How Muslim American Society (MAS) is Transforming the Lives of Our Youth

Haleh Banani


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Salam Alaikum, education, leadership, recreation. Our community is in need of a center that gathers our youth and empowers their Islamic identity. Our community is in need of a center that addresses every concern of its member. Our community is in need of a center that promotes spirituality and personal growth. Mass is not simply a place to worship, it's a place to gather with your friends. That's because the environment is not rigid. It's a place of flexibility and acceptance. And masses not only addressed the spiritual needs of the community, it addresses social needs in a safe environment. Mass. From the very beginning, there was a sense of wellness, there was a sense of

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vision, there was a sense of youth friendliness, mass has been a place where you could host seminars, forums and community activities. Mass is a place where people come in times of joy, and come in times of hardship and condolence from the very beginning, a place that was open and you feel it as soon as you walk in, you feel a sense of excellence, a sense of Ehsaan from the staff and the volunteers at Mass. We have a special mentorship program with asstra, a close knit Holika that we offer to a lot of our youth workers and youth volunteers. We do a lot of homeless feedings helping our neighbors going around and cleaning parks. And probably the best thing that we do is we offer a

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space where we empower youth we give them abilities we show their talents off at the same time we are educating them sonically and nurturing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Math is very dear to my heart. It's a place both my boys like to go and they want to spend time with their friends from soccer beyond night to talent shows NAS keeps delivering exciting new programs for the youth mashallah, all of this is possible with your generous donations, be a part of something great be a part of protecting our children's Islamic identity, be a part of continued growth and success of math. This is Hala Banani and I encourage you to give generously to NAS