Nas Daily almost gets Punched and Dr.Gabor Maté on Israel-Palestine

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This is not a liberal versus conservative debate. This is a human day. This guy. Hello, America for both countries.

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He tried to punch me

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this is the thing you know,

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the humor somebody will add. I mean, I said I want a convenience a piece. How are you guys doing? Now we're going to be talking about a very important topic. Very, very, very important. I cannot stress the importance. But let's first go ahead and kick it off. I'm gonna ask you guys what do you think this man is saying? Be willing to work for thin water Comicon he got angry this guy from for this thing. This guy. Hello, America for both countries.

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See nice. He almost got attacked by this man. And it seemed like the man was trying to communicate something but he didn't he wasn't able to communicate it because he didn't speak proper English. But let's listen to it. Let's see if we could decipher what this man is trying to tell nos. And now's by you by now you know if you want you to D show we've done a program about him before. He's from Israel, Palestine and the United States. The brother who went to Harvard is born in a Muslim family. Mother's practicing the day starts at 5am with a quick prayer, they send them off to Harvard. Last is Dean so out of the love. We sent him a message trying to bring him back to the dean. It didn't

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seem like from our investigation that he was that well grounded in a dean you can watch those videos we leave a link to those where we reach out to NASS. So now him being of Palestinian descent from Israel, Palestine and the United States calls himself an Israeli to he has a big platform he should be able to do some really great work creating some awareness of what's going on with the innocent children that are being blown to pieces in this part of the world. So now he runs into someone and the guys about knock them out. Let's hear what this man has to say to us. Let's see if we could decipher this this guy Hello, America for both countries.

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It seemed like he's saying if I'm not wrong correct me this man this man help America for about Novacek for about forgot to make for about Philistine it seems like he's communicating to him You forgot about Palestine you forgot about Philistine you forgot about where you're from your roots you forgot about let's let's do one more time All right. I don't want to get this wrong. This guy Hello America for both countries.

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This guy this guy helped is a bunch of question marks there help America Hello America now this keyword for about for both colors country Philistine country

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so if we change for about for both to forgot, forgot Philistine he forgot Philistine is not a long stretch. So let's do one more time. This guy Hello, America for both countries.

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Okay, so either way, we want to give nice daily again, under the love he's got a big platform. And we want his brother and shout out I want first of all Moore's to come back to the dean. We invite him to the de show he replied one time to our video that we did with our Brother Mohammed II job he replied to that. And maybe inshallah he'll accept this invitation one, we want to get him some self defense lesson so he could defend himself, because he was pretty scared.

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He tried to punch me. So as some happens like this, because I'm sure it's going to be a lot of people who are upset, upset that he's not taking a bolder, more courageous stance of just using his platform to help educate people, educate people on what's going on, in the area of the world where he's from, that's the ironic thing. He's from there, he should have more of a zeal he should have more of a passion to want to educate, to bring to the light to the forefront what the kind of oppression what the Palestinians with the people, Christians, who are Palestinian Muslims are Palestinians. And Palestinian people are the kind of injustice as they're going through. And as he

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said himself, not before. This is not a debate about lib, liberal, conservative Jew, Christian, this is about being pro truth. This is not a liberal versus conservative debate. This is a human because he has traveled the world and he has seen the plight of the different oppressed people. I've seen the boats refugees come in. I've seen the 1000s and 1000s of fly vests they had to use. He's highlighted some of these things seen that

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camps they live in. I've seen the family they've lost. What about the oppressed people in this part of the world and Philistine in Palestine so we can get to the bottom of what it's really all about Nice, nice. Maybe you're really scared. Maybe you have a lot of Jewish friends, which you do probably went to Harvard made a lot of Jewish friends, that's not a problem because there are Jews, there are many Jews and one in particular, who was a survivor of the Holocaust who speaking out like many are, you can use as a as a perfect candidate that you can go ahead and interview and just let him use your platform to go ahead and speak some of these truths. And who is this Holocaust

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survivor? This Jewish man who's speaking the truth, you know my history, I don't want to repeat it. But I'm, I'm personally a Holocaust survivor. As an infant.

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I barely survived. My my foot my grandparents were killed in Auschwitz. Dr. Gabor Ma Tei. You can like Dr. Gabor talk about about when he visited the occupied territories. What made him cry? Why did he cry? I cried every day for two weeks, or what I saw, the brutality, the occupation, the petty harassment, the murderousness of it, let them talk about the burning down of the Palestinian or cutting down of Palestina, all of the girls the denial of water rights, the humiliations not

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take, for example from Dr. Gabor, the Holocaust survivor, who talks about the open air prism and the other injustices that made him cry people back to this horrible people call it the world's largest outdoor prison, which is what it is, again, this is a human thing. It's not a Jewish, Muslim, Arab Palestinian thing. This is a human thing and look at this Holocaust survivor where he talks about the blockade, the no food and no water, you can make a great documentary on this NASA of food, of medical supplies of sufficient water. I could go on and on and on. And on. This one term I found very, very disturbing. And interesting at the same time, this term, mowing the lawn, Israel, most of

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the lawn, that's the expression they use, you know what they call it, they call it mowing the lawn, by which they mean the mass murder of Palestinian civilians. Imagine what you can do with that term, mowing the lawn, not many people bring up hummus, Hamas, whatever you call it. Look how he breaks it down this Holocaust survivor because I know now she probably scared like people gonna think you're supporting a group like this. But let him just bring him out, he can go ahead and talk about it. When it comes to the death of innocent civilians. Israel killed 20,000 Lebanese civilians in 1982. using illegal weapons like cluster bonds in a war that ignores the justification whatsoever. I could

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go on and on and on and on, just bring him out, he can go ahead and talk about it. But you think the worst thing you can say about Hamas multiplied by 1000 times.

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And it still will not meet the Israeli repression and killing and dispossession of Palestinians. Now, instead of talking about Bitcoin gnoss putting that on a top priority, look at the children of Palestine, what's happening to them, look at the oppression that the people are going through. Now, I know you're human, you got a heart, but you're probably scared of the label that's going to be thrown at you, the label.

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Let this Holocaust survivor.

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This Jewish man talk about this label also knows Jews who oppose Israel are not Jews is a slander. And for him to say that anybody who criticizes Israel is an anti Semite is simply an egregious attempt to intimidate good non Jews who are willing to stand up for what is true. And as for the final argument, that Israel is subjected to standards that other people are not. It's the other way around. nicely, Dr. Gabor Ma Tei. He can talk about the double standards nos. in Myanmar, the demonstrators through thick slingshots at the army, at the oppressive army, they're considered to be heroes in the western press. And Palestinian kids threw stones at Israeli soldiers. They're called

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terrorists. And Israel gets away with a lot more without much less criticism in the western press than any other country. I'll let him talk about something that's so powerful his invitation of people come in just to see for themselves. I just wish she resigned his friend would visit the occupied territories in Gaza like I have,

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and let him speak the way he speaks. Now

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Got any ounce of humanity left? He would cry like I did for two weeks when I was there, just recommend him, or let him recommend the people that he recommends North America. Listen to Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish professor, world expert on Gaza, who was

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denied to tenure at his university, because of his public speaking against Israeli policy. Dr. Ward talks about people from the the army, the pilots, and so many people who have protested this internally, let him talk about that. Now, you could talk to him about this, you can listen to any number of

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Israeli Defense Forces soldiers who talk about the brutality that they now regret having committed, you can listen to Israeli pilots who talk about why they refuse to fly over Gaza. Because of the atrocities that are made to commit, let him unravel the mystery behind this, the confusion where he says it's straightforward. It's pretty straightforward. There was a land with people living there, and other people wanted it. They took it over. And they continue to take it over. And they continue to do to discriminate against oppress and dispossessed that other people. That's what happened. And that's what's happening. Let them tell the world knows what it's all about. You got a big platform,

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you can do a big part NASS, and there's a lot of good people in Israel, who feel exactly the same way that I do. So it's not a question of being pro Palestinian.

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It's a question of, are you in favor of justice and liberty and freedom and in truth, or are you not? So we had to say nice, giving you some love, again, some advice. And hopefully you can come out we got an invitation for you to come on to the D show so we can discuss this. Because sometimes it just needs a friend and needs a loved one needs someone who cares to go ahead and share. And so we did to motivate the good that's inside somebody so they can get motivated. And they can go ahead and break through the shackles of fear. And it's not about Arab, Christian, Jew Muslim. It's about being pro truth. So let's get the truth out there. Nice. Let's do your part. So just to recap, you got the

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self defense lessons that I've offered you. Come come come so if you're ever in that predicament again, we're going to equip you because that's my specialty. That's what I do. I teach the most effective martial art in the world, Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So come visit me at the same time inshallah we can have you on the D show. And we can go ahead and get you motivated to go ahead and get this true foul to be pro truth and inshallah bring you back to the help with Allah. God Almighty help bring you back. So you can be with your mother in short, love praying together. I'm sure she loved that. Till next time, subscribe if you haven't already, everybody hit that notification bell.

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Spread this far and wide and help get this message to our friend nos. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum