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The history and meaning of Islam are discussed, including the rise of Islam and the importance of the holy eye in protecting against evil behavior. The church, which worships the holy ghost of Jesus, is also discussed. The importance of clarifying doubts and presenting evidence to support one's opinion is emphasized, as well as avoiding confusion and mixing up deification with reality. The speaker emphasizes the need for evidence to support one's beliefs and avoid confusion.

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filler another Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah filmbay, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam doesn't even go

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on my bad Oh, my dear brothers and sisters we are on the lessons of from Surah laquan. The advice that laquan Lee Salaam gave to his son.

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Where is their way out? We live in a Chateau de with Karla look ma No. Live in Hilo, Hawaii, Idaho, we have a lot to be learned in nasura, colossal Mona z. He said which means and remember when when laquan or a Salam said to his son, when he was advising him or my son do not join in worship others with Allah.

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Verily joining others in worship with Allah is a great zulum It's a great wrong indeed it's great oppression indeed.

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Now you might say well, why How is it? Zulu? How is it oppression because by doing that the person is trying to oppress Allah Subhana hotel and obviously you cannot do that. But he's trying because he's giving something which belongs only and only to Allah is giving that to something which is viola, which is not

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my brother and sisters, there is one thing which differentiates Islam, from the rest of world religions. That is the heat which is pure monotheism, the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala De La Jolla, who alone without any partners, and when we are doing that, to understand that we are not doing a favor to Allah, this is the actual fact this is the truth.

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My brother, sisters, are he in Arabic means attributing oneness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And describing him as being one and unique,

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with no partner or peer or equal or shareholder or

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or anything of that of that sort.

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In his essence and in His attributes, in his that and in his effect.

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So thorough it means knowing that Allah Subhana Allah is one with none like him.

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Now, when I say knowing I just I don't mean just intellectually, having this thought in your head, it means to actually in the deepest recesses of the heart in the mind, to know that this and only this is the truth, and that anything that goes contrary to this is not the truth.

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My brothers, sisters, whoever does not acknowledge Allah subhanho wa Taala in these terms, and does not describing describe him as being one, without any partner or associate does not believe in it. No matter what the nature of that adulteration is, no matter what the nature of that belief is.

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Anyone who does not believe and know in the deepest recesses of his heart and mind that Allah subhanho wa Taala he is one who will I had to learn the lamb really well um you let me

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see even the word that is used for Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah did not say kolu Allahu wa hate Allah said colo Allahu Ahad with Whitehead there is a plural

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Would you explain we just we just do with I had there is no proof.

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I had this one in itself there is nothing that can be joined with this particular concept of oneness. So Allah subhanaw taala described himself as I had colo Allahu Ahad,

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number of resistors and therefore, if someone

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does not believe this, then that person does not believe in the head. And if someone does not believe in the head, then that person is not a Muslim.

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Whoever gives a lot of handled Allah the qualities of his creatures, or gives creatures the qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala does not believe in the heat.

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Or it means to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala alone as the only one worthy of worship

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the sole creator, no one other than Allah creates or can create the soul

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who is the rub,

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and the only one who rewards or punishes on the Day of Judgment, when we will all return to Him geladeira. This is the essence of story.

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The only one worthy of worship. No one else is worthy of worship. The only creator, no one creates other than Allah, the only sustainer

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The only Arab. And that is why this translation of the word robbers Lord is one of the things that I

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don't accept, and I object to it, because it does not give us the essence of the meaning of the word Rob.

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Rob is much more than Lord.

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Lord can just mean a superior authority.

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A Lord does not necessarily have to own you does not necessarily have to do anything for you does not necessarily have to sustain you and protect you and so on and so forth. Whereas Rabbil alameen, Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why only he is the

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man Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the complete and total authority, he is the one who gives all his creatures, big and small, what we can see and what we cannot see what is so small, we cannot see what is so big we cannot see and everything in between every single thing he created, Allah subhanaw taala being the means that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives each of them whatever they need. And in that giving of his he does not need the help of anyone. He doesn't give it with the help of anyone, he does not need anyone else to run this whole system on his behalf.

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Allah does not have assistance, Allah does not have a hierarchy and organization that he is the CEO of

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Allah Subhana data is alone by himself. And whatever he does, the sustenance for that, the energy for that the life for that everything comes from him alone.

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Now you might say, well, Allah subhanaw taala has appointed angels, and those angels Allah subhanaw taala orders to do some things

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are two things to understand Firstly, that Allah does not need those angels to do those things. For example, in the case of a rival is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala directly ordered the fire to become a means of safety for whatever reason.

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Allah was not dependent on Sam to go and do something for it. So Allah subhanaw taala has angels and they do things

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and they are His creatures, just like Allah subhanaw taala has trees and see all these trees behind me all the different shades of green and then you have this Maple which is that beautiful,

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that beautiful shade of Maroon.

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And one of the functions of these trees is that they perform photosynthesis they in the presence of chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight, they use chlorophyll, which is in the leaves and they produce starch.

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And in that whole process, they use of carbon dioxide and the

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the the the excretion of that the what they lead out is oxygen. So Allah subhanaw taala is maintaining a balance of oxygen, a concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere of the Earth. And for that Allah subhanaw taala uses the trees as the means to make that happen to do that.

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And this,

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this this production of oxygen, and these trees are only one of the thing that we the things that we produce the thing which produced the greatest amount of oxygen are not even on the earth they are they are in the sea.

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But the point I'm making here is that Allah is not dependent on these trees to produce oxygen if they if there was if Allah subhanaw taala wanted to produce oxygen, Allah would have produced oxygen without the trees without having any need for the trees in order for the oxygen to be produced.

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And so on and so forth. So So also the angels, the Malacca performance function that's that and the reason for that is because Allah subhanaw taala when he created all of this creation, in the creation he created systems.

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So that each is a is a self sustaining system that works by itself. I

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mean, Allah subhanaw taala produced the

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the prototype of the human being

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that will actually Salam and our mother hawala, salaam

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Allah subhanaw taala created them from nothing.

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Right? Rama Hari Rama created there was nothing before that meaning that there wasn't a another kind of human being there are like and but no

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I agree with you sir I'm from clay.

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Allah did not need that clay. Where did our clay come from? Allah made this clay.

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So Allah subhanaw taala created the raw material that he needed

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to produce the product that he needed. And this product in this case was Marisa and having created otherwise and how alayhis salam. Aleikum, wa salam, Allah subhanaw taala, then created a process of procreation for the

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procreation and for the perpetuation and propagation of the human race.

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And just so that we don't get ourselves confused into believing that Allah is dependent on this process. Allah subhanaw taala showed us and pointed, pointed it out to us and said the other way around, however, we're not created by the same process. They were created independent of this process. Then, easily salam, Allah subhanaw taala created again independent of this process.

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All of these are Signs for us to recognize that the one doing all of this is not whatever we are seeing, but it is Allah Subhana Allah Himself gentlemen,

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brothers sisters.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is the creator Allah subhanaw taala is the is the rub is a sustainer and to Allah subhanho wa Taala is our return on the Day of Judgment. He is the Maliki Dean, he is the one who will call us to account He is the one who will reward and punish and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his reward, and we ask Allah subhana wa tada for safety from his punishment.

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Though he is generally for the sake of understanding it is divided into three different branches tawheed have we call it the hurdle, the hurdle,

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the hurdle remove it and tawheed as well as the fact.

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So, believing that

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Allah Subhana Allah is one and that there is has no partner or associate

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in he with him being the creator and the Sustainer of his creation as the Rabbil aalameen this is thought to be it and there is that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one worthy of worship in his divinity he is alone has no partners. This is though he of the ILA orthaheel of Oulu here. And his that his names and attributes. His asthma was the light Allah that these are

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for him alone. And again, in the in them there are no partners. This is called

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Tor hidden as bad was the fact. Now I lost the data in Surah to the class, unless you have a data set called who Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad. lemmya little Ella Mueller, while I'm your co founder had, he said say over how masala He is Allah, He is the one and again as I said, Allah did not say why he said I had. So we are constrained by the translation. Because in English we don't we don't have a word other than one to say one. But as I said, one has to one has a plural whereas I had in Arabic has no clue. So Allah subhanaw taala called himself Allah didn't cry. So he said hola ahead. He's the one Allahu Samad Allah is completely self sufficient, he is the master he has he does not answer

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to anybody, everything else answers to him, he is in complete and total control.

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He is self sufficient in himself, he does not need anything from anybody, but everything creation needs him and he he provides for them, he dies it eats not drinks, he does not sleep, all the attributes which are common to

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to creatures and Allah is free from all of the attributes. And then he said, Let me read mula akula. Hakuna had, he does not beget and nor was he begotten Allah has no sons and no daughters. And Allah has

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No father, no mother, Allah subhanaw taala has no no one

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with whom he has any relationship like we have relationship with those who gave birth to us, or who we give birth to, while I'm here coloca forehead and there is no one which is who is equal or who is comparable to Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah subhanaw taala

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said, What Allah Who? Camila Who? warhead La Ilaha Illa Horace Mann Rahim Allah subhanaw taala certain your Illa your God, your deity, the one you worship is one Illa your rub is one rub your Allah is one Illa La Ilaha Illa Whoa, there is no one who has the right to be worshipped other than Him but him and he is who are hand over him. He is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. Man is on the one of

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the most hungry, the most thirsty, most angry, it's on this wasn't on the on the it's in the on the same meter as these words

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to show a peek of something.

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So somebody who say if I say Allah Joanne, I mean, I'm highly mean I'm so hungry, incredibly hungry, there's nothing I can't be hungrier than that. There's a vast emptiness within me. So peak of something and then Rahim is on the same wasn't on the same meter as Jamil as Kareem

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which means that something which sustains which goes on and it doesn't stop and it doesn't convert doesn't go backwards. So Jamil is beautiful, who continues to be beautiful. Kareem is somebody who has is who has prestige and honor and this continues You got to be kidding one day and the next day you have lost all your reserves because human beings can do that because you will be introduced to bad things, but the general meaning of the of all the general was a gentle meter of the of these words, this is what it means. Now when we combine these two analyze our ohana Rahim, then inshallah we come up with the meaning that Allah subhanho wa Taala has Rama, His mercy is at the peak in a

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rough man. And this peak continues in array. So it is mercy, with a with a big difference from anything that we may feel, because every peak has a decline. If I'm extremely hungry, even if I eat one piece of bread, then if there was a measuring device to measure my hunger, then this measuring device would indicate that that peak of hunger has come down a little bit maybe by by a couple of points, because I have eaten this piece of bread. It's not my peak is no longer at that place where it was. But in the case of Allah subhanaw taala the mercy of Allah never decreases. the mercy of Allah is at the peak and in his in his

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civil Hazara him, this peak continues the pig does not decline. And this is the beauty of Allah Subhana Allah. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He said la Cava la Vina call in Allah has led to selasa Omar amin ilaha illa Illa who head while Amanda Who am Maya coluna, Allah Subhan Allah vena cava minimum as a boon Elohim in Surah, Allah subhanaw taala says surely, there are disbelievers who said Allah is the third of the three which is Allah is one of a trinity. But there is no ILA there is no God, there is no one worthy of worship, except the one Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if they do not seized from what they say, verily, in full torment will fall on the disbelievers among them about

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this reverse to the Christian concept of Trinity. It's interesting, and to me, it's a endlessly fascinating subject.

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How and why

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in this particular case, as far as the Trinity Trinity is concerned, even though the history of this whole thing is perfectly preserved and clear. Trinity was never the the fundamental creed or belief of the people who followed is is that it was not. The people who followed his eyes are very few people at that time, in the time of the Romans and they were literally underground because of persecution. They were you know, they had to try to save themselves.

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And then only after Peter came along and that Christianity got some Orava Christianity, the word Christianity itself is is something that we don't accept as a word. It is a religion obviously but it's the the followers of E Salah Salaam wa Muslims. So we don't say that they are Christians because this is a different it would be a different word.

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So they are they are not followers of the they don't worship me Sorry, Sarah. But then Constantine came and when Constantine became the Roman Emperor, Constantine accepted Christianity. And at that time in Christianity, there were many different ecai there were many different Creed's and many different forms of belief,

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which included Of course, those who believed in Isa Salam as the

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as a messenger of Allah. They didn't give divinity to Sara Sara, but Constantine came and Constantine is the one who brought in this whole concept of Trinity. He gave divinity to, to,

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bizarrely, Salam. And it's not difficult to understand why Constantine would have done that because the Romans were idol worshipers by themselves, the Romans were people who came from an idol worshipping background. So Constantine that was the background constant came from. And so he was probably much more comfortable with dealing with that. So for him to within quartz, promote his allies around into, you know, a diet a day to be worshipped was easier than for him to understand that the worship belongs only to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who cannot be seen, and who cannot be.

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We can't see him, we can't hear him, we can't touch and feel him. But we see His signs in the creation. And we see, we believe him in him because his messenger in that case, he Salah Sam came and told us that. So Constantine that was a more of a stretch. And then of course, kings are never very amenable to the concept of accountability to anybody else. So if for him, it was easier to, you know, make a salad salad into a day to be worshipped, which is what he ended up doing. And so this Trinity thing came into being after that, what's called a sign out, which is a meeting of all the bishops and so on and so forth. And Constantine then, and then he enforced his aqeedah by killing

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everybody else. So he did all the bishops who and other priests who did not believe in this, were eliminated, they were just slaughtered, they were killed, and whatever books and so on that were there, these were destroyed. And Constantine ensured that there was only one

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version of

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the Christian

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religion, which is basically Islam. The reason I'm saying this is because the same logic was applied to Muslims, by the orientalist, and they called us mohammedans. Like they call G, Isa surrounded even Jesus, they stopped calling him Jesus. They called him Christ, meaning the one who was crucified. And of course, we don't believe that he's crucified. Now, interestingly, there's a new Bible that the new discovery of an old Bible that has come out which which says now that he said Sam was not crucified. So, hopefully inshallah May Allah subhanaw taala. Open the doors of realization on people of what the actual truth was. So here was a case of,

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of Israeli Salah, who was

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so the Christians believed you know, that he said Islam was crucified so they call him Christ, and those who believed in the calling Christians, so the Oriental is also then started calling Muslims mohammedans by people who believe in my house so we are not Muhammad's we are Muslim, we are Muslim, we believe in Allah Subhana Allah and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is our is our an OB and he is our the Rasul of Allah. And he is the last and final Rasul of Allah, after whom there is no other soul. So this is the important thing to, for us to understand. So in

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the Christians did that. So Allah, Allah is saying here, that when they make that statement, they talk about the Trinity, what they call the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and holy by Holy Ghost them in Jerusalem. So they're worshipping three, they say God the Father, God the Son. There's another aspect of it, which is this is all divine. God the Father, God, the son, then he says around was a human being. I mean, they know that we know that he says, Well, I'm used to eat and drink and

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go to sleep, and wake up and so on and so forth. And he

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was a human being and he functioned like a human being, but they choose to ignore that and say he was God. in human form, which is the, in Hinduism you have the concept of avatar Is this a God came to the earth, in this form or that form, he took the shape of a human being to the shape of an animal, and so forth. Now, we don't believe in all of this we for us, all of this is false. All of these are philosophies all of these are figments of the imagination, and we do not contribute and we do not subscribe to any of them whatsoever.

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We do not believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala needs to descend on the earth in one form or the other in order to do something. If Allah subhanaw taala wants to do something, he says happen and it happens school by akun, he says could

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happen and and and it happens. So Allah subhanaw taala does not need to come and do anything else. Rather it can make everything happen. That's the reason why we worship Allah. We do not worship a Superman. We don't worship somebody who is really like us, except that you know, he's bigger and better, he's stronger, and so on and so forth. I can also see and the super man can also see you can see a bit further doesn't need glasses. It is not our concept of our for us, Allah subhanaw taala Lysa Camus Lee Sagan was Samuel Bashir, there is nothing there is nothing of the creation in him, that he is not like anything in creation. There is nothing creation which is like Allah and nothing

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creation has the qualities and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala This is our belief 109 is a insane Buhari and say Muslim it is narrated, that is that even a bus or Delano said when de sola Salam sent via bingeable Allahu to Yemen. He said to him, you are going to people from among the People of the Book, because the Yemenis were Christian.

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Most of them are Christian. So Adam said to him said to Mark bingeable,

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one of his favorite Sahaba he was a young man, he was from the people of Medina. Whenever he was

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even personality wise, he was very handsome person. And he was one of the great scholars of Islam. So they learned in the deen also. And he had the the pleasure and the great privilege and the great advantage of having the personal coaching and mentorship of none other than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. So NaVi Shara Sallam said to him you are going to people from among the People of the Book. So let the first thing to which you call them be the hit belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. Now, look at this. See, this is also this, this is a very beautiful Hadith, which also gives us the principles of how we are supposed to get out now. Invite them to the heat of

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Allah, invite them to the oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he says, Allah, Allah, if they accept that, then tell them that Allah Subhana Allah has enjoyed on them five prayers in the day and night, every day and night. Allah has

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made for them has enjoined on them five prayers. And if they pray, and tell them that Allah Subhana Allah has enjoined on them Zakat from their wealth, to be taken from their rich and given to their poor. And if they agree to that, then take it from them, but avoid the best of people's worth.

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Now, this is so

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incredibly beautiful. This head is in terms of its wisdom in terms of the understanding of human psychology. Just think about this, this the whole sequence, first of all of what I'm saying to my husband,

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he says the first thing to do is invite them towards story. Remember, he didn't say go and challenge them, challenge their bishops to a debate on the head and destroy them on stage. He didn't say this, right? He said, invite people towards story. How do you invite you invite it doesn't have you don't have to say if somebody says come here, otherwise, I will separate your head from your body. This is not invitation this threat, right? Visit come here, I will sack you. Come here or I will put you in jail. You know, come here, I'll beat you. This is not an invitation. This is this is a threat. Let me say something didn't did not say go threaten them. He said go invite them. What is the meaning of

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inviting if I invite you to my house? How do you expect that invitation to be

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like you know, you would expect that invitation to be made with a smile on my face to be made with love with affection honoring you respecting you, right I won't come and and if

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If I, if I come and treat you in a way, which is in any way demeaning in any way degrading, then this is not an invitation called what you want. I mean, I still want you in my house, but that is that would not be an invitation invitation means something which comes to you with, with beauty with grace, with, with softness, and so on so forth. So, nevertheless, I'm saying to Bob Benjamin, invite them towards the door.

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By all means, clarify doubts, by all means, present it to them, by all means, if they bring for you, or they bring to you their own Akita and say, Now hold on a minute, you were telling me I was worship Allah alone, but we have been told that we should we should worship Salah Sam, we have been told that we should ask Israeli Salam for help, if we need help. What do you say about that? Now by all means, clarify that I have to clarify that. For example, if you take today even if you only the Muslims, we have people who believe

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who go to graves, for example, graves of saints, or so called saints. Again, the problem with all of this is that we have taken the concepts of other religions in Islam, there are no saints. In Islam, we have scholars of Islam, we had people good people on hamdulillah Salah hain who Allah subhanho wa Taala, we expect and we ask Allah to reward them, and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that he, he has given the job to good people, but Allah did not name any of them allow only named the MBR label, Sammy only named the profits other than the prophets, Allah swatara did not name anyone. So if I say about someone other than the Prophet, other than a prophet other than a Nabi,

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other than that, so and so, was a great valley of Allah, then effectively, I am speaking without knowledge. I don't know that. But that does not mean that the person is not a valley and voila, maybe he's a valley maybe he's not a valley, I am saying that for me to make a definitive statement. I need to have proof. My brothers and sisters, I remind myself when you please understand, we do not have a religion which is based on superstition. We do not have a religion, which is based on philosophy, we do not have a religion which is based on what comes out of, you know somebody's head, or somebody's heart or somebody's dream, and so on and so forth. We have a religion which is based

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on a book Akita, which is the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which was revealed to his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And who taught us this book, and he did that with complete and total integrity, keeping to the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala told him to teach us this book, right, this is our belief. So therefore, anything we believe, related to our religion, finds and must find its root, in the Kitab of Allah. And in the teachings of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whatever it is, whatever it is, if it has to do with Islam, if it has to do with an act of worship, if it has to do with a act of devotion to Allah subhana wa Tada. If it has to do

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with the deen of Islam, then necessarily that must have a delete, that must have proof that must have evidence that relates and comes from the Kitab of Allah from the book of Allah, or and or from the Sunnah, which is the way which is the teaching of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if there is anything which comes other than that from some other source, then we do not accept it. Unless we can trace it to the Kitab of Allah and the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah is a Muslim. Now, there are many philosophies in Islam, these are philosophies we will understand them as philosophies. For example, there is a philosophy of truth, there is no God there is no link of that

00:34:03--> 00:34:12

to the Kitab of Allah or the son of the masa, this is the philosophy, then it may look like a nice philosophy, while one can read it one can one can, you know,

00:34:14--> 00:34:27

to get to enjoy it, but please understand that is not Islam. That is not the that is not the Akita of our head, that is not the Quran that is not the sooner that is a philosophy, there is a philosophy of called insanity common.

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

Right. And there are people who have written and I'm deliberately not taking names because it is not my job here to list any names. But some very eminent scholars, they have you know, talked about this, what is called insanity common, the perfect human being. And one of the things they have mentioned in this insanity common concept is that Allah subhanaw taala makes the jelly on the heart of the of the perfect human being, that Allah subhanaw taala when we say make the jelly I don't even know I don't think anybody has an actual

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

description or understanding of what that means. So basically the mean that in some way Allah subhanaw taala sends down something onto the person's heart. Where is this in the Quran? Tell me What does Allah say anywhere that he has he then he sends down something on the heart of Allah say descend Ye, right? And he said ye to Mombasa, he said ye to Gambia was Salam and so on and so forth. Allah subhanaw taala sends why now, what is the nature of this rate, and the visuals are explained to us, but anything other than that, if somebody says, this is a gambling, problem is that we have

00:35:31--> 00:35:54

taken from people of other faiths, people of other religions, and we have unfortunately, attached to those things to our religion. This is a this is a real injustice because Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us a religion, which he perfected and completed Allah subhanaw taala said Allah Yama, Komal to LA comme de novo wattman to LA Komiyama de

00:35:55--> 00:35:58

la Medina, Dina that said, I have completed my, my,

00:35:59--> 00:36:17

I completed my blessing on you, Omaha masala Salaam, I have completed the religion and I have chosen Islam as the religion This is Allah Allah completed. So where does the question of us taking from anybody, but may Allah protect us this is the problem. And unfortunately, this becomes a problem of people who

00:36:19--> 00:36:35

acquire knowledge and then they get, you know, sidetracked by schatten somewhere and they believe that they are great scholars, but they are now on a path which is not leading to any anything worthwhile to please differentiate between philosophy and the Dorito philosophy. Philosophy is not a rubbish philosophy.

00:36:36--> 00:36:39

The issue of the Dorito philosophy

00:36:40--> 00:37:16

as I mentioned, again, I'm repeating myself and I'm deliberately repeating myself, which is that if there is anything in Islam, which has anything to do with the word of Allah subhanaw taala, anything to do with the devotion, it must necessarily find a root in the Kitab of Allah and the synonymous so so Rosaura was saying why Beloved, invite them towards Islam, by all means clarify their doubts and so on. And so but explain to them this is the deen of Allah. This Deen of Allah is not based on superstition. This Deen of Allah is not based on philosophy, this Deen of Allah is not based on on any

00:37:17--> 00:37:55

you know, extraction and extrapolation or any you know, within logical thinking that you may have come up with this Deen is based on what Allah subhanho wa Taala directly told us. We How do we know that Allah has an ash? Because Allah told us? How do we know that there is a Jenna and there is a Jana? Because Allah told us, how do we know that there is a day of judgment? Because Allah told us, we are not saying you know what? The Day of Judgment is a very important that we should have a day of judgment, because there are so many people in this world who do all kinds of injustice. And apparently they get away with it, because nothing happens to them. They didn't go to jail, and

00:37:55--> 00:38:09

they're not punished. I think they live on the peak of their injustice, and they die like that. And of course, that means they enjoyed all this. And so therefore, we need to have a concept called the of judgment. No, no, no, no, there is no concept. There is a day of judgment.

00:38:10--> 00:38:44

I sometimes say that if there wasn't a day of judgment, if this was not fact, then you guys would have had to invent it as a philosophy in order to survive and in order to retain its sanity, because how can you otherwise live with the situation is work, but in our hamdulillah? We don't have to invent anything. It is there. How do you know because it is there? How do we know that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a messenger of Allah that He was in a school of Allah, how do we know that? Because Allah, Allah said Muhammad Rasulullah when Lavina Maharshi da,

00:38:45--> 00:39:01

da, da da home brew con. Una phenomena labor is one that I mentioned. So therefore we have, how do we how do we know Sally Sally is an IV of Allah because Allah says so how do we know the Bible is alive? Isn't it? What was the

00:39:02--> 00:39:04

Messenger of Allah because Allah says and so on and so on?

00:39:05--> 00:39:21

How do we know because Allah said so that is our daily, this is what we that's how we know our Islam. So invite them toward Islam and I'm going to end with this the Hadith is Mashallah beautiful and it is long and we will look at it from the look at it

00:39:23--> 00:39:32

on another time, but for this today, this is enough that to keep this in mind and say that we do not believe in

00:39:33--> 00:39:53

in philosophies, we believe in the Kitab of Allah. And we believe in the Sunnah of Rasulullah salam, and we do not believe in anything other than that. I believe that it's just very important for us to understand this and keep this in mind and to ensure that we do not adulterate and we do not

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

mix up our target with anything else. ask Allah subhanaw taala please

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

Review and never to be displeased and to accept our devotion and to accept and to keep us pure and to keep to ensure that our Akita with respect to Allah is pure and it is not marred or,

00:40:16--> 00:40:41

or adulterated by anything other than what resources have taught us, and that is the Illa Illa. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, then mamasan salam is the last and final messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. I asked a lot to be pleased with you, and never to be displeased was Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah he was having his main erotica humane or hamdulillah alameen wa sallahu wa Taala