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You know, medicine, some medicine are bitter at the bitter end, you know? It's, it's not

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pleasant. Yeah. But after when you when you start to feel the effect, the pleasant effect of of healing the cure coming Yes, you know, then you realize that you were sick now you are getting healthy. And that cure is good for you and you like it, you love it. This is

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the juice, juice bar here with nothing but beautiful juices healthy alternative, I mean the right way to go ahead and put the right things in your body and we got a brother here, who we're gonna ask a very important question what turns you out to Islam? What turns you on to actually thinking about the purpose of life to now you're actually practicing the purpose of life in the deen. Before like, six years ago,

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I came to this point in my life where I started to think about the purpose of life. And me and my good friend, sly, you know, and

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we started to

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a lot of aspects of philosophy, some theories,

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a lot of people who do the research about the community in all different levels.

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And after some time, we came across

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Islamic view

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on life,

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and coming from Muslim background as

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coming from a Muslim background in my family, I didn't practice Islam, I did a little bit as a kid.

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It was very, very interesting to me to start learning about something that was part of my family history and my,

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my history as a whole as a person. Because you know, everybody called us Muslims around us, people who weren't Muslims used to call out Muslims. among ourselves, we used to even celebrate eats, buy items, as we call them,

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and so on. But it was

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all of it was something I didn't quite understand. And it was

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because part of folklore, but then we,

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as we went into, into it, we reached some some informations that we didn't know before. Like,

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we always like me and my brother and my my brothers, like we always believed in God in the Creator. And when we talked about it, we never denied it. And we, it was clear to us that this creator was one it was really simple to us, we accepted it very quick. But then we came to, to Quran to put on we started to find out about Quran, you know, what it is, it is represented as a direct word from the Creator, passed through

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angel, Gabriel, to his final messenger to humanity, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And then after we

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went into this

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knowledge about cron, we

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will start to find out that Quran is full of information,

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which could not be known by a simple

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Shepherd, from the seventh century.

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Or to be exact shepherd who used to live almost 1500 years of

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information about the universe expanding about planets, being in the in moving into orbit, even the sun, which was absolutely not known at the time,

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as we found out before,

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then we came across the development of embryo in the mother's womb.

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Exact stages

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of development of embryo and also which was very interesting, this one, one thing about the history.

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Like Egyptian hieroglyphs were not known. At the time, it was a dead language. It was deciphered, I don't know maybe 100 years ago, 150 years ago by some unknown

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You're French scientists.

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So the hieroglyphs are the ancient Egyptian language was dead at the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but Quran talks about

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the rulers of Egypt in the time of Ibrahim Ali Salam. And Quran talks about the rulers of

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Egypt in the time of Moses, or musala, Salah. And

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Quran talks about the rulers having a different titles, rulers of Egypt at the time of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam

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is called his title is king.

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While ruler of in the time of Mussolini Salam is referred to as Pharaoh.

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And historians thought that Egyptian rulers was we're always called Pharaohs never keys. Until

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hieroglyphs or ancient Egyptian language was deciphered around, I don't know, maybe 350 years ago,

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when this knowledge was uncovered that indeed,

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rulers of Egypt at the time of Ibrahim alayhis salam were indeed called

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kings, and in the, in the time of Mussolini, some, so to keep it not to go into the information in the Quran, one after another, led me to be convinced that this comes from

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the source

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other than a man source, from the source who knows it all.

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And that source can only be God, God, where Allah or Originator of the heavens in the earth possesses all the knowledge. And this came to a conclusion that this could be only

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from that source. So when I when I was convinced,

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convinced about that, then I came to this other conclusion that if I trust this source, I trust this source with the other things. And those other things where I have to establish Salah or prayer, I have to do things which it's where he tells me to do, and avoid things,

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which he tells me to avoid.

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Even if I didn't like it at the beginning, it was strange to me because I grew up, and I got accustomed to a different things.

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But I was convinced this comes from something supernatural, something which is all powerful, all knowing, and I had to submit to this source. And when I started to practice Islam, or these commandments, and advices, and to absorb these informations, which are, which were given to me at the time, immediately, I started to

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feel peace in my life, to to

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first before peace, fulfill purpose of my life, why am I here?

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And it was a tremendous joy.

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To feel, to feel, to come to the purpose of your life, to finally find find out and to be convinced, not only to believe, but to be convinced. Why, why are we here? Why are we living here? And

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why are we dying? Like everything is explained? Everything makes sense?

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And Allah says in the Quran, I have not made Jen, where mankind except to version, a version.

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What advice do you have for other people who are seeking that piece that you have now in Islam, and who are seeking purpose? And they're listening to you? They might be Serbia and Croatia, from the Balkans? What advice do you have for the world out there?

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My advice if they are seeking for the truth, sincerely,

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this this should they should first of all,

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when I before I started to come to this, I did I did believe in God, I did believe in God. And I did ask him to guide me. So that maybe to them. It sounds maybe they don't want to do and maybe don't they don't believe in God right now. But to those who do, even to those who don't think about it, think about it. Think about the creation. Think about all of this. Everything has a purpose around you. Even even this sweater has a purpose. So if you think you don't have a purpose, this sweater has a purpose. Think again, you know

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You will come to the conclusion after a sincere

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reflection upon it you will come to the conclusion that there is a God there is a creator and if you are sincere and you want

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guidance to the truth ask him ask him to guide you and I'm sure he will that's my advice and even if you some things if you don't like them at the beginning you shouldn't go to what I like and don't like but go for what is true and what is false go for for the go for the truth go for the proof what is the evidence what is the proof the things that guides you to the truth not not not the things that

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you know goes with your

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with your passions and desires or whatnot? Well, I like it I don't like it. This is what got me into this one I mean, some some stuff at the beginning. I didn't quite understand I didn't like it it was hard, but I knew it was true. And after a while you know medicine some medicine or are bitter at the bitter end you know it's it's not

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pleasant Yeah. But after when you when you start to feel the effect the pleasant effect of of Julian the cure cure coming? Yes. Now then then you realize that you were sick. Now you are getting healthy at that the cure is good for you. And you like it you love it? As long as they're curious and medicine for the heart for the soul and we'll leave you with that homework. Ask ask the creator alone The one who created you for guidance ask me why am I here? What's my purpose and be sincere and genuine courageous to go ahead and continue investigating with the reliance on the one who created you with no intermediaries no secretary in the middle just a one guy that one crater. We'll

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see you next time. Peace be with us and I'll legal