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So begins the story of Adam, the first man, the first human being and our father. Allah created our father from a handful of soil containing portions from all its varieties on Earth. Angels were sent to earth to collect the soil that was to become Adam. It was red, white, brown, and black; it was soft and malleable, hard and gritty; it came from the mountains and the valleys; from infertile deserts and lush fertile plains and all the natural varieties in between. The descendants of Adam were destined to be as diverse as the handful of soil from which their ancestor was created; all have different appearances, attributes and qualities.”

March 29, 2017 at the ISGH River Oaks Islamic Center

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Santa Monica

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim alameen wa salatu salam O Allah

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and my bud, Giacomo for coming.

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soon Hello large turnout today a good turnout today. For that, as promised, we're going to do the story of Adam alayhis salam. And we wanted to look at it in a fair amount of detail and

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mentioned some of the discussions that the scholars have had about the story that perhaps a lot of us have not come across. So, Yanni, we want a higher level of detail inshallah, we'll begin with the creation of the world because that was prepared obviously before Adam alayhis salam, and a lot of how to Allah mentions in in many parts of the Koran a number of course, on the amount of time given to the creation of the universe or the world that the human being is going to live in. And one example of that is in total are off verse 54, Allah Subhana Allah says in naraba, como la, la the halaqa sumati will be 6:30am in Thelma Stovall ash. So your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens

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and the earth in six days, then he settled upon his throne. So the scholar said, Allah subhanaw taala is capable of creating the heavens and the earth in an instant, just by saying, Be Khan, and it will become instantly and we've got a lot of these examples sort of Bukhara, verse 117, in the Odyssey and a con for Kuhn. So his command, when he, when he intends something, or anything, is that he will only say to it be and it become, it becomes or it is instantly allows you says that to it speaks can be and it becomes and that's why

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the Hadith the Prophet lamb, refers to Isa alayhis salam what Kalamata who Allah, Allah, Maria, Maria, and his word and even in today's Bible, you'll find Jesus being referred to as the word. Even in Islam, he is referred to as the word kennametal, alcohol, Allah Maria, his word which he has come to marry. So why is it called the word because how was Isa created when Allah said, spoke the word can be, and he became, right, and many other parts that like this in the Quran, and Sophia seen verse 82, either cada amantha in the akula, who can fail. When Allah subhanaw taala decrees something, he only says B and it becomes, but you are similar tool or whether for the amount of

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money versus like that. So we know Allah subhanaw taala could have created the heavens and the earth in an instant. But a large region chose not to create it quickly. But to create it in six days, as we saw in sort of era in six days. And then he settled on his throne.

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the need to remember or to be commenting on this verse and sort of era. He mentioned three wisdoms and why Allah subhanaw taala if, for lack of a better term, took his time in creating the heavens and the earth, versus doing it instantly. And he he says the first reason that Allah subhanaw taala wanted to teach his slaves to teach us deliberation in their affairs, that when we do something we take our time, and we don't rush through things. Then he gives a second he says that Allah subhanaw taala wanted to manifest show his power, step by step to the angels, because we're when we're talking about this world, that Allah subhanaw taala is creating, we're talking about all the star

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constellations in the Milky Way and all these galaxies and these incredible creations in space, and our earth and our solar system and all that. So every day the angels see part of this creation, something being created, versus in an instant, it's all there with all this incredible detail. They don't get to actually see all the incredible detail. But when Allah subhanaw taala creates it slowly the angels get to see the power of Allah subhanaw taala step by step, and it's more impressive Do you agree? versus in a quick instant, and they don't know all the all the details that went into it, but if they see it in front of them, slowly, they get to see the manifestation of Allah subhanaw

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taala his power.

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And then in Monaco, you mentioned the third reason he says that a lot of how to Allah created the heavens and the earth in six days because Allah Subhana Allah has decreed course or timeframe for everything.

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He says that for the same reason a large budget delays the punishment of the sinners for own and people who sin and challenge the profits of a lot of laws and it doesn't destroy them instantly or squash them instantly because everything has an appointed time with him. So and it's gonna go according to schedule and according to plan now ebrill Josie

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mala, he mentioned. Other points, you mentioned five points. So some of them will include some of the points of the court to be, but he says that

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Allah subhanaw taala wanted to create something each day to show his power to the angels and those who witnessed it. Okay, so that's one and it kind of repeat point here. He says to that Allah subhanaw taala was preparing things for Adam and his offspring before Adam, Adam even existed to emphasize Adams high standing in front of the angels. And if you consider that Allah subhanaw taala created galaxies and stars that are millions of light years away, and this is the world Adam Anderson is going to live in. And he will not benefit from these five stars besides just looking at them and seeing their beauty at night. He's not actually going to get anything actually or

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physically from the stars, but there's still part of his world. So when the angels see this vast world, this universe that Allah subhanaw taala created, and and Adam SLM is only going to live in a small, small fraction of in this entire large universe. And yet, it's still there. That's his part of his universe is it does not show the high standing of Adam Addison. Ah, yeah, it shows a special Yes. And the score was mentioned. The the same way how you would, when something important is coming, you prepare its living space before it before it arrives. Like when you having a baby and you're expecting a baby, and you prep the room when you color it according to you know, it's a male

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or female and all that. That shows the importance of what you're expecting. Versus you know, after in the wife goes into labor and everything. And then before they're coming home to a question we put it, well, I can move that little shoe closet a little bit, you can put them there. And it's like, now on the drive back from the hospital, you're deciding where to put the baby as opposed to well in advance you've colored it and color scheme did and all that stuff. Right?

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Yeah, we do that, right. We do that with

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all the artists Honestly, I never understood the baby room. I can never get it. Like I don't understand why this baby's like four days old. He has to sleep in his own room. You making him a man now, this time for that. And we put a little device so if he cries, we go get him from his room like now.

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I know people always complain about, you know, the baby's

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crying and a lot at night. You have to get up and get them and I still wonder like, How come I've never experienced that with any of my children. They sleep straight through the night from the first day. I realized because they sleep right between us. Yeah, they feel very safe, very comfortable. I don't put a device and then I go sleep in another room and I let the boy Be a man and he sleeps alone. shala is not afraid of that these two days old. So he sleeps between us sleeps like a baby now, which which is weird. Anyways, they sleep like a baby and they don't sleep while they wake up a lot. And it's supposed to mean that they sleep well. But they sleep well. The only drawback now is

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when they get older how to get them away from your bed.

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And that's very simple. It entails a lot of yelling,

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threatening, and throw throwing their toys in the trash.

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I'm kidding.

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But just the idea of the preparation. So obviously, I've never prepared the room for a baby. They just sit in our bed. Well, Allison, but some folks, you know, they prepare the room in advance. And, you know, I once bought a crib from someone and from Craigslist and he said he had another crib now. So do you want to see the baby's room? I'm like, we're both males like Why? Why would I want to see the baby's room?

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But I went, I looked at it and I pretended to be impressed and everything like how you did the purple? Let me get out of here.

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All right. So

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going back to it. Even Josie Josie his points. So that's the second thing the third point he mentioned, that when you do something in a short period of time and speaking about lots of you doing something in a short period of time is indicative of power. But deliberation and taking your time for lack of a better word is more indicative of wisdom. Something is done instantly see power. When something is done slowly you see wisdom here. So Allah subhanaw taala one minute wanted to manifest his wisdom in that and just as He manifested his power when he said be and allows real has done that. So the angels have seen the manifestation of his power cone. And now they're seeing the

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manifestation of his wisdom taking time deliberating. The fourth point he mentioned is that Allah subhanaw taala is teaching delivery.

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To his slaves, taking their time teaching us that, because a lot of how to other is the one who makes no mistakes.

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And he created the universe in a deliberate manner. And then it's more appropriate, appropriate and makes more sense for us that we take our time also, because we make mistakes, allows again, who doesn't make mistakes, deliberated and took his time again, for lack of a better term. And then were the ones who make mistakes. And what do you think for us, it should be even more so. So we're learning this concept of deliberating taking your time not rushing things. And then it when Joseph Campbell mentioned the fifth point, he says that

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and it's a beautiful point, he says the creation was created step by step, so that no one will think that it happened as a result of an accident of nature.

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Can you believe that? Even though Josie was born 510 after the hedgerow when he died? 597 so he lived at seven years, right? He died 597 after the hijra, and he's saying this Well, before the atheist argument came up, isn't it interesting? And today, it's exactly what they say one more time he said, creation was accomplished step by step so that no one would think that it happened just as a result of an accident of nature, which is you know, the some of the questions you posed to the atheist that how did consciousness come out of unconsciousness life come out of no life? Or they're come out of chaos, and that's usually these things don't go together. When you have an explosion,

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you don't get something that's extremely well balanced like that. If if a tree blows up, you don't get a nice giant oak dining set, you know, with chairs and then it'd be really easy to get married. I screwed What do you want? How many chairs you want? Okay, Stand back.

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You got chairs and you got all kinds of nice things, nightstands. You don't get order out of chaos, right. Okay. So now, this is the preparation of this world, the universe in which Adam Addison is going to be living in Adam I sent him his name is mentioned 25 times in the Koran 25 times and he is the first human being. And when lots of hunter Allah wanted to create Adam, so this is before the creation of Adam II Salam. Allah informs the angels. This is a famous verse. It's in sort of Bukhara, verse 33, Buffalo verse 30, is called or bucaramanga, aka in the jar, fill out the halifa. Alright, so when your Lord or Annie, the translation was and remember when your Lord or when your

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Lord said to the angels, indeed, I'm going to place a halifa on earth fill out. So there's gonna say fill out this is proof that the earth the earth was already created.

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How long did the earth sit before Adam and Sam came? We don't need the Quran is not a geology book, right? And it doesn't comment on the age of the earth. But there was a time period when the earth was prepped and ready, before other mycelium came down. And that's why we don't have a problem with the dinosaurs coming and living and doing their thing and then going extinct, and then everything settles again. And then other item comes down. We don't have this problem. Even though I need one time at the dollar table, a man came to me, he points to the Quran. And he said, How old does this book say the earth is? Basically what he was saying is, if you're gonna tell me the earth is 10,000

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years old, and science tells us otherwise, I don't want to hear about your religion. I'm not interested. And so he was very relieved when I told him well, first and foremost, this book is a book of guidance. It has everything in it to take you to paradise, and help you avoid eternity in the hellfire. So it has some history in it, but it's not a history book. It has some geology in it. It's not a geology book, it has some science in it, but it's not a science book. And it's a big mistake when people try to sell the Quran as a science or the science in the Quran, or this in the Quran. It has some of that in there. So I told him that the Quran doesn't mention make a commentary

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on the age of the earth. And he said, Now we can talk. And this makes sense to me. But if you told me it's 7000 years old, or you know, six to 10,000 years old, some Christians say I don't want to hear it. And I would walk away. All right. So in the journal fill out shows that the Earth was already created in the journal field or the halifa. Now then comes this word halifa here, and there are more or less three explanations for halifa What does it mean? And because sometimes you hear and I've heard speakers say this in the Arabic language was hurry for to law, fill out. Adam is Allah honey for on earth? And there's gonna say this very incorrect to say something like that very

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incorrect, because by nature, what is the Holly viaflo for Ghana, He replaces the one before and typically the one before has to go somewhere else in order to be replaced. That's why when the prophet SAW Selim passed on Abu Bakr Golan, who was not called ameerul momineen, they didn't have this name in the beginning. They called him

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hollyford Rasulullah the halifa of the property and he the one who replaces so the one who was the successor Exactly. Then when when Omar became the halifa, what did they call him? In the beginning, in the beginning, they called him hollyford, hollyford casola, the successor of the successor of the prophet SAW lesson. And then during his reign, they realized, okay, this is not going well. Okay, because everyone will be like that by the time you get to the ambassador, you know, you're gonna like, leave a colleague, colleague, and then you're gonna miss one, chop his head off, right? Because it was a lot of head shopping in the buses. So

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and then one day, someone came up with the idea. And he said, Yeah, I mean, so almost

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once you get this name from, and he said, We're the believers, you are the leader in America here leader, not Prince is a prince of the believers with you will see that in the old books. But Annie, Amir is the one in charge. So and that was just from that day on what they call the person in charge. Anyway, so you get the idea. The halifa replaces the one before and typically the one before has to go somewhere. So when some of the speakers and everything you say Adams allows halifa on earth and say that's not correct, because allows him to doesn't go anywhere. All right, so what does it mean that

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in Ninja I know Phil, or the halifa, I am going to put on Earth a halifa. Meaning here the first explanation means that

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that this is a type of being that will want to generate one generation replaces the one yes, replaces the one before. Yeah, neiafu bah, bah, bah, bah, this is a creation where they will replace and succeed each other. Now, something interesting, why, okay, this why this explanation why this description of Adam Addison, like, is this the only description that could have been many other different descriptions. But this description is going to explain a lot to the angels instantly, because the angels don't die in that sense, right? They don't get old and die and their children take over, they don't even have children. So when the angels understood when they hear this word

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halifa, they immediately understand Oh, it's not a creation like us, that doesn't die and doesn't get old and doesn't have offspring. It's it's one of those types of creations and the jinn already existed some narrations and authenticity has issues that the jinn were 2000 years before human beings or other Nizam came down to earth, the human the jinn lived on earth, and you can and you know, from the jinn, they have our style of your falafel Baba Baba, they will succeed and replace one another. So because they died to have children, and then that generation replaces the one before and so on. But when the angels see this description of Adam, they'll instantly know Oh, he's not

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creating a being like us like angels, but more of a being typical, like, like, like the jinn that live and die and replace one another. And that's why that description instantly explains a lot to the angels immediately. So

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so it wasn't intended. I mean, this opinion says it wasn't Adam that was intended that he is the halifa. But a type of being that is halifa, meaning, bah, bah, bah, bah, that a being that replaces and succeeds. This generation succeeds. The next one. And that's why even until now in, in Arabic, and in some dialects, only when someone gives birth, you say, Hello, you know, hello enough, or they'll refer to your child as confetti and in my work would replace me and succeed me. It can only will continue when I when I'm gone. Yeah, type.

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So that's the first explanation. It's referring to the type of being and the offspring of them. There'll be ones where one replaces the other. And that's how it will be the other explanation. Yeah, Annie anila Mustafa who fill out Yeah, confy habima, Amara la Tada. This is the opinion of witness or the companion, that Allah subhanaw taala is putting him in charge of the earth, and he will rule on this earth according to what Elijah did commanded. So and that's clear, right? And that's exactly what's happening anyway. So people on earth, they will rule either by what Allah subhanaw taala commanded, or their make up their own laws, and they'll rule based on those laws. So

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I'm going to put them down on earth and he's going to rule on Earth, based on my laws, that's the opinion of urban muscle. The third opinion halifa meaning he will take over the earth from the beings that were already there. And we said the jinn were already there before human beings. So weakness and generation of saying 2000 years we cannot authenticate with a there 2000 years before human beings. We don't know that. But it's clear that from the Quran that the jinn were there before the human beings while john and the jinn halaqa human carbon credit from before meaning, and some scholars said here, before the human being mean

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Notice someone from a smokeless fire. So little dispute about the fact that the jinn were there before human beings and if you wanted to dispute that, then how can you explain a police being there before them at its center? So the jinn were there, and this is from the jinn, little dispute there.

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So it's going to be a being that will take over the earth from those other beings, the jinn. And the story goes and you know, this kind of language when you say it is said, Where is it is narrated or the story goes, it means the speaker is indicating that there is weakness or it's not firm are authenticated. But the story goes that the jinn were on earth before human beings, and then they started to create bloodshed and they went into severe wars amongst each other. And Allah Subhana Allah sent down the angels to break up these wars and they sent the the jinn out into the oceans and into the season into the waters and the land virtually became like empty or ready for the human

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beings to come down in. So yeah, hello, Elgin. halifa here to replace the jinn and the angels know about the jinn. Like we said they broke up the fight. So the angels are going to the human beings will replace Elgin. This is the opinion of Mr. Toby. Also the opinion of Mr. Mr. manleigh Yeah.

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Yeah, nice. Sorry. Just going back to the first opinion that

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not actually here.

00:21:29--> 00:22:07

Okay, just from the Quran to show ya Hello, hello, what it means Yeah. And so it's a number of laws which says wage qualify and wage income qualify a lot. So makes you the qualified over the of the earth. The successor is the ones to take over the earth, or for Holloman body him handphone Illa. This is sort of Maria. So they brought after them Halloween bad demo, they came after them, or they were succeeded by so showing against succession to show succession and all that we see this from the forum quite clearly. All right. So

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now, we're on verse 30, of total, Baccarat Still, if kolarov buka lumada, aka so when your Lord said to the angels in the gyro fill out of the halifa in me, I am Jaya and I'm going to, to put down on this earth on Earth. halifa now we understand what those means. We know halifa Now we know Earth carlu Then the angel said Carlos alofa. My youth Sophia YSP. Could Dima

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Hamdi Kanaka sulak

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called in the alma mater Alamo, let's see the translation of this and then break it down in Sharla. So that it says the angel said, Are you going to place in it in this earth, those that are going to make mischief my UFC do fear facade here in code includes all kinds of sins, you've seen, oh, all kinds of things are included in this word, from murder to this to that. So you're going to create those are going to create mischief in the translation that says mischief. But basically, they're going to do and commit all kinds of things. Whereas Fukushima, and they're going to spread, spill blood, shed blood.

00:23:17--> 00:23:37

Why not? No, no sub hobby handig and we are glorifying you with praises. And thanks, when you cut this with luck, and we're gonna explain that more, but we sanctify you. It says in the Tafseer in the translation, we explain it more than Allah subhanaw taala says in the Alamo, malate Allah, I know that what you do not know. Okay. Now,

00:23:39--> 00:24:14

when the angels said this, were they saying it an abduction? And many times you will read it as if it's an objection. They said, you're gonna put the human being on earth, and he's gonna commit sins and shed blood? Well, here we are, it's like, is it saying we should have been the ones to go down? It sounds like that. When people read it like that. It sounds like they're saying, you're gonna put him on earth. And we're the ones glorifying you all this time. And he's just gonna bypass us and he's gonna step over us and take the earth. We wanted the earth on the earth. But it's read a lot of times as if it's an objection. So the scholars say and this question was in an objection or not,

00:24:14--> 00:24:35

first of all, we know the nature of angels. They don't disobey Allah subhanaw taala. They don't disobey Allah. If Allah subhanaw taala commands any angel to do anything, the angel doesn't say why. There's an object, right? But the angel could ask for clarification. And the scholars say there are two types of questions. You can ask Jani

00:24:36--> 00:24:54

is the alamy or URL is an arrow turati. So I can ask a question to get more information. Stella, I'm getting more information. Or I can ask to gather all the data Danny to object. Yeah. So if I ask any.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

What did you What did you make on eBay in charge of this halaqa

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

Not not someone out why not so and so? So here I'm objecting, right? Or what if I say, I just want to know what what how did how is it that you came to choose only? Am I objecting here? I just I'm just finding out why you chose him. See what qualities he has on that. But if I'm saying what why only Why not? So what's wrong with so and so, like, from my face from my attitude from the way I'm asking, you can see clearly I'm objecting here. And because you know, the nature of the angels, you know, they don't disobey Allah subhanaw taala, you know that they're not objecting, but they're asking to get more information. And we'll explain more. So in a second here, now, someone might say,

00:25:37--> 00:26:15

Well, why would the angels ask for more information? Remember, the angels, they don't disobey Allah subhanaw taala. But that doesn't mean they don't have brains, and they don't think and they don't think on their own. A lot of times people have this misunderstanding that angels are robots, that when they're told to do something, they go and do it. But the angels they have they think, and there are many evidences to that. There's a hadith of will look when certain people will be loved by the angels. So they're not just these robots, but they will see your actions and they will decide on their own to love you. Right? Or the other the Hadith of the man who killed the 99. And then he he

00:26:15--> 00:26:36

was saying, you know, can I make Toba? Then they told him to go to a ibet, who wasn't very knowledgeable, nor was he very smart. discolors say, right? He wasn't smart, either. It's not just him. He wasn't even street smart. Because it's gonna say if someone comes to you and said, I killed 99 people. You think there's any chance for my Toba? And who says no.

00:26:38--> 00:26:49

They said, if you're smart, you'd be like, Yeah, what are you talking about? Your face says toboe all over it, man. Come on. Yeah, you look like you've been forgiven, you know, at least save yourself. So the guy says,

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

No, so he becomes number 100.

00:26:53--> 00:27:30

And then finally, he goes to a scholar, and the scholar tells him to leave the city that he's in the area. So he leaves. And as you know, the you know, the rest of the story, he dies on the way when he dies on the way to groups of angels disagreed. They each one of them, the angels of mercy, and the angels of torment, or either. Yeah. So and each one gave their logical arguments. One group said jata, even in a lot, he came repenting to Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, so they're using their brain here. Because if Allah commanded either group, do you think there'll be a discussion? Now? So they're using their logic, they they think the other group said, Yeah, but he didn't did he didn't

00:27:30--> 00:27:42

get to there yet. He was still on his way to the Toba didn't make it that they both had good arguments, right? And then Allah, Allah, Allah sent them an angel in the form of a human being,

00:27:43--> 00:27:47

to give them the verdict. anything strange?

00:27:48--> 00:28:20

Yeah. Yeah. Why was that angel who sent to them in the form of a human being? This was like six years ago is was in Sudan, and there's a chef speaking, and he's talking about this Howdy. And that was the first time it struck me like, why was the angel sent in the form of a human to give them the answer from a law student? And I went and asked the chef, young chef, you know, ask them this question after the salad. I never thought of that. Why in the form of human, so like it, it took him, like by surprise, he never thought of it either. And he just found me.

00:28:21--> 00:28:28

For real, he found it says, these kinds of things, we just take them as they are, and we don't ask a lot of questions.

00:28:30--> 00:28:52

So then I then I sat with another good friend of mine, and we contemplated it and came up with some things, but I'm not gonna give you them. So you're going to contemplate it yourself for a week. And next Tuesday, you're going to tell me why that Angel was sent in the form of a human. Which is strange, isn't it? See what you can come up with? And then I'll take your smart points, and I'll show off with them next time I teach this class.

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where were we?

00:28:58--> 00:29:09

What was I saying? Yeah, they do think Yes, thank you, man. Just think, right. So here, they're trying to get more information. They just want to know the wisdom behind it. Some of the scholars explained, why are the accent?

00:29:10--> 00:29:52

Why are they asking this question? So the angels understand that the purpose of life is to glorify and to worship Allah subhanaw taala. All right. And that's what we've been doing. We've been glorifying and worshiping Allah, if that's what being conscious and alive is for, we're doing that your law. So we just want to understand why you created another beam that's going to live on earth and they're just going to again, shed blood just like what we saw from the jinn. And the purpose is to worship you and here we are worshiping Allah. So what's the wisdom behind their creation? They were getting more information. They're not objecting, Are we clear? Excellent. So because they saw

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

no other purpose in life, but to praise Allah subhanaw taala. So if you're already doing this, I was already being praised. Why create these beings that are not going to praise 100%

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

All the time, they're going to send into all that all kinds of other things. All right.

00:30:06--> 00:30:19

Let's see here. Now, and we said that the idea of asking to to get more information or clarification or more comfort is not anything new. And it doesn't have to be an objection when Abraham is around. This is sort of

00:30:20--> 00:31:01

Baqarah verse 260. Yeah. Well, it's called Ibrahim or biagini, cave, Hill Mota. when Abraham said, Oh my Lord, show me how you bring the dead back to life. Our two men, he said, do not believe I lost my father asked me Are you not a believer? By lebanner? When I can live up to my inner kalbi? He said, Yes, I am a believer, but so that my heart becomes content. Now I know there's some back and forth among some of the classical scholars on the issue. If someone asks you, are you a believer? What do you say? And this at some point in history is to be a trick question. If someone asked you, are you believer, you What do you say? And the answer is yes. According to this one opinion, you say

00:31:01--> 00:31:13

yes, yes, I am. You don't say in sha Allah, and you may be it may be inshallah inshallah I'm a believer. Because to doubt a man is true to that Amanda scooper. So you don't say?

00:31:14--> 00:31:34

Like, I'm not sure. Here is not a point of praising yourself. Someone's asked you are you believers? Yes, I am. Yeah, I don't have any doubt that I believe in Allah as we get his messenger his books. So don't play the humble role here. Play it where it's supposed to be played. Yeah, here. Yes, I am. Alright. And there is back and forth. But just anyway.

00:31:35--> 00:31:35


00:31:38--> 00:32:04

what was I saying before I said this whole back and forth thing? Yeah. So Abraham was asking a question, and he's getting more information. And, and there's even in the Koran, yuckiness certainty, right certainty. But even the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions different levels of certainty. You need to do something here. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, yeah, I mean, there in the Quran, there is a Malia thing, right? And everyone with me?

00:32:10--> 00:32:12

What are the differences between those, so

00:32:13--> 00:32:22

is knowledge with certainty, someone I really, really trust. And I have not known to lie at all. This is a very, very basic, simple example. So I have an app.

00:32:24--> 00:32:39

Right? So based on the fact that I really trust this person, he doesn't ever lie, and I see a bulge in his pocket for example. I believe I'm not very well here now. But now when he pulls it out and shows it to me, I believe even more so because