A Ramadan of change #02 – Not all guests do this

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The speaker describes a guest who left a trash bin in their house and is now struggling to honor them. The guest's actions have caused their partner to feel sorry, causing them to feel embarrassed and make them feel like they are just doing their job. The speaker emphasizes that the guest's actions are not just a rush to leave, but rather an act of honor.

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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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Two brothers and sisters. Imagine with me a guest who makes an effort to visit you from afar, one whom you hadn't seen for an entire year.

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Shortly after this guest leaves, you notice that they had taken the trash out with them. They had cleaned your home. They had even repaired structural damages in your house that could have posed a threat to your life. They even renovated your home, making it look as spotless as it did on the day it was built.

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And then upon realizing this, Yola, guilt begins to consume you. Because you now begin to realize just how short you'd fallen in honoring this guest. I mean, for starters, you kept giving him the impression that you wanted him to go home.

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This is precisely what the month of Ramadan does year in year out, I guess that visits you once a year. And then when it leaves, it takes with it, all of your sins, all of them that had weighed so heavily on your back, and were on the verge of jeopardizing your hereafter. It did that. And speaking about this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mon sama automobilia Iman and YT Saba Wolfie Allah Who Mirta condom I mean, don't be whoever fast the month of Ramadan

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out of belief that it's an obligation and hope in the reward, there's anticipation, what would Allah do, all of his previous sins will be raised. So it's through this lens through that lens that we just spoke about, that the people of the Hereafter look at Ramadan through it. So they're excited. They're happy. They're generous. They're offering a hospitality to this month, far from whining from the pangs of hunger and complaining from the disruption of sleeping patterns. No, they don't do that. Their slogan is Oh, Ramadan please don't be don't be in a rush to leave us because my sins are still heavy. And my heart is still Ill allow me Oh Ramadan to host you as you deserve. May Allah

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subhanaw taala allow us to do just that. Oh, Rama

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Massoud merci

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welcome Rama

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