Hajj vs Cup of water

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses a man who used to drink water on foot and become upset, but eventually changes his mind and decides to travel across the globe to endure the hardship of Hajj. He is concerned about the upcoming failure of his willpower to travel across the globe and to wake up on time for the day.

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Imagine Roger Ver handily mentioned the story of a man from the past who used to embark on the journey of hedge every year on foot. And he had no hardship in doing so he was very motivated. On one night, however, whilst he was asleep, his mother requested from him a cup of water from the same house.

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And subhanAllah he found himself very lazy, not finding the enthusiasm to get out of bed and to to bring his mother a cup of water. Now, he paused here, began to reflect

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how he managed to find the eagerness to embark on Hajj yearly by foot. But he failed when it came to serving his mother who was just meters away, not miles away, meters away. How come he realized that that moment that penny dropped, that what was giving him the motivation to carry out hajj on a yearly basis was the praise of people. And this therefore became the beginning of his islamic awakening at the beginning of his repentance to Allah subhanho wa taala. This is advice number one, the fact that we we find the willpower to travel across the other side of the globe and to endure the hardship of Hajj, but we still remain unmotivated to go across the road perhaps is to pre

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selected Asia. The issue of prayer in congregation or to wake up on time for failure is a very worrying sign.