Surat Almaoon Poetic Tafsir with Safdar Parkar

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The transcript describes a video featuring a woman named Lorna who refuses to pray for her wealth and instead tries to force men to pray. She uses a parable about a woman who refuses to pray for her wealth and instead tries to force men to pray, as she refuses to allow her wealth to be revealed. The video ends with a woman named Marian who talks about her desire to have a drink of water.

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arrows will be laying him in a shape on your board G Bismillah you off man you rock the beam

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li eaten lezzy you can they will be the mean. Or lady you can they will be the mean.

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Out on eternity you can we will be the mean out or at eternity you can be the queen on eternity you can be will be the queen.

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A Dean is the reward and recomb pets. On the day we're all souls will see judge men. And so have you seen the one who denies the deen?

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Further then he can let the jury at this chapter describes this belief in the last day. And the first example used is that of the one who pushes the orphan away, because we're inclined to treat well, those who we might expect to see a future return on the good that we invest or to treat well those whose power we might respect and the orphans and the poor don't inspire much of either effect.

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When you year from Lorna or Mimi ski when

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they used to say If Allah wants them fed, then He'll feed them himself an excuse to hold on to what they had of wealth so easily emotionally in Wales as a threat of punishment or destruction. So I'm sad it's a valley in hell. But as Allah threatening those who pray, the next verse will tell and levena whom I'm on a teams who own a lengthy in

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Florida team.

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And levena, whom I saw a lot in him said

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he'd listened to heedlessness of prayer is a trade of hypocrisy that you pray to be seen by people and to not pray if there's nothing there to see.

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A levena Who knew on a levena who knew you all own a levena who knew or hone those who practice react and react comes from Raja and it means to see and it's to do an act that is devotional to God but with the intent of being seen by the people. It's like a man who stands up to pray and beautifies his prayer, not because his audience is God but because there are people there. And it is more difficult to discern than a black ants on a black rock on a black knight. And that's why we all have to carefully gauge our intentions to make sure that our faith is all right.

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William now rune and rune recognize said that on my own is like to learn someone X or a needle or a bucket. And the idea is that it's a resource that doesn't diminish from you even though someone else may touch it. And so to withhold it is an act of stinginess, that's just beyond because by showing that person that help, you incur no harm and so this sort of ties it all together it's as if to say that those who withhold a small act of kindness can't be those who believe and pray

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always will be You mean a share your Banyuwangi may be smelly let you off, man you're walking out on a at lezzy you can see moving the knee further Nikhil left the door on here team I wanna Yeah, for a while, for I mean, the screen fell Ilan Lynn Swann Leenane Lizzie now him

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A levena Whom you all know what Yeah, Marian and you