The Massive Weight Of The Burden The Prophet Carried

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The Prophets quest, his seeking the answer him being perplexed and bothered by what was happening in this society was a burden on him. And Allah has forever removed that burden from him by giving him the solution to all of that darkness. And that is the light of the Quran. That is the news that Allah revealed to him with Nutella, the Anza the light that we sent down upon you, okay, so So now that's the next the next word is wizard. In Arabic, there are, at least in Quran vocabulary, there are three main words for burden. There's humble, there's worker, or worker. And then there's wisdom. There's these three words. And they each have a different function. I'll highlight wizard right now,

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because that's the word that's being used here. And whether eligible Alemania it's an impossible to move mountain meaning a mountain you have to go around, it's impossible to you know, a rock that maybe some people can help lift. That would not be it wasn't so it's an actually almost impossible. Wait. It's also used for Ekman, Lithia. Allah the middle Raju has already come accountable to see AB yo to fool about a co2 funa we have Phil kura. You know, back in the day, you didn't have like, you know, Macy's or department stores where you go and buy clothes or whatever. Now everybody buys on Amazon, I don't know. But back in the day, when people had to buy clothes, there used to be a guy

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that would come he would have a huge bundle of clothes wrapped up inside the sheath. And he carries it behind his back. And he just says, you know, suits for sale or something. And then when somebody says, let me show me what you got, he just opened it up, and then it'll carry it again. And that's his life, that he's a walking store. Right? That's what he does. And when he does that, it that's an overwhelming burden that he has to carry. And that's what's called wizard wizard means a burden that's almost killing you. It's breaking you, you know, and so how many is actually a lighter weight. Wicker is a weight that or a strong weight, that

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it kind of it becomes a barrier of vision or barrier of hearing. But what wizard is an overwhelming weight. So Allah says I removed your overwhelming burden off of you, you know what we're what the anchor reserach now, again, I remind you this may be Allah's way of saying I removed the gap of revelation that was there, that burden of darkness that was there I removed that from you. Or it could be that quest, the original quest what was at the Kabbalah land for hada? That that's what Allah azza wa jal did, what effect now look at the crack. And so he you know, also Yeah, Mr. Nya, Allah, the uncover the Harrach, the weight, or the burden, which was breaking your back, that's a

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common translation that was breaking your back. But the word used uncover, not even the Arabic language is actually so too cerebral, maximally worldly. So to examine Mufasa li or Farah, Farah, Cartullo, ASABE. It's used for when, when you put too much weight on something and you start hearing cracks, like you know, you have you have like a cheap table like an Ikea table or something, and you're sitting on it, and you start hearing

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that sound is actually Nuffield, that it can't take much more, you stay on it, it's gonna break. Similarly, the sound that's made when somebody's carrying a heavy back load, and you hear something snapping like

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that happening in your back, that's actually in the feed. When people like pop their fingers. I don't like doing that. But anyway, when they do that, that's actually also called knotted. Okay? The idea that the burden you were carrying, was already making signs that your back is about to break, you're not going to be able to bear any more of this. The signs of you collapsing, were already showing up. And you were on the verge of that when relief came. And so that's the meaning of LSD and Caerlaverock. You know, by the way, the back is supposed to be the strongest part of a person. The strongest muscle of a body is our backs and this is actually why you haven't you have in the Quran,

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when somebody is being reinforced, then a reinforcement is called over here. Well he means he backs you up literally backs you up, meaning He strengthens your back. Also push Don't be he doesn't he reinforced my back with him Musa alayhis salam asked for Harun reinforced my back with him because the back is the thing that's going to carry your weight when somebody is buried under bankruptcy. In Arabic, they're called fatigue factor actually means of your back to snap, meaning you're under so much pressure that your back broke. That's actually called *er. Okay, so that's the theme in the Arabic language for strength, which is love. So when he says your strength was, you know, your back

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was breaking, he's actually saying you no longer had the strength to carry the kind of stress that was on you. And Allah relieved that from you. He removed that from you when he gave you this revelation. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the

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Quran accessible and easy for all of you so take us up on that challenge join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section