Tom Facchine – Finding Bounty In Ramadan

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The Prophet wa sallam lost seven bottles of milk during a guests milk while asking for more, but guests had already drank it. The way to happiness depends on one's beliefs and should focus on one's values. The speaker discusses the importance of belief in scarcity and the use of phones, while emphasizing the importance of trusting one's beliefs and not feeling like one is always going to win. Jill also warns people not to be tricked by the media and to focus on their beliefs.
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Once there was a man who stayed the night at the house of the Prophet Muhammad SAW a lot while he was

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this man was not the most

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interesting price, the prophet of any so as also don't have guests sometimes stay at nights who are not Muslims. His Generosity was incredible. It was set up.

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Nights time came around. And this yes was hungry. So he asked for some things to fill his stomach.

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But Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went out to milk a sheep for his guests.

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he milked the sheep until he could not milk the sheep anymore. He looked at right into a bowl, and he gave the ball to his guests.

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The guests have drank the entire contents of the bowl, but he was not sold. So he asked the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for more.

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The prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa salam went out to miracle a second sheet.

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He built it on Super Bowl, he gave it to his guest, the guest to drank all of it every last drop, but still was not satisfied. So he asked for more. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam when asked to milk, a third sheet, and then a fourth sheet, and then a fifth sheet every single time the profiling cycles.

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brought back the goal of military as guest is guests trinkets, and so he wanted more until finally he had melt seven sheep

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and his guests had down seven goals of milk finally, now he was told, now he was satisfied. And now he went to sleep. The next morning.

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The guest wakes up and Allah azza wa jal opens his hearts to this man. He realizes the truth of Islam and he accepts it as his faith he takes a shower.

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They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It seems fitting here, we don't have any record of the debates, or any conversation that took place between the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and this guest it was dalla by milk. It was down by generosity. It was Dawa by hospitality.

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As far as we know.

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That guest became a Muslim. And the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam was very happy

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to celebrate the Prophet alayhi salatu salam went out to milk a sheep for their breakfast. He put the contents into the bowl, he offered it to his guests for breakfast, but this time, to the man of surprise, he found that he could not even finish one bowl of

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he was full.

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Last night he put away seven bottles of milk the next morning, could not even finish one.

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The Prophet Muhammad Ali slothful Salam, as I said to him and more, yet could have the miracle I didn't. What can I say that we have put a piece of African proverb

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the believer eats in one vessel

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where the denier eats and seven, the word of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam used me as it can be. So it could have been stomach, it could mean intestine. The point is, he's talking about how much you can eat, how much you're able to eat the denier, the person who denies Allah is able to eat seven times more than a person who believes

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this story might be hard to believe. What happened so that the amounts of food that man needed change so much, literally overnight? Was it a miracle? Did his stomach magically shrink?

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What happens?

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The words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, explain why it's not your height or your culture or where you come from. It's what you believe.

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What you believe matters. It has consequences even on how much do you can eat.

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Now, wait a minute, I thought that religion was a private thing. I felt it was part of my culture. And that whether I believe or not whether I belong to this religion or that religion, the important thing is that I'm just a good person. That's what we're told.

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Are you telling me that the things that I choose to believe

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Been mean a little bit more?

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Yes. Whether you believe at all and what you believe in has real world consequences, the Prophet Muhammad, he's

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just told us one of them. The believer needs it seven times that's been the one who denies. And there are a few reasons why. One of them is that the believer sees this world differently.

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Think of the prophets guest before he accepted this stuff. How does he think of food? How does he think of provision? How does he think of wealth?

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Maybe he doesn't think of them at all. Maybe he doesn't look past the fact that here he is. Here's the food. It's just a coincidence. It's just by chance. It's random. What's there to think about? If that is his belief, why should he hold back? Why shouldn't he control himself life insurance, you only live once. He feels no need to be grateful. He feels no responsibility to any higher power, other than what he wants. Right now. I'm hungry. So I eat that's all there is to it.

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This is called indulgence. The idea that happiness is getting what I want to I want seven bowls of milk, I can't be happy until I get my seven bowls of milk. Substitute anything you want, instead of seven bowls of milk, the latest iPhone, the latest speakers, the latest anything.

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If you are trapped in the mindset of indulgence, you're not just going to love these things, you will believe that your happiness depends on these things. This is a belief

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and what you believe matters.

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Speaking of phones, my phone stopped working this week, no calls in no calls out took me a few days to figure out what was going on. I have a Galaxy S nine plus of a network I was using decided that my phone is too old. And I'm not going to get any more service until I either switch companies or upgrade my phone across my screen. They're fast. And so it's time to upgrade.

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With pictures of the latest phones and their features, images of professional models looking cool using their new phones. But I didn't want an iPhone. I like my old phone. But companies are in the business of making us want new things, even if we don't need them. How did they get you they tell you to indulge to treat yourself, this song will make you happy. Look at these other people. They bought it and they look happy. Now don't get me wrong. I know we have brothers here in the community who own phone stores. I asked a lot of you bless your business. And I hope that people buy their phones from you. I'm not talking about phones. I'm talking about the relationship that we have to

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things. I'm talking about our beliefs. I'm talking about our parents.

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If you need a phone in your phone, go get yourself a call from the brothers here. But we can't believe that this thing or anything will satisfy us or make us happy. That's not where happiness comes from. The Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam Salam Salam said, though candidate me Adam worthy, and me mountain knows that all value.

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While I am no joke of me,

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talking to Ferrari, if a man had two valleys worth of money, he would want a third rally full of money, and nothing will satisfy human beings, except the dirt in his grave.

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It might make us happy for a few days, or a few weeks. But if you believe that things can truly make you happy. The reality is, you're setting yourself up to be disappointed it will never be enough.

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Eventually, you're going to want something new. Because you still think that things will make you happy. This is a belief and what you believe matters. Look at what this belief is doing to our environments. What happens to the old thumb, when you're done with it goes to the landfill. What happens when there's no space left in the landfill? We dump it in the ocean or we send it abroad for someone else to deal with. What's the results? Plastic in our soil, plastic in our water, plastic everywhere. Just throw it away. Phones used to last decades. Now just a couple of years. We used to be people with world class

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On now where people with seven

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indulgence, maybe this was how the prophets guests thought about things that night before he found the truth. Maybe that's why he wants it those seven bowls full of milk, what you believe in matters?

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Or maybe he was scared. Sometimes people become afraid that there isn't enough to go around. This is called scarcity. When you don't believe in Allah azza wa jal, or when you don't believe in His bounty, his follow the world becomes a Mises case. You think there's only a limited amount of resources in the world and everyone has to struggle and compete for every single dollar. And Penny,

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you think it's a jungle out there, and only the strong survive? You see someone who's poor, someone who's needy, and you think they must have done something wrong to deserve this? They weren't as hard working or as smart as I was, they must be lazy. This is a belief. And what do you believe matters? When we're afraid that we're going to run out to the consumer kind of fear? What did we see during the pandemic, stockpiling and hoarding? Fighting in the grocery stores? people buying up toilet paper, hand sanitizer and masks, only to resell them? At higher and higher prices? Allies are just waiting liquidity homolytic

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Whoa, we are every scorner and mocker, who collects their wealth and continuously counted? What was his sin? Where did he go wrong? Yeah, so no matter what

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he thinks that his wealth will make him last forever.

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If you believe in scarcity,

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and everyone becomes your enemy, you fight and you fight to take as much as you can. Because you think that if you don't, there won't be enough. Allah as with the Senate, and how not to care for

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all of you, competing for the dunya distracts you until you visit your grave.

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Maybe this is how the guest of the Prophet Ali's saw things we don't know for sure. But we do know that whatever he believes the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said it was his beliefs that were responsible for how much he ate, what you believe matters and overnight that man's beliefs completely changed. Apple will probably have it will still be alive you want

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to sell it all you know

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handily learn the extent to which you're going to go to a multinational

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market without any further hotel lien let me show you what should have

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happened in Saudi Arabia. Saudi

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Arabia was happy with where we were selling them to see if

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the problem harming other users or stood up and said no communal yet fluffy Myanmar hated okay. And we have to fix it and I

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the believer, Eastern one vessel and the denier eats in seven.

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That denier of the truth. That denier of Allah thinks he needs more. Because he doesn't believe in Allah as much. And he doesn't trust Allah subhana he's trapped, either by indulgence or scarcity.

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The believer does not need as much because he's at peace. He believes in Allah subhana he knows that Allah azza wa jal is in control. He knows that Allah subhanho wa Taala created everything distributes everything. He knows that Allah azza wa jal has decided your provision long long ago and then have the angels write it down when you were conceived in the womb of your mother. Or when most definitely I read that house call us I mean for us to love our neighbors of America full the cattle Allah volunteers that help the end Yes, your concern when it comes in

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Allah azza wa jal to crease the fate of the whole creation 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens another and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in the Aquila code, huge number of follicles and fever we will meet all of them. Totally according to that I gotta contact Mr. Daddy

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Be very clear on the rocks and metadata. Don't miles,

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three or four feet of roof when you die cannot be can seriously whereas if you are unlucky, what's your thinking on outset you don't grow up with the quality well Muslim, certainly Allah azza wa jal gathered every single one of you in the womb of your father. For 40 days, the province lives on and continues to describe the stages of embryonic development until he says, then, the angel is set to blow into your soul. And the angel is commanded to write for things, how much whilst you're going to get when you will die, what's you're going to do for a living and whether you will be agenda for Johanna, the believer knows, the believer knows that nothing can overcome a loss will and that no

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matter how hard he tries, he's not going to get a single penny more or a single penny less than one. So Adele has already decided

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the believer knows that ALLAH SubhanA created poverty and created wealth to test us to test people how they're going to react, Allah azza wa jal said, what Kinetica pretending about but we're gonna give it off. Leopoldo

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Pena Elisa Wallaby, I'm Michelle Guinea.

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And thus, we have tried to some of them by means of others, so that they will say, is these who Allah has favored on us?

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Isn't a loss of mine are those who are grateful.

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These are beliefs and what you believe matters. And I'm alone brings us back to these beliefs. And it puts us back in the right perspective. You don't get what you want.

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You want to eat, you want to drink too bad. You have to wait until Allah azza wa jal says so. And he's going to prove to you that you can survive, that you can do without every single little thing that you want. People have faith, we need to get back to our beliefs, and all along when the sun goes down, and it's time to break fast. Don't be tricked. Don't be tricked by the idea of scarcity. Don't be tricked that there's not enough to go around realize what Jill said it has shaped on me I

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will yet go through the fascia will Allah here it will not

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belong with us your Marine, the devil is the one who threatens you with poverty and commands you to do evil. While it is a law as Magellan promises you forgiveness from him and salvo bounty and the lives of others Bapst knowing the devil is the one that threatens you with poverty. It's not really it's made up. Allah azza wa jal promises you the opposite, he promises you bounty, he promises you abundance if only you trust him.

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Don't be tricked. Don't think I need this amount of food or I need this many hours of sleep or else I cannot function.

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A lot of sites a lot of controls time,

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controls energy and calories. Allah azza wa jal promised you bounty and abundance when the sun goes down, it's time to break the fast. Don't be tricked. By the temptation to indulge. This is the most important time to control yourself. Don't spend your nights feasting, when you shouldn't be praying or reading the poor man. Don't spend your room alarm like read from allies the time they get to work. Sometimes we're so stuffed from iftomm that prayer and worship becomes very, very difficult. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said

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that mean we are and shall roaming but we have to be as vocal as you can solve. For in Canada have as a full of woman with Barramundi or throw for the tsunami buffer from the NFC. Throw out a movie, a person feels no vessel more evil than his stomach. Sufficient for him is enough food to keep him standing upright. If he can't do that, then at least put a third aside for food. And a third aside for water and the final third for air. Remember the frugality of the Prophet Muhammad Ali.

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He used to sleep little.

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He used to eat little he was in control of himself. That's because of his beliefs, while he will leave matters there

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Since the path to make Allah as a way to love you, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is if you're doing any paperwork Allah was a female, that nasty chemical complex, take little from this world. And Allah azza wa jal is going to have you take little from what belongs to people. And guess what? The people are going to love you too. When we take a little bit, we get to practice trusting Allah azza wa jal we get to practice relying on Allah as the Prophet Mohammed Salah while he was so upset, though and then come to tell tomorrow Allah He had by putting that also upcoming Can I eligible play a typical key mouse on what's our local Ivana if you rely upon Allah azza wa jal

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as you shouldn't rely on Him, He will provide for you, just like he provides for the birds out here. You're gonna leave your homes in the morning, with empty stomachs and you're gonna go come home at night, full and satisfied. Reliance and frugality go together. If we don't trust a lot, we need to take less and discover for ourselves that Allah azza wa jal will indeed provide for you. From Allah brings us back. When we discover a lot of bounty, when we find a way to trust Allah, you're not going to be scared anymore. You won't be a slave to the things that you want anymore. You won't be broken and miserable if you don't get what she wants anymore. When you discover a was bounty, and

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find a way to trust the loss of Hannah, you will be free. May Allah azza wa jal set us free. This from Allah

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