Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2014 #10 How to earn people’s hearts

Riad Ouarzazi
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Level cameras also to some service to them, right. So this is the others as you will come in into another episode of Ramadan 2014. They tend, they tend to Parliament Ramadan is just going so fast already 10 days one third of Ramadan. So back into our series

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I've mentioned in the last couple of episodes of ways on how to learn people's love people's hearts, I mentioned few hobbies, you know, stories from the Prophet Muhammad as well as our own.

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Here, I'm gonna steal you know, one more episode I'd like to talk about, again, some some some skills and talents that the Prophet use of how to also deal with non Muslims.

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And hear from the story I'm going to mention, you will learn some other types of etiquettes of dialogue, you know, of conversation, and which, in fact you could use with Muslims and non Muslims like, so, here's the story, you know, the story of a man by the name

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of Jose Miguel was a wonderful is that he? He is a man of authority from because he came to the Prophet Mohammed also Sudan, you know, very angry at him. Yeah, Mohammed,

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the most efficient manner, you made us all spoke to one another kid from these banks and a wife, a husband and father, son,

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you caused all this situation, either mad or nothing, like if you want money, we give you the money that he sends a wish not if you want women wouldn't give you women to marry, if you want, you know,

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if you want, if you're sick to the information, and if you're sick, ruin will cure

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that he kept talking really in a very harsh tone, very harsh

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manner, he was stuck with a global system was not really

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appropriate. And under puffles. So don't get on this. You know, sometimes when somebody like as in especially with Mr. Bravo, even

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someone may come in fact, you know, attacking you like that, you know, being really mean to you. And most people will not want one take it, maybe they'll take it to heart and right away instead of attacking back and being the defensive. Or maybe the offensive, but

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look at the profit versus the profit. Listen to the man. He did talk to Trump. He waited until he was done. When he says for Australia.

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Are you done?

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Are you done? finances? Yes, I'm done.

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And the provinces? I'm going to ask you a few questions. And I'd like you to answer as soon as it okay. But the provinces? How many? How many beds? Do you worship? The men? So I worship Seven, six on earth and one in the sky?

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That the Prophet says okay, if

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john Yeah, who do you? Who do you invoke? You know, if your children get hungry, you know, is to get them food? Could you supplicate would you invoke this icon upon the one who's in was it was in the sky? That the man says, what you don't know if there's no way you know,

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you need rain, but you invoke

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just call upon the one who's on the sky. And then also referred to Sufism says

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either either have a command, if you if you, you have no more wealth, nor do you have some financial difficulties.

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Who do you call the top? The man says I call upon the one who's who's who's on the Skype. He says that the Prophet says then who answers the you know you? You?

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Do all of them? answer your call on either one of us. on Skype, he says the one in disguise is the only one who answers the call of the Prophet Mohammed Aria, Sufism says, just as you would occur, the answers he's the only one who answers your call. And what why they do it and he's the only one who this is you alone and ystos all these pieces upon alone, and you take them all. But did the others do? Or should they be thanked? But should they be thanked and worship? If the only one who answers recall is the one who was in what was in the sky? And it's probably just common sense and then he became the man became a Muslim so I learned so many things from the from the story you know

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the fact that first of all to profit listen to the man number two the Prophet use some common sense or very, the other the dialogue he asked the questions and answered so

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Like I said, People have different natures people have different types of different, they're different colors, no need to learn how to be appropriately, you know, and especially for us to go back to the prophet in order to be a poet. And he says,

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Put him in a messy method of settle down. And that's not something that doesn't exist situation.

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Some people have like, the software giant, like like the class, if you're not, if you're not careful with them, they may break. So that's why you need to really be careful that, for instance, I'm just thinking about it. If you're a teacher, the teacher comes into class and he says, today, this pop quiz, you know, and the students will come say, oh, how come? We just had one last week? The teacher says, was up with question number one pop quiz. And some of the students who say Oh, come on on do some backups yourself. Okay. But please, at the base of the back, you know, to be has some anger management issues. He's really known to have these as a problem. You always seem to fight something.

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And then he goes, No, I'm not taking this was there's no pop voice. So what, you know the teacher, he has two options to start arguing with them. And they may find that into some fights and then the teacher may embarrass himself. Or you could just say, you know, okay,

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the guy says, No pop quiz. teacher can say okay, five more pop quiz. Okay, guys, question number one, two times a second. I told you about taking this pop quiz that teaches Okay, fine. Don't take question number one. You would certainly know

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the guy have want me to option now. That guy has two options either to take the quiz if he doesn't take the quiz is going to get zero. So the teacher knew how to deal with this guy, you know, accordingly. He had you know, if the teacher could be so stubborn and the ego would pops in and there's no I'm gonna fight with the guy notice because I'm the teacher you guys I say at the guy He is also the best for my friends and then we get into like his fights.

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Who's going to be embarrassed? So actually the future so we need to learn certain skills on how to be

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I took another episode on Joaquin Ramadan 2014 Please, please, please use this especially this especially motto for my blog because people are fasting, they may have this bad temper. So try to be

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with each other. And I will see you tomorrow for another episode of lucky Ramadan, 2014 etc.

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