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Yaser Birjas
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Salam aleikum Tala cut

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hamdulillah Bellarmine sallahu wa salam ala cannabinol Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Sleeman Kathira mama bad. Do you guys know how the people of gender look like when they enter Jannah

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when they enter Jannah Do you know how that people look like?

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Because we're talking about the most beautiful right? They gotta be beautiful. But How beautiful. How did the Prophet saw some describe the people of a Jana? As they intelligent May Allah make us among the moorambilla

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Not anybody, especially the first group. The first group are antigen and this hadith Have you ever heard of the alot and although I did number 18 Edit to the other side in Palawan Ebihara Takada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I want to zoom right in yet. Haruna Jana Tada Surah to la cama Leila tell whether she said SallAllahu wasallam, the first group of people to enter Jannah will be shining like the moon on the full moon night.

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How many of you have seen the moon Few days ago actually, oh my God, it was gorgeous. was unbelievable. It's fun. I was just like driving, I just don't want to turn around because I want to keep looking at the moon when it was full. It was beautiful, was unbelievable. It's amazing. And it's gorgeous. And you know what, it gets more beautiful. If there was no light pollution in the city.

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Unfortunately, we don't see that the really the extent of its beauty, because the slide that we see in the cities just kind of obscure some of the beautiful light that comes from the moon. But if you go out outdoors for example, or go in the mountains or far away from the city lights, and you look at the moon, you would appreciate the blessing and appreciate the Nirma and the beauty of the moon in that moment. So the prophets are awesome says that those people in terms of the beauty like the full moon shining in the most beautiful way. May Allah make us some of the notable anime

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Carla thimble Latina Luna whom Allah assured the Koch hub in the region for sama Illa because then welcome those who follow them. Who will be like the most shining planets in the sky.

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Man, I know it's so beautiful. Especially look when you look you know, and sometimes some time of the year. You can see some of them some of the planets the nearest planet to us and they shine and the twinkle more than any other star in the sky. You can tell Oh, so this is Mars. Or this is for example this this planet and so on. It's still beautiful. It's not as big as the moon obviously it's shining and twinkly but it's not like the moon when it's full on beauty. It puts full beauty basically. What does that mean as a man

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even a hello Jana. Even an agenda will vary in their grades and their reward.

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They didn't ALLAH SubhanA wa Sen sorta sorta

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ramen, Willy Wonka Famicom Robbie Jonathan, for those who truly further position before the Lord subhanho wa Taala they will get to Jana.

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And then he said, beneath that he says tall woman Dooney imagine a tan and below that there are two other gender describing the reward in this in these two sets of Jannat is remarkable. In the first one he says called the water I've known that Jana The gardens are just you know, flowing all over this the other two sets of janma he says called muda harmattan kinda like a lot of shade and not like as shiny as the other ones. When he spoke of the water, he said Subhana wa Taala FEMA I inanity, Julianne in the first Jana, the water is flowing all over the place. But the second set of journalists is called a FEMA, not Dakota, which means they just pump like water springs in the same

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place. You have to go to them physically to get the water versus running through all the agenda. And he spoke about the kind of reward everything is beautiful, much more beautiful in the first two sets, you know, compared to the second one, and towards the end, he said what? And then he says Panama can help us out he said in the lesson.

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What do you expect the reward for excellence rather than excellence? Today in this dunya we fight for a lot of things unfortunately.

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It's about fame and name and grudges and everybody wants to win against the other person. Their agenda, there's nothing of that. You're gonna get the reward based on what you have done here in this dunya. So watch what you do what you say.

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So the people Janna come in different grades as well to those who have the highest level and then there's a degree below that. I know even the degree below that is still beautiful. But why is that?

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for that degree if you can get to the higher energy mark, don't you want to be with the MBA on Saturday and Ashada? Of course, so don't settle yourself to a lower level if you can get to that higher level by trying your best to get there. Insha Allah Baraka then he said Salah Sam Khan

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in regard to the people of Jana overland journal called Leia Bulu they don't urinate. What about water? And they're not really themselves of nature. It's like we do here in this dunya what I had flown, and they don't spit. What I am talking to him. Now they don't blow their noses. Like they're always what? Clean?

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Always clean. call em Sha 200 The Hub their comms will be of gold. So when they comb their hair what does that mean because of her Missy was just a pleasure. The pleasure of it that's all gone wash from home and misc and they when they sweat this word Musk

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Can you imagine as you're manifesting the magic over here Mashallah. On gem our Tarawa Allah

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so their sweat Musk beautiful Sentinel Jana

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Paloma Gemma wama jameelah Honolulu and even in Jana they also use the use the

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the word the burning wood the scent will be used in lieu of one of the best and top kinds of burning scent that they used to have an Arabian Peninsula Alou what they call it. That's the best thing you burn it smells amazing because the horror over here usually so they have that and they always smell nice and beautiful Mashallah.

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And then add on to that con as well as your home and hotel when he says that Allah Allah wa sallam, and their wives will be overheard as the makers of agenda for Allah Allah Hello, theologian, we had the Oh will be created or the one one design. And they're all look alike the form of the forefather Adam, when he said so tonight Iran for summer, he was in terms of his size, Alia Sato Salam 60 cubed tall. And as you can see, the creation is actually getting shorter. Since then, as we as we get more in terms of population, we get smaller, we shrink in terms of individual sizes. Back then when there was and he wants to go through the earth, His faces will be bigger than ours. So he gets for

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example, from Mecca to Medina, and maybe two steps from right. But now it's different, how that creation happened, Allahu taala.

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And even nowadays, if you look at some of the ancient drawings, they sometimes draw human beings at the height of the trees,

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which is best indication that maybe that's how it used to be 1000s of years ago, hon Allah. But here Allah subhanho wa Taala is given us all the professor has given us a description of the people of Elgin. Now you told me on which category you would like to be as a man, you want to be among those who will be like the shining moon or they will say wala twinkle star, I'm okay with that.

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If you're that type of person to say that twinkle star, I'm happy with it. May Allah forgive you or a banana? You're gonna sell ourselves so short. And you probably can't even do less and less. And Allahu Allah if you're gonna get to that level. But if you start challenging yourself as you know, I need to be one of them. I would like to do one of those on the top insha Allah azza wa jal if you fall short, I hope inshallah we'll still be in the in a good position to recover data so make sure that you do your best May Allah subhana wa Atana make among those who will shine the best in general banana? Aloha. Any questions?

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Yes, sir.

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I could barely hear you

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so the question if I want to do something for the sake of Allah, how do I know that I'm doing it for the sake of Allah versus something else? That's something you're gonna have to keep fighting until you die.

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The shaytaan will always come between you and your intention. And your job is trying to fight that and by saying, oh, double amateurism every time you think the thought of RIA or showing off comes in just say oh, they will amateur tournament keep realigning your intention and keep focusing on pleasing Allah subhana wa Donna, and no one else. That battle is an ongoing battle until you die. So you're gonna keep trying your best and shallow Tabata cotana

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Is that a tactic between your brother or what's going on here?

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Because uh huh, go ahead

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like if you're doing something not just for the sake of Allah, but for a

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other intention

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like was eating dinner at dinner for the sake of Allah? I made dinner because it tastes good. Is that what you're saying?

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can somewhat convey the question because too far?

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To get yourself to

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Oh, so you're not doing it for the sake of Allah. You're doing it for the sake of getting the agenda, right. Is that what you say?

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You're a businessman, he will Allah Spano Donna. Here's the thing Allah subhanho wa taala. He himself asked us to trade with him.

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He himself Subhana wa Tada asked us to trade with him. When he says Sadhguru sabich will come run to me and come and fight for the gyro. Or the low quality Jonathan DuCommun Adam aniline Should I do a trade between the last panel Madonna? So yeah, I am trading with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada my good deeds for a commodity that Allah subhanaw taala promised that if I do well, I'll get it. So when I'm doing it, I'm doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to get me what he promised. So yeah, I have Janna on your between my eyes. I would love to get there. So I'm doing it for the sake of the agenda that Allah subhanaw taala promised besides if you believe in genuinely believe in whom

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and the one who created it. I mean, if you look at Jenna's description would say come on Are you serious?

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Of course because nothing in Jana looks like what about what we have in this dunya right. So if you already believe in Jana and you work for Jana, then you indeed work and for the one who promised you that I'll give you this if your good deeds so just go go ahead and shall fight for genuine shallow turn May Allah make us from that he will have a general Bananaman

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this kind of come we're gonna come to one of the Hadith that's the highest reward and Jana is water Gemma. Allah, every time I read this hadith, it just really brings tears to my eyes, because it's scary, so scared that our deeds will fall short. From getting us in that position, you will get the highest reward an agenda. And the highest reward in agenda is to do it, to be able to say Allah subhanho wa Taala with your own eyes in a manner that suits his majesty, in a manner that suits his majesty.

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Imagine, imagine having that pleasure of being in the highest level of agenda where Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you to see him regularly.

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versus being in the first level of agenda. You get to see Allah subhanho wa Taala every now and then.

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I know there is of course, any way I can see Allah is beautiful, right? But imagine if being in the companionship of all these great people that will always see Allah Subhan regular basis. Gemma that requires Allah a lot of sacrifice, a lot, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of altruism, a lot of focus on the Ashira a lot of focus on yourself really because this dunya right now that we live with just distraction, I have to bring it back against Subhanallah the few days we spent in Morocco, in Jannah Allah it gives different perspective on this dunya I swear nothing in this dunya matters after you go and see these places. Nothing in this dunya we live artificial life here.

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I swear we live artificial life.

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The cars you drive the houses you live in the positions you have in your rooms in your households, there is so much to worry about in this dunya that we're so distracted. Our hearts are just overwhelmed with many many things. But they're the simplicity of life makes people just so connected with the Divine. Because this dunya is just the houses were destroyed. hamdulillah Allah gave us patience they say

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How do these people think how they have this level of Eman in their heart that we the people who have everything in this dunya

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like you get hungry, you don't worry about anything you can get food easily. Not just get food, whatever you want to eat, you can get it over there is not the same. Even if there's something to eat Subhanallah they don't have that luxury like we do to travel by car to go to the store and get your food and we're even ordered online. Now they're just whatever the land around them, produces for them they will use that their very simple life very humble life but will live for me. They are the one who live in the real life. We are living artificial life over here.

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Allah Subhan Allah protect us from this fitna of banana. Sarah Welcome to love Rekha.

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