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Waleed Basyouni
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In 100 Reliant men who want to stay in who wanna study who want to start Pharaoh, when I will do Billahi min sorry ambu cinnamon sejati Imani Namah de la hufa mobila Who am I you will follow her de la y shadow La la la la la la la sharika wash had Wanda Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad

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Ali he was he was certainly Milla who Mata Sleeman kathira Amma bat all praise to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family's companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, one of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah upon us as human intelligence, that you made us an intelligent creature and intelligence or an apple. It's one of the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we should be able to we should be thankful and grateful for lots of Canada

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Ford Motor leaf which is one of the great scholars of Islam one set, my earthly lab donated my time back then he man, our money and metal happen, that a person is not giving a more blessings thing after faith and he man

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more than that, the ability to comprehend is that intellect intelligent is one of the most blessing things that Allah Subhana Allah can give a person and also Antara basically expresses in different ways in the Quran. And one of the ways that he expressed that when he sought when you tell hickmott avocado to hire and kathira those who have been giving wisdom they've been giving a lot of goodness and APA style Mahmoud Abbas in appa Rahim Allah made an interesting observation he said, What are our new kulu Lion Kuru Kuru illa Allah wa Taala him of him are committed to him. He said the interlock never was mentioned in the Quran ever unless it was praised in a positive meaning or

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contacts and aroma from a very Muslim scholars from a very old time discuss the issue of an alcohol interlock. And opium Rahim Allah said will accrue a clan

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z. I feel three we're Apollo MK Tessa booster fat. He said humans interlock is of two forms. One that genetically you're born with it, you don't really acquire it. And another one that you can increase you can acquire you can basically seek and even to me, Rahim odana. His chef supported that earlier and he said was horrible in the gym and he assumed that you were whoever he wrote Madhavi Ahmed, who are called to act 30 sahabah, TN ilma while Abdullah when you have to build a car that are not son, that he said to me that this is what we know from the knowledge that we inherited from the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the majority of the Sunnah and that's

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what our Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah, that authentic narration from him suggested that intellect something can be increased. Then he said something interesting after that, and he said, woman Gemma Allahu Allahu been an alkylene Alma boo. Tessa fucka Nana Hyun kathira. Those are love blast with both that genetically they are intelligent. And also they seek to improve their level of intelligence. That mean giving a lot of goodness and am Rahim Allah said, Amen. Gemma Urbina, Huma Abedin. Lucia sada, those who develop their intellect, those who get smarter by the day, and they work on their intellect, and to be getting smarter by the day. While they are genetically smart as

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well, and have a common sense, because as you might know, by now, common sense I'm not common, you know, so but those Allah bless them with common sense, then they are able to develop their intellect and learn more and to improve their, you know, their ability to analyze and to see through things. They are the one who will live in complete happiness and are not so gradually been excited.

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foto de nada sobre la jolla beenox Sania demon,

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even if you lose one of these two form of interlock, you still have one you can work on

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modern scientist they are very similar approach but maybe with a fancier words, you know and more deep analysis to the issue of intellect. So the said intelligence determine is it determined by genetic or by basically the other factors environmental factors. And I'm not going to take you into this whole entire debate over this and this hookah but it's like basically like most of aspects of human behavior and cognition. And intelligence is a complex trait that influenced by both genetics and environmental factors, environmental factors, intelligence is a challenging to study. It is part because it can be defined, and major by different ways. Most deficient definitions of intelligence

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include the ability to learn, ability to analyze, to learn from experience, to adapt to changing environments, that ability to reason plan, solving problems, thinking abstractly, and understand complex ideas. So it's a simple thing. And everybody, every one of us has certain level of it, but we might differ. Many study rely on a major intelligence to measure intelligence in Swindon known to us as IQ, intelligence, quotient, and I think

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researchers also differ how much our genetics play a role in this. And some study that I have come across the said that maybe up to 50% of our intelligence are genetically and the other 50% is something that influenced by, you know, environmental factors. And some other studies suggests that much lower numbers and these studies difference be the difference between them looks like because of the way they conduct the studies, and the way they analyze that anyway. So in any in any way, there's 50%, according to some is based on something that you can work on, and you can develop and in factors, you know, that impact your intelligence as you grow. So it is strongly influenced by

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environment factors like what the child home and home environment, and parenting, education, the ability basically to be receiving a good education if you have access and sources to good education, also good nutritions among other things, that contributes to intelligence. And I know this is summer, and we have Mashallah long days in the summer. And I want to make sure that we don't get dumber in the summer. We want to get smarter in the summer, and make sure that our children and our family and our community to be smart and intelligent during the summer. So these are a few points I'm gathering for you today to reflect upon and to use so we can make make this summer and a chance

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for us to get smarter. And one of the things that I'll start with Mr. himolla spoke about and it makes perfect sense. This is one of the things that affect intelligence is Tukwila is the conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala the deeds, the good deeds that you do and staying away from the Quran. Why? How intelligence is a blessing from Allah.

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It's something that Allah bless you with. And no doubt, the blessings of Allah are protected by righteousness and you lose the blessings of Allah. The more you send, the more you turn your back to Allah subhana wa Adana, the more or less whatever take it away from you. And you might say, Chef, I know guys who far don't even believe in God not only doing sense, and they are very smart, their IQ is very high. But you know what? What's the benefit of intelligence that it will not lead to Allah, that intelligence will lead to being away from Allah? What kind of intelligence that lead to Hellfire, what kind of a smart and is that will lead to that denying the rights of Allah Subhana

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Allah, that's a curse, that's not intelligence.

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And also we know that any blessings from Allah subhanaw taala it's not only protected but increased by shoukry law. By being grateful and thankful to Allah. We know part of their own religion teach us that we pray to Allah Subhana Allah

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To protect our strength, and no doubt intelligence as part of your strength, low kind of a low it was seldom Medina vs. Matt in our upside in a waku Latina, let us enjoy this our strength, your strength of your mind is so important and even more important than the strength of many of other most of your muscles.

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In no time Rahim Allah said something interesting. He said, when he told me he did not build muscle, and now who you call will apply

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for COVID, lemma hobble abdrabbuh sahoo and muharrem Allah, Allah Allah who neuropathy arati amin how the general life of Quran bainer ayat, Allahu Allahu Allah, no filco Lupe khanewal Muscat de fille booth back at the IoT Hub elbasan that Rahim Allah said that one of the things that you have noticed that increase the intellect the ability to analyze and to see things and to basically see complex matters and analyze them correctly, is the ability to protect your gaze from seeing with his head on. And he mentioned something interesting that he said Allah Subhana Allah and sort of the nor after he talked about the order of lowering your gaze. Later on few verses later, he mentioned the

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verse when Allah subhanaw taala said, the light of Allah is the example of the light of Allah in the hearts of the believer, like the light of the candle in the dark room.

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Another point that will help us to get smart.

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Kinda will Hatchimal busti Rahim Allah and hoomin animosities Jada Tilak Mashallah todo para Abrahamic Hatton booster Rahim Allah said, one of the things that increase your intellect is to be surrounded with intellectual people. Make sure that you and your children, your family, hang around people who are intellectual or basically intelligence. Don't look to the weakest of mind and be around. You need the sharpest mind to be around. That will increase your intelligence and make you smarter. Yoda Mohammed Malika Rosie Perez, me to Abby, Johnson, Al Bab, US deca and can

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for in the polar talent pool, the set that set and be around being the company of friends, or even an opponent who's a smarter than you or someone who's smart. Even your opponent you should somewhat choose someone you know who is smart, because that makes you sharp.

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one of the things that a lot of nebuliser himolla said, If you want your child to be smart, make sure that he or she be around smart people, smart teachers that will absolutely increase the level of intelligence of the person. And in the other hand, if you hang around people who are weak in mind,

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or you know not intelligent at all, and you hang around for a long time with them, you became like them. Yeah, for sure. Sherpa Riku Luna, Karina fayda, jealous. nirmanakaya Akela Mina, they have a delicate

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shirt about a human life said was a great scholar and he said, if you are around people who there have a weak mind, you will be like them. And whatever level of intelligence you have, you will lose it. That's why I remember when hasm Rahim Allah said if you want to have someone to hang out around, and to be with either tanta and does have Allah Julian first have Rajan and via Hassan Hamza, the Carmina and the akuna. Archana has been on hook

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up in Walla Walla Harrison Allah dunya he said one of the first quality of someone that you should look for to be your friends to be someone that you spend much time with someone whose intelligence

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your intelligence is majored by those around you. If you spend your days with people have weak mind you sell your own fate

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number three

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one of the things that that will help you to increase your intelligence and to get grow smarter. What up no Josie Hola Hola. Hola say he said in the Lachlan movie tan Lumi with the hustle you adorable Milan Kel Jerry ha allottee taxi will Mahabharata Mundo I'm in I'm in New Jersey sir. Your brain is like your muscle. The more you exercise it, the more it get better, the more your muscle became stronger, and the more you use your brain, the more your brain will be alive. That's why it is so important for you to use your brain more often.

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to memorize more, to read more, to basically try to remember more, rely on your memory more, focus more, analyze more, you know, one of the things that we have these days, even they have games, it's called brain games. And just to exercise your brain, and the might not beat your game, you know, your ps4, you know, especially for my young audience here. But you know what, this still are important, because it will help you to develop your brain into so many studies shows that accidents improve your eye cue. And people like brain green brain games in general. And some of them you can even download in your iPhone in your smartphone today. And you basically exercise your brain in a

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daily activity. This is just one of the way you can do. And it's I'm amazed by some of these websites. That's for example, just one website of these brain games have more than 50 million, you know, prescribers.

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50 million just prescriber to just one of these work sites. It is important also, as you train your brain and you learn more on you acquire more knowledge and you read and you develop yourself. Don't ever think that you're smarter than everybody else. A lot of our young people today especially in your teenager, and teenage think that you know everything or maybe because not teenage, teenager person. Also though soul reach a great level of

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level of em. You in a study, smash Allah master his area, he thinks that he knows everything about it. The moment you say I know everything, the moment you're ignorant, thinking that you're smart, and can be making a thinking that you're smarter person, the word actually make you stupid.

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make you less smart.

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You know, research conducted by Stanford University psychology professor, Carl Ludwig. I thought Drake in the beginning, hopefully, soon, we got that too. So she said that praising people for their intelligence rather than other rather than their effort, can make people perform poorly over time.

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That's very interesting. conclude. It's a difference. You should not just praise they're so smart. Sometimes we tell your kids You're so smart, so smart, or you toes are smarter, smart, smart, that doesn't help. What else do you know you have a competent, you're smart, you make sure your children smart, but you praise their effort. Those who reached a point with the we call them fixed mindset versus growth mindset. Make sure that you have a growth mindset. Make sure children always hear that from you that they should have a growth mindset. One of the things that make you smarter as well is consulting smart people, consulting people have experience, consulting people have wisdom. The more

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you sit with people or consult them and take their advice, the more you self develop. That's why I'm telling my young audience here today, since it's the summer and a lot of you here, make sure that you don't ever think less of your parents, they have much experience a much to offer. One of the earliest color set a region within Africa, people are one of three children. One is for origin when I say

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they said a person, half a person I know a not not a person at all. He said the one the complete person is the one who are given into luck. He's intelligent, but he also consult intelligent people. And the half is the one who have intelligence and he never consult others.

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And the one who has nothing, the one or no intelligence, and he doesn't consult intelligent people.

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Also, one of the things that it helps you to grow smarter is to learn from your experience. Make sure that you always constantly reflect on your experience in life. Make sure that you always don't let that experience go an incident go without reflecting upon that even wrong or correct, right or wrong. That will help you to develop yourself. But Hatton will boost your Rahim Allah upon laya Kunal mercy refill Usha Hector takuna. He brought him with a job, mechanical auto Buta pole, an APU better job. Intelligence is based on experience.

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One of the things that's also this talk about divided very interesting, he said, one of the things that make a person's weak mind when you talk too much

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colorful, loose cannon.

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What does he do for Turku cannon, if you want to be smarter, talk less. Those who talk a lot and talk talk talk, you know, they are less intelligent. And that's very true. And I don't like only talking too much. I think sleeping too much, eating too much. Looking at too much heroin and things like that hearing all thing kind of thing, you know, anything exceed the limit, it is harmful. But what's interesting, you're familiar with talk shows. That's right. There is a study was made by Australian University, about those who follow reality shows have nothing better than live, except to watch reality shows on people doing their personal life and talk shows, you know,

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actually, the study shows that those who performed very poorly, those who for three consecutive days, we're watching, you know, talk shows and certain amount of hours versus those who don't, who don't know, talk shows and a reality shows. So watching, you know, Judge whatever her name is, you know, it's not gonna make you smart judge, you know, for reality shows, use your brain more than your gadgets. We are relying on so much of a smartphone that make us not smart. And I'll tell you two things you can do about smart smartphone have a great benefits, don't misunderstand me, I have one. If it's not too, okay, I have only one. But it's a great benefit. But there is two things, try

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your best to avoid. Because if you try to avoid them, it's actually make you smarter. Number one

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is using calculator to do math.

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I seen somebody pulling his iPhone to calculate 10 times four.

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I said why he said, so I don't make a mistake.

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You making a mistake, buddy. By doing that, I'm serious. You know, even if it says multiple numbers, you know, try to use your brain, then you can go to the calculator, it doesn't matter. Try to do the odd job. But don't use the calculator right away in your smartphone. The other thing is using the search engine to retrieve information instead of storing the information in your head.

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Try your best to remember well, I have seen people in their own neighborhood using you know, Google Map.

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There is no the not trying our all to remember the roads. And there is tons of study shows that actually exercising your brain. And these things help you to avoid a lot of problems and complications as you grow older, like dementia and other things. Does playing video games and watching TV make you dumber?

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So let's talk about data. This is a common notion. But sorry, parents, including myself is not true. There's no any actually record shows that playing games, video games make kids dumber. There's nothing like solid to make this as a fact. But hey, don't misunderstand me to get too excited. My young, you know, sons here and daughters. Now, actually, there's other harm like social harms, the health harms. But intellectually, actually, that is the contrary. There's a lot of studies and I gather the due for my son's I'm on holiday, and the one will always keep me that. That's false information. games do not make us dumber, you know, and actually, I went on to start researching

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that. And I found that the correct you know, they're smarter than me about this, you know, but there's other other issues with it, like has to do with social even that has been social benefits. But there's other issues and does not that come about, but actually, it does not. But what is important is to watch this, what's make them dumber is not the game or the TV, what's making them dumber when your kids want your attention, and you don't want to give it to them. So you tell them, Hey, take the iPad, or play my phone, or go watch the TV that make you making your kids dumb by doing that, when you don't listen to them when you don't talk to them. When you think that

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babysitting it means is for them to watch a TV. not to have any activity or or reading or yet

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No coloring or any kind of no interactions or talking to them, that will make your kids not very smart. So that's something that you should be aware of. But also some TV shows can actually make kids less intelligent and 2011 a study was made, and general pediatricians, pediatrics showed that children who watch fast paced cartoons, like SpongeBob, in particular, it was mentioned, perform very poorly in mental tests.

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And you can just, you know, Google live, there's a very interesting inner research about this particular shows on what was the results about it. No doubt one of the thing that's helped you a lot to get smart reading.

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Reading is an unbelievable tool for developing your intellect. Read a little every day. What amazed me when I was reading about this, that there was so many studies made and shows something interesting. They said, it doesn't matter what you read, actually, just reading, even if what you read is a very simple thing. It's not a very intellectual thing. It's how your intellect it makes you smarter. So yes, regardless of the content, reading, increase your intelligence and there is many papers was made or done in this area, I highly recommend you to start researching the relationship between reading and you know, how that increase your intelligence because when you

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read, you analyze, you pause, you think, and one of the things that they said it's called a mental discipline, where you can make your mind discipline by focusing on reading and they said it to be effective, you have to have several pages. When I read this, I said to myself, so how long our Deen we should read Quran every day. And we focus, and we should reflect. And we read and we analyze, look, or I'm meant to reflect upon. And that's the best exercise you can do. And the best point that everybody talks about when it comes to how to get smarter, you know,

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it's enrich you with vocabularies we're, we're analyzing with critical thinker, you know, it's amazing impact and it's a very good exercise for your brain. And remember, when you reach for an every letter you get, you get to know Alif Lam Meem I live in London mean that's 30 Hassan, may Allah Subhana Allah Enjoy your commitment to the bone, we are Corona Salam

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Alaikum salatu salam ala rasulillah ariosa human robot, one of the thing that I would recommend very quickly since the time is over, to do in the summer to make you smarter try to study a second language. It's easy to be said than to be done. You know, but learning a language represents one of the top things that make you smarter. Studying language proves challenging the most. It's very challenging to the people. But the good news is this. Studying the language does not help you to get smarter by mastering the language. Even if your language is so broken and poor and worse than my Spanish. Okay, which is opening there's more than that level. Okay? So, if you just put the effort

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even if you don't do any, if you even don't develop yourself, you don't

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