I am a victim of myself – What do I do?

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What if somebody says I yeah, if you have committed some of these sins that you speak about,

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I may have done some of this insincerity is bleeding my mind. Maybe I have killed somebody unjustly.

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Maybe I have acted upon the third and adulterous relationship or one of Xena fornication, and I want to purification is there a way out? Look at the ayat after it. Allah Jalla Jalla Allah Who said 11 Top Allahu Akbar in Lermontov, except he who repents what Armin and believes while I'm EULA melon slaley Ha and follows it up with good deeds. Look at the conditions Allah set formula you can read it Allah Who said it who has an ad for such people, Allah said all you will replace their sins into good deeds. What did he say I will erase their sins? No, no, I will replace their sins and make them into good deeds.

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Allahu Akbar who can do that other than Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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And here the scholars have differed, what does it mean that Allah will replace their sins and make them into good deeds? Like, am I to understand that literally,

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some scholars, everyone had that he said this al Hassan basally. He said this. They said it's to be understood that Allah will replace say shidduch disbelief into Islam.

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Allah will replace weak Eman with strong Eman. Allah will replace fornication with marriage and halal relationship, Allah will replace the innovation with the Sunnah. That's how Allah replaces sins with routines.

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Other scholars have said Wait, there is a literal understanding here. Their actual crime, their alcohol their Zina their interest, that itself will be replaced into good deeds and Allah is Able and this is supported by our Hadith as well. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a beautiful renumeration, one that made him smile. He said you bureaux Julian el melty Amity via Kulu Sandhu, uncIe Harare, the NABI he was asked to be Oh Kibera

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a man will be brought before Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu on the day of reckoning. Allah will say to the angels hide from him all of his major sins and let him only see the minor ones. And then the judgment begins. Imagine in Allah the reckoning begins, I will together worker the young mucca mucca

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mucca mucca. Remember when you did such and such on day such and such?

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I remember when you did such and such on day such and such, why do you think about this moment?

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You remember those moments when we used to watch films with our parents, perhaps we still do. And then a very nude and inappropriate scene appears in front of you. And everyone's like old stuff for a lot of stuff. What am I you start rummaging for the remote quickly you're trying to change it fast forward. It's it's very awkward. A It is haram. B It's your parents were with you. It's just weird. That's another element.

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That's how we feel he today in the life of this world when we see others doing this type of behavior. How then will it be when you and I will be made to read out our actions along with the private ones as well, that we thought no one was aware about and we will be reading it in front of us and Allah the king of the prophets, messengers on all of humanity. How will that be? For many people, their accountability will be in public we ask Allah to make our accountability in private. Allah whom Allah

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so Allah will say to the angels hide from him he has major sins, let him just see the minor ones.

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Then the interrogation begins you did such and such day such and such and he will confess what can he do?

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Then Allah Jalla did Allah Who wouldn't say to him for in halacha McKenna Cooley said he added the Hazara, however we have forgiven you. And we have replaced every one of your sins into a good deed. The man will be so happy and he will say Allah, He will protest Allah where all my major sins. Were all my major sins are mailed to us. Yeah, La, La Jolla. I've done other things Allah, I don't see them here.

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And so the messenger SallAllahu Sallam smiled, until the back of his teeth, his molar teeth could be seen. Allahu Akbar, laughing with joy and hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. So these are three characteristics belonging to the true servants of a Rahman and this is a way out if we have fallen prey to some of these traits.