Do you know about Zakat!

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Now if you don't want to show you that you might be doing something wrong right now what's gonna happen? Think about

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that what is it without people? Why is it that I'm just gonna Okay every year comes and just do the normal I just work it out how I know does it guys Have you ever gone through scholar? Have you ever gone to a course of Zakah Have you ever gone someone said listen I want to know because man I don't want to end up on the Day of Judgment with a snake that comes from my feet wrapped around dark light in around my legs around my hips comes all the way to me to my face rubs me my entire body and they looked me in the face and says I'm a man who can I can Zook the annual wealth I'm the holding wealth you have which you never paid zakat upon.

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If you don't think the calculation of

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things these days you got stocks you got these coins by friends many coins that are out there you got to find out first what is halogen versus what is not hard to invest second thing is if you got those stocks in communion thing for example you've got gold you've got this you got land you've got produced I know

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a lot of love these a lot of our uncles and redo it become a dad this and he got because so much land in Bangladesh and then they grow rice on those lands and then fumbled the so much rice that they grow that they eat some of you have in the sending a lot of it right the selling quite a lot of you know what they call Damn, they're selling this this rice out yet. There's zakat on that on the part of the cylinder making profit if they're above a certain threshold activates the government. I'm not saying something wrong in recruitment, who disagrees? There's something wrong with that. No, have to be careful as long. I mean, the most, I mean, some Sharif place.

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You're above a certain threshold, and you're now selling the products as a business. You're making money from it, there's gonna be certain you're gonna know they're the ruins of it. My point is this, whether it's this ruling the God ruling. Do I know my own religion properly? And if I don't know why haven't I gone to the scholars or to the Imams to learn about