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I have a message to the sisters, whether you're a mother, whether you're a sister, whether you a daughter, wherever role you play in life, I want to remind you that Maria Mala he sent in was a single mother. She was a single mother. And I want to remind you that LCRA has set in, she lives to with a domestic abusive husband fit around, meaning these women did not depend on their husbands and their fathers and their brothers spiritually. They did not they focused on themselves. Medina, Allah has sent him from a very young age as a teenager, she was dedicated to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala as your other son him as a wife, she was dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why

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many, many times I know so many women and I so I know so many youth, they think my parents are praying, you know, they'll save me. That's enough. You know, and the sisters think my husband is praying taraweeh he's fasting, he's seeking knowledge and you know, that it's okay if I don't go to thoroughly it's okay if I don't read as much Quran or it's okay if I don't do as much as my husband. Because he's, he's, he's enough for for you. He's not they will stand for themselves on the Day of Judgment. You will stand for yourself and your deeds. So Ramadan is that time and is that perfect time? When you brother and sister, you work for your own Amen. You work for your own future. Because

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Allah subhanaw taala knows what will take place in the future. A last panel Darla knows what tests will hit you and you will be alone in that test.