Does Touching One’s Private Part Or Najas Break One’s Wudhu? Ask Shaykh YQ #176

Yasir Qadhi


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We have a question that some would say is very trivial and yet of course it is pertinent a mother emails and says that does her will do break if she changes her baby's diapers. So basically touching the jossa and touching the private parts as a break a ones will do or not one.

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Me Kobe, Nika. Illa de Jalan, no Hey, la him first.

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And of course, this is a question that goes back to taharah. And it goes back to what are the factors that break will do? Pretty much pretty much the vast majority of school this is like the default position. And I do not have any contrary contradictory position to this. That touching nudges does not break the will door touching nudges does not break the ooda loop. Rather, you must wash the ninja off and then you may pray. So if you just touched something that is considered ledges that is not going to break your rule, however, the issue comes not for the child, but overall the issue of touching the genitals, this is where the controversy happens and you have a whole bunch of

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opinions, but since this is the short q&a, I will say that inshallah the strongest position is that touching the genitals of a person, whether they're your own whether they're your spouse's or even accidentally or even if you're changing somebody it does not break through in and of itself unless there is lust associated with it. So it is lustful, one spouses or whatever that is going to break the widow. As for the mother changing the diaper of the child is this does not break the will do and therefore there is no problem. In terms of Voodoo however if not just was touched on the skin, then obviously you have to wash that area and cleanse it or if it came on the clothes as well you need to

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do that but it does not break the will do and Allah subhana wa tada knows best

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