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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of living life thoughtfully and not giving things up too quickly. They stress the need to practice what one says and not to give things up too quickly. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not giving things up too quickly and not giving things the wrong way.
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While he was having his write about

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Allah, Allah said,

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Yeah, you are livina Armand Oliva tahuna malata pilu Guevara, maka Fernanda life and the Holo malata

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Allah tala zero you will believe. Why do you say that which you do not do

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is that cover up and in the law, it is a very big issue with Allah subhanaw taala, the big sin lasala hits and dislike and Apolo Baraka that you say that, which you do not do,

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I remind myself I knew the importance of walking the talk,

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it is very easy to do, it is very easy to tell people how to hit, it is very easy to tell people to keep their word, it is very easy to tell people to lead a righteous life, but with Allah subhanaw taala, what is very important and even more important than saying is to practice whatever you say.

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So, if I tell somebody else, that they should not in a lie, then it is even more important that I do not tell a lie, if I tell somebody that they should keep their word, and it is very important that I should keep my words. Now,

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sometimes what happens is that, in our life, we tend to the daily things, which we do on an hour basis, we tend to take take them easy.

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For example, if you say, well, we should give our word and we should not,

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you know, promise something that we do not deliver, as we say that we should not deceive somebody, they are not deceiving anybody or you know, I'm not, there is no agreement that I have signed, which I am going against, but simple thing, like promising somebody that I will meet you at such as a time.

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And then we wrote come. Now, as far as Alice Raja is concerned on files, anybody else? That is an agreement, just because something is not written down on stamped paper, and there is no, you know, notary public signature that does not meet a Sunday agreement. If I tell you how to do something, I've done nothing but between me and you. Now, if I cannot keep that agreement,

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the minimum requirement is that before that time, I call you and I say I'm sorry, this is what has happened, I'm going to be delayed by some time. But if I don't do that, if I simply don't turn up,

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then it means that I have broken I agree. So I have said something. When I'm talking to people, I am saying that it is very important, we should not we should not break away. But it's very important that we should not tell lies. But when

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simple so called Simple issue is that a lot of times we commit sins, because we don't see the importance of that. We think of it as a small thing, but it with Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah insha Allah I think is the biggest one, everything will be accounted. So, keeping your word giving to time.

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For example, another thing which we you know, we tend to take it easy, and we tend to do is when we promise to deliver to somebody on some quality.

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So, some work which we are doing, there's no this will be very good.

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You can trust me, then when the actual work is done, it is not good, there is some problem with the quality of that work. And then at that time, we give some issues, this happened that happened, this fellow did not come something happened. Now, what is interesting is what is this used, what is the good of this use? ultimate quality is not there. So you know you there may be a number of reasons we are interested in that the fact is that the quality was not delivered, what you promised you did not get.

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So I remind myself that these must live life thoughtfully. You should not live life thoughtlessly. And randomly, just on top of this, you know, the whole point of Islam is to live life thoughtfully to think about how we live and to measure and think of each of our actions.

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Because we will be accounted will be held accountable for each of those actions. Whether it is one our biggest issue is the one who's holding it accountable is the last one. So we have to be very, very clear in our minds, that whatever we promised to do. Another very simple thing I will tell you we tell we tell our children, you know, don't tell lies, then sometimes somebody will fall right now with someone you don't want to talk to. So we tell the child

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you know, we signal I'm not here, I'm not here. So the judge says that he says he's not here.

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So whatever it was, what I actually believe is that you should not lie but you know, there are times

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When it is okay to lie that that's the lesson is that this is not good. If we say something, then we should deliver on that. If we cannot deliver on it, then at least in the you know, before that time comes, you ensure that you apologize or whatever it is, but don't don't go and tell them a lie because we think it is. Because they didn't know such thing. As a very, do not even lie in as a joke.

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Sometimes, you know, jokingly we say something is no joke. There's no joke in like, you make a joke in the other way. Very good. And the lovers will be yours and you know, good sense of humor, good thing, but don't tell a lie as a joke. That's why all these April Fool's Day and all these nonsensical stuff, that's what we don't do.

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We don't lie simple. We speak the truth. So I remind myself that rather than cover them up and in the law, and the whole of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, with our lives a big thing that you do not, you do not do what you say. So I remind myself that it's very important, that we should deliver on what we say that we should walk the talk, and that we should not say things that we do not do, and

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thereby be held accountable. delassalle ask Allah to make it easy for us, and to live our lives thoughtfully, and to live our lives.

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Precisely and clearly in the hope and with the intention that Allah subhanaw taala should be pleased with us. So a lot of bigger buildings with a massive one was around Allah mursaleen