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The speaker discusses the importance of faith and action in bringing happiness to others. They give examples of how the Prophet Alayshi had a concert in the Red Sea during theying of the people of Hira, and how his message of good action is also important. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of helping people transform people's lives to bring happiness to others.

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Santa Monica de la this Ramadan, I want to remind you about the importance of Iman and Muhammad, the importance of faith and action. We learned through the example out of our beloved Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he was seeking a way out he was seeking an answer. And he went and he self isolated himself in the cave of Hira and Allah Subhan Allah, Allah He heard his there are and Allah is part of the highlands saw his struggle, and he sent revelation to him, you know, and the prophet Ali said to Sam, once the revelation came, he left the cave of Hira and he was at the service of his people. And for that reason, the prophet it said Islam during Ramadan, he would recite all the

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Quran, but he also gave the most charity. And for this reason, Allah Allah Allah reminds us about the importance of good action. He says, Men Amina Sally Hammond Decker in a concert. Well who are not me I'm very lucky and no higher than a year but when an agency and Nahum edge are home BSN America and we are doing, Allah, Allah, Allah in Surah, Allah had in ini D seven, he says, Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, you know Allah Subhan Allah and they are a believer, Allah Subhana Allah he will reward you for your goodness, he will reward you for your good action. And then we have another example of a concerned parent, a father, he turned around to his child and

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he says, Yeah, Bonnie, happy Masada What are motivated now? If you want her anymore Carrie was better ILM and on for Becca inevitably came in as male or more. He says, Oh, my son established the salah, and then enjoin in good and forbid evil. You know, he's telling his son that your salah is the first thing you will be asked about, in the Day of Judgment. It is your conversation with Allah subhanaw taala. But after that, you must be you must be in joining in good you must be in service of his people you must be of those who do good. You know, we are not people who are just dedicated to our salah, even though that's important. We are people who live the Salah, we are people who live

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Islam who live the spirit of giving. And for that reason, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he reminded us in a Baba Ronnie, he said, the most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to him, you know, and the most beloved people to Allah, those who bring happiness to others. So this Ramadan, I want to ask you, what are you doing to bring happiness to others? What are you doing to bring ease to others? What are you doing to help transform someone's darkness into light? Whether it's your family, whether it's a community member, whether it's a neighbor, whether it's a normal, new Muslim, you know, whether it's a struggling Muslim, because we have so many

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people who were struggling in the men, what are you doing to help them come closer to Allah? Because this Ramadan cannot just be about me, myself and i It can't be about my Iftar and my taraweeh even though that is wonderful, and that is important to me, Allah Subhana Allah reward you for your struggle, but what are you doing to go the extra step to help someone else? What are you doing to make a difference to somebody else's life and when you make that extra step, Allah subhanaw taala he will make your life easier, he will find individuals in your life who bring you happiness. So this Ramadan, I hope that you can be at the service of others and I hope Allah started the island sends

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wonderful people in your life who you know bring happiness to you. So I hope you continue to have a wonderful from Yvonne and may Allah subhanaw taala he accept all your eyes, back Lo Fi come in slo mo