Ismail Kamdar – Building Confidence, Dealing with Setbacks and Criticisms – S3 Ep1

Muslim Life Hackers

“… now we think to be humble we have to think low of yourself so guess what? If you think that you are stupid, if you think that are dumb, if you think that you can’t do anything then you are not going to do anything with your life. The entire ummah is thinking like that, the entire world is going to do nothing and when we look around the world today, the Muslims are not leading in any fields. It’s because we don’t have the confidence to lead, we are killing each others confidence.” – Abu Muawiyah

Questions Asked:
– What motivated you to write about such topic?

– Do you think that there is a problem of low confidence in the Muslim community?

– If we know that Allah swt will help us and give us success in anything we do, why is having self confidence important? How does this fit in?

– What is the difference between self confidence and arrogance? How can we ensure we nurture the former and not the latter?

– It’s easy to claim that we are confidence but what are the signs of insecurity and low confidence?

– In the book, you make a point about people who criticise generally have low self esteem. Why is that the case?