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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rise of Islam among Muslims, including a recent interview with a professional baseball player. They emphasize the importance of faith and protecting each other, as well as the need for peace and peace in the community. They use the analogy of a bottle of water and a coworker's chair, emphasizing the importance of praying for the peace and security of the world and not allowing anyone to get out of jail. They also discuss the concept of "has been forwarded," which refers to a situation where a situation is not yet solved and is not resolved.
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Do St. Louis Cardinals you play for? Yeah, so I got drafted.

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Rosa Reina rips it to left warning track. Ah God, they found out that I was a professional baseball player, they thought that I had money. So they were trying to extort me that the Latino community is on the rise with Islam. Islam is a religion that is growing by the day research from the Pew Research Center shows that Latino representation among Muslims in America is on the rise in 2011, Latinos made up 6% of the Muslim population in 2017. That number was up to 8%. And there's a new study underway right now, which gives us an update on growth in the last six years. I got that guy beat up.

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You got the Muslim beat up north it was because I got Jesus Christ tattooed on my on my on my left arm, or that I use the Bible. And I always had a Bible in my back pocket. I know I had an addiction to women. Got the alcohol started to get to me got me to pick up the Koran. Yeah, once I picked up the Koran, it was game over. And I met the Muslim there again, the guy that I got beat up

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we have wrong God is named Allah.

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And his final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam, Islam. This is the dijo

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I was ready to talk about this, I would only talk about explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to today's show, that the show.

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Solomonic we're going to live with regard to my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Listen, if you want an opportunity to support Dawa, to get this set up between Giardia This is a project for you to do that. I'm saying to you very clearly, you know, whether it's $1 or whether it's a million dollars, this is the project that you need to support. So we can have a template, you know, for Dawa and a community and we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala to duplicate the same 10 times all over America. This is Chicago scene speaking to you from the Dean Tao Center in Tampa, Florida. Cinematic Murata delay will go to

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a salon legal or legal salon. What are you doing my brother? Good, good. former professional baseball player for the MLB. Well, pool.

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It's good to have you on the show. It's good to be here. And you are also the Christian. I didn't know this. Many people are not going to know that you are the league actually had a Christian representative. And you were the head of that also. Is that correct? Yes. Yes, I was the what they called the representative of baseball chapel in the minor leagues. So essentially what happens is, we have church for Christians for the Christian baseball players. And I would get with the chaplain on Wednesdays we go over the material that we were going to speak about on a Sunday. On Sundays, I made sure that the players who are Christian well would show up. Now before we even get into that, I

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mean, you could just couldn't imagine um, you reminded me of another person who was from the Dominican Republic, the famous best baseball player. He's from Chicago. Yeah. Sammy Sosa Sammy Sosa Yeah. Sammy Sosa slam and Sammy, I mean, he Lemond, Sam. He's a legend in the Oh, yeah. He's a he's a legend. Not only in baseball, but in the Dominican Republic. Have you been?

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I want to say that I did when I was a kid. I'm not too sure though. I've met so many baseball players because I come from a baseball family. I played baseball. My father had grown up as a kid. And then I have a cousin who just retired when 703 home runs, and he was huge. What position did you play? So I played outfield? outfield? Yes, that's how I was drafted. I came up playing all positions. But whenever I got drafted, I got drafted as an outfielder. We're talking a little bit new and new that now. Because you you think okay, you live in a dream. Now you made it. Yeah. Right. You made it to this professional, your professional athlete, professional baseball player, and a

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whole new world opens up. Oh, yeah. And that opened up to you. And you said you got to meet. You said this is how I knew the devil was true. Yeah, no, yeah, no, definitely. You know, I was sheltered as a kid. Right. And my parents were Catholics.

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You know, we went to Catholic church on Sunday, I ended up going to a Catholic school.

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While I was going to high school, and I hadn't really been out into the world, I hadn't really seen too much other than what I saw on TV and what I saw from my family, which were always, you know, usually good things. And when I became a professional baseball player, I started looking around, you know, I was now introduced into the world,

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down in West Palm Beach, and it was the night scene, the nightclubs, the cars, the money, you know, we kind of had to keep up, right? Because you have to keep up that, that look, that image. And to put a lot of pressure on me, got a lot of peer pressure from outside people. And I wasn't ready for that. It was the St. Louis Cardinals you play for? Yeah. So I got drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. And what happens in baseball is once you get drafted, then they move you into the minor leagues, and then you work your way up to the big leagues. So I essentially was drafted, and then I had to work my way up. So I didn't get too far up.

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But I did get to be around, you know, the MLB. superstars and, you know, the people who had already made so even before you got to that level now, what was it that started to open up? I mean, was it just now you're coming up and money's coming in? You know, you're talking about you have your, your crew now. Yeah, and what's happening. So I got $120,000, to sign. And let me say that back in 2005, it was a lot more money than it is now. I had never seen this type of money ever.

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Definitely blinded me a little bit. And I something I wasn't prepared for. I didn't have the financial education. But then at the same time, what happened is, is that everybody became my friend, right? My friend. And I ended up having an entourage. And I honestly didn't know how to choose a friends. You know, as a Christian, you always want to see the good in people, right? And I gotta say, I didn't have the instruction to know how to choose individuals. But at the time, I just wanted protection. And I wanted to have a crew around me, everybody else had a crew around them. And I guess I didn't choose the right people. But yeah, money, girls, or women.

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Just everything just came out of nowhere. But these seem like two opposite worlds. Because still, you're a Christian. You're somebody who's supposed to be representing Christ. He's supposed to be Christ, like he's supposed to be away from chasing your desires still as a Christian, aren't you? Yes, definitely. Definitely. I feel that in Christianity, we lack instruction as Christians, right? I know, as a Muslim, now I know how to choose my friends, I know you know what to do. Even when I enter a bathroom. When I go into a house, I say Bismillah. You know, we're instructed to be around certain type of people, that people that are making God happy. And I'm not going to tell you that

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there's no instruction in Christianity. But but it's not the same as Islam. Because what I see in Christianity, especially from the people that I grew up around was, the more money that you had, the higher in rank you were versus in Islam, the closer you are to God, the better Muslim, you are the higher rank, right? So it seemed like when I started making more money than my family, my parents, now I had the authority. But where does my authority come from? And that's where I was lost. I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to do. And how are the other Christians in the league? And how do they pick you now to be the head? You're the head representative for the Christian Yeah, in

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the MLB. Yet, minor league baseball. So the way they chose me, I don't know if it was because I got Jesus Christ tattooed on my on my on my left arm, or that I used the Bible. And I always had a Bible in my back pocket. You always had a Bible in your back pocket. I always had a Bible doing no job. And one thing that I noticed was is that

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no matter how deep my Christianity was my relationship with Jesus Christ or God, I honestly can't tell you I was very confused. No matter how that was, that didn't affect anyone on the outside. People still just looked at me like a regular person. I wasn't praying or anything like that where people would see now as a Muslim, I gotta go pray, right Dewar's coming up as a Christian well, you really don't have that. So the outside forces, you know, they could get you very easily because we that's the instruction that I'm talking about. We really don't have the instruction

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on how to live the day to day life, you know, versus you know, being a Muslim, we don't have to pray five times a day. So, the other Christians, I want to say, they fell into the same temptations that I fell into, you know, it was my Christian brothers that I would go to the club with, you know, I would be talking to girls with them, you know, that we mix and, you know, go out to the mall and spend money in Flash. So, I don't really even know how to answer that nowadays, you know, because now being a Muslim, I it's clear for me, you know what, I'm supposed to do what I'm not supposed to do. I mean, nobody can say that you weren't someone you were heavily invested into. Jesus had to Oh,

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yeah. Bible in your back pocket. You knew your Christianity, obviously. Yeah, no, I look, I love the Bible. I love Jesus. I love Jesus. And I just know we'll get into this deeper but you still love Jesus? Yeah. Oh, no, I love Jesus even more now. Yeah. Okay, as a Muslim, as a Muslim, I love Jesus more because now I understand his message via the Quran. I understood his message like never before. And I understood what God wanted out of Jesus's message. So now I feel like I'm doing what Jesus asked me to do versus what others told me to do. And no one would say, look, he didn't know his Christianity. He wasn't a real Christian. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, everyone who knew me was they knew

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that I was about Christ. They knew that I was a devout Christian. They knew that not only that, I go to church, but I would try to bring people to the church. And that's the reason why I feel like they picked me as a representative of baseball Chapel was because I invited everyone. And not only that, I spoke English and Spanish. There's a lot of Spanish speakers in these professional baseball teams. So I was able to communicate with with both the English and the Spanish players, we just want you to report not too long ago, and it was showing that the Latino community is on the rise with Islam. There are more and more and more Latinos accepting Islam. Yes, yes. So, you know, one thing that I

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learned, you know, after becoming a muslim was our roots. A lot of our roots are in Islam, because, you know, in Spain, before whatever happened that the Catholic Church took over, it was a Muslim nation, right. So essentially, what happened, especially in my country was in Spain, the Queen did not want Muslims or Jews in her in her country anymore. So they ended up coming to the Americas. Christopher Columbus discovered Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, don't the country I wasn't born in, and he spread capitalism. But the people that were there with him that he brought over were Jews and Muslims. So I want to say that we have it in us. And we just don't know, this is forgotten

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knowledge. You know, and it's almost become forbidden knowledge. Because, you know, I've noticed that if I speak about Islam, I get backlash really quick, you know, and that's something that we can get into if you want to get what have you come to a point where you decided to look further into Islam and, and just really thinking about purpose of life. You know, you're a Christian to Jesus, you got the Bible in your back pocket, and you're partying, so you're between two worlds and confused. And now here comes Islam, and how does this long term into the picture at all Okay, so, you know, playing baseball, I got around the wrong people. And I started to lose a lot of money. So

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I wanted to make fast money. And these individuals so happen, you know how to make that type of money. So, you know, just being around them being influenced by them. I ended up getting wrapped up in something. Now, they never really wanted to tell me what it was about. It was a situation where I, you know, I went to jail. And it's almost like this Andrew Tate situation, he goes to jail. He's in there. They're investigating, but there's no charges. Same thing with you. Same thing with me. Although here in America works a little bit different. But I was in jail. I was in there for months, right? But they didn't tell me exactly what I did or anything. And two things happen while I was in

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jail. All right. And this isn't a span of 10 months. While I was in detention. I learned about Islam in the jail into jail. I learned about Islam is in a county jail is a county jail.

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No, no, no, no, this is a detention center. Yeah, no. And this is a place so they can go and investigate and see what they can bring to a trial. So my my, my network of guys led me there, right, bad friends, bad friends. Because you know, I didn't have I didn't have the guidance to know exactly who to have around me. I was very blind as a Christian. I thought everyone was a good person. So I ended up in jail for something I did not do. You got exonerated and I got I got I got exonerated from the heinous charges. They were true.

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Originally with, but during that time, that's when I met Muslims who were practicing. And they told me about Islam. Now, I didn't want to buy it. Right. I was still holding on to Jesus, I was still holding on to the word. But one thing happened and it was I got into a debate with a Muslim in jail. And he beat me. He got me. How did he get you? Well, he proved to me that Jesus wasn't God. And the way that he did that was using common sense. And it was actually things that I had always questioned as a Christian you already were questioning, I was already questioning this was just solidified. Now that Muslim comes and he didn't you to a point you're stumped. Like, okay, so he got me to pick up

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the Quran. Yeah. Once I picked up the Koran, it was game over. I knew it was the truth. Right. But when I had this debate, he asked me, okay, well, you believe Jesus? Is God. Correct? I said, Yeah, believe Jesus is God. He said, But wasn't Jesus praying?

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Yeah. Well, he was who was he praying to? Say he was praying, praying to God, he was like, you just said Jesus was God. So why was he praying to God? So then I went into circles into circles. And then I'm thinking in my mind, I said,

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this isn't right.

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So something crazy ended up happening at this time, I had a crew in jail. I got that guy beat up.

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You got the Muslim beat up, because I got the model to you that Jesus was he proved to me that Yeah, and I was I had this type of jealousy or something inside. I got them beat up. And they took them away. I stayed in there. And then I started to to learn about the law. I was very frightened, because I didn't know why I was in jail. I didn't have any lawyers. At this point, I had already lost all my money. So I would go to the law library every single day. So when I'm learning the law, I learned about contradictions.

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If you tell a police officer something,

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and then you go to court, and you say something different. You're basically lying, you're contradicting yourself.

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Well, I picked up the Old Testament. And then I read the New Testament of the Bible. And I started seeing all the contradictions.

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And I was like, This isn't right.

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Maybe this guy

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had truth to him.

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And then another amazing thing happened, which was, I now have a good understanding of the law. I have a knack for it. So now I'm helping guys out around me with their cases. They weren't very educated, where I was at I was I had my education. And then I was learning the law at the same time. So I would help these guys. I notice that the guys that helped me that wanted me to help them were the Muslim guys.

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The other guys, the Christians, they all were saying, Oh, he's a jailhouse snitch. He doesn't know what he's talking about. Don't trust him. And these are the guys that I was going to, you know, the Sunday church with in jail. The Muslim guys, you know, they would say, I'm gonna go pray on it.

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I got instruction from Allah that that you're a good person, you are a worthy person. I said, Who is this Allah? And why do you why do you guys believe but I noticed that they weren't believers, right? They were believing in me. And I would honestly tell him the truth. I you know, I tried to tell the truth to all those guys in there.

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And then I helped this one guy. I helped him and he would always pray, always come back to me always pray always come back to me. I helped him get out.

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And it felt really good inside. And he said, well out of the gym, I helped him get out of the jail. And he said, Well, I appreciate everything that you're doing. But I want you to have this he gave me a cry.

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So then, I was reading the Koran after that. I started to see the truth in the Quran. Everything made sense. It all started to come together, it all started to come together. It wasn't telling me not to believe in Jesus. It wasn't telling me not to believe in the Bible. It was just telling me how to believe in Jesus, how to believe in the Bible. It started connecting all the dots that I needed to know now I understood Jesus's role. Now I understood the roles of all the prophets. Now I understood the role of God. Now I understood what God wanted from us and how to see these people who were going to take me astray. I started to see that so

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something happened after that.

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I almost got killed.

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Individual came in um,

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guy with a bunch of guys. They found out that I was a professional baseball player, they thought that I had money. So they were trying to extort me.

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They beat me up really bad. And then they ended up taking me to a segregated place in the county jail.

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And I met the Muslim there again, the guy that I got beat up, the one that told you that Jesus was praying, how could Jesus be gone? Yeah, God, he'd like to you get him beat up. And now he runs into him again, I run into him again, you got beat up, after I got beat up how things came around, things came around.

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So I told them, Look, I have the I have the Koran now. I'm sorry, brother for everything that I did. And he said, Well, whenever you're ready to take shahada, you can take your shahada with me, I ended up taking my Shahada with with him. And he and he taught me how to pray in Arabic. And as soon as that happened, it was like, Allah was putting all the pieces together, and I ended up getting out. So I know that that was my mission from ALLAH SubhanA was to go into the county jail, to get you to go through this experience, so you can be gifted, and everything else. I came out of came, I took his shahada geo came out, exonerated, free of all the charges. Yes. But you had to go through that.

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I had to go through where you're at today, here. Yes. How many?

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Brothers? Yes. So imagine how I felt whenever I saw that brother again, you know, I hugged them. I told him, I was sorry. And he acted like nothing had ever happened. You know, and I just remember, you know, when I was a Christian, I had never felt that type of brotherhood. I had never felt someone truly forgive me. You know,

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it was always, oh, I got something against you, or I'm going to use it as soon as I can. You know, and a law speaks about all of these things in the Quran. You know, we talked about the believers in the hypocrites, you know, he talks about what we should look out for all the signs are in there. So in the end, when people ask me why you became a, how did you become a muscle? It was the Quran.

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I challenge everyone to read the Quran, who hasn't read it?

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The truth is in there. I don't know how to explain it to anyone else. The truth is in there, especially if you're a Christian, and you have those doubts, because things don't really make sense to you, which, you know, I've run into a lot of guys that feel the same way. So pick up the Quran, you know, it's not something I want to force. It's not just pick it up, pick it up, read it, read it. To me. This is what goes through the mind of someone who was Christian and help us understand this. And you have this concept of original sin. Jesus died for your sins. We have the kinds of Taqwa that God Almighty is the all seeing or hearing he knows everything that danger on the right,

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right in the good deeds, one in the bad deeds. So you're always conscious of your actions. And if you make a mistake, you repent, you go straight to the craters, heavens and nobody's done for your sins. There's no JC Golkar put it on him. He's taken it away from Noah. So this taqwa, the more tougher, you have God consciousness, fear of God alone. This helps to keep you in check. But over here, let's say, What's the concept of you're in the nightclubs like you were at that time? Are you thinking as a guilt kicking in and you're just like, what do you do? Then you go some Hail Marys. You're thinking like, okay, Jesus paid for, for my sins, I'll be okay. What goes through your mind

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is what was going through your mind? So we get a better understanding. It's a battle, it's a battle. It's not consistent. You know, let's say I went to the nightclub, right. And I had to go to church the very next morning, you know, I would just think to myself, Well, Jesus died for my sins. So that's what it was.

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Yeah, I'm getting away with it. You know, and I can tell you now, I've been a Muslim for so many years, I look back at myself, and I just slap you know, like, how could I ever believe that? You know, because, as a Christian, we read that God is just so how was God just if you're a bad person, or you're doing all these bad things, and just because you believe in someone, you're going to have it. So So what am I supposed to do? If I do something really bad? And I feel really guilty about it. What am I supposed to do? Just believe that someone died for me. And that's where I feel like a lot of Christians fall off, because we're very confused. You know, you asked me to explain these things

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to you, but I really can't. Because there's no one there's really no explanation. We're told, believe that Jesus died for your sins.

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names and you're going to have them. But we're not told, pray a certain times a day, do this do that there's no instruction that goes along with structure like you were saying there's no structure. So it's very, very easy to say, I'll give you the structure deal. Yeah, everything is laid out. Yes. From business to family, if you want to divorce Mary, even go into the bathroom. Yes. And then, like, you know, so many realize how could a man living in a desert come up with all of these things? And we're not talking about the prophecies decide the scientific facts, miracles, things that are just, it just it's mind blowing, mind blowing, that every human being can come up with not just

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blind faith. So when I read the Quran, the first thing that I asked the Muslims around was, when was this book written?

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There's no way it was written. So long ago, they said, well, that book was written 1400 years ago. And I said, Yeah, but there's got to be some type of revisions or something. Because how does the Prophet Muhammad know all of this stuff that I'm reading right here, I am a very educated person, I know that he couldn't have known this. No, has not changed one letter.

00:26:11--> 00:26:19

To be quite honest, I didn't want to believe that. Especially being in jail. There's a lot of shady individuals, and you really don't want to believe everything that you hear.

00:26:20--> 00:26:33

So I ended up talking to any mom that goes to the jail and does Joomla on Fridays, I spoke to him. And he said, Look, these are the books that will educate you on what you need to know.

00:26:34--> 00:27:18

I read those books, and I still doubt it, because I said, How is it that the author of this book, they told me it's a law, it's got to be Allah, but I need to make sure. So whenever I got out, I was a Muslim, right. And I believed in the Quran, because I said, there's no way that this came from man. But I wanted to go search when this book was written, I really wanted to know, when I got out, the sources all pointed to the same thing. This book has not changed. And this is how we can prove it hasn't changed. This book is a book that has memorized it is a book that you can grab the last Koran on the face of this earth, you can throw it overboard, and it will still be known. You know

00:27:18--> 00:27:29

why? Because it's been memorized by millions of people since the beginning of the book. It's like the blockchain, right? It's amazing. I look.

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I just don't understand. Anyone that reads that book. They just their mind, they're gonna have their minds blown. Like, it's, it's amazing. I think the only formula to repeat visits, they gotta have the right intention. Sincere. Yeah, we want to know because, you know, a lot of times, you know, you're in a situation and someone's explaining this to you about Jesus is one example of Jesus, who was praying to be praying to himself, he's God, and then you're just like, Okay, does it make sense? But then you see, some people go in circles, though, end up, you know, just pulling things out of a hat and just wanting to argue and whatnot. But you are sincere. Obviously, you're here. Yeah. No.

00:28:10--> 00:28:24

And I mean, I went through a huge struggle, where, you know, I made it right. I made it. 17 years old, I signed the contract of my life, right. And I thought that, you know, I was in paradise, but then

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God came in, show me show me the devil. Let's talk about that. I opened it in the beginning. People may be still thinking, What do you mean, you got to know that God's real the devil is real? Oh, yeah. What do you mean? What do you mean by that? So I mean, you know,

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when you when you make it into something like baseball, right, something you worked your butt off for, you know, I worked hard from 13 years old, all the way to 17 years old. So I want to say four years, I dedicated all my time, all my emotions, all my focus into baseball, right? And I saw these guys on TV, and I said, Man, these guys are living the life. These guys are playing, they're making lots of money. They're driving nice cars. So I ended up making it to that level. But when I got there, I saw what's in the background, what you don't see on TV. I saw the emotional

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effects that all of these things have a lot of guys depressed. A lot of guys using drugs still, they made it to the top still depression is real. For them the price the drugs

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or alcohol I look, I didn't see people doing cocaine until addiction that's like a sex addiction. I mean,

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I know I had an addict, an addiction to women. It got the alcohol started to get to me popping pills, just to bring the emotions down. So many things are expected from you

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at that level, the pressure is high, right? Especially me, I had a lot of pressure on me because I already had a cousin who was super famous in baseball, and they wanted me to live up to his expectation. Now you got to get to a certain low. Yeah, I got to get to that level. Sure. So I ended up getting knee surgery before I was even drafted. And that already had a little handicap on me. So I felt the pressure even more, because I had to compete with these other guys soon. So these guys, you know, I thought they were perfect. Seeing them on TV, you know, I thought that they were living that life, they were happy. They were living in paradise. And

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again, I had not seen anyone take drugs until I got there, I had not seen the alcohol consumption that I saw, I had never been invited to a strip club, I was only 1718 years old. And I was allowed to go into the strip club because I was a professional baseball player, you know, I was able to do things that a normal 17 year old wouldn't have been able to do 18 year old wouldn't have been able to do. And it got to me, it got to me because I was under the impression that these guys were clean, right? That these guys were following Jesus to the letter. And that's the reason that they got their nest the way that they stayed there. But because these peers also are Christian, these are Yeah, a

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lot of their other religions. Anybody else have been people that think we're just focusing on? Are there any other religion or these are mainly are people, Jews and Jews and Christians are the only ones involved in baseball? You know, it's a it's a it's called a Judeo Christian sport. No way. I didn't know that. Yeah. So there, there was no Muslims there. And I honestly don't think there's been any Muslim. Is that true? That's how it's been. It's done as a Judeo Christian, Judeo Christian baseball. Yeah, baseline. And I know that Yeah. So I didn't know anything about Islam at this point. The Quran was something you know, the only thing that I knew about Islam was what I saw on TV. And

00:31:56--> 00:32:42

Eddie, I gotta tell you, I was born on 911 That you were born. I was born on 911. And that's my birthday, right? So imagine me going to school one day, you know, fresh to death in my, my new outfit, very happy. And then I get put on to the World Trade Center being blown up. And then everyone's saying that Muslims did this, right? Is that something that ingrained in my mind, because for every birthday, I couldn't, I wasn't, I was taught not to forget about this, right. And I was taught that, you know, all Muslims were basically like this, right? So imagine, you know, me being a Christian, born on 911. Seeing what happened in the World Trade Center, and I still chose, I want

00:32:42--> 00:32:43

people to think about

00:32:44--> 00:32:47

some cable remind people are still trying to figure out what happened to Bill 87. But anyway,

00:32:49--> 00:33:34

look at it, you know, without getting into all of them. You know, I had my I had my doubts. And one thing that I always thought in the back of my mind was, why would they vilify Muslims, so that, right? And I can tell you even until today, Eddie, you look at a character like, or a person like Andrew T, right? The top G. Why do they vilify him so much, especially after he became a Muslim? Right? So it's when the when the whole world trade center thing happened, and I saw the way they acted, and they talked about Muslims, I was always intrigued. Why they were like that, why are they doing this? Because I feel like every single time that people are trying very hard to vilify an

00:33:34--> 00:33:39

individual, there's got to be some type of truth in there. Right? So

00:33:40--> 00:34:28

it intrigued me to find out about Islam after that, right. Um, and before I met these Muslim individuals who debated me and gave me the Quran and all of that, I was already a little bit intrigued because of the whole 911 thing, right? Because I wanted to know exactly who who are these Muslims, right. And I ended up having a couple of Muslim friends pass and hakam you know, guys from my neighborhood, and they were really good guys. These guys had businesses. These guys, um, lived a very good life. They didn't drink they didn't smoke that, you know, they were what I thought Christian Christians were supposed to be right. But I just never never really asked him anything

00:34:28--> 00:34:42

about it, you know, because I just I understood at this moment, I thought that it was a religion for a raps only and they were Arabic. big misconception. Oh, yeah. You mentioned tapa G was the G standard Top Gun was

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Andrew teach. Yeah. And I was really impressed. I kind of slid in you put together a little talk. There on Twitter. Yes. And I really liked the topic that you had, and I didn't know that. So from there.

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

interview that I did with him. Is that how you ended up getting turned out to Andrew? Yeah. And then I get turned out to you from Andrew Tate. So it's interesting how things just went around. Eddie now you're actually putting together some protests. Yes. Yeah. To try to help to get him free. Yes. There's some truth to that you're actually the head of and you're here to organize? Yeah, sure. Yes. So Eddie, before we get into Andrew, I gotta tell everyone that the way I learned about Islam after coming out of jail was via the deen show, right. So I've been watching you since I was 2223 years old. And I learned so much. So I got to thank you a lot for my Muslim education. But, you know, to

00:35:43--> 00:36:27

get to Andrew, you know, watching your show, via you know, all these years, I was told about Andrew, first by my son and my nephew. And my nephew was making this British accent asked me what color my bugatti was. Why are you asking me? And why are you talking like that? And he said, Uncle, you should look into a guy named Andrew Tate, because he reminded me a lot of him like how masculine you guys are and stuff. I said, I don't know how masculine I am. But I'll look into him. And Eddie, I gotta tell you, I'm right then in there, Andrew comes on to a podcast and starts talking about Islam. And then I see him on your podcast. So when I see him on your podcast, I said, Man, if

00:36:27--> 00:37:10

Eddie's got him on there, I gotta listen to what this guy's got to say. So I listened to why he thought that Islam was the future, in terms of religion, and white slash religion and his point of view, and, and then I saw him taking shahada with tam Khan. So I started to think about myself, and everything that I've already told you here of my previous lifestyle, as a Christian, and, you know, especially, you know, I say that I was a Christian, but I was still living like, Oh, my God, someone who didn't believe because even in Christianity, you were, you know, we're not taught to go out to the nightclubs and hook up with women. You know, although it's allowed, no one's telling you not to

00:37:10--> 00:37:10

do it.

00:37:12--> 00:37:23

I felt like I wasn't a believer. So I see Andrew coming on the scene. He's intrigued with Islam. He's learning about Islam, and then he becomes a Muslim, right?

00:37:24--> 00:38:10

And then everything happens to him right after that, in terms of the charges, and all of these things, start to think about myself and I said, Well, I'm a Muslim Reaver. And I was imperfect before I became a Muslim, and I went to jail, on false charges. So it's like, Allah was connecting everything, right? He's on the deen show. He then gets charged with some bogus charges. Now, here I am, right. And I'm on Twitter. And I'm learning a lot about his case via the Muslim community was, there's a couple of people who were speaking a lot about him. Salman, Achmed, summer Paxson, couple of Muslims, who were basically defending him.

00:38:12--> 00:39:04

From all of these attacks that were happening on Twitter, I was able to learn a lot about his case. Remember, I told you I have a knack for, for law now? Yeah, because of my situation. So when I dissected everything, it just didn't add up for me. And I said, you know, what, a lot put it in into me to help his brother. So I ended up creating a protest.com. And say, protests.com is basically you created that now I create a protest.com Take protests.com. So I created a protest.com, in order to do two things, to inform people of the injustice in the Tate brothers case, and to put a worldwide protest together. So it was it only started as something that was going to be held in the states and

00:39:04--> 00:39:11

London, because they are from the States, and they have citizenship in in the UK.

00:39:12--> 00:39:49

But then we got so many requests from so many people around the world, so many people wanted to help him, because I guess he's helped so many people, and the Muslim community, you know, they were in the front line, because he became a Muslim and he was very sincere about it. He started to talk about Islam in a very positive way. And we all recognize that Islam is something that's been vilified for many years. So I felt as a brother who has the knowledge to put a website together to understand law to

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

to relate to his prayer lifestyle, because I understand a lot of Muslims are not okay with his prior lifestyle. I'm not okay with this prior lifestyle.

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

But I live that prayer lifestyle. And I'm not, I'm not a hypocrite. And I know that once you take shahada, Allah releases you from all of those things.

00:40:10--> 00:40:53

So a lot forgives you from all of those sins, you start with a clean slate. And that's what was afforded to Andrew when he became a muscle. So I did not want to judge him for his prior lifestyle. I saw a lot of attacks from both the Muslim and non Muslim community about his prior lifestyle. But I was able to look past that for two reasons. I lived that prior lifestyle, and I became a Muslim. And I know what that second thing means become a Muslim. It's a pact between you and Allah. Allah then releases you of all your sins. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, in this world, once Allah releases you of those sins, you come with that clean slate, now it's up to you to become a better

00:40:53--> 00:41:42

person. While he was taken away from us, via the justice system in Romania, or soon after that, it's no coincidence. I don't know right after he said, But Islam right after he accepted Islam, he goes from Dubai, Islam lands of Romania. And that case was actually started. prior to him coming back. It was already Oh, yeah, since April last year. Oh, yeah. So about a year. So the case started, he was first rated April 11 2022. They go there. They look through all his stuff, all his computers, all his cameras, they find out that these women are lying, they immediately release them. Now these guys are going back and forth from Dubai to Romania. Nothing ever comes of a Oh issues. As soon as he is

00:41:42--> 00:42:17

set accepts Islam. Next thing, you know, they're at his door. He's he's, you know, basically guilty before even you know, getting getting his chances in court. Still has not even been charged till today. Right? It's crazy. I mean, just seeing that always reminds me of why as Muslims, we we tend to be reserved, right? Because here in America, we've been vilified for many years. Likewise, in other countries, I understand that he's an Eastern Orthodox, Christian country.

00:42:18--> 00:43:01

From his own mouth, he gave a lot of money to the church before I don't know if that has anything to do with it. But the timing of it, it was very suspicious. Very suspicious. Yeah. So now you go ahead and I can see exactly what you're talking about. Because you see that it's a lifestyle that many of us lived. We were in that lifestyle. Yeah. And if God Almighty Allah can take a man who has the Bible in his back pocket tattooed with Jesus, if you can take myself and also bring me to where I'm at today, interview people like you, you can go ahead and take a man like Sean Tate, Tristan Tate, and have them serving his deen and delivering this message like he's been doing, holding the Koran

00:43:01--> 00:43:40

walking into the prisons. Now, it's step by step. It takes time. I know he gave up alcohol. He's given a lot of these things from the past and yeah, video, webcam and the only girls and all that stuff. Yeah. And the gambling, all this stuff. He's making strides forward. These things take time into play doh self to time with you. It was just like a shadow shadow. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. So and then all of a sudden, you're an angel, right? And so to this day, we're saying we make mistakes. But we turned to the most loving the most kind, merciful, created heavens on earth, God, Almighty Allah, or we're striving to go ahead and make things right before creator and live upright

00:43:40--> 00:44:22

morally? Upright lives. Yeah. obedience to God Almighty. For you see that? I see that and Hamdulillah. He's making strides forward. Yes. What's the latest? Now what is so as with him, so I know that he went to court, I believe they went to court today. And they had today he had court now, the they had a court a couple of days ago. But the hearing was today to see if they were going to drop the investigation. They didn't do it. They didn't do it, you know, on what grounds why they're still I don't I don't know on what grounds you know, what people need to understand as well as that when these women filed this report. Initially, on April 11 2022. When they were released, the

00:44:22--> 00:45:00

brothers were released, then they went and filed a report against the women. And nothing has come from that. They don't even talk about it. They filed something because the women were lying. So they wanted the women to get charged for putting them in that situation. And nothing has come from that either. So what we can see is a clear bias against them. Not only from the Romanian government, but the mainstream media as well. You don't see any positive headlines when it comes to Andrew Tate. So I feel that the people who were on Twitter speaking and defending his name, they did a lot of good work because we're

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

Do we get our information from we usually get it from the mainstream media, you know, but thank goodness, Elon Musk took over Twitter. And now we're able to have more free speech. And to come back to the protests, the initial date for the protest was going to be April 11 11th 2023.

00:45:20--> 00:46:06

Essentially, what I was doing was giving them an entire year to either release them or charge them. They didn't do it. They didn't charge them. And they ended up releasing them. Because once they saw the pressure from everywhere, countries from around the world, I'm talking about India, the countries from Europe, South America, Canada, the United States, we had people from everywhere you are organizing all of that. Yes. So what I did was I put a team together, a team of five to six individuals were spread out all over the globe. And we put a telegram channel together. And we are able to communicate with each other. And they opened up channels for specific countries. And then

00:46:06--> 00:46:48

what we would do is get leaders from those countries to put in for permits to protest. And these were going to be peaceful for all legalese on everything done casual scope with the law peaceful says, Tell me so didn't this guy they got released before the protest. They did. They did. Why you don't know now this could have been definitely had an effect. Now you're like, Hey, we gotta get these guys out before these protests happened. I feel I feel that Allah subhanho wa Taala put it in my heart, after he became a Muslim. He got into this situation, he must have been praying to Allah and Allah wants to connect with me, because I don't think I would have done this for someone who I

00:46:48--> 00:46:52

felt number one did it was guilty, and to someone who was

00:46:53--> 00:47:36

not committed to the proper lifestyle of Islam, when I see that someone takes that shahada, that testimony of faith that they want to become a Muslim, that they believe that the Prophet Muhammad was a final messenger, and they want to become a better person via that lifestyle. I'll do it for any of my brothers. So Andrew, he just so happened to have already been spreading a good message before he went in. And a lot of people were captivated by that message. And now in becoming a muslim, I feel that this message is even going to become more powerful. And I felt that it was my duty as a Muslim brother to do everything that I could. You know, I feel like God put me in

00:47:36--> 00:47:46

everything that he put me through, right. I feel like he put me through all of those things to prepare me for that moment. Because it is a big one of the biggest things that I've ever done in my life.

00:47:47--> 00:48:03

And I've accomplished a lot of things in my life. You know, I've put together a non for profit softball leagues, 300 plus people. You know, I've I've ran multiple businesses, including teaching baseball tickets. I've been a baseball instructor for years.

00:48:04--> 00:48:48

But this worldwide protest was definitely the biggest thing that I've ever done in my life. So is this. So you haven't set for April 23 for the photos. I had it for April 11 of April. They got out when did they get out? March 29. March 29. So what happened to leave? Yeah, okay. So the the protests they got put on hold for now or yeah, just got cancelled. So we postponed the protests. Essentially, what we want is for these brothers to be exonerated, either they charge them or exonerate them. Because if there's no evidence there, you know, I always thought that that was torture, keeping these guys in detention with no charges. For that amount of time during it was

00:48:48--> 00:49:28

coming on three months, it's clearly human rights violations. And that's what it was all about. That's what the protest was all about was about human rights. Because we wouldn't want this to happen to anybody. This is a human rights issue. It doesn't matter if it's Andrew J, or if it's Joe Schmo, if an individual is being held without charges for a very lengthy time, right. And this individual has health problems, this individual is not able to see or speak to certain people in his family, you know, now this becomes a human rights issue. And these are things that were put forward by the people that I was following on Twitter, who were attorneys, and they were putting out all the

00:49:28--> 00:49:43

points. So what I did was I grabbed all those points, created t protests.com. Put all those points on T protests.com. And then gave people the platform in order to start a peaceful protest in their community.

00:49:44--> 00:49:59

Alone we got our money alone rewards you reward you for this effort. And you don't know this might have been the reason that because this obviously his full circle is full circle got all these countries now coming together for this protest and just coincidentally now, Allah made it that they are

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

freed him and let him out. It's not officially clear yet he's out in the jail, but he is still under house arrest. Yes, he's still can't be mobile. And

00:50:10--> 00:50:54

so we don't want to end it until until we make sure that a resolution comes out where, look, if they have evidence, if they have evidence of a crime, charge him and give him whatever it is that you need to give him in terms of time or a fine or whatever. But don't torture these guys. Don't don't put these guys back in jail unjustly for a lengthy amount of time, in horrible prison conditions, right? Give them their due process, fulfill their human rights. So that's why we stopped the protests. But if they were to throw them in there, again, without any evidence of of, or charges, I should say, right, because if there's charges is most likely evidence, they throw them back in there

00:50:54--> 00:51:26

with no charges. We're coming out, we're going to come out and peacefully protest because that's just what we have to do as humans. We have to protect each other especially as Muslims we have to protect each other. We wouldn't want this to happen to anybody. I know that the pieces add up to Tristan Tate, his brother, also accepting Islam. I don't know. I know we sent me and shaven man we did. I don't know if he got a chance to see that we send the message to Tristan Tate inviting him to Islam's very nice. Yeah.

00:51:27--> 00:51:44

And but is it official? Did he do you know if he's actually took his Shahada? I don't as much as your guests. Were No, no, I don't I don't know. You know, they're the first Yeah, waiting for actually put I actually put out a tweet. You know, I said, if

00:51:45--> 00:52:19

it's a conspiracy right now, it's a conspiracy theory of mine that he may have took it in and I want it to be true. I want it to be true. Because Tristan is a great guy. There is a great guy I don't think look, Tristan seems very sincere, genuine note. That's what I like about these brothers. I was really impressed. He's got the Bosnia from where I'm from the My Family Trainer, and he was like, you know, I'm old school. I'm not gonna go do something that's gonna upset my trainer. He's got, you know, yeah, let's call it we really respect for those. I'm kind of, I'm old school myself, you guys a little bit younger than me. So I see these things. And I'm betting on these guys. Because I know

00:52:19--> 00:52:59

what Islam can do. I know if someone has cancer. It's always at ease, you know, the medicine. And now you're betting that if they take this medicine, if they take Islam, they're going to be at a whole nother level, their character is going to be a whole nother love. They're going to invite into good forbidding evil, they're going to be people who now are going to go to make a really great impact of good guys in the world. Yes, yes. And they've already started. I know that via Ramadan. They did a lot of charity. And like you said, Tristan, has all the qualities to be come a great Muslim, a very good influential Muslim. And Tristan, if you see this, we were welcome you to Islam,

00:52:59--> 00:53:40

you know, we need your brother. Your brother is already there. And I'm sure he's given you the invitation. We're all waiting for you. We all appreciate everything that you do. Absolutely. And you now him seeing this inshallah Tristan sees this also. Now he sees someone again, gonna sink in to Jesus Bible in the back. Yeah, yeah. And you really you are heavily invested. I want to get a lot here going on. I mean, this is you really are thinking deeply. You're praying on it. And you come this far that you're actually I got a Muslim beat up over Jesus state. You're trying you got a Muslim beat up or beat up, beat up over Jesus. And then he almost got killed.

00:53:43--> 00:53:54

Turned around yeah. And then I ended up giving that Muslim brother a hug. telling him that I appreciate him because I took my Shahada with him. He's actually no longer with us.

00:53:55--> 00:54:06

He was from Somalia, and I think he was at a war or something and, and, but I'll never forget him his face. May Allah have mercy on him.

00:54:07--> 00:54:45

But But yeah, brother is something that I now hold dear to my heart is Islam. And I often tell people look, if you do something very simple, and you're sincere, and you ask for guidance from the Creator of the heavens, they're alone, no intermediary, nobody. I just had somebody I did a program with and he came from a Serbian background and these things like just really stand out. He was confused and he's like, God, if you want me to pray to Jesus, who do I pray to just unconfused me I just guide me to the way that you want me without coming in and saying, Look, Jesus guide me. Mohammed guide you know, the one who created me guide me yes, very straightforward goes with the

00:54:45--> 00:55:00

fitrah. They need nature that were created with the worship God Almighty alone. It's in the Lord's prayer Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come Thy will be done submitting your will to the one guy that just makes sense. So if you're asking that God Almighty, Allah the Creator, you need to say a loved one.

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

created me guide me I'm confused. I'm in a world of confusion the devil is all around me these forces of evil I want to do good guide me there's no way to Tristan Inshallah, if he watches this, and he prays for God if you're if he didn't already we don't know if he did that that would lead them to go ahead and do something that his brother did a shadow him in the halo law, why shadow and Mohammad Rasool Allah is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, the Creator Himself. Muhammad is the messenger that say mean, and then he would, he would accept all those messages that came before him, Jesus, Moses, Abraham that line the preceding messages, but give them their rights as

00:55:34--> 00:56:11

messengers not as a part of God or like Jesus, and I saw you going back and forth. And you're really into sharing now the Dawa? Yes, yes, yes, let's touch upon this, you know, the importance also, before we conclude of not keeping that true just for yourself, having that confidence also to go ahead and a loving, caring way to show because I don't want our Christian friends out there. You know, I believe any person who's Searly wants to be Christ, like, do what Jesus did, Jesus did Islam, he was a Muslim, they're going to transition smoothly, they're going to come over just like you did. So this is out of the love that we're going and sharing this message with the Christians

00:56:11--> 00:56:49

and others out there who are seeking to know the purpose of live, why would be created, where they're going with their die, you want to connect to make it right with their Creator, they're going to come to this way of life with Islam that you did. Yes. So you know, for those Christians that are out there listening, you know, I have a lot of Christian followers. On Twitter, I go by the conservative Muslim, and I'm speaking a lot about Islam, and I'm doing comparisons with Christianity. And I don't want them to believe that I'm trying to knock Christianity. But I want to say that I just don't agree with the church and where we're at today in Christianity, because we see

00:56:49--> 00:57:31

what's going on in the churches in terms of you know, who's getting married, and the type of individuals who are leading you, the employer just recently also say that he, he affirmed this whole thing if you want to, you know, he's catering to a lot of these. Yeah, he saw catering to the new ideology, which I know a lot of Christians are upset about. So I want them to know that you guys have a way out Islam is not going to take anything away from your beliefs, aside from pure monotheism, which is believing that one God, as Christians, we believe that the only way to get to God is via Jesus, but as a Muslim, we understand that to get to God, you just have to go straight to

00:57:31--> 00:58:17

his door, God will open that door for you. And this is what Jesus taught, Jesus taught, that there is only one God, and that only God is the Savior, the one that can save you, he directed everyone to God. So what happened after Jesus, I believe was the church took over and played with his message, and now is confusing everyone to believe that you have to go to Jesus to get to God making him some type of middleman. I understand that people want to believe in Jesus, we believe in Jesus in the essence, that we believe that he is a prophet, a messenger who came to speak to the children of Israel, and that he is the Messiah, who will come back to defeat the Antichrist. Christians believe

00:58:17--> 00:59:02

this as well. So I want them to know that there is a bridge there, between Christianity and Islam. But what I would like them to really look at is the evidences that we see today, which religion is accepting this satanic ideology that we see? Is it Christianity? Or is it Islam? We have to be honest with ourselves, right? So I had to be honest with myself. I got that guy beat up when I was in jail, didn't want to accept the message that he was saying, my head was big. You know, I had this huge ego, I wanted to look good. You know, I felt empowered by I don't know what. But at the end of the day, I had to humble myself down, and I had to look and see the truth. That's what everyone

00:59:02--> 00:59:14

needs to do. They just need to look around them and see the truth. Which religion is it? That's protecting children? That's protecting families, that's pro life, that's pro business.

00:59:15--> 00:59:52

Right? And you'll find that in Islam, and they'll see that Islam is not too much different than in Christianity we have we have a lot of the same beliefs, right? But it's the pure monotheism that we're bringing to the table, that you can go straight to God. And when you have that connection with God, everything just becomes a lot better. And the blueprints there that you didn't have at one point early in life. Oh, yeah. Everything from when you wake up in the morning, the structure there throughout the day to when you go to bed, everything is there and how am I going to function so you can go ahead and avoid the hellfire and get the agenda to Paradise by submitting to your Creator not

00:59:52--> 00:59:56

to your desire or human being or anything in creation but the one who created creation God Almighty.

00:59:57--> 00:59:59

People can look you up at the conservative Muslim there

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

You have your Twitter? Yeah, they can follow up and connect with you. Yes, they can and check out T protests.com. You know, we don't want to take our attention away from t protests.com, or the T brothers because they need our help in this moment. They're not free and clear, right? And they're getting these what they call matrix attacks right? From here and there, whatever. We're trying to keep everything alive because we don't know what what could happen. So, you know, for those Muslims out there who are doubting Andrew T, I want them to know that they should endow the Prophet Muhammad said that as a Muslim, we shouldn't try to find fault in other Muslims number one, and number two,

01:00:43--> 01:00:53

we shouldn't have false suspicions against Muslims. You know, so we have to pray for the brother that he becomes a better Muslim.

01:00:54--> 01:01:02

Right? So and as as for Tristan, if he took his shahada 100 Allah if he has it, inshallah he takes it.

01:01:03--> 01:01:11

Thank you very much money Allah awards. You were very nice making progress. Thank you, brother. Thank you for having me. You're on

01:01:12--> 01:01:35

leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam aleikum

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Muslims around here it's pretty huge and split like this place the location that you opened in basically for further south from the other other big massages and everyone I know a lot of people that are used to come like my cousin was nine minutes from here another uncle of mine lives about five to 10 minutes from here, this area the masjid opened up in an area that it's much needed and this size this

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the center this center is much needed for this area and the idea of this center is needed for the whole state because we don't have anything like that in the whole state that was center where it's gonna basically nurture and basically educate and you're gonna basically spread this man

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