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The importance of fasting during the month of Kath Kath Kath is emphasized, along with the benefits of building good habits and achieving wealth. The speakers emphasize the importance of good habits, praying at five daily prayers, holding daily prayers, and setting up automatic donations. They stress the need for forgiveness and maintaining contact with the gods, as well as the importance of forgiveness and maintaining contact with the gods. The segment also provides examples of people complaining about their financial troubles and poor job performance, and encourages listeners to ask themselves if they know the truth.

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And then hamdulillah

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Naghmeh doing a study in the morning stuff a little bit

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because you know we see

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the shadow Allah Allah

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the role of solo solo solo

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rebounding was carried by the random

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a couple along

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with Alterna Illawarra

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Up a little buck who

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah How are you COVID-19 said he was left left

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a matter

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of praise is due to Allah Who seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah, from the evil of ourselves whispering goodbye and desires, my life guides. No one can this guy and whom Your lives will be misled, no one can guide and I have ever witnessed that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad, Allah it was in them as a slave in his messengers

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and Hamdulillah that we have come to experience another Ramadan. Ramadan is a less than less than guests

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that we never take for granted.

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This is a time in which the doors of paradise are open, and the gates of the Hellfire are closed and the devils are changing the province of the law in us and them says whoever has been prohibited from it's good news has been prohibited greatly. And in fact, in the province of law, do send them once was on the member. And he said, I mean three times. And the Sahaba asked what he was saying, I mean to and he said you please came to me and he said three things. He said, Whoever

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experiences the month of Ramadan,

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and through that not forgiven, may Allah

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and the province

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and whoever

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leaves to see their parents, either of them, or both of them reach old age

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and through their service, does not enter into paradise May Allah

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person has the opportunity to serve their parents in old age. And they don't fulfill that obligation.

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May Allah dismiss them say, and the province of allied is that instead of even the third or whoever hears your name,

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it does not say some Allahu Allah. May Allah say,

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and so Rasulullah sallallahu it said, I mean to all three, a person is so stingy. It's one thing to be stingy with money. But it's another thing to be stingy with your tongue. Something that doesn't cost you anything to say something Allah why do I said before the profit

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not have the energy, the concern, even attempt to pay back your parents for everything that they did when they reach their stage of weakness or a person who's able to walk onto a season of goodness like Ramadan. And through that, not be of those who have their sins forgiven. When there's so much forgiveness being presented in this month, the leader of the inhabitants of paradise or the inhabitants of the heavens decreed it is the leader of the happiness of Earth.

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Both said I mean that Allah distance a person, there's no good in that type of a person.

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And so we wanted to mention in this brief football, a number of things that we need to pay attention to during this month, the month of Ramadan, what are some some practical things that we can do? The first thing is that we pay very close attention to is where Ramadan is mentioned in the Quran, and it only comes in once.

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It comes once. And he comes in the passage where Allah subhanaw taala describes the facts. And he says, Yeah, you have to

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come up at the opening.

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Allah says, Oh, you believe fasting was prescribed for you like it was prescribed for those before you that you may gain.

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And so immediately, Allah subhanho data tells us the cause of why

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Allah says that you may get a doctor. And so the purpose the wisdom of fasting is stuck and fast emptied

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useless stuff

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is that you protect yourself from the punishment of Allah Allah

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was translated as a lot of things is translated as Tai Chi is translated as God consciousness. But Dukkha is to literally Ward punishment away from yourself. Well, how does fat teach you?

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How does fast teach you?

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Fast, it teaches us stuff in the greatest way.

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And we've all experienced it.

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After you go back to work, or go back to school, you come home home, even at work, you might be alone in a moment, and you're surrounded by non Muslims. Nobody knows your circumstance.

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And you're hungry, and you're dehydrated, and you're fatigued.

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And you're suffering from your caffeine withdrawal, you haven't had a cup of coffee all day?

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And do you break your fax? No, you don't know, when you're at home at 7pm. And nobody visits until another hour, and there's nobody home

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and you are exhausted.

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And that refrigerator has everything that will make all of your problems go away. You open up the fridge, know why, because you know that if nobody sees you in this world, Allah subhanho data sees you, that is exactly the place when you're making a loop. And water goes into your mouth. And you panic and you start regurgitating it, or you're in the shower. And you're being so particular, about what enters into your mouth out of fear that it breaks your facts. That is exactly what it is. So if you were to take this attitude, if you were to take this consciousness, and then you were to go and not just implement it with regards to your bank limited with the right to your business transaction,

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and implement with regards to your relationships with your friends, and your co workers, and if you are limited with regards to your games, if you were to implement with regards to the words that you say, hey,

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Cody, buddy, yeah.

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Fasting teaches us. It's not just about being conscious of

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the things that break the fast. But it is about having a couple of Allah Subhan items towards to everything else. And hence the prophets of Allah. There's anything he says

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when he finishes.

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If you do not believe false speech, and false actions, Allah has no need for a person to leave their food in their drink.

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It's about leaving everything else, as well as false speech, most actions dealing with how to I'm saying that we're just doing that. But just all of that is the purpose of this. So number one, is the fruit of tequila with regards to

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number two,

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the month of Ramadan is the best time to establish good habits.

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Anything that you want to start to challenge yourself to do?

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The month of Ramadan is the best time to get. And of the greatest, if not, the greatest good habit that a person can establish is the five stages.

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If there's anybody who is struggling, was praying their five daily prayers on time, this is the month to get those five prayers and we know you're going to be awake for February, because

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most likely, you're going to be around for issues because of

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mothering time is his thought. So then after that is just making sure that you pray you're gonna hold on also on time.

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our self help gurus and all of our development people, they tell us that it takes 27 days to form a habit more or less. And so you have one to develop a habit of regular five daily prayers on top. I remember even with regards to myself when I was a very young man, I used to have a problem of the prayer I would remember a lot and I was forget about it, but I wouldn't remember.

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And so I asked one of my mentors, one of my older brothers, and I asked him I said What can I do? And the month of Ramadan was right around the corner when he told me he said, Pray for 30 days straight, you will never be able to stop. After that you will not be able to go to sleep without praying. And that was that month of Ramadan. It was truly life changing. And I hope that my brothers and sisters were struggling with their syllabi that they experienced that as well that they take advantage of that. The prayer number three

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is the last panel data says Chambal Ramadan, the lady

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who didn't mean that.

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Allah says this month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed and the month of Ramadan was wet. AB bass tells us that also allows us to review the Quran with Djibouti every year during the month of Ramadan. And in the last year of his life, we reviewed it twice over with God and it said up until the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran.

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I'm at the center. Even though the scholars they used to teach everything throughout the year, felt that hadith when the month of Ramadan come, they would close all of those books. And they would simply focus on the book of Allah who are reading the book of Allah, Allah. And again, it is about eating practical steps for yourself. So I know you're gonna read you're gonna hear about during the month of Ramadan used to do 60 houses.

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So you say to yourself, Well, I'm not gonna shop at least I'm not gonna do anything.

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Don't be so focused on on those people who do an incredible amount. Look at where you are.

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And if you can add a little bit if you can, if you don't need any, and you don't want let me start with half a page.

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But let me make it consistent. A lot. That's

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the most beloved actions to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah steps are the most consistent, even if they are small. Even if they're little, that I read half a page that I read a page of people, but every single one of us there is not a Muslim that should not have a daily devotional of the Quran. A daily devotional, the prophets of Allah and using them says whoever reads 10 verses 10 verses, they will not be from the RPD they will not be from the heedless. What does that mean? If I don't read 10 verses, I am from the Hebrews. I am a person who is heedless. I am a person who is clueless, I'm a person who has diluted 10 verses of the Quran a day, every single one of us should read that. And so

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number three is making sure that I have a relationship with every single one of us every single day, start off small, if you have more than that then continue to increase during this month.

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This month of good. Number four, is what even our best tells us it says was the loss of Elijah.

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Kinda God, the province Alexa was the most generous of the people what kind of Android

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he was the most generous was one. During the month of Ramadan, when the angel would visit is at that time, the Prophet was more generous than the wind.

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What does that mean? When I read

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the wind, right now when the wind is blowing outside,

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it touches the street and touches the leaves and it touches the cars and touches the people and it touches everything in its path. So the promise that Allah will send them to generosity was a generosity, that touchdown.

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And we are a generous community and we are very generous as well during the month of Ramadan. And so make sure that you also give some during this month, and hamdulillah in the year 2019. So the fire has become so easy. You just go on to any website, you go onto a launch, you go on to your favorite organization and you donate to your credit card and you set up an automatic donations and you can set up daily donations during the month of Ramadan. But you set up your for yourself a system where every single day you are giving in southern anything, even if it is small, small. I remember a couple of years ago,

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I was at a masjid where during Ramadan, there were so many fundraisers, so many women, and he was a lot, really.

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And people were getting so squeezed.

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It got to the point where people cross the street to go to another miscues.

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And when they went to the other investors, guess what they walked into another fundraiser.

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And so one person, he complained to the Imam, and how much were we supposed to give how much and so he said something that I never forgot. He said, Give as much as you expect a lot to give

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you and I will expect one day out of the year, I give a look on Monday of the year. That's it. We expect every single day every single hour, we expect this from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So good. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions one time in school,

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in Silicon Valley, a man had came to the school bus in the lightest time and he had committed a sin and it was said that he was a hypocrite. He committed a sin and the Prophet commanded him to pay a cost follow the expiation.

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Pay this because of this and that you can do and the man laughed and he was upset and sitting down while he was

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still alive. And he said my wife is being consumed by charity and my explanations ever since I entered into the religion of

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the licen everything.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala says

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he says, I have spent an incredible amount of work

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does he thinks that nobody sees him. And then Allah begins to mention a few lessons that he never asked us to that we could not be able to repeat. And

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these two eyes

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Here's how much would you pay for them?

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Would you be able to pay a utility bill for your apps, they've been working every single moment of your life, by the time that you wake to the time that you go to sleep, I don't know.

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This tons of years, that Allah made a muscle that does not crap. No matter how much you talk, you don't get fatigued.

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You just keep talking and talking to talk, I know what it is you have a date, and then a greater blessing than all of that will have a date and you guide

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me when I've been guided for less.

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And so number four is to give in charity. Number four is to give in charity. Number five

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of the greatest actions that a person can do during the month of Ramadan is to repent to Allah span.

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From all of ourselves, seek forgiveness for all of our actions

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are, how has incredible effects on us, those who know it, know it, and those who don't know it, don't know it, but we are affected by our sins, ALLAH SubhanA.

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Allah says,

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at Mass, that corruption has appeared in the land and the sea because of what our hands have crossed, that he gives them a taste of what they have done that, that they need returns, and

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our sins affect our livelihood. Our sins affect not just our hereafter, but the effect our dunya. And that is why is default has become a cure for many of our ailments, new ideas, to start,

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in the hands of a fella, you'll see

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why they need wage, the wage

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Bura tells his people he says seek forgiveness from your Lord, Lord, your Lord is often forgiven, what will happen I seek forgiveness, you will see the summer

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the rain cascade upon you.

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And you will provide me with wealth and with children and he will make for you gardens and he will make for you River. All of that will be facilitated for you when you seek forgiveness from your sins. So what is your sins meet your sin, become an impediment from all of that access and all of that. And that's why three people came to the great demand, and has an anniversary, the great scholar that tabulated the master feature on the web. And one of them came in he complained to it hasn't been he said

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I cannot conceive children,

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no children, and that hasn't told them and he said go and make us them.

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And another man came to him and he said I'm complaining to you about poverty, I don't have money. And he said go and make another man came to him and he said there's no rain. And he said go and make a list of his students who are watching watching all three of these items or these discussions. They said you gave three different prescriptions or you gave the same prescription for three different symptoms. And he said Didn't you hear what nobody has said ourselves to seek forgiveness from your Lord, you will make the rain cascade upon you and He will grant you children offspring and he will provide for new gardens and will provide for our rivers. How many people are those who complain

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about being broke? They're not getting paid enough at their jobs. They're not finding a job. They're not finding the right opportunity. They're not they're not they're not. It hasn't been bustling. 1300 years ago, he's telling you go and make his default.

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seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah will provide

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children low wealth almost by phone ring, allow them away from the list. Number six.

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Speaking of is there is the making of drop to making Allah Subhana Allah sandwiches in the verses of fasting, Allah mentioned is divided. And Allah mentioned Jehovah and then Allah

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says right in the middle of the verse is talking about fast and he says what he said

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to me, when My servants asked you about me than I am. And this verse is very beautiful, for a wide variety of reasons.

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Number one,

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the Sahaba Kaitlan they ask the prophets of Allah, they said enough about Allah. And they said yes, when Allah, Allah Buddha, can even find what

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he said, is our Lord, close to us. So we converse with him privately? Or is our Lord far away from us? Don't we have to yell out

00:19:33--> 00:19:35

which one is flat to yell when I'm talking to him?

00:19:37--> 00:19:39

He's above the heavens or

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so Allah subhanho data up that's when My servants ask you about Me.

00:19:47--> 00:19:50

I am immediately near for me.

00:19:51--> 00:19:53

He will die with a die if

00:19:54--> 00:19:59

I respond to the call of the caller whenever they call upon me.

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So let them respond to Me and believe in the law. Let them respond to Me and believe me that they may be guided.

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Every single one of us has problems. Every single every single person here has probably

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because ALLAH SubhanA diocese

00:20:18--> 00:20:26

we've created mankind to be in a state of turmoil and difficulty. That's the human experience. This world has never meant to be perfect. It's perfect. This world is not

00:20:28--> 00:20:45

so happy with our problems. Do you complain to your family members? Do you complain to your co workers? Do you complain to your friends? Do you complain to your brothers and sisters at the masjid? What do you complain to him? And who do you talk to? Allah says, I am immediately here. And I respond.

00:20:47--> 00:20:47

He says in the law.

00:20:51--> 00:20:53

I am never concerned

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with the response of the drop because I know the response is guaranteed. My concern is whether I make

00:21:01--> 00:21:06

the reality is most people do not make. That's the reality.

00:21:09--> 00:21:23

I don't want you to ask yourself, when I'm presenting this information to you, I don't want you to ask yourself, do you know these ideas that I had these already, we all know these, if that happens, I'm not sharing anything. But I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you made donate to Allah.

00:21:24--> 00:21:45

When was the last time you sat down, and you talk to Allah. This is what's going on. And this is what's going on. And this is my problem. And this is my pain. And this is my goal. And this is my dream dream. When was the last time you sat Allah subhanaw taala dances with the lady last night when he was never gonna be happy. Allah says to Allah along the most beautiful name, so call upon him by those. That was the last time I asked him about his name and motif and then came and

00:21:47--> 00:21:51

I sat down in the App Store locker these days, because we believe

00:21:52--> 00:21:53

as the promise on the lightest

00:21:58--> 00:21:59

we're going to admit

00:22:05--> 00:22:06

when you ask anyone.

00:22:08--> 00:22:18

And if you seek the help of anybody, even today, we're thinking about who I could call after tonight to help me with this, this and that. If you were to ask the help of anybody, seek the help.

00:22:20--> 00:22:24

And know that if an entire nation with the gods are together,

00:22:25--> 00:22:38

magic, you know you have 35 million or 300 million people wanting to support how excited the province, the millennials, and he says if an entire nation was to gather to help you they would not be able to help you with anything beyond that Allah had already written

00:22:39--> 00:22:45

and if an entire nation was gathered to harm you, they would not be able to argue with anything more than what ALLAH SubhanA data has already entered.

00:22:48--> 00:22:49

And so seeking

00:22:51--> 00:22:52

help from Allah subhanho

00:22:53--> 00:23:00

wa taala. Not only that, but especially as we upload to the last night, Allah Subhana Allah says, To you frog,

00:23:02--> 00:23:15

every matter of importance is decided on native to the province of Allah is actually not the prophet but even ambassador said, even the judge of that mirror, their names are written on day to day, but there

00:23:16--> 00:23:25

is a night in which you want to make sure that you are asking Allah subhanaw taala because it is a night, where matters or decree. So you need to be present. You need to be invoking you need to be.

00:23:27--> 00:23:34

And what's the greatest thing that you can say the prophets of Allah this and it was asked by Aisha, if I experienced it, as we talked about, should I ask her this and say, Allah

00:23:36--> 00:23:40

Oh ALLAH who are forgiving and love to forgive, so forgive me, I put them

00:23:42--> 00:23:43

in the hole of

00:23:54--> 00:23:55

the last Lazzara my last week.

00:23:58--> 00:24:36

So last one, the last one is one of the great actions and acts of worship that a person can do during this month that a person makes constant dua to Allah Subhan Allah. Number eight, is to make a lot of thinking of Allah, the progress of the ideas, then he was asked which of the best best who isn't the best person or fantasize. And he said, The best of those are those who remember Allah subhana dialogues. So seems to have a lot to do with a lot of these things throughout your day. These things are things that are very lightweight, and very beloved to Allah, prophets, the Malays, and I says, Can you do that? Have you ever thought

00:24:38--> 00:24:47

to have Allah we have the kind of light that a person sees? How long have you mentioned, Pamela, all these two phrases are very light on the tongue heavy on the scales Beloved.

00:24:48--> 00:24:53

And so making a lot of ticket to Allah to Panama. And then the last is number nine.

00:24:54--> 00:24:58

Is that even as we are seeking forgiveness from Allah, Allah saying

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

to him, good luck.

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number nine is that Ypres forgive others.

00:25:07--> 00:25:12

Allah Subhana Allah loves those who

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00:25:16--> 00:25:23

some of his boss, Allah is and he loves, loves those. Allah is

00:25:25--> 00:25:33

Allah Subhana Allah that is he loves the generous and Allah Subhana Allah dad is affording loves those who forget to do.

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And so is there anybody you've had a problem is who you are blocking, who you have not maintained your ties with? Are there any family members that you should reconcile with? Are there any people in your circle weapon injuries? But ask yourself the question now, if I were to forgive this person, Allah would forgive me would I forgive? If by forgiving this person, Allah subhanaw taala Give me what is there anybody who owes you some money?

00:26:03--> 00:26:08

The prophets of Allah tells us in the body, that there was a tagit there was a businessman who used to loan people money.

00:26:09--> 00:26:26

And whenever he would send out his debt collectors, his workers he would say, Whoever of you that you find who is in a state of difficulty, he can't pay us back forgive him maybe Allah wants to give us so the problem is, the light isn't there said Allah.

00:26:28--> 00:26:40

Allah forgive so forgiving during this blessing, reaching out maintaining the ties of kinship, asking Allah subhanho data that he accept from us or fasting

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during this month, we asked him about some kind of diet that takes up to up down down and to accept every citation that we pull on and sometimes a lot of us that are sick and our charity Allahu magnetospheres agenda my opinion we do everything we can to not really have a lot of margin to set up

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until you humble that a lot of men and women behave in an elevator Marcia did try to come out to

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meet a utility man to whom He will be highly anomalous labor market no longer yes man you know slogging Overwatch

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00:27:16--> 00:27:17

we'll talk about

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but other than to say but then I feel the need to do whatever

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he wants

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to dominate mitigate

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dancer here on Mac and Alabama so a lot of Monica Montana, okay.

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Hola Hola.

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Covina if you can live long enough to see we will

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have v cash via via Wi Fi.

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Wi Fi Soma Yemen. Sudan was

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even a bad

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