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The speaker discusses the negative impact of social media on society, including the removal of privacy and social media use. They explain that social media use is a way to boost people's behavior and mental health, but it is also a way to make them aware of the the and is missing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning how to sit alone and not be in a rush to achieve success.

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Now without doubt, and it goes without saying, social media has brought with it so much good from an Islamic perspective, the ability to advertise a talk like this, record it, publish it, share it, allowing people from the four corners of the globe to benefit from it. The countless brothers and sisters who spend their evenings thinking about how to carefully craft that next Islamic reminder to help people find their way back to their religion 1000s of people who found their way to Islam through social media Quran there is recited Hadith that is promoted misinformation that is corrected Ilaha illa Allah so much hair and when someone does a good because of something you post expect the

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same reward without any of their reward detracting that's brought with it opportunities not just from an Islamic perspective from a non Muslim secular perspective, a business perspective career perspective, LinkedIn to know the other fellow professionals out there to know your tribes and and you know your family to communicate with people in Philistine or Yemen or Pakistan, Somalia, it helps you discover who your cousins are, your auntie's are your grades are those who want to further their career, climb up the ladder, the corporate ladder, it helps you do that, by Allah subhanaw. Taala has permission that's on one side of the spectrum. But on the other side of the spectrum, it

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has also brought with it a heap full of harms on the adults and on the children as well. Social media, a person's nightlife is quite ruined. If you become obsessively addicted with social media, you can't sleep a proper full night anymore, these blue light emissions that you are absorbing all of the time, it affects your sleep rhythms. And then if you add to that obsessive Twitch to quickly remove the fly mode from your phone to check your latest notification, and then you get that next hit of dopamine and adrenaline and now you're awake and you can't sleep and it becomes even shorter overnight. So you're knackered in the night you can't sleep and by day you're knackered because you

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haven't slept and then your whole life becomes a misery. That's one thing. A second thing, think about your ability to be alone with Allah alone with yourself. Young boys, young girls can't do that anymore. Because social media has, for the most part removed that ability from us, because every opportunity that you're not speaking to someone or working or doing something, it's an opportunity to put your hand in your pocket and to see what's going on on the other side of the world. So you have no time for yourself. So with a passage of 510 15 years, you lose the ability of finding contentment with just being alone to sit in halwa privacy with Elijah and a lot of us can do that.

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Especially the younger generation, you're looking outwardly all of the time outward, the outward, the outward. I think when you're sat alone, you're looking outwardly into what the world is doing. You are unable to sit and to think inwardly for a moment about your Lord Subhana wa Tada. And this is an issue. One of the greatest ways of boosting Eman is learning how to sit alone without a phone without the friend without their parent for a moment in your day or night. And for many of us, we can't do that anymore. Because we feel that there's value in us that's missing. So we try to find that value elsewhere. There's heaps of evidence now to prove beyond fact that some of the loneliest,

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saddest, most depressed and anxious people on planet earth or those who use their phones or social media specifically most it's interesting, you think that the more friends you have online, the less lonely you feel. That's not the situation that's not the science at all. Actually, it's like the more chocolate you have in an aisle in the supermarket does not help you curb your desire for chocolate any more than an aisle that has fewer jokers knowingly. Why because you are constantly comparing your life you're miserable or boring life that doesn't have vacations doesn't have business doesn't have the Jordans you're comparing your life to the highlight reel of your neighbor

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to the highlight reel of someone in Australia and they've removed all of the blemishes and the flaws of their data. So they feel lonely social media use if you're isolated, they feel inadequate look at how social media has for many people made them completely socially incompetent, especially maybe the younger generation Gen Z they can't hold a long and deep and meaningful conversation with you looking at you eye to eye that's gone because over the passage of yours when you're obsessively using social media what happens your mind now is hardwired and short circuited to only be able to deal with short comments lol thumbs up likes hashtags shares, you lose the ability to become an

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interpersonal human being you can't do it anymore. So social media teaches you that if there is a problem in your relationships, don't worry, you can just get out of it. Just click the Blog button End of story does that represent reality? Reality is far more sophisticated than that far more messy, far more entangled, far more intertwined. You've got to be intelligent, you got to be socially smart. You got to look at people you got to talk with them. You got to know how to deal with difficult circumstances. Social media says to you that this is an image that you gave over you impress over you share your comment you like that's it. It doesn't teach you to look at a woman for

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example, as a mother