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AI: Summary © The importance of learning to be a calming individual is emphasized in Islam, where individuals should prioritize their success and dedication to their assignment. The success of Islam is seen as a framework for empowering individuals and creating a calming culture. prioritizing activism over study and learning is emphasized, along with the need to focus on one's faith and legacy, rather than trying to be a "weird guy" with no intentions to learn. Learning and being a "weird guy" to achieve better life and achieve a better career are also emphasized.
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On enjoy either because you know that you're worth more when a student goes to like Oxford or Cambridge, you know, or when they go and I read read University, when you go to University of Birmingham, you're expected to study, when it's time to study, if you don't study, you're going to fail. So that same dedication that we have, to our aspirations in the dunya we should have in the era, so a lot of dialysis instructed to her, he says what led to him like I mean, an older, verily, the Hereafter is better than the present. You know, indeed, I, you know, had a lot this as was to the profit are these two letters to them? It was to the profit for me think about the profitability

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so that Islam we think, Oh, my God, like he's, he's guided He's great. And no, this was a reminder to the Prophet it servicemen so he could go to the Sahaba, who would different in in every way, you had the habit that were like, amazingly dedicated, you had a habit that was strong. You know, every single person was struggling, we know how to draw the line. He said, You know, I wish that, you know, I was just dead before I came into this into this dunya even like, best exaggerated, by the way, not like oh, my God, like, No, it's just his thinking, like, Oh, my God, like, you know, I'm so human, that I wish I was like an angel. But you're not created to be like angels, you're created to

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be humans to struggle, to form to do things sometimes, but you're not proud of. But that doesn't make you a bad person. Because you're created for the hereafter. The whole point is when it comes to the deen and the dunya, that even if you're struggling, that you constantly pick yourself up. And that's when we look at the CEO of the profit Ivy Sullivan center, there is so much empathy. You know, and I'm speaking to some of the sisters that they know, Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, where he went to, like the companion, I would say Cindy made a mistake and said, Why did you do this, that was not the approach of the property. So that the Select, he was constantly giving

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solutions, constantly given solutions. So understand when it's between being and linear, it's finding solutions to be better. So the next part was

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two. So number one is understand that the Hereafter is better than the present. Always remember that. You know, always remember when it comes to that decision, that you are created to be a calmer you are created to be upright. And remember what I said, like Islam is not meant to be restrictive. So go out, enjoy yourself, have fun, but know what your limits are. And even within the workplace, when it comes to follow when it comes to you know, how you interact with your peers. Understand that the framework is, you know, is meant to be Islam. You know, when I think about the framework, I always think it's professional. That's what Islam requires of you nothing more than a god they just

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requires you to be professional individuals and that means that you have telkwa and that means you are conscious. So secondly, Allah Subhana Allah says in sort of another, an America to say I do not need never a loving and living who feed him on the phone. Can I say Allah moon, so McCullough say Allah moon, he says, you know about one of these speaking in America to set a new America together for impact. And in a very loving that. This never this news is alvine It's great. And Allah, Allah say, Islam is great, but Islam is as great as you guys. You know, we know the profanity, select Islam, he was a wonderful human being. And when you look at his Sierra, he was concerned, he was

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constantly concerned about people and helping them live better lives. But Islam is our routine. So when you know that Islam is our vein, so when the rulings come, that be kinda be better, be gentle. So I'm not just focusing on follow up, because I can pray for love. If I'm going to go out and I'm going to judge someone, if I'm going to praise Allah, and I'm going to be harsh, or I'm going to think that my version of Islam is better than yours, you know, or I have a big job that makes me more practicing No, like, what made the companion so great is that the particular person and what enable them to always choose the deed over the dunya is that deep inside, they knew that a lot of

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Darla was watching them, like deep inside. They knew that they were accountable. Deep down, they knew that they weren't expected to be better human beings. You know?

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Like, for me, like as a student, and for me, as a mother, for me as a speaker, like that reminds me that, you know, I have to, I have to give more, I have to dedicate myself more. So, you know, when you're really tempted to like, chill out and just, you know, just do nothing, what motivates you, it's there, it's knowing that a lot of either, you know, he has created something that's unbelievably great for us. So having a bit of a spiritual focus, number three is, understand that the particular discipline is the greatest role model, that the properly selected for them is the best guide that he provided the best framework. And that, once again, is meant to be empowering, you

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know, as alumni, and as students, you will go on, and you will go in different directions, you know, tradeline will come and shake on like, life will pull you, you know, I have friends, you know, I was active in a modeling institution, from I was the Amira, anybody heard of a mother. So I would say a mirror of an immigrant that when I was 18, so remember, 18, I became a needle of a modern Institute, and you know, Subhana, WA, and then we went to university at the same time, and I'm telling you, that balance was difficult, and steep climbing back then. And on the front, is I prioritized my activism, you know, at times over my family, I prioritized, you know, my activism and my, you know,

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my, like, my Islamic, you know, activism over at times my studies, Allah, Allah wants you to prioritize, and even the least letters to them, I can imagine if you guys came and said, You know, I'm struggling with my university, and I'm involved in this, the profit, it would advise you to focus on your university, to prioritize that, because that's your long term goal, you know, even with the sisters, and I generally, you know, when I speak to sisters, is, there's an example of Fatima and developer, the, who here has heard of Edna taenia.

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The Emerald, like, you all know, like, He's amazing. They say, you know, Pamela, he had a student, her name is Fatima. And they say that even taymiyah, he wouldn't prepare for anybody, but he would prepare for her. You know, because she was so eloquent, she was so intelligent, and she would come and he would have prepared for her because she bought a value. So with the sisters is, you know, a lot a lot of either has given us or was given the brothers and sisters, but I always say to people, we have, it's not a matter of, you don't have opportunities to learn, to study to be better. It's that we don't have the discipline right now. Like, how do we manage our time, you know, where, who

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are our friends, the prototypes that Islam advised us that you know, choose your friends wisely, because you are on like the faith of your friend. And that doesn't necessarily mean that Islam, meaning the way you behave, the way you interact, the way you perceive people, that is a direct reflection of, you know, who you spend time with, so choose people wisely.

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It means nothing if a person claims to be you know, Muslim, but it's not, you know, promoting Islam values. So focus on your faith, but understand what it means the practice of Islam with hula hula when he was great in character. So you know, as alumni and its students, as people who, you know, work here, understand that wherever you go in life, your, your earthhero is subject to how you treat people is how nice and how kind you are. And once again, I was discussing with the sisters that, you know, as a speaker, and as a teacher, you know, and I, I manage, like, I work with people, and things don't go to plan, like horribly, but I have no right to ever get angry, or shout, or be mean

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to these individuals. Because we're all volunteering and we're all working for the sake of Allah, Allah, but what navigates me is the legacy of the Prophet adding so let us you know, he's the one who, you know reminds me that you have to be stronger than your your desires and your anger. So the last point is that in Surah, a to cancel all of her policies and have to cancel hundreds of makkasan hell so forgotten. So McCullough, so forgotten, you know?

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When Allah subhanaw taala says Keller, you know, I know what Keller means Keller is when my child who is three walks towards the kitchen, and I'm cooking something, and he tries to grab it off. And you know what i would screen it like Canada. Do you understand the emphasis, the way you view the Quran and the way you read the Quran has a direct impact on what value it brings to you. The Quran is an incredibly emotional book. You have to appreciate it. So here Allah, Allah, Allah says, this world, you know, it's, it's all about competition, you're constantly competing, to look better, to be better, to have a better career, until you reach the green. You know, you're going to compete,

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and you're going to compete until you reach the grapes. And then you'll come to know and then you'll come to know, come to know what that this world, it has value, but it is as valuable as the purposeful life you live and being practicing and being dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala is not to sit in MSG, or not to not interact with people, or to just study Islam all day. Like that's not to be practicing. There's a Heather around the Prophet Ali sled personnel. Some of them were scholars, a lot of them we've worked a lot of them. You know, we're family, homemakers. You know, some of them traveled, some of them were activists, so you don't have to just be one type of Muslim. What Allah,

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Allah expects from you is that whatever you decide to do, you do between a surgeon up better and up stronger, and you are constantly making an effort to be connected to a loved one of the other because at the end of the day, that's the only thing that will matter. So I'll end there subhanak a lot more because it should have ended in the end was