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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah Hamid Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sugarpill MBA were mousseline. Hamburgo Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He already he was able to sell them to Stephen cathedra cathedra. From Nevado

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my brothers sisters, first I would like to request you to make especially

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as I'm speaking here, there is a very dear friend of mine in the UK, he is now dying. His name is Brother nostril Islam, nostril Islam.

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He's in the hospital in the ward, he had a heart attack about seven months ago, he was in the ICU, all this while they took him out. I think three or four days ago, he was brought out into the ward. And he immediately contracted sepsis and pneumonia.

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And now that multiple organ organ failure and he as I speak to you is dying. So please make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should give you a heart of desire and take away his pain and ease things for him and to give someone his family Inshallah, when his time comes, may that be the best time of his life when he meets up general.

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The reason I'm saying that I began with that is because

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the details may be different, but this day, and this time at this moment will come for every single one of us.

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And Rasulillah is also upset the most intelligent view is the one who remembers his debts most often.

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Because at the end of the day,

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the only thing which will count is what we sent ahead of us.

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Nothing else

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what will count is what we sent ahead of us.

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Whatever else we did for this world will remain in this world.

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It's not going to go with us.

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So I remind myself when you that whatever work we do, first of all, let us think of it in the context of how does it how does this work have mascara.

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Now in Islam, we have this beautiful concept. Another friend of mine, who's a doctor, he's a physician here in this area.

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He sent me a message saying I would like to excel in my

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expertise by specialists or specialization area in as a physician.

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And he's in cardiology. So he wants to access excel in cardiology.

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But he said I'm not sure should I spend time doing that? Or should I spend time learning the Quran?

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So I said to him that this is unfortunately and

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this is something that you know, our we have to accept as one of our responsibility for this mistake, an impression that's in the that's in the minds of a lot of people.

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That there are two kinds of knowledge. There is the dunya knowledge and there is a DD knowledge.

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This is completely false.

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One of our greatest scholars of the Indo Pak area, India Pakistan, Allah says Allah Anna durante la la, who is a student of Allah wa Shibori nevanlinna How to LA LA and he wrote this fantastic book of c zero to zero to NaVi, which is the most authentic book on the Syrah of rasa Salaam in order though, because that book is written on the on the principles of pseudo Hadees, which is much more authentic and stringent than usually the Hadees that are used in sera books.

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He said a wonderful thing he said that the root of corruption

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after translating from the zoo, he said the root of corruption is where we separated knowledge into two parts, knowledge of the dunya and knowledge of the deep

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please understand everything whether you are how to repair a bicycle whereas the tube of a bicycle, the valve or to a bicycle, that knowledge comes from where from under smelter, and how to repair a heart valve. The knowledge comes from where

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there is no difference. We have created this difference between the so called dunya the so called the I've said this before the is the name of the methodology to live in this dunya deen is not separate from the Quran, Dean is dunya

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dunya in the technical term of the of the technical meaning of the word is to become a referral from Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't mean his world.

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So obviously we must not become a coffee because we must not become you know, thoughtless about

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Allah subhanaw taala but to live in this world and to excel in what we do, and to do that to the best of our ability and obviously if you're doing that to please Allah subhanaw taala it means that you will keep within the framework of the deen because you can't be you can't be excelling in interest based loans right I mean, districts,

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where Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who takes it and who do who who serves or Allah has cursed the one who borrows money, the one who lends money the one who writes that voucher and the one who bears witness to the transaction, he says all four are equal.

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And so, Allah has cursed them. So, obviously, we are not talking about are we talking about beneficial knowledge

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to excel in that.

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So, when we say what will go with you, this will go with you Inshallah, if you are if you are excelling in beneficial knowledge with the NIA to showcase Islam and Muslims and and the excellence of Muslims Alhamdulillah this is beautiful, this is what we should do and then spending the path of Allah subhanaw taala and spending it does not only mean money spending his money, it is time it is energy it is effort it is it is your influence and so on and so forth.

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All of these other Algeria

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and all of this inshallah we will find with Allah subhanaw taala when we meet him

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So, I began with talking about my friend and we ask Allah for for relief and for help for him believe my brother sisters this day is going to come this day will come

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on every single one of us.

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So, let us focus on that day. Let us say if that day is today,

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what is my balance sheet look like? Right? What are the assets? What are the liabilities

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and in the balance sheet of the of the of life before all of our data is not a balance between the two things we need only assets so all the liabilities have to convert can be converted to assets. How do I do that? Each one of us depends on what we're doing. So I mean, I can't give a formula of everyone but in your life, what are the things and remember this Dean is so beautiful, small things give huge rewards. Small thing we will just imagine that Allah subhanaw taala will give 10 Hazara 10 rewards for every letter of the Quran that you recite every letter and then he

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did was a hack of this he explained that and he said I do not say that olive la meme is one letter. He said Olive is one letter. Love is one letter meme is one word. So if somebody is simply saying olive love me, he got 30 Hazara three zero.

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What is the value of one Hazara one has Allah is the difference between Jana and Jana. That is how valuable it is. And you got 30 has an ad only for reading Olivia me

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now tell me what prevents us from reading Quran every day?

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Why Why don't we do that?

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Make it a goal one Joseph Quran every day no matter what happens one Joseph Quran every that read the pages if you're reading those one script 15 lines that's 20 pages.

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If you can't read one to start with one page

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start with half a page but keep on moving forward. I remember please notice I don't say read at least what I know know what I do make some effort. Right? Make some effort. You do a lot more for your college and these are the Why must you stick with one I have for the car No.

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Make the effort and know that this is what Allah is going to reward you for. I mean imagine just reading that's it. We are not thinking about this. All we are saying here is reading we are not saying understand it we are not saying you know do the act on it all of which we must do but just reading alone gives us so many Hassan now add to that I understand it more as an I accept I must add is that now I am living my life according to that hamdulillah even more but just reading alone even if you are reading without understanding I'm not I'm not prodding you to read your understanding. Do understand also read the translations learn Arabic but I'm saying even if you read without

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you are getting 10 has an ad for every letter of the Quran. Now why would we not return me?

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So please memorize this as we are coming into Ramadan ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us Ramadan okay with beautiful

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time with the Sabbath with help with Emma with the Zocor the shock the the desire to please Allah subhanaw taala

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May Allah give us the opportunity to spend as much time as we can in the masjid and Hamdulillah we actually have Abdullah here and we listen to his beautiful Cara come and listen to be in the app because he's here now we get him five times a day.

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And because God is good we asked him to recite loudly in Jarvis are also

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no no he doesn't do it

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not really, I'm saying see the benefit of this you come full circle father, so Allah beautiful, this is that you know may or may Allah bless him and may Allah make the Quran firm in his heart, and may Allah subhanaw taala give him the baraka of reciting his Kalam, he already heard the bulk of when we say somebody's half is of the Quran I always say he is not the half of the Quran. The Quran is his half is the Quran is protecting him.

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Right? He has he has kept the Quran in his heart rondel Allah gave it but the who is the beneficiary not? Allah Allah. Nook cannot benefit the color of Allah. Allah, Allah benefit you.

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So Alhamdulillah this is a beautiful opportunity for us. Come on, come to the masjid come to the White I know some of you have halacha urologia there Longmeadow Holika Hadley Holika please you have your Hello cause but come to the magic the magic is America's if you don't do that, you're going to have little bits of bits and pieces because his muscles will become weird and will become a ruiner and tube. Don't do that to the magic. This is the Mark has come here to the masjid. I even tell the people who have the Halacha do the Halacha animasi do stops you please both welcome come and do the Halacha in the masjid.

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Allah gave me the money give you a big car drive them come here and come and do the mala halacha in the masjid don't do it in in Longmeadow or wherever and so but it's convenient. What can we Allah swaddled Allah will reward you for if Allah is rewarding you for every step to come to the masjid for Salah This is the Hadees right? So instead of the step now I'm driving my car. That's why I tell people drive small car with small wheels because more number of revolutions per mile that because big will lead

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so inshallah we ask Allah Subhana Allah delas has no limit to his judges, we say Allah I am coming from all the way from Rome Long, Long Meadow or wherever, right? Holyoke or from Hadley? So give me one give me one other one sin being forgiven one Daraja for every term I will have my car decks

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and then start early from our take a nice long route

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so you're getting hazard I know

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this habit it is they deliberately stayed a little bit away from Magic the numbers show they didn't come close because they said we want the steps

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we want to step four to four abilities. Let's get some stuff for the for the seven Jana also ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira know to accept all you're coming here actually to do was to to fill your keytab of your deed book of deeds with Hasan to wipe out all our sins we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cover us with His mercy and His forgiveness. We ask Allah subhana wa pleases us never to be displeased or someone Ananda will carry while he was

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