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The Jinn is a dangerous and dangerous creature, commonly referred to as the "pal constructive creature." It is not recognized as a recognized creature and is commonly referred to as the "pal constructive creature." The Jinn can harm people physically and mentally, and is used to be a source of danger. The Jinn is also associated with a chef rule called "how much you want" and a gym rule called "how much you want."

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hamdulillah and today our session is about the world of the gym. And I know that this session is going to have a lot of questions. So we want to make sure that we accommodate time for everybody's questions as well. But show what eat, of course, is taught on this topic for many years. Jeff Gamal has taught on this topic for many years. So we're looking forward to hearing some beautiful insights on the world of the gin. But I wanted to begin shift just with this, this, this word itself gin, it's a very interesting word. It has a lot of commonalities with different words in the Arabic language as well. What does it mean?

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Jana and its data, it means something concealed. So something you don't see. Okay? And that's what Allah subhanaw taala said about didn't fall into who Yala come? Who are Kabira who mean Hey, thought I thought oh, no, they see you from a position where you cannot see them. You know, occasionally people can see the jinn, you know, but

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the norm the default rules that we don't see the jinn they are with us, but we can see them with our eyes in this dunya at least, and in their original form. Allah subhanaw taala conceal them he he made it not possibly not possible for us to see it. It's like angels are also conceal we can see them. And I guess it makes perfect sense.

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So you can imagine if I see all the gin in the mustard right now.

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You know how, you know how terrifying this will be? Or how distracting How would you drive on the highway? And you see the gin all over the place? When you're driving? How would you go to the bathroom? How would you eat?

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Okay, you know, it just it just once I was teaching in Toronto,

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okay. And i Jin can come to you while you're in real when you're awake. And sometimes they come to you in your dream too. So but I'm pretty sure it was not sleep. But even if it's sleep, it's still the story. Check. So I was in Toronto teaching an op ed last year I remember or even 10 years ago. Okay, and while I'm sleeping, you know, I see I felt like suddenly waking me up

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so I wake up and I see that thing like It looks like a woman sitting on the top of my my bed

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and I was like

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am I asleep? On my wake? Is this dream but sometimes even when you dream you ask yourself am I asleep? You know I'm talking about but I'm pretty sure like I got my system Similan and stuff like that. Then I said Oh

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Who are you someone that said don't teach this in our city

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and just went away

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last year Yeah. Looks like Ash Addington or something

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like some, you know, my testing engine you know but you know sometimes the company send you messages Yeah, they come to you in a form like what are you can see them

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but then anyway, I'm very shocked by the way that they come that period that you just described between sleep sleep, being asleep and being awake. Like in that moment that that's a lot of times is when didn't appear

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I know there's no proof for that. But that shows you also can be a lot of imaginations of people's brain work on them and make them see things which is not true. Already imagine that but the jinn comes to us and our dreams and they come to us and our real reality so we see them in two forms like you see him Why was sleeping in your dream and you see them also while you're awake sometimes, but is Do you see them in their original form there is a debate over that between the scholars majority said you cannot see them ever in the original form said no, very rarely you can but the whole point of judgin is that also gin something that means fast usually consider them and even the thing that's

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very quickly very fast. But gin is not all of them by the way fast this idea that all gin could crazy fast that's not true because in the midst of solemn said some gin are crawler the crow like the crawl Yeah, crawl they they're not fast, you know, some of them fly so I'm gonna walk so they are in the different abilities. So one of the things Shikamaru and I were talking about one of our goals was that the audience doesn't leave scared. So it's not it's, I don't want these especially now we've got a lot of young folks here. Now they're gonna win

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cup and check the edge of their bed every night like you should the single brothers are going to check for different reasons. And then little kids are going to check for other reasons. But it's rare, isn't it? Yeah, it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very rare. It doesn't sound rare. When you talk to the Muslim community, everyone seems like they have a gin story, or they're afraid of some sort of set head or some sort of something of that nature. Or they're afraid of being

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weak. We got into what's it called? What's the word when a person is possessed?

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You seems it seems like a lot of people think that that's what they're experiencing whenever they have that type of an issue in their family. Yeah, we're that. There's a lot of, there's a lot of like, anything that people don't see. There's a lot of like imagination. Yeah, and like, curiosity about it. And a lot of like, made up stories and stuff like that.

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But hopefully, in this setting, we can clarify some of these things. Okay. So check them out. Why shouldn't people leave people be afraid of the gym. Because for them, they're actually afraid of you. They're afraid of you. A lot of them are actually, you know, tiny, small like this, you're a giant next to them. And those like a person who's afraid of a mouse gets so afraid of them, but they're actually afraid of the mouse was completely terrified to view and there's no reason to be afraid of it. cockroach is different. The point is

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the point is that they're they're tiny, they're scared of you. But when they see fear from you, then they start to scare you. You know the verse in Surah Jin were under who can reach out to me in an NCO they want to be rigid and meaner Geneva du hombre aka smooth for Syrian mentioned that story of how before a man would be traveling through the desert, and then when he wants to camp in a valley, he would seek the protection of the leader of the Jinn of that valley, he will say, uh, oh, the BCE the hazard word, while the min sofa Coleman, like from the others in his his tribe that these are under his control or leadership. So then, when they saw that people were afraid of them, they start

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to scare them more. If you're not afraid of them, they leave you alone if you're scared of them. Another example I use our little dogs, you know, toy breeds with the old toy and the small breeds. Another word for them in America, we refer to them as ankle biters. Why they called ankle biters. Have you ever met anyone who is bitten by a chihuahua here and has Shin never the only bite your ankle because the only become emboldened and brave when you run away from them? How many times have you been at a park this dog came at you small dog came barking, but you stood your ground dog stopped and turned around. But if you run what happens, it runs after you and nips you right in the

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ankle. So the Djinn are the same way you're afraid of them, then suddenly you start to see shadows move against the wall, and you're frightened if you're not afraid of them. I had some encounters with them. And I would just tell them if you don't get out of here or threaten them and stuff like that. They're like, Oh, this guy's not afraid. And then they go away. So just threaten them.

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Yeah, I 100%. I know that also for sure that

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from looking into the textual evidence, and from people in reality, those who have a very strong personality, very hard for Jim didn't assess them to hurt them. Those who are terrified. That's why Jim always tried to attack humans, when they are weak in a moment of weakness, and maybe that's why some of it when you sleep, not asleep, you know, any moment of weakness. But when you strong, you don't scare them, they have their own world, you have your own world, you don't need to worry about them. So you got to give us some bacillary one, so someone about to enter to a dark alley, then who hasn't mostly told the kid was scared, has mostly told them. I'll tell you something. They're more

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scared of you than you scared of them.

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So if we go to the attic in the dark and stuff like that, don't worry, they are scared of you. They still want to mess with you. I can guarantee you that Jim just want to stay away from you as much as they can.

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You mentioned a number of experiences with the gym. You gotta give us at least great stories. I think. shareholding is known for his gin stores. I knew a chef who had his own gin stories. He met shareholders like 10 years 15 years ago. He made a hole in somewhere he came back to me he's like I was terrified from shuffling stories. So

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I told you a story is not going to mean anything.

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Not just Okay, so you have no I'm just saying don't be scared of them. That's okay. I'm sure. Before we go forward, there is people don't believe in gin.

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I mean,

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it's unanimous consensus of the squad.

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Obviously you have to believe in the gin ALLAH SubhanA. Allah mentions the genome the Quran or Hadith and known as the manna for managing the following as a man of Quran and algebra. So that's established. Is it not by consensus? Yeah, it is. So if a person just believes in the jinn then they've disbelieved in the Quran that

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Allah agreed that anyone don't believe in the existence of jinn is not a Muslim. Period is not a Muslim, because you deny something that's clearly stated in jinn. But there might be a debate between in the Islamic and among Muslims, but not among Sunni. Make sure to understand that among Muslims, but not among Sunni there is no one from ANA sunnah said what I'm about to say only innovators only misguided groups and sect said what I'm about to say, which is there is no denying this will not be considered Cooper. But it we consider Vida and just forcefully which is the deny that Elgin possess human beings that's never exist, and a statement or opinion by any one of the

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Muslim scholars, Sunni scholars. But it was only an idea came by some of the Martin Zealand the Jimmy and stuff like that, he came up with this idea, but none on the Sunni circle ever. As far as I know, a scholar ever said that. And even if I happen to be somebody that will be the influence of that school of thought on them. But this issue does not make the person not Muslim. Because it's not as explicit as the mention of gin. Some people try to say, Oh, that is gin, but gin are viruses, bacteria, you know, cancer. So they made them a metaphor. They made them metaphor. And there is some people said that so this isn't we don't deny the gin. But we deny the fact that they are a creatures

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like this. So is that means Shavon was a virus that means shippon was you know, it just makes no sense. But that's Believe it or not, Corona is a tribe of jinn. Yeah, yeah, that's not Yeah.

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You Yeah, it would make sense to me of those people would say that Elgin has to do with spreading viruses, with spreading diseases, because there is some a hadith mentioned something that agenda, disbelievers among them hates human, and they will do whatever they can to hurt harm humans, and part of it is physically to harm the persons and causes sickness and diseases to the person. So we don't interact with the jinn, they're in their own world, we're in our own world, not to be afraid of them. How does a person protect themselves from the gym? Or what for even before that, what are the reasons why people do get harmed by the gym? Okay, and even before that, if I can comment on

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what we were just saying about what we were just saying.

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We're just talking about how they said that the gender is a metaphor for something else. Yeah. So yes, so at one time, I was having a discussion with this, this guy, yeah. And he was a speaker. And he only he just doesn't believe that the jinn can possess a human being which is very, very, very rare. Let's get that out of the way. But possession itself Yeah, gin possession, okay, it's not like most of the time that it's bipolar most of the time it's something else but we think everything is possession is very rare. So I was just asking him like, you're okay, you believe that they bring you nightmares like the Hadith says, okay, play how does this other being this Jimny come and put a bear

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in your in your mind? Yeah, and the nightmare is that the bears chasing you then you trip over a log then you turn around and the bear goes like this and then you wake up? But that's a nightmare from the shipper how does that how does he put a bear and a log and make you how, so you have to acknowledge at some point that Allah subhanaw taala gave them some ability outside of yours and that's why the Navy saw Saddam described that they can like they basically traveled through the body like the blood frozen flows in the in the veins. The fact that Allah gave him some kind of different ability that he can do bring your dreams that he can whisper to you. Like when Satan whispers to

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you, does it sound like the shaytaan? Do you feel different in Ramadan and outside of Ramadan, meaning, Ramadan comes and the shayateen are changed? Okay, let's follow that opinion. And then you you feel different than your head is clear and your thoughts are pure. And then when eight comes, you hear something go way back.

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You feel and sound like the same person. So when the shaytaan whispers something to you, do you hear something? A voice or lead sounds like your thought he cast it into your thought right? So they do have some abilities. So why is it far fetched to assume that they can very, very rarely possessed the individual

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It's not far fetched, it's not ridiculous to assume that. So that's one of their they have a logic there. Tesla and a long time ago they said, Because gin made a fire a new are made of clay. That's why two elements cannot be inside each other, which is the most ridiculous argument, logic argument you can ever hear here to your life because if the automated fire, it doesn't mean the odd fire. If you're made of clay, you're not the clay. If they are made of fire I would need to any heater and thus last week when it was so cold, because gin was thus all the time so they keep you warm. They're on fire you and I'm sorry I made the fire but they're not fine. That's number two who said the two

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different elements cannot be inside each other's Don't you have bacteria in your body? And you have viruses in your body? And they're completely different a soul in your body? Yeah, it's just the that's just a very ridiculous type of argument. But beyond possessions, what are the powers of the jinn what what can they do? Oh Jinn in general, when it comes to their interacting with human beings, their power is limited. And I want to show you how limited the jinn are and how weak the jinn are, which has helped you not to ever be afraid of them. The prophets are Salam said, If you come inside the house and you see Bismillah and you close the door, no jinn, no matter how big he

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is, no matter how powerful he is, cannot ever open that door.

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And if you cover a food with the same Bismillah norgine ever can uncover that food, just saying Bismillah now, you say Bismillah and you lock the door and you put alarm and you will lock it twice, and a human being comes on breaking in your house.

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I have no problem. That's right. But Jin Khanna let's show you how a human being so powerful, you know, they don't care. But Jimmy would not be able to do that. They are very limited and what Allah made them in a way that no separate from humans. Also one other thing that the surgeon as an abuse of Salam said Alhamdulillah Allah, the Jarrah, the Allah 100, Allah that Allah made, the powerful thing that the jinn have is just once was whispering just to whisper to scare you just that, but nothing more than that.

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Sometimes, then a very tiny one things are cross the line, that's when the harm happened. That D can harm the person's physically.

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You know, because they have this ability to run through the veins. And one of the thing that we ask Allah subhanaw taala Oles to protect not to be possessed with the jinn not to be under the influence of Sahar would the Sahel use the jinn to harm the person, you know, or the ain, the evil eye that involve the jinn. And that's where it can harm the person physically.

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I've seen people for example, for four years that they've been harmed by the gin and they cannot stand up, they literally paralyze them. And with the reading, in the carry reading on the, and they were able to stand up and to walk normally after that, you know,

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and also, when gin harm somebody physically or mentally, you can reverse the impact. And this is an important point, you can reverse the impact of the gin, through physical

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treatment, medicine, physical therapy, because what they did they made a form of disability. So basically what you do you just re do with the with the done. So this can be due by the rope. Yeah, but also can be done and sometimes you need that medicine and it's like,

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it's like this

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let's say, okay, there is an imbalance chemical imbalance in the brain.

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Okay, what caused the imbalance in your brain?

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What caused that chemical imbalance in your brain?

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Doctors will not tell you what to know.

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Okay, what brought that virus to? I don't know.

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I am not saying it is. But I do have one of my options out there. Like I have five options. One of it could be the gin.

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You see, I'm saying so it doesn't matter what causes it, but I can reverse that balance that chemical in your brain by taking the medication. Okay, that's fine. For me as a Muslim as dealing with the evidence and deal with science. I never, I never been cut it up in a corner what I have to choose, I can reconsolidate between both, you know at the end of the day. So that's important point because sometimes when people get to me, to me, the shape on the generation follows me. I always tell them okay, do the rock do that.

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Add to that carpet also take medication stop exercising start living your life go to the gym and go to the gym I think gonna give me an okay yes, I'm gonna give you an update but also you need to you know what to be active to be to change your mood to control your your the chemical imbalance that you have in your body that causing all this depression. So both works and and I do believe that the jinn have that influence on the person negative impact on the person sometimes and that's how you counter it. So chef when you said weakness, right that the jinn take advantage of weakness so is it safe to say that the gym take advantage of poor physical health and they take advantage of poor

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emotional and mental health? I don't know about physical poor health but definitely the second one. emotional and mental health Yeah, anyone have, like, weakness on their mental and emotional like extreme love extreme they prey on people like that.

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So however, I want to get your opinion on something, I heard this, this general guideline from a chef many years ago. And he said if, let's say a couple, they're not able to have children. But there is a clear when they get checked on everything. There's a clear physical problem the woman, her ovaries, something like that. He said Then here, we don't ever think of jinn. But then he said if everything is physically okay, then you could say it might be a jinn. It could be that's why the cattle Quran and rokeya is will benefit you never harm you. So it's a fair rule. Okay, like,

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I'll tell you, shall we need one story? Okay, I'll tell you a story. I was teaching him in Birmingham

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teaching in England and I forgot which city now it probably was Birmingham in the middle of the I was talking you already do Quran and in the middle of the class. In order for this person scream with a louder voices stop reading a different voice like let's say as a gar voice of a man came out of this person and heard the took the the chair on throw it. People get terrified. Okay. And he told me before by the this person cessful Jin the community knows about. So here's the so scare. So I was like teaching in the state. And I said, Okay, hold on.

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By the way, this is a paid class and he didn't pay for it. She did. But you didn't. The Jin Jin. So you need to pay for the class before I talk to you. Yeah.

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That's good. Because I'm brave. What I'm trying to do. I'm trying to tell everybody in the class, just take it easy. I mean, what they're gonna do. So what do they possess origin? I mean, Jen, the end of the day, they are weak. They are not that strong. You and I remember one time I was reading on someone who's obsessed with a gin and he told me the gin he said, I will kill your brother. And he mentioned my younger brother.

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And that person that I'm reading him, he doesn't know my brother. He doesn't know anything about my family. He doesn't know where I live. And the person's actually mentioned my brother's name, where he lives where we at what he's doing right now.

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So really was a freaky thing, you know, for him to do that because I know that person he doesn't know anything about me. 100% I guarantee you that there is no you can't he said no, I will.

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I said no, you can't. Because it'd be so solemn told us that the last one to Allah have made everything and all the decree Salah Swatara have written anything bad for my brother would happen if nothing happened to my brother, you're not going to be able to do it.

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Then he said you're afraid of me. He said I'm not afraid of you.

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Said I will threatened me to take me some countries at all. Actually, I would love to visit that country but certainly not to do so.

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Again, you have to hold yourself for whatever reason if you ever counter something like this, don't freak out. Oh, I felt something moving. Okay, so what are their strategy number one, and they are in the house they are in the room they are with the I have a bad news for you good news for you. They been with you 24/7 There is every human being there is a gene with them. Every human being so nothing new. You've been living home long enough 2030 5015 10 years there is a gym with you 24/7

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That jasola Even you he said even me so the gym with you all the time then I'm gonna be there's one gym with every human beings. So as for the rest of the gym? No, they're not. I hope not. They're not in your room or your house. They have their own places. Usually they live in abandoned places far away from people, you know, in an area where people don't

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Don't go there

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because they don't want to interact with me a lot of gin in Texas then.

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Space yeah mountains.

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Holes, caves, bottom the oceans or stuff like that. That's why when you go to abandoned places, abandoned houses you all say Bismillah I will never start a gym. Because if you say that Allah subhanaw taala protect you from them, you know?

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Yes. So he