Ali Hammuda – The ICJ Ruling – Victory or Setback

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of storytelling to reassure people about their past and create a sense of belonging, as well as the use of gifts and brandy to remind people of their culture of the past. They also discuss the loss of young man's death in Saudi Arabia court and the importance of justice in dams, as well as the success of the Israeli entity and the use of social media to promote Islam. The UK's national security act is a way to ensure citizens' privacy and the importance of justice in dams is emphasized. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a message about a new message in the book.
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Having recognized that stories are perhaps one of the most effective strategies out there to stabilize Iman faith to strengthen buckling Islam and to reassure our broken hearts. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam often employed this strategy of storytelling, giving his companions the accounts of the people of the past who endured immense adversity and punishment and injustice only to meet this suffering with patience and reliance upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and good expectations in him he would share with them the stories real life accounts of the nations of the past, I may share with you this afternoon one of them perhaps one of the most tremendous of them

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a real life story transformative story that shifts our perspective completely overhauls our paradigms as per what it means to lose or win shifts perspectives as per the meanings of victory or loss all found in the story which Muslim narrating his a handyman will tell me the in his jammies on the authority of Sahiba Rooney are the Allahu Anhu. So hey, that companion who himself had suffered so much at the hands of the pagans in Makkah, he said that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the Companions, there was a king from the people of the past who had a magician working for him. The magician said to the king, I have reached old age, it's time for you, Your

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Majesty to send the young man fresh blood so that I can pass down my knowledge of sorcery to him. So he sent him a young man who learn to teach him the science of magic. This young man would make his way to the magician, and he found on one of those journeys, a monk in Arabic era had a worshiper, a man with a monotheist a believer in Allah, and he would sit with him, he would listen to his talk, and he found it appealing but that means that when you would arrive the house of the magician to learn magic he was late to the magician would beat him for being late. The young boy complained to the monk the worshiper and he said this is what is happening. So the monk said to him either

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Conchita a Sarah headphone pada Sunni, Shia Sunni Asahi, if you fear that the magician is going to beat you for being late say my parents helped me and if you fear that your parents are going to beat you for being late coming home say the magician helped me up healer a solution to get him out of this situation. On one of those mornings when he was making his way to the magician to learn magic. He found that there was a beast of some sort and animal that was blocking the passage of the people they couldn't cross the road but the young boy he said to himself, a Leona Alamo. Sadhguru Hi Iran. Amira hippy said on this day I'm going to find out once and for all, who is better the magician or

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the monk, I'm sitting with both who was closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So he picked up a stone and before he threw it, he said, Oh Allah, if you love the monk more than the magician then caused this beast to die, and he threw the stone it hit the beach, I didn't die, people were able to be realized Allah Almighty had chosen for him the monk, not the way of magic. So the young boy went back to his teacher, the monk and he said, such and such happened today. And the monk realized what this means he said to him a bona young man until young man of Borromini on this day, you have surpassed me you are now greater than me but Bella, I mean America era, we're in Africa, sir, to be

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taller, you are going to be tested either later, but after doing garlic so when you are tested, don't tell them of my whereabouts. Please, this boy with the passage of time was honored by Allah subhanho wa taala. Now he was curing people who are blind and he was curing the people with Boris who were the leper, people suffering with leprosy and other types of illnesses. So the royal adviser of the king who was blind caught wind of this young man who could cure people so he assembled a huge mountain or a collection of gifts, and he summoned the boy he said to him, all of these gifts will be yours. If you're able to restore my site, the young boy said to him in the last week I had and I

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don't cure people now use filler, it is Allah who cures either mentally la he doubt Allah halacha Shafaq. So if you accept Allah as your Lord, I will pray to Allah and He will give you your eyes back. He said, I believe in Allah Almighty. So the young boy made dua and Allah restored his Orissa this royal advisor goes back to the king, the king says to him, you can now see again, who cured you. He said Allah the king said to him, you have a lord other than me. He said to him, Robbie, what a book Allah, my Lord and your Lord is Allah. So he detained this royal advisor, and he tortured him till he coughed up the whereabouts of the young boy, he found the young boy, they detained him and

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they tortured him. They said to Him, you are now curing the blind, you are curing the leper, the young boy said, I don't cure anyone. It is Allah Almighty, who cures so they tortured him and so he then coughed up the whereabouts of the of the monk. They brought the monk they detained him. They said to Him, renounce your faith, leave Islam

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Mmm he said, I will never do that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then describes what happens next. He said that wildlife, Shah Rahimafrooz, the ROTC for succotash, they brought the saw and they placed it on his temple or in the middle of his head, and they cut him into two pieces, both of his sides collapsed onto the ground. Then they returned to the monk after killing the royal advisor. They said to Him, renounce your faith, he said, I will not they brought the sword and they cut him in two pieces in front of the child, and he folds down into two pieces. Then they bring the child they say to him, renounce your faith, he says, I will not renounce my fate. So he called upon

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some of his companions. This is the king and he said, Take this young man to the mountain, tell him to leave his religion if he does not throw him off, but they take him to the top of the mountain. And here the young boy who said, Allahu McWeeny him be mushy. Oh, Allah has saved me from them in whatever way you wish. So the mountain began to shake La ilaha illallah those men tumbled to their death. And the young boy went back to the king walking king said to him, Where are your friends? He said, Allah Almighty has dealt with them to the King spoke to another group of his advisers. He said, Take him to the middle of the ocean on about Elohim to renounce his faith. If he does not

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bring him into the sea. They take him into the middle of the ocean, leave your face the young boy he said, Allah Who McFeely Hindi murshid Allah spare me of their harm in whatever way you wish and the boat over tons and they drown to their death and he goes back to the king walking King says to him, What happened to your friends? He said, Allah Who mighty took care of them for more than a young boy, he said to the king to cut a long story short in that guy, Lester, because it really had to

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be you're not going to be able to kill me till you do as I tell you to do the king said to him and what would that be? He said you are to assemble the entire community where they can see me then you are to crucify me on a tree trunk, then you are to pull out an arrow from my quiver, then you are to shoot that arrow at me whilst you say Bismillah here I believe in the name of Allah, the Lord of the young boy, then you will kill me and the king in his ADSC he did the exact thing and he assembled the community. He gathered them he brought the young boy and they crucified him. Then he pulled out an arrow from his quiver and he placed it into the bow and shot saying Bismillah here a bill hula in

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the Name of Allah, the Lord of the young boy, the error was launched and it hit him on his temple here on the side of his head Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes to his Sahaba exactly what happened as if he had seen it. He said the young boy raised his hand and placed it on his temple in pain, and then he died on the scene. Interestingly, this is a quick folk footnote I share with you in the narration of sorry, in the mama tell me these narration he says that during the time of a mural, meaning honorable hubbub, the corpse of this young boy, he was on earth and he found that his finger was placed on his temple just as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had

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described all those years ago. Subhanallah when the community saw this, they said, Hula,

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hula, we believe in Allah, the Lord of the young boy, we accept Allah as our God, the Lord of the young boy, they said this three times. So one of the advisors of the king, he said to him, you see what you are afraid of three people becoming Muslims. The entire community has now believed in God Almighty, what are you going to do? The king instructed for the digging of the dude, the trenches in the ground trenches were dug out in the entrances of the cities of the road so that no one can escape and he instructed that firefighters to be filled within these trenches, and then set ablaze he said, anybody who refuses to renounce his faith, you push them inside and these men they stood

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down, they sat on the edges of those trenches, pushing people inside who were refusing to reject Allah, men and women and children, and elderly. There was a genocide of a community till a woman came and she was carrying her breastfeeding child. Our Prophet said she hesitated was a mother and then the baby miraculously spoke and said, Yo Ma, is very inaccurate and baby said Mother, be patient because you are upon the truth is the end of the store two weeks ago, when the ruling was issued in the ICJ to deal with the case brought forward by the South African legal team may Allah Almighty reward them many of us had mixed feelings about the outcome you're expecting more

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particularly because the end ruling is only going to be released maybe 10 years down the line, and particularly because of the killing only became more intense post rolling and arrogance and defiance escalated post rolling. We were disappointed profoundly though the outcome found that Israeli activity there in Gaza could amount to a genocide. The story you just heard, however, of the young boy and the king and the magician shifts our perspectives completely. The meaning of victory and loss is now overhauled and changed despite the young boy detained, tortured, publicly executed and then his community subsequently genocided sparing not a single one of them. Allah Almighty describes

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it in Surah Baluch al flows with Kabir it is the great success Allah great success in Alladhina satin remote meaning in our community from Mala Mia to bow

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Hello Hamada Bucha, Hana. Hurry Allah says those who punish the believing men and believing women, meaning with higher without them repenting, for them will be the punishment of *. And for them will be the body of the fire. Then Allah said in Alladhina amanu well I'm you know, Sally Hardy, Nahum Jannat, that you read me on how their nickel foes will be here, but those who believed and they did good deeds, so then we'll be gardens beneath which rivers flow Allah said, this is the ultimate success. That is the great success you will say to me what success is there in the people of the trenches being killed in this way? And you will say to me what success was there in the young

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boy being killed in this way, I say to you that the success was in part when the young boy succeeded in bringing together the community to hear the narrative of truth, even though they died. This was part of the success. The success was the ability of the young boy to break the stronghold on the media that the powers that be had at that time and he was able to assemble them for them to hear a brand new message of truth, even though it costed him his life, Allah said this is a great victory. Why? Because in our estimation, to die upon the truth and enter Jannah paradise is infinitely more honorable than to live upon a lie, then go to help South African legal team presented a formidable

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case that was described as having merit, we were afraid that they would reject it on a technicality it was accepted and what was age, genocidal ideology and genocidal talk and genocidal action at the hands of designers that were scattered all over the internet was gathered in a formidable document of 84 pages. A catalogue. A dossier is arguably the most formidable legal document to ever be presented to any legal body to watch the proficiency of that legal team presenting the case on behalf of an owner that is making its way up, let us say was a spectacle in of itself for the wild during an eight hour uninterrupted live stream presentation in articulation, coherence in an

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organized manner, without interruption without a disturbance, to hear the side of the innocent and the oppressed to hear the words of justice. This is a success from Allah Almighty during this Mohalla this phase, which is part of a longer journey, but we thank Allah for what He has given us. And we see a success though the killing resumes in Gaza, and so does the hunger since that day since that ruling in the ICJ the word genocide has become a household expression. Young and old are talking about genocidal ideology and genocidal talk and the genocidal action of that Zionist entity has become household conversation laid bare for the world to see what was yesterday a shield of

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immunity that they had enjoyed from any type of critique has now been breached. And people talk and when I say is that I am I'm genocide in the same sentence, no one can now accuse us of being anti semitic, no one can accuse us of being Jew haters. No one can accuse us of being sympathizes with terrorism automatically an operative for this group or that group. It has been laid there for the world to see. And we thank Allah Almighty for that. And we say this is a photo of Kabir. This is part of the success Allah Almighty has given us in dunya. In a much longer journey, we make use of this historic moment to stay active within the parameters that the UK legal framework still permits,

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there's still much we can do. Number one, you take it upon yourself, my brother, as a leader of your household leader of your school leader of your ISOC, leader of your messaging leader of your whatever it may be, contact those companies that are still working with the Israeli entity, whether they are the arms companies or their likes, and say to them You may be complicit in genocide. Number two, consider setting up public exhibitions about Palestine and about Islam to meet the surge in demand for people to know what is Palestine what is what is the reality of this religion that is defining and underpinning their patience and their resilience. Number three, to contact as a

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professional as a lawyer as a solicitor as a businessman, as a homemaker as a mother to contact the ice JP, the International Center justice for Palestinians, which is a private organization set up by academics and lawyers and politicians. So the aim of supporting the rights of the Palestinians contact them, I can support you, how can I help you? How can I pull my resources with yours? What can I do for you, that's number three. Number four, as a user of social media, you hit upon yourself my brother, my sister, yourself a daily target of one post, you will reshare on your whatsapp status on your Insta, whatever it may be on a daily basis. You are part of the struggle in the eyes of

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Allah, gender Generico was all said and done. We never lose sight of the bigger picture. There was something in our RP in our ideology that makes us very different to anybody else out there as most unwanted

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those defining features of us our belief in the Amalfi sab the day of reckoning, they have standard the Day of Judgment when not a human being will escape the court of Allah. We understand that the life of this world was never designed to dispense justice entirely. We don't expect that we work with all of our minds bring the complicit to account in dunya but we realize it may not be possible. What makes us different is we believe in your monkey Jana who can escape justice from Allah Jalla Jalla Allah it is our belief in this day that forms our decisions and influences our thoughts and behavior. It is our belief in this day that causes us to lower our games. When we see unrest haram

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in front of us. It's the belief in that day that causes us to shun riba interest in any of its forms. Regardless of the fact that you have received it is the belief in this da that causes us to reject the selling of alcohol to reject the usage of * to end our relationships and haram those clandestine behind the curtains really, that's what causes us to stay away from these things. It's belief in yarmulke piano that causes us to not steal to not oppress not swear Do not slander and do not backstab because we are afraid of yomo piano and that is why no matter generates in his sunnah and on the authority of Jabba the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said to a group

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of the companions who had come back from Abbey, senior haberdasher? He said to them, Allah to Hadith only big be moderate, and we will have Asha, you're not telling me of some of the wonders that you saw in the land of Abyssinia? What did you see in Africa and one of the young men said that we tell you something or messenger of Allah, listen to this. He said messenger of Allah once we were set a group of companions and we saw an old African lady passing by from their religious clergy carrying earthenware on her head, a vessel of water now young man came from behind her, he placed one of his hands between her shoulder blade blades, and he pushed her violently she felt to have haste and her

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vessels smashed into pieces. She looked at that young man, listen to her words woman who understood the true justice is not found in dunya I may never be able to push you back. But listen to this young man she said to him off at Yahoo that treacherous man you're going to soon find out that whether Allah who could see the day when Allah will establish His footstool on the Day of Judgment will Akhirin when he gathers the first and the last of creation with a calamity ad will be met can we actually moon and when hands and feet will speak about everything they did in dunya? A cell for die alone will key for cool embryo America and the whole world and on that day, you're going to find

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out how am I MATA is going to be settled with you. We work for justice in dunya. With all our minds, we also recognize in the back of our minds that true justice will not be dispensed in dunya partial justice perhaps full justice is tomorrow yarmulke This is what gives comfort to the believer. So the ICJ is part of our struggle. But while our eyes are so obsessively fixed on your monkey Anna we know that is when man will stand so I will conclude this goodbye. And I recite to you some iron at the closing verses from Surah 14 of the Quran, Dept of Ibrahim and his verses that speaks so powerfully to every king, every president, every prime minister, every assembly member, every individual who

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wielded any type of power over anyone or anything versus say to them don't feel mistakenly and naively that you're able to be safe because you evaded a worldly punishment. It says to those who managed to pervert the course of justice today don't feel safe don't feel secure with Allah Almighty is your scheming and you shall stand before the king what do the verses say? Listen carefully. And I leave you with this ledger literally I know who the king and medical Mabu he says Allah Subhan Allah ha ha feelin Amaya Malou volume never make the assumption that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do nama you a hero Hermione Sophie he absorbed he's only delaying them for a day when the

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eyes will stare in horror McLean The Day when they will be rushing fluid. What are your Oh, see him craning their necks looking up lie or cat do you lay him or for him never blinking once from fear what if either to house and their hearts will be completely void the nurse and warn mankind yo nyati himolla On the Day when the punishment will arrive by a kulula Enough Allah mu when the wrongdoers will scream and say what I've done a hero Isla Jalin Corrib Najib ADA Awatere cow and a tabula rasa our Lord please give us a little bit more time we will respond to your call and we will follow the way of the messengers but Allah will say to them I want them to a cool new Aqua symptom in Kabul

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Lunala comienza burn you the same people who used to swear that your power will come to no end or second to envy Moroccan inlet enough Allah mu and you used to pass by the ruins of the perished civilizations but today in Allah calm que Fattah Al Nabi him and we made it clear to you how we dealt with them while they will unfurl and we get

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gave you example after example muckety muck, Allah said and they are making their plots were in the Lahemaa Quran but all of their plotting is known to Allah but kinda mcru Whom liters who will Amin who Jeeva even though they're plotting may be so powerful that it can do away with the mountains Falletta seven Allah Hemani fell on the heels to never think that Allah will fail in his promise to His messengers and Allah has he's going to calm because Allah is Mighty yz and capable of punishment Yo Ma Tibet, Delhi will

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give us an hour on the Day when the earth will be replaced with another Earth and so will be heavens Maraj

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kaha they will emerge to stand before Allah, the One the subdued Patara emoji remain even more Iranian sfat and you see the criminals on that day bound together in chains serra de la hoomin katha Iran wearing garments of TA well DA will do homeowner on their face is completely covered with flames the IGC Allah who called NFC Marchesa, but this is so that Allah may repay every soul with what it had done in Allah has said you know he sab ALLAH is quick to hold people to account and then the final I heard Bulacan Linda's Quran is a sufficient reminder for humanity, well, you will be here and so that they may take a warning from it. Well, the Alamo and NEMA who are Isla Hua hate and

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so that they realize that he is only one true God when he had that Cara Alba so that the people of understanding may take heat

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