Did Island boy Flyysoulja sell his soul to shaytaan (Gift for Flyysoulja at the end)

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Now someone sent me this video. So I'd so so about a week, not today, well, about a week ago talk about this whole point of selling your souls

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as sold my soul. So you got these Island boys, so to say. And one of the brothers, he came out on live stream. Someone shared this with me and asked me to comment on it about selling his soul.

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And ever since I sold my soul, so let's go ahead and watch what he had to say. And then come back and give our thoughts on this. I'm going to elucidate on explain it with some clarity, can you really sell your soul? And what does that actually mean? So let's go ahead and watch this. And then we'll get some clarity on it. And ever since I sold my soul, I haven't been happy ever since. You know, I'm saying? Um, yeah, you gotta believe me a what it is? Like, I'm not even capping it because listen, I had to do it. You know, so I'm saying because like,

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I do, because I was trying to make it like, you feel me. Like,

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and as if when I was like selling my soul

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like, there was things that I could sacrifice about instead of that, and I sacrifice myself, you really got to pick up some say and, and, and, and you get anything you want. You get to be rich.

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You got to you got to be you got to have force and you got to good job, everything. Everything You Ever Wanted. You feel me. But you can think I'm Cat? I'm not sure.

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I did a week ago.

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I'm happier since I'm having anxiety every single day.

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What did I wish for?

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To be famous and be rich? Art? So the question is, you hear him saying he's sold his soul? Can you actually sell your soul? Like you sell a car, like you sell a house? No, you can't sell your soul, that soul is going to go back to the creator, the heavens and earth, we all have a soul and the soul is here with us is going to leave us and the body is going to stay behind. And some souls are going to come out peacefully to go back. Like we have. I mean, this is so beautiful. In Islam, we have all the details of what happens to the soul. So I really encourage these young Island boys and those followers of theirs to really take the matter really serious, because this is a serious issue. Now

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you can go ahead and make a pact. And this is what he probably did. Now we see this all the time we see these musicians we see the Lady Gaga has, you know, the Beyonce is, you know, all of these famous hip hop stars, rock stars, they come out and they say they made some pact with the devil or they sold their soul. So this is what it actually I mean, it's not yours that you can go ahead and sell it. But you can go ahead and commit what's called Schick. So this is what they did. This is this is the actual technical term, it's making a pact so they make a pact. Instead of seeking help from the Creator of the heavens and earth, from God, Almighty Allah, they start to seek help from

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the satanic forces, from a bliss from the shayateen from these dark forces. And this is real, this is something that the Quran talks about this unseen world. So when a human being goes and commits Chinook, this is the worst thing that you can do. Because a person will be crippled, they'll think, okay, I sold my soul, like if you sold your car, your house, and that's it, if you sold it, it's gone. And if the other person has the title, you can't get it back. But in this case, this is something that now, when you understand you cannot sell your soul. And you can go ahead and redeem yourself, you can go ahead and change your ways you can go ahead and turn back. Because the person

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who made the pact with the devil, they have to do some disgusting, despicable things, to go ahead and seek help from a bliss from the shayateen from these dark forces from these devils. And what happens then from their life as you see him testifying. Life doesn't get better. It always gets worse. I did a week ago.

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I'm happy ever since the depression, anxiety, all of these things start to kick in. And then the shout thing these devils have asked you to the next level, they're going ahead and want things from you to go ahead and do more dirty and disgusting things. But on the flip side, when someone seeks help from their Creator, from God, Almighty Allah, life seems to get better. It always does. Yes, you'll have hard times trials tribulations. Yes. But you get discerning peace and contentment. And you at the end you get the reward for all your struggles with paradise. But if a person goes

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down that route of making a pact with the devil worshipping the devil shaytaan IBLEES going down that route, what happens then the Hellfire is the final destination. So let me go ahead and share with you some, a few passages from the verbatim Word of God Almighty. Allah the Quran and I got some good news. Really good news at the end God Almighty Allah is saying in chapter three verse 53 of the Quran sale My servants who have transgressed against their own souls. So what kind of transgression is this? This is the optimal transgression, the worst transgression you could do against your soul is to go ahead and give it that you're literally you're trying to sell it off to these dark forces,

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to the shayateen to these devils. So now what happens is, God Almighty is telling you those who have transgressed so even if you've transgressed against your own soul despair, not at the mercy of Allah, the Creator, the spear, not Allah forgives all sins so even if you you've done something horrific like this, something very evil. Don't worry, Island boy, don't worry, all of the fanboys of island boy, and people who have gone down to similar route, you still have a chance while you're alive, to go and make it right so God Almighty Allah is saying, Indeed, Allah forgives all sins, Truly, He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. So remember that. Now on the flip side, there

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are also verses in the Quran that talk about if the person continues, going down this route of worshipping other than the Creator, the heavens and earth, then a person will find his final vote in the hellfire and then the soul what we're talking about the soul, for the person who has dedicated his life who's changed his life, he could have been like, you know, doing all sorts of things, all corrupt things. And then at the end, that person turns their life around repens turns to the crater alone, the one God that Jesus worshipped at Moses worship this is the one crater that Prophet Muhammad called mankind to worship as he's the last and final messenger sent to mankind. Then that

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person, when it's time for that soul to leave the body, then it will come out imagine there's a description of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, is giving us a description in the Hadith, that like a vessel pouring water, imagine the the water coming out of vessel nice and smooth. That's how the soul when the time of death comes out, it's going to come out of the body nice and smooth. Now person who sold his soul to the devil, we addressed that earlier about selling yourself the person who committed Schick, who has gone down the rebellious route, who follows the footsteps of shaitaan, who submits not to his crater, but to the will of the devil's de Shayateen

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that submits his or herself and lives a life a rebellious life doesn't take heed to the sign. This is a sign now right? But a person wants to be idolized, chases fame, to be famous. You know, it doesn't care, just heedlessness living the life of debauchery doesn't care about really defining what the true purpose of life is, why am I here? Why have I been created, because worries about living an ostentatious life, about money, cars, women, you know, and going to the clubs and popping the bottles and drinking and drugs and alcohol and then dies in that state of making that pack selling his soul. Like he said, then what happens that so imagine to wool, and then imagine some

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hooks trying to pull through that wool and it coming out getting stuck in between and you got remnants of it, that's how the soul is going to be extracted, the bad soul will be extracted from the body, it will be tormented and pulled out. It's a very scary scenario. And that's why we're doing this out of the love because we want to help prevent that island boy and the rest of those out there, you have a chance to turn your life back around. Okay, he didn't take no physical title from you, you didn't sell nothing, but you have a way now to cripple yourself. And now to stay in that place of darkness and continue to go ahead and benefit from that. What's the benefit, nothing but

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anxiety, stress, depression, you can have all the money and going all the rides but you'll still be empty and void inside, or you can be fulfilled and you can have fulfillment in the heart that void will be filled, that money can't buy and you will have peace and serenity and life and Paradise in the next life and avoid the hellfire and start after me you start saying La ilaha la there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator Allah and you start asking for guidance from your Creator. And you know what, for everybody out there, we also have a free copy of the Quran that you can get on our website, the deen show calm, go to the deen show.com get a free copy of the Quran where you can

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learn more about the soul and the topic of the devil the shade Don's you can learn more about how to worship your Creator what the purpose of life is. It's all in this on everything.

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Is there get a free copy and help get this message like if you haven't subscribe so we can go ahead and get this message to the island boy and hopefully save him God Almighty can save him that he can go ahead and get on the straightway the right way we'll see you next time Peace be with you as salaam alaikum