Muslim father and son brutally attacked- Martial Arts Legend Grandmaster Rorion Gracie Reacts

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The man in the yellow sweatshirt is livid.

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After his car was clipped Saturday night here in Jackson Heights, this is an accident accidents do happen, come down. I'll give you whatever you need to get said okay pin me up now.

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Mohammed did not have the $1,000 the man was demanding for repairs and he said that I'm going to kill him now. Then I said no, you're not touching my son and then immediately hit one right hook about his son Adele watched his father fall to the ground here on 17th Street. And then I've never seen my dad knocked out and put in such a humiliating way like this. Never. You know, and I just screamed did the loudest deal that I could possibly do. I just like it was so loud but I wanted to cry I couldn't.

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A woman was with the guy in the sweatshirt. She tried to stop him but then watch as he goes after Adele. At that point, you know, I think you saw I was kind of in a prone position. So I just kind of did this. And you know, I just I could hear you know, pound pound pound. Police say the attacker took their phones and wallet. But me I was just shaking on control. I don't want anybody else to go through it was the guy he did it to me, he will do it to somebody else. Maybe next time it will be worst. And while the welts are starting to heal, the emotional wounds are raw, I was embarrassed that I couldn't do anything to protect my father, that this man just trampled on our dignity that

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was really sad to see what what are your reactions? Now? When you see something could this if someone was trained, you know, I love a blue belt. If he knew you know jujitsu, there's absolutely no way they would have definitely had the elements to control his opponent. That's number one. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is, you know, getting crazier and crazier by the minute. And people like there are not going to disappear. aggressors and attackers like that criminals should be punished, you know, to the full extent of the law. But sometimes you just can't expect somebody to be protected all the time, there is the importance of knowing how to defend yourself, this man

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should learn, find a place where you can learn to defend yourself and practice that. And that would be good for him getting self confidence and the ability to defend himself. But ultimately, you just don't count on people being able to protect you, you have to know how to do it yourself. You know, again, those hoodlums are going to be around forever. It's part of life. So yeah, just has me thinking just you know, because a lot of people train Jiu Jitsu but the butterfly guard and other things. That's I mean, it's effective when you're playing sports or jitsu, but just knowing the core elements of Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is what we teach at our academy. Also, and this is what the

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Gracie system is about, is teaching you how to defend yourself in these situations. Absolutely. The idea of jujitsu has always been prepare you to defend yourself. It's ultimately it's a self defense system. So yes, the best you know what to say. So if you just want to see the sportive aspect of jujitsu, which is really good, nothing wrong, you know how to, you know, spa on the ground and roll around and stuff like that is great. But sometimes

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what happens is an individual goes into a school, where the focus, for example, is for divisions, right? So the guys training up goes up in the rec room, you know, blue, purple, brown, eventually gets a black belt wins a tournament as a black male. And because he was able to hold a certain position, he gets an advantage. And now even as a gentleman, a tournament, and now he's got a black belt. And I always open up by school,

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he opens up a school, it is going to teach what he knows, which is the same concept of this point, this hormone, depriving his students from learning the ultimate program of self defense, which is basically the idea behind jujitsu to begin with. So because the focus is going to be just on this foreign aspect of it, and the sporting aspect of it, the students who never had the opportunity to learn something that could protect them on a real life situation, that is a problem.

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And in fact, this book here that my father did called Gracie Jiu Jitsu, which is now available, it's not available, this is the second the revised editions, it's, you know, we're doing a special sale on the book, if you go to Amazon, you can find it over there for a special price $25 off, covers all these stand up techniques, exactly the stuff you're talking about, which is a movie like this, that shows you what to do in different circumstances, that if you get, you know, find yourself in different positions as supplemental what that is.

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It covers all the different possibilities like different attacks and stuff like that. This is the original self defense program that my father developed back in the 50s for the original reach Academy in Brazil, so forth. So I highly recommend that

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You practice not only this kind of techniques, but finally school where self defense is the focus. You know, that's the idea. I saw one time a video and this is how just stressing how important it is like basic things like headlock escape, because someone can go ahead and hold your head. And just by knowing the proper technique of turning in towards a person instead of a way because I saw a video where someone was was choking someone and the person turns their head opposite and what happens they end up in a choke now and the person ended up going unconscious and now the person who's holding it he doesn't know to let go and he continues to hold so only God knows if he ended up you know, brain

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damage killed the guy, but if you know just from a few class one class that you end up going to and you learn the techniques you know, from that class that can be applied right away if something was to go down, absolutely didn't make all the difference and knowing what to do and not knowing makes all the difference you know, down the street, you don't have to turn left or right. You know, your left goes to one place, you know, right to go in another direction. So had your little bit of knowledge in this program was devised to teach you the whole general concept in like 36 classes. It's basically it's all you need, you know, and if you get the basics on that no matter what

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situation you find yourself in eventually, at least you have an idea of which way to go. It makes a huge difference.