Surat Al-Ikhlas Poetic Tafseer With Adnane Majid

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The speaker discusses the concept of envy and how it can harm people. They explain that envy is a combination of evil and malice, and that people should not be caught caught caught in the evil way. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of recognizing that envy is a prerogative and that people should not be caught caught in the evil way.

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Don't be a You mean a shape on your on G Bismillah. Here, Manuel Rahim Allah

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be fell out

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and fall back on the NASA two chapters were instructed by the Divine to come to a safe place a safe space where he assigns us protection from the evil of everything me.

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Call them

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from the evil of everything, the evil of every human, the evil of every jinn, the evil of every creature, the evil of every sin. And don't forget about the evil that lies within one years. rewards you can either one call.

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Aloha says the night the majority of scholars say because under the cover of night is when the wicked come out to pray and evil comes out to play in the righteous resigned to break. So we seek refuge in the lord of Daybreak and light from the evil in the darkness of the night. One

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Do you feel bonded?

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The practice of magic long ago was lightly bent by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I'm talking real magic, not illusions or sleight of hand, because magic was defined as a mortal sin. Because TIG in its essence involves the worship of the

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CD neither I said.

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Now what would describe to you about how vile a sin envy is? What if I told you that it was the first sin committed in the heavens making shade lawns arrogance flare and for him to even dare to reject the commandment? Or what if I told you that it was the first sin ever committed on Earth making kabhi kill his brother turning a family into a fraction now and be defined as pretty precise. It's not that you see something someone has and you wish that you have it too. It's that you see a blessing someone has and wish that blessing was removed. Use they didn't have that money, which they didn't have that house, which their kids weren't so special, which they had that spouse, which they

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didn't have those spoilers on that Instagram account, like fire burns would have he burns good deeds, and it creates animosity amongst those who believe the envy or causes hatred, tension and friction. They harm those who they envy but they see themselves the victim. So how can envy be removed from a heart that is diseased? First is to recognize that this is something that was destined and decreed long before we ever entered into this earthly abode. And secondly, when your heart whispers to you, to envy, just tell it No. Don't ask ALLAH that they have less. Ask Allah that they increase their share. And shaytaan will stop his whispers once he learns that the only result

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in your prayer. So they'll come along naturally.