Change Your Mindset In Ramadan

Alima Ashfaq


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The speaker discusses the importance of changing one's mindset and productivity in their work. They use the examples of Subhan conversions to Islam and the success of Subhan's work in reducing people's understood mistakes. The speaker emphasizes that changing one's mindset is essential for productivity and success in their work.

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change your mindset. Ramadan revolves around change. And we speaking about productivity around roles and responsibilities. Where does change your mindset come into it change your mindset is the most important thing.

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It's essential because one of the major themes in Ramadan is about changing you. It's illustrated in one of the meanings of Ramadan. Ramadan comes from Ramadan. What does that mean? It means it's intense heat, intense heat. And many of us may think I've made so many mistakes. I've done so much, how can I ever change or many of you, you, you may start something and you may stop every time you start something you may not complete it, you know, you think of Will Will I ever change or you may believe that you can change

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some of your time. You can't change some of your habits which are tearing you down. But science tells us another story, my husband's an engineer, so I know about intense heat Subhan Allah you know,

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in engineering, v v most strongest metals have bent and shaped in intense heat. They are only shaped in intense heat. Similarly, Ramadan can add Ramadan or will shape the strongest of sinners. And those people who are habitually scarred by their desires. Ramadan has the ability to shape you, but you have to change your mindset. You cannot be productive, unless you change change your mindset. Allah subhanaw taala he's allocating, he's the most generous of last parameter Hana, he's Allah foo. He will negate your sins, He will completely negate them. And a last $100 in the Quran, he mentions a dua it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful and you know, Subhan Allah in the Quran, when you go

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through the Quran and I hope you go through the the Quran and you will this Ramadan you know when you go through

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the Quran, you will come and you will see that there are verses and the verses end in the names of Allah subhanaw taala This is common in the Quran. This is why when you read the Quran and you understand it, it's absolutely amazing. And Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, he says wow for an Workfare learner, what Hamner what does that mean? A loss of data. He says, wha for an, you know, linguistically are full means to erase something to completely completely destroy something and leave no traces whatsoever. So the person who makes this the heart look at this, it's in the Quran. The person who makes this the heart is asking Allah to make a fool of the sins. Oh Allah do a

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half full of my sins. And that means to remove them completely and to give him a fresh start, or to give her a fresh start. Can you imagine that? Allah subhanaw taala his Allah foo He changes your mindset. So even before you begin in this checklist and even before you begin making your goals Ramadan, you change your mindset that Allah is full and after Ramadan I can be a complete new person because he can do are full of uses.