Ali Hammuda – Be honest – What is your experience with the Qur’an?

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reciting the Prophet Muhammad's words during a sermon, as it can be difficult to read them in a straight line. They also mention a person who recites the Prophet's words in a measured way, leading to people reciting them in a way that is not their main priority. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding reciting the Prophet's words in a manner that is not their main priority.
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What is the effect of the Quran upon you was the last time you recited an area, you said your Allah, and you began to weep when

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Muslim narrates on your authority of Hodeidah

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an experience that he had when he prayed with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the night.

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And how they differ, was there for a very long time.

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He recited suatu Baqarah

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and in surah, Tunisia, chapter four, and then Surah two Ali Imran was reciting on on I mean when I calculated it, you're talking at least four hours in one day.

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And then he bowed down for a similar duration to the standing

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ovation when he prostrated it was a similar time to the Bowery

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hotel there you first said Yakata Amata Silla, he was reciting the Quran calmly, leisurely

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either Mr. Ravi su erlin son, if you came across an area that speaks of a request from Allah, he made a request he paused the order be give me your A B bless me, your A B shower upon me. dynamic relationship with the book of Allah.

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What either Mara bat hijab in Tao worth.

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If he comes across an area that speaks of punishment, he would stop you or be protecting me. You're gonna be shield me from that punishment. So this is something that we can do when reciting the book of Allah Inshallah, as many scholars have said, Ma'am, in Salah.

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And a similar experience was narrated by alphanumerical Zhi when he prayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a similar experience with Abdullah he when he was old. In fact, with the Mossad, he said, I prayed with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam at night had her mom to be unreasonable, till I was on the verge of doing something bad.

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They said, What were you going to do? He said, I want you to sit down, give my Salaam and leave. That's too long. And who is saying this, the scholar of the Quran Abdullah Hebrew Messiah, Allahu Akbar are messengers and I send them Imam

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what aterial Quran Atilla Allah said to him recite the Quran in a measured resuscitation. So he moved he he interacted with the Quran what is your reaction brothers and sisters when you hear it? Or when you when you recite it? What is your reaction? Ask yourself this question the morality system

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and one of the easiest ways to measure yourself where you are with respect to this one here is to see how do you behave with the commandments and prohibitions of the Quran?

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Look at the words of Abdullah he with the Mossad who said Latin three ruhuna for radically Walter who has the share it play for under Igea EB Well hurry Kobe Hill Kulu wala yaku Akira surah

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he said don't recite the Quran as if it is old dates falling off a tree.

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And don't recite it hastily as if you are reciting poetry. Rather pause at the wonders of the Quran

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and move hearts through its verses and don't make your main priority getting to the other end of the surah don't make your main priority getting to the other end of the surah that should be the last of your concerns. The main concern is your up is the medicine coming into my heart Am I changing?

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And let me give you an example of a people who changed when the book of Allah was recited.

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I want mother I Isha she said as Bocconi written his a here, er hammer Allah Who Nisa and mohajir it oh well, may Allah have mercy upon the ALI immigrant women the companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why she said because when the verses of hijab were revealed will he have the Ribena before Maria hymnology up

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when the verses of hijab were revealed, she said shocked Namo Tahuna.

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The moment the verses of hijab were revealed the Quran, they began to rip the outer garments. They began to tear apart their outer fit garments and they began to cover themselves with it. Look, they didn't need a carefully crafted JPEG, Instagram post. They didn't need hours upon hours of convincing through Friday sermon or lecture.

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They needed an iron

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when Allah Jalla Julianne who finally prohibited alcohol, measure this against your addiction, your yearning, your craving that you're now maybe struggling to desist from till this day, when the idea of prohibiting alcohol finally arrived after phases, Allah said verhaal Entomb monta Hoon? Will you now desist? Omar Radi Allahu Anhu said entertainer, entertainer yo

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This is the end of it your A B this is the end of alcohol. Who can say that?

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When the messengers Allah Allah who was set up Sahih Muslim came across a companion who was wearing a gold ring.

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He took it off his hand and launched it. He said to him Yama do a hello Camila Jamara teen Minnaar if I have here the why is it that I see one of you taking an ember of fire and putting it on his hand? Why is it that I see one of you taking an ember life cold, putting it on his hand?

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So I'm on came to this companion when the messengers I sent them disappeared. He said to him, hold them back interfere, behave, why don't you go and take your ring? Make some sort of use of it? That's just gold being thrown on the floor. Make some sort of use of it. The companion said, Oh Allah.

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Lo Allah. La who who works with Torah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by Allah will never do that.

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How can I pick up something that the Messenger of Allah throw away? How can I pick it up?

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Say the same dear brother, this is to to yourself. That relationship outside of marriage, for example, is something the messenger sent him throw away. How can I pick it up?

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That cigarette, you and I may be lighting post if

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the salah that we are sleeping through the interest based transaction. We're still engaged in the bad language that you and I may use when falling out with our spouse. These are things he threw away. Why are we picking them up?

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He joblessness or a hijab that mimics an attire that is not ours. That's something the messenger assassin threw away. Why are we picking it up? He said by Allah I will never pick up something that the Messenger of Allah throw away Allah

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