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The speaker discusses the importance of reciting the Surah Fatiha, which is the master of the day and the Lord greets the whole world. The speaker explains that the Surah is a symbol of a time when everyone should praise Allah for their help and success in the aftermath of the operation War on Earth. The recitation of the Surah is important for powerful Surah Fatiha's effect on the planet.

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Pamela, this is how Allah opens the Quran. And it's like setting the tone for the entire Quran. And that is the reason it is termed as the mother of the Quran.

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The point of reflection that we need to really focus on on this beautiful surah is that whenever we stand and this is the most often repeated surah in our lives, Subhan Allah. So whenever we stand, we need to ensure that we reflect on what we are reciting. And when we do that, subhanAllah the scholars of Islam they said that there are various reasons why we need to praise at the beginning of the surah and this is how ALLAH SubhanA Huhtala begins the Surah Surah Al Fatiha begins with the praises of Allah subhanaw taala than ever we recite the sutra we begin with the praises and we know specifically why we are praising him. And the scholar said that are four primary reasons mentioned

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exclusively in this surah why we began his praises. Number one he says Rob Buddha Allah mean he is the Lord cherisher Sustainer provider of the entire world. Number two, he is a Rahman he is Entirely Merciful. So he is merciful, even to those who are not believers. Allahu Akbar, and he's a Rahim especially merciful, and He is Ali Malik, he is the master the king. So these are the powerful reasons whenever we recite the surah we begin with this reflection when we praise Allah subhanaw taala why number two, we need to realize that Allah Almighty is not the magic of this world. He is the master the king of the hereafter as well. Therefore, we need to praise him Allahu Akbar, He is

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the Master of the Day of Judgment point number three is the purpose of all praises is economic goodwill er kind of study. We see his help and to him alone we worship Allahu Akbar, the Allah ma help us to understand the essence of the entire Quran. In Surah Fatiha and the sense of Surah Al Fatiha is yak and I would what year 10 Stein final point of reflection that I would like to share my beloved brothers and sisters is this is the sutra which invites our attention that he is a rub. He is a Maliki's of Rahman he is a Rahim. So obviously, it makes absolute sense to go back to him and see the straight path and to be on it until we die. So every time we stand for Surah Fatiha, we need

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to reflect on these pointers to make our recitation powerful than the data