they're going to the mom prays to an assassin or Muslim or Asia like what what is going on is just Its job is for the mom and in this case, the Imam in his heart he wants to follow the Sunnah but for the sake of the congregation is like not to make them confused and me personally as a rule. If I'm leading in a Masjid, I'm leading three four people, okay, they can they they know we can tell. But if I'm leading a messenger that I'm invited everywhere, every time I lead in a Masjid,

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I never do to Dhaka because there's 200 people 500 people, and just for my convenience, they're going to make them confused. It's and our scholars have said this that the Imam has the option now you should weigh the pros and cons. So nonetheless, if I were to do this or anybody were to do this, it is judges and the announcement can be made and the Imam will pray to and the people behind will pray for Raka The next point here is that suppose you are traveling and you are going to reach home. And so you have the option. You're going to reach home within the time of Salah. Give a simple example. mother who comes in let's say simplistically at 7pm let's just say and you will be home by

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6pm. Okay, you will be home by 6pm. So you know that you will be able to pray a lot and answer at home. You know you can pray a lot and answer at home. And you know I can stop on this road and pray or I can message you in the

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Straight or whatever in the other area I can pray you have an option

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what should you do response it is completely up to you the Shetty is neutral which one should you prefer? If you choose to stop, you are still more softer. So you will pray to and to

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However, if you get home, you are no longer Mustapha. And even though you are forgiven for the facade, as we're going to come to in a while, now you must pray for and for okay. So, if you stop on the road, even though you can make it home in time, it is permissible. Why? Because Allah azzawajal has linked cossar with suffer. And if you are in suffer costs, it is allowed. And there is no guarantees, anything can happen, your car can break down a traffic jam, there is no guarantee that you will get exactly on time. So you make an assumption. Therefore the shediac does not hold you accountable for your assumption. If you're more Salford you do. And if you get home, you no longer

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do. So that is the option up until you Okay, the next question, which is the long one now?

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How long can you do it for? How long? Can you do a search for this is the big issue of today? So we divide this question this is question number five. I'm doing it today into two scenarios. Five a and five B. The first scenario is that well, before we even get there before five and five, we were talking about what is the scenario talking about we're talking about you have arrived at a temporary destination. We are not talking about on Route that's not. No scholar says that there's a limit on Route, people would take two and a half months or three months to go from Morocco to

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Makkah, three months. And the whole route is obviously possible. Because you're Mustafa. You want you're walking riding camels, but not there is no question about the timeframe of the safari itself. Okay. And so Pamela By the way, these days, it takes us less than 17 hours 15 hours direct flight Dallas to Australia, and I've done that flight as well. So Pinilla direct flight, and SubhanAllah. It took them three months to do a four hour five hour flight, and allows blessings on us, we just do the whole world. And we come back from Hana long as Allah blessings honor. So point being that nobody, nobody is questioning the length of the suffer however long it is you will do person, now

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you get to your temporary destination, this is not your house, you are sent by your company to

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a city for training, okay, you're visiting friends, you're attending a shoddy wedding somewhere, you're staying for X number of days, you are now in a hotel or in somebody's house, you are no longer on the road. This is the scenario, okay? Understood. Now, this scenario is divided into two, five a and five B.

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Scenario a, you genuinely do not know when you will be returning and every day presents the potential of you returning. Now, this is difficult for us to imagine because we book our flights, let me give you in the good old days, you had multiple such issues of them. you're engaged in an actual war, and you're sent to the front of the line. And every day you don't know you might be moving somewhere you might be staying, you might be attacking you might be withdrawing every day is a state of uncertainty. Another example which may be realistic. Suppose you're driving and it is wintertime and you're in a cold place, and the roads are shut down because of snow, and you want to

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leave but you don't know when the roads will open. Maybe tomorrow, maybe three days, maybe five days you don't know. So you wake up every day wanting the road to be open, but you don't know how long so if you're in a state of uncertainty, in this case, your ruling is the ruling of the actual moussaka because you want to leave or you don't know when you will leave. And it is authentically reported that even Omar and others they were Azerbaijan, and they did a search for more than six months. Some say some cohabited also for two years in the battlefield like Battlefield means they were on the front lines moving here and moving there. They're not obviously fighting every day, but they are in

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the state of the battlefield everyday tactical maneuver. There's not they're praying costs for two years, because they're not setting up house. They're not building a apartment complex and getting married and having kids this is a obvious state of flux. So if you do not know when you will return, then you will remain in a sir, because it is uncertain. It could be returned today. It could be returned tomorrow a week you don't know. Now that scenario is I think rare for most of us. The other scenario is going to be the the big controversial issue. What if you have a good idea, I'm staying here five days. That's my

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intention you intend to stay seven days one week, your your company saying sends you for an assignment and it is a three month long assignment you know it is three months. And after three months, that's it, you're going to come back home or you send for training, six weeks training. And you know, it's training so you know exactly how long it is going to be. So this issue is the one that just like last week, there's lots of opinions. In fact, some of them I have listed 20 opinions on this issue 20 different opinions. Some have said the duration is 20 days long, even Abbas and is helping Morocco he said 19 days long. Hadeeth is in Makati, that had been a bus at once I prayed

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with the Prophet system, 19 days doing cluster, this wasn't a book. So if I'm traveling for 19 days, I'll do awesome. And if I'm traveling for more than that, I won't do Casa Who said this? Even our bus not the profits are some he's deriving from the book that he stayed there 19 days doing causal. So that's my limit that I have derived. Other scholars said 17 others said 13. And there was he said 12 I live in the father said 10 days has an apostle, he said three days. And I'll be I thought you said one day if you're gonna stay one day you start praying. Awesome. And in those and so in early Islam, we had over 20 opinions about this How long?

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Once again, all of them are trying to derive from the life of the Profit System a number our Profit System did not explicitly state you may continue to do poseur for this many days. And then you must swap over in the famous books of Heidi There is nothing like this whatsoever. What do we have derivations, like we explicitly found ns deriving under said, I accompany the process and for 19 days, and we did. So I have derived from this. If I travel for 19, I'll do causal. And if it's more than 19, I won't do causal. So he is getting it from the author of the process for 19 days. Now, obviously, once upon a time, Phil was much more vibrant and aroma, were giving their positions. And

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then we have the era of the flourishing of the metal hubs. And then we have the era of the codification and ossification. So what happens is out of all of these 20 opinions, essentially only to make their way into the methods, okay? Because, again, Phil had

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different stages. And the methods basically evolved and codified and then made things up,

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in many ways, easy as well. And in many ways, as we said they kind of had their position. So essentially what happened is we have two major camps. The first camp is the Hamburg and the Shah ferry and the Maliki school. And essentially all of these say that the officer is only done for three days. If you know you're going to spend more than three days then

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no cost. So now, I said as a generally technically the humbly say 20 solar 20 solar so they counted by solar, okay. So they will literally count by Sala, whereas the Shafi say you ignore the day of arrival, and so basically there's essentially it's it's three days and three and so basically the issue of 20 Sala for the the humble is and then molecules and shaffir is say that, once you go to the fourth day, then you become a

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monkey, okay? So once you get to the fourth day, then you are no longer able to do suffer. And what is their main evidence and again, all of these are derived we have evidences, but they're derived what they're extracted from things of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the humble is they bring forth the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, that the prophet

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SAW Allah sorry and notice a Muslim, that the prophets of Allah while he was sending them, he arrived in Makkah to perform Hajj basically, on the morning of the fourth of June hedger and he prayed fidget in Makkah, and he prayed all of the fourth, and all of the fifth and sixth and seventh, all of them in poseur. And that was 20, Salah, then he prayed fudger, outside of Makkah in the Valley of optra, and also began from there in a minute. So they derived 20 Sala from the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh of June. Okay, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh of the ledger

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and do the numbers 510 1520 Salawat. Okay. The other three months they said, I made a mistake. Clearly it was not three days was four days I made a mistake. Beyond the fourth day I wanted to say not beyond the third day beyond the fourth day.

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So the other three methods also derived the fourth date that if you are traveling for four days,

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the final of the fourth day, you will do not not do cluster. However, the way that they calculate it, they said you don't look at the day you arrive, you look at the evenings, so the sharp fairies might allow 22 solid, let's say, okay, but definitely not 25. So the sharp fairies and the Molly keys are a little bit different in how they define. But essentially, the timeframe is 20, Salas for the ham bellies, and four days for the others, not three days was Mr. slip of the tongue four days. Now, this is the other the other methods Now, another evidence that they use, they have a number of derivations that their process them told them well hygiene to not stay longer than three days in

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Makkah. But again, the response is that that was about the Mohajer.

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They were prohibited from returning to Makkah permanently. Once you've done hedgerow to Medina, you're not allowed to reside in Mecca. And their point is okay, this is residing, that the the provision is there. So once again, they derive it from there. So this is the the three methods, the henna fees are the only method that took another position, and that is 15 days, 15 days. And they don't have any explicit evidence for 15. But they made class upon various things, which are a bit like they're not directly related. Like for example, what is the maximum number of two holidays Yani of the lady of how you, it's not exactly related to Salah, but they somehow derived from this, that

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you can stay 15 days. And so on the 16th day, if you're gonna stay 16 days or more, then you are not allowed to do cost. Okay, you must perform the full setup. Now, obviously, you heard me last week and we went over that the distances are all derived. Well, now you've seen yourself that the numbers that people are taking are also extracted nothing explicit. So whoever wishes to follow their meds have Alhamdulillah that is good. And as you know, my position, I encouraged the following of the med hubs, generally speaking, but I am not a fanatical follower. I don't think it is healthy for every single issue, especially those that deal with modern issues of living in the modern world. And this

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is leave it to our modern scholars to to to to talk about, sometimes we need to rethink through. So in this issue, if you wish to follow your madhhab I have told you what it is. For three of the methods it is 20 Dakar or four days and for the HANA fees, it is 15 days, as usual. Yvan Tamia comes along, and he rocks the boat and it's not only in Tamia, others as well. And even Tamia is very clear that whoever says that there is a number of days that you're going to be musafir either three or four or 10 or 12 or 15 has brought forth a statement upon which there is no evidence la delila, LA, this is a very famous position that there is no evidence from the shediac. Now, the problem with

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this is, the implication is that you could be musafir for a

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long period of time.

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What if your company sends you for six months? Isn't that common, that you have an assignment for six months? And so for six months, are you going to be musafir for six months, believe it or not some modern followers that have been Tamia, including our dear chef, Chef and teacher, my own teacher, Chef, they mean a lot how he would very clearly do this fatwa. He would follow this to its logical conclusion even to even to me, I never said that, by the way. I mean, means he didn't open the door for six months. I mean, that's but our chef, may Allah bless him. And again, to quote an opinion is simply don't is not an emotional thing I will do well, I love him more than anybody can

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watch and study with him. But it is an opinion of his and I respectfully disagree. But he would publicly say this, I heard this with my own ears, and it's well known in his fatawa

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students would come to him, you know, his, of course, is how the scholar Saudi students were sent to this country. I think now it's almost dwindled down. But they were sent to this country for four years at a time, five years at a time. student comes to Mr. Chef, the government has sent me to America for four years. And I know I'm here for four years, I have no intention of remaining more than four years. May I consider myself a most often. And he would very publicly say yes, you are most often.

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Now that position is almost unprecedented and unheard of, but it is the logical conclusion. If you go the full way. Even taymiyah himself did not go that far. It been to me is very clear. Somebody said somebody asked him and I have the references here that I intend to stay in a city for one month.

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And then I plan to return in Tamia said that the better opinion for you the safer position for you is that you do not do a search for one month, you pay the full for one month, this is explicit, like this too long. What he's trying to say, this isn't me, his position is basically the one I'm very sympathetic to, which is use your common sense. But Don't be foolish. Like the four day limit, or the 20 limit. What if it's 21 record changes doesn't make any sense. Like it's too hardcore or demarcation is too, you know, black and white. Now, the defense of the fuqaha is we want that demarcation to be black and white. We want it to be explicit, or else we open the door of confusion.

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And they're absolutely right. It does, it does open the door for confusion if you want to. That's why even to me as factual was whoever wants to stick with for days Alhamdulillah good, that is the majority opinion. But if you are going for a reasonable amount of time now, what is the position that I personally follow in my life?

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The way that I view my suffer, if I'm living out of a suitcase that mo suffered,

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if I'm going at times I have been for five days to a city, five days is more than the four day limit. Okay? But five days is for me complete suffer. I am not. However, if somebody were to go and rent an apartment, even if it's a long term, month by month apartment, okay? For example, if somebody goes and finds out where's the masjid? Where's the halal food, if somebody goes in enrolls his kids in the school and says, I'm only here for six months, but my kids, this is not suffer anymore. Now, you know? So again, it's a logical OR reasonable frame of mind. Like, are you even temporarily settling down?

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In my humble opinion, six months, you're settling down, you're gonna have a car or means of transportation.

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You're gonna know, the restaurants held at restaurants, you're going to make some friends like you're gonna have some social life there. Whereas four or five days, you might just be in your bubble of corporate and back to the hotel and corporate and back to the hotel. You know what that psychological frame is? So bottom line isn't a me as position if you want to stick to the four it's fine. If it's a little bit more than this, okay? No big deal as long as you're actually moussaka. Okay. So this is what I agree with and inshallah that is the correct one. Okay. The final issue before we get back to the other issue that needed to because there's two issues I need to do, and we

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didn't talk about jammer. We talked about puzzle we did not talk about general let's talk about German quickly. German means you combine loaded an asset and you combine moment of inertia, there is no other permutation of German you cannot graduate with a budget. You cannot do German with asset and market it. These are the only permutations j the issue of Gemma is not allowed by the HANA fees for travel. The hanafuda only allow Gemma for the hedge in hedge and other factors the The only time they allow Jamaat for them Jamal is something that pilgrims do in out of fat not even in minute and they have their you know, they have their ways of of looking at those items because there's at least

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10 a hadith that the Prophet says some prayed officer in traveling sorry Gemma and traveling at least 10 in Bukhari and Muslim is actually very explicit nonetheless. Yanni the man has we respect them and so the Hanafi is they they said one of them said this is Gemma sorry I you think is German but it's not Gemma for example, if our sort of comes in at 4pm Jamal Saudi means you pray for her at 350 and then 355 Mashallah, okay, even more depends on how you're how much taqwa you have when you pray to her. So our Imam wants to push it even more. I wanted to have a personal one say You know what? Any privilege are long but he was no no 359 you pray Okay, wisdom. Okay. So you pray for her

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right before you say salam, you look at your watch. It is exactly

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four o'clock. Then you stand up and you pray. Ask. This is how most of the Hanafi scholars interpreted their responses. This is more difficult than clustered itself. I mean, this is like you're putting an exact barrier and whatnot. But anyway, that's their position that according to their paradigm, there is no such thing as possible. Sorry, Gemma, according to depart. There's no such thing as drama. For the most often it doesn't work. Anyway, that's By the way, this is classical, Hanif ism. I have many hanafy teachers who now actually do Java and they say the evidences are too strong. So there must be a current of

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modern Hana fees that have this but the standard fatwa that is given is that Java is not something that the most have her is allowed to do.

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The other three methods of course, they allow Gemma for multiple reasons the ham buddies have explicitly allowed her for three reasons. Number one for suffered for trial.

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That you may do Gemma for travel. Number two, they say for a type of sickness or ailment that affects your ability to perform Salah on time for example, the hadith of Hamad bin dejection was a lady who had constantly bleed constantly she had is to help not hailed is to hell that's a medical issue so our process and told her to combine the sooner the do will do once so for example the one who has urinary incontinence he's constantly urine or any some issue or high fever and he cannot concentrate we're talking about an illness that affects we're not talking about a little hand cut over there No, you're gonna get the point something that is something that affects you your will do

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is affected. Okay, you have an issue high fever something so it is the majority position that you may do Gemma of those salats and of course, if you're Gemma, and wasafi do do German and causal, but if you're sick and you're at home, you will do German without Casa okay? So if you have a issue of let's say, let me simple example like you know, may Allah protect all the words but constant vomiting and diarrhea you're not just you know, you cannot. So you will become pothead quickly. And if you have only you know, you don't know when the next bout is going to come, you will pray vote and answer combined. Okay, but in this case, you're not allowed to do two, you must do four. So you

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can combine this is the second reason. And then the third reason that is allowed, which is explicit in the Hadith as well is allowed in the masjids when there is a weather condition. So if it's snow or raining, and the people are praying, we will say you know what, we don't expect you in dangerous conditions to come back. We'll pray ourselves because you get the reward of the masjid Okay, so we'll pray and Margaret have an issue as well pray and then that's a juggle multiple times in life of the process and this happened that it was raining, you know, and of course we're talking about a rain that's in those days, muddy roof collapsing this and that and even in our times if it's snowing

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something happening, we don't want to put people in danger. Anything that's a bit of a not even life threatening but it's common sense we're not talking with a drizzle obviously it's this is up to the Imam to see what is going on. So in these three reasons Gemma is allowed as well. Now one point though.

00:32:18--> 00:32:33

Gemma is allowed, but is it the most the thing to do? We said cossar is muster up by unanimous consensus. Gemma is not Mr.

00:32:34--> 00:32:50

jamaa is a laugh, Ola. It is against even in the other methods especially the humbling mother was very clear on this point. Gemma is not the default and to not do Gemma you will be rewarded.

00:32:51--> 00:33:14

So the default you do a Sir Yes, you don't do Gemma and I have to say and May Allah forgive me because I take too much laxity in this myself as well. When we do suffer we just take the default to do jammer and the default is you do hustle but not Gemma you pray every Salah on its time and even taymiyah

00:33:15--> 00:34:01

mentions this that all of these conventions many of the all of these shows that Gemma is not from the son of traveling unlike Casa rather Gemma is only done when there is a need to do so regardless of whether one is traveling or not. Therefore, if the traveler needs to do jamara he may do so for example, he is on the camel and he's going to have to stop the camel it's an awkward inconvenience for this person may go ahead and do Gemma however even taymiyah says ask for the one who stops in the village or city for a few days. Then his ruling becomes the ruling of the morpheme not for cancer but for Gemma so he's gonna pray though her edits time How many? Two very good you guys

00:34:01--> 00:34:45

following this and acid at this time and like that. And even though I am says that germer is not a recommended Sunnah. In contrast to what majority of Mossad fitting think so it's not just our generation, even though Kareem also says this, the majority of massage offers they get lazy and they just think we should do German rather German is the exception and not the rule. Regardless of whether one is traveling or not. That one should praise Allah at its time. That is the default ruling. So when we are traveling, yes, on the side of the road, you gotta step over understandable you don't want to stop again. Go ahead do Gemma but once you get to the next city, once you are

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

there temporarily the default now because you are musafir you are not sinful for doing Gemma. But it is Kayla falola. It is basically call it macaroni you get reward.

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

For doing on it's time, unlike us, so you get reward for doing puzzles. But for Gemma, you do not get reward you actually is the opposite of that. One other point before I go back to that is that there is a common factor that everybody asks me about. And it is it is it is being propagated. And I am very hesitant to even say it but only because people say this that they find on Islamic websites and whatnot, that one can do Jamaat for no reason.

00:35:28--> 00:36:19

One can do Jamaat for no reason. And they quote, a hadith in sunon activity, which is authentic, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day, one day, he combined between Zohar and acid, and then between Micronesia and there always says the radio ofin will suffer, there was no half there was no suffer, there was no rain, nothing going on. And he did it. And then he said, I wanted to make things easy for my home, I did not want to put a house on my own. Okay, so this hadith is in telemovie, and the process and I'm digimarc without any reason. Now, we all know that the non Sunni Federica takes this as the default. And they do jamaa every single day of their lives. Right. We

00:36:19--> 00:36:24

know this are those who virologist taught you this. Now, this hadith is found in Timothy

00:36:26--> 00:37:16

a Timothy himself says, in my entire book, every Hadith I mentioned, you will find roula that have accepted it except for three, Hadith three Hadith. I don't know any alum who ever accepted it. And he mentioned this one as well accepted meaning the fifth key ruling that practice this study that I don't know, any item that that practice this, this is before Timothy, nobody, this is not a factor that was known before Mr. Timothy, nonetheless, some odema throughout history, after Timothy did say, look, the Hadith is clear. And so they said that once in a while, if you need to, then you may do Java. And I am very, very hesitant to open this door. And we should stick with the vast majority

00:37:16--> 00:37:50

of scholars. Now, we are not talking about somebody who has an excuse like, and I've had this come to me that a doctor is performing an eight hour surgery. And you know, there's certain types of heart surgeries where you have to be there. You literally have to be there. And I actually like you guys tell me you don't even take a lunch break in that time. But the doctor said, No, we don't. I said, Okay, I mean, if that is the case, and the guy's gonna die, that's the dodo of death. You don't even need to get a photo, obviously in that situation, but you're going shopping and you want to do Gemma

00:37:51--> 00:38:27

Machado jamatkhana Hospital and that's it, you're going to open this door is going to be a laugh and a joke, you know, like, just because of a football match, I don't want to jump right before, you know, I understand if there's like a surgery or something, then you might even be able to make playoffs of like, you know, Sandstorm, or you know, rain falling like that, that, okay, this is a circumstance, but to open this door and say, If life is awkward, you know, shopping and whatnot, we should not do this. We have to pray on this proper time. Okay, I said, I'm going to do one other thing, and then we're done, inshallah. And that other thing is as follows that from last week,

00:38:28--> 00:39:07

somebody pointed out to me a long semi article, somebody wrote that they really did not like the fact that I mentioned Queen Elizabeth, the first. They were very irritated. And they said that, that I am trying to make fun out with the villa with the Balaam of the scholars of Islam or with a villa. I have never, I would have wanted to do this, but I'm simply teaching you Where did these measures come from? And so there was this issue of, I'm trying to be mocking when I mentioned, you know, Queen, Elizabeth and whatnot. You know, one of my mentors said to me, anytime somebody criticizes you before you become defensive, think maybe there's an element of truth, and then also understand

00:39:07--> 00:39:51

the psychology of the critic. And in this case, I really don't think I have done anything wrong by telling you a factually correct statement, that the person or the entity or the group that define the mile, the way that we understand it is Queen Elizabeth, the first era, she got together a group and they passed the law. And just to prove this point, and by the way, the whole issue of how many miles as we said, there's so many opinions this this this many, suppose we say it is 48 miles suppose we say that even though the Profit System if anything, there is some things are mentioned and borrowed and borrowed, and for So, suppose we say 48 miles, I actually wanted to explain to you

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

that what this is, for example, had jawi one of the great scholars of somebody is not listening to this. He says a mile is 12

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

1000 steps, every step is 6000 there are every there are his 24 fingers in length widthwise each finger is six grains of barley. If you lay them side by side, each grain of barley is the size of six hairs from a workhorse called a bit of zone. This is how he is defining it. It's not Queen Elizabeth the first and some modern people have tried to calculate this out. And they have gotten varying numbers from 80 to 160. Because what is hence there are what is a finger who's gonna you can if you set a finger, if you have point one inch difference by the time you get to How many fingers isn't that the answer is going to be much larger than that. So the variation is so large, it'd been

00:40:51--> 00:41:41

Rafa, who was the one put in charge in seventh century Cairo of the marketplace, his abs and measurements, he wrote a book a chronicle of weights and measurements, and he called it the Bothwell biography moderated Macavity one reason and he writes in this book that our scholars have differed how much a mile is the hanafy said it is 4000 This is a there are 4000 drop the molokhia some of them like even a bill Barr said that is 3500. And even Habib said that it is 2000 and the souffle said the famous position of the Maliki's is that it is 2000 and some have said it is 3500. The shaft every year said the mile is 4000 steps, the henna biller said the mile is 6000. There are and this

00:41:41--> 00:42:27

is how much they defined it now even within this is a classical book. And I wanted to explain to below I'm not making fun of anyone. I'm just saying and I I'm sorry if this offends you, but it is a factually correct statement. If you feel that when you are driving your car, that's what I said. driving your car, I explicitly said that. And when you cross 48 miles of your car odometer, I know exactly what I said. You think that your suffered has begun the car odometers 48 miles? Who said that? 48 even Kodama at this. Okay. And now we have been hedger, where'd you get that from? And I'm sorry to be breaking the news to that definition comes from Queen Elizabeth, the first. Your car

00:42:27--> 00:43:11

odometer was not measured by a classical scholar of Islam. And even in the classical scholars, I just gave you seven positions about and this is, by the way, how much is a mile, even the 48 number is huge controversy, how many Buddhists, how many? How many, the conversion factors is so much. And so this really does go back to this issue, that the reason why I brought this topic was so that we appreciate in a very non emotional topic. And the end of the day, who cares if you follow the 48 positions, not a big deal. I wanted to bring a topic that has no emotion. Why? Because there are topics that are emotionally charged gender issues and roles. Okay, societal issues, democracy living

00:43:11--> 00:43:51

in the secular state, these are much more people think they know that immediately. And they might quote you a classical position about a modern issue. And I purposely wanted to demonstrate, guys, we respect our odema immensely, but they're human beings. Had I been alive 1000 years ago, I'd be the same same thing, just because many of them said 48 miles, doesn't make it the religion of Allah Subhana within Now, what does that mean? free for all? No. The other group that the one has stick with the madhhab is what I respect them. They are looking at weapon, especially in the 80s and 90s, when a certain trend arose, and they opened the door for a free for all. And this free for all led

00:43:51--> 00:43:53

to a lot of chaos in the oma

00:43:54--> 00:44:30

and splintering and deviation. And some have even said that radicalism and these fundamentalist movements are result, even though that's not fully true. But perhaps there's an element of truth, perhaps there's an element of truth, because at the end of the day, those movements do stem from the larger movement that did open this door. But I don't think that is the main reason but they see what happened, of opening the door for HD HUD. So this has resulted in a new generation coming. And it's human nature. For every action. There's an equal and opposite reaction, a new generation much more nuanced, much more educated than the 80s and 90s generation, and they're saying how long we're gonna

00:44:30--> 00:44:59

stick with it. Let's not open this door at all. And I appreciate the sentiment. But if we want Islam to flourish, for the more difficult questions, Safford is no big deal. You want to stick to 4800 illa. But I purposely went into two hours lectures to demonstrate the evolution of fish. In a case study I did it on purpose, so that we then have an idea. Now does this mean all of us in this audience are going to do this? No. Obviously our odema do it.

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

And I, here we go to the final point, my suggestion to all of you, it's up to you, you choose the item or the roadmap that you think are the most suited. You have to, that's your HD heart. And there are plenty, and odema have track records. And I personally look up to a group of Roma across the world, and especially the council's of filk I really look up to them. And generally speaking, I'm sympathetic to that strand of fit coaches, respectful of the mud hubs, but not blind following them. This is my version that we really respect and generally I do follow humbly madhhab in my personal life, and I follow that but in some issues, especially in issues that are gonna be controversial to

00:45:47--> 00:46:24

the Muslims of our times difficult for them as a society to follow. We have to rethink through and that's where Phil councils come in handy. You have many great Rhoda marsh. Of course, always There's your use of Judaism, abdominal surgery, somebody to look up to chef semana, Oda, Chef, Mohammed Hassan dojo, and these are all within their own way. They're slightly different than all of the same, but all of them are on the same wavelength that we come from the madhouse with respect, but we fine tune where needed. These are the groups I look up to, over all the photos I give you generally will come from that school of modern Islamic thought and I respect that some people find this

00:46:24--> 00:46:49

uncomfortable and they want to stick completely, that's fine. Allah is not going to punish you go for it. But I firmly believe if we want our children and their grandchildren to really practice Islam and flourish, we're going to have to rethink through some issues not suffer suffer is not a big deal, but just to give you a case study and with that inshallah Allah we are done with traveling. Let's get back home we'll continue inshallah. Next.

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Law is

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in effect

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at Gemma

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