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The body is the source of temptation and evil, and the importance of balance and being aware of one's body is essential. The danger of social media and overdoing is highlighted, as well as the need for physical health and avoiding discomfort. The importance of body language and finding the right balance between strength and beauty is emphasized, as well as the need for balance and avoiding overdoing. Personal attributes and sharing personal information are also advised.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to say you know when it's still futile when oh the villa Himanshu roti and fusina will see Dr. Medina, Mejia the healer who Philomel Linda will may yield little fella ha de la wa shadow Allah is Ada ILAHA hola Cherie Keller one no Mohammed Abdullah Hora pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA in the halal Hadith Nikita Wallahi to Allah. Well, Hey Ron, had you had you Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, he was a lamb. were short on Ohmori to her coulomb desert in Vida Wakulla be the RTM Allah Allah wa couldn't log on that infinity.

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And my bad

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Rasulullah sallallahu it who only he was alum said let us go to Adam Abdeen yo, Mattia Mati use Alon

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Ohmori he FEMA F now

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while Mahima there I mean Obi Wan MaryLu mean Aina interserver, who are FEMA and Fatah, WA and just me he FEMA Allah,

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He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam that the person on the Day of Judgment, his feet, their feet will not be removed until they answer the following questions that they will be asked how did they spend their life?

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And what did they do with the knowledge that they had? They knew you knew certain things in life. What did you do with that knowledge? And about their money? How did they earn it? And how they spent it? And about their body? What did they use it for?

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What was it worn out? In?

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So we understand from this hadith,

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that as Allah Zoltan is going to ask us about our money.

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That is you have it right now. And Allah will ask you about the source. Where did it come from halal or haram? But also once you got it, how did you spend it? Did you observe Allah's rights? When it came to that money? Did you do the right thing with it? Or the wrong thing? Did you own it? Or did it own you?

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He will also ask you about your body?

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Exactly the same question Allah had given you this flesh, the muscle, the energy and the strength. What did you use your body for?

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And this hadith tells us that we have to pay attention to our bodies,

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because we are going to be asked about them, we have to have an answer.

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And to have the right relationship in regard to your body is not an easy thing to have, especially today, especially in a global culture that is obsessed with the material and with the body.

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To the extent that it is so extreme, that it neglects every of everything else, the soul, the mind, the heart and everything else in favor of the privilege of the body and the pleasures of the body.

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Now this is a reaction by the way,

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Western culture and Western Europe at one time, they despised the body. In the Middle Ages, the body is the source of temptation and evil. So the white way to approach Allah azza wa jal was to punish and to deprive the prey of the body.

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And if you want to understand where celibacy, monasticism,

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self flagellation and punishment over the body, where does that come from? It comes from that belief, the soul is good, and the body is evil, you have to suppress the body. That is an extreme reaction that you don't find in Islam. Islam has a balance, but they jumped from that extreme, to the opposite extreme.

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And you know that in the West, generally, we are running between extremes, we do one thing to the extreme, then we jump to the opposite.

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Now they neglect the soul altogether. If that is if they even admit that there is a soul, the heart altogether. And the focus is on the body and its pleasures, because it's a materialistic culture. And you see that reflected everywhere in entertainment, in business advertisement, who's rich who celebrated,

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who's praised and who's ignored, based on what the surface of the body and the glorification of the body

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and you see it

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in that attempt to strip people of their morality and clothes,

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the more naked you are

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The more famous you are, and then the richer you are.

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And that idea of removing people's clothes

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is not a new one.

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In fact, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran records it as far back as Adam Alayhis Salam, and the plot of the shaytaan against Adam and Hawa

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where Allah azza wa jal says you have any Adam Allah you have Tina nakoma shaytaan Okemah. Raja welcome Mina Jana yen 07 Alma li rehome, so T Hema.

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He says all children of Adam, do not let the Shavon tempt you and lead you astray like he did with your parents, expelling them from Jana, he strips them of their clothes, so that he could show them their nakedness. That this was a plot for the shaytaan to remove the clothing of humanity so that he could strip them of their dignity and take him away from Allah subhanho wa taala. So that same idea, that same plot persists till today, stripping people of their clothes so that they would be so obsessed, and they're so focused on the body.

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This is how we're supposed to assess ourselves. If you're a person who's fit, if you're a person who is beautiful and handsome, if you're a person who is athletic.

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If you have good skin, if you had good face, if you have good posture, if then you are a good person, then you we highlight you focus on you, we praise you. But if you lose some or all of these things, you're not worthy of attention. And you're not worthy of respect. And you begin to look at yourself in the same way. And that's the danger of that you have presented to all of us. And this predates social media, but it gets intensified with social media, you have an idealized, fake

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This is how you're supposed to look how thin you are. This is the color of skin that we prefer. This is the face that symmetrical face that we prefer, this is the hair that we like, and that is presented to everybody, male and female. And whether you're conscious of this or not, when you absorb these images, you begin to compare yourself to that, and constantly feel inferior because of it. I'm not as young as these people are. I don't have the hair that they have, the beauty that they have. And to underscore all of that, look how happy they feel. Look how happy they are compared to my life.

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And we become victims and actual, we perpetuate that when we go on social media, and we put on our best face, our best filters, and we take photographs ourselves and videos with the widest of smiles. And we project that image back. Look how but beauty is imitating somebody else and making somebody else miserable. When they look at what we have, while they don't.

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The body in Islam is not the focus but it also not to be neglected.

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Allah azza wa jal gave us in the Quran Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us in the Sunnah, the balance between the two so that we don't fall into extremes.

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You have any other who do Zenith a canary in the coal they must do the work who worship or who have to sifu is Allah says oh Children of Adam, rest well, when you go to the masjid, and eat and drink but do not transgress

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and how you eat and how you drink.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there has to be Adam, Matthew Kidman or Soulja it says it's enough for the child of Adam to eat a little bit so that his body would stay upright. But if he has to eat more than 1/3 for his food 1/3 for his water and 1/3 to remain empty.

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scholars of Islam have said that all of medicine had been encapsulated in this ayah in in that hadith, because if you follow the direction of Allah and His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam you're not going to be as sick as we are today. What do they say eat and drink too. Don't deprive yourself but learn to study for don't over eat, don't over drink, refrain and restrain. And the Prophet sallahu wa salam gives you clear guidelines. It's enough to eat a little bit for you to stay healthy. If you want to eat a little bit of more. Keep an empty space on your stomach and don't overstuff yourself. This way. You're walking the middle path you're healthy

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But you're not sick because of what you eat.

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And in the ayah

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Allah azza wa jal says who does enough to come into the masjid

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dress well in every Masjid when you come to the masjid

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listen, I has a reason why it was revealed, because some of the daily Arabs, when they would go on pilgrimage in Mecca when they are not from Polish when they want to circle the Kaaba, they would strip naked thinking that that is taqwa. I want you to see the human mind and how it thinks. This is stuff like to circle the cabin kit because I don't want any of these clothes because they are fluid

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that Allah azza wa jal says this is not Taqwa.

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That ways to dress well when you come to worship Allah azza wa jal. So when you go to Al Masjid Haram or any Masjid dress well and don't be naked, and that applies by the well by the way for us today, when you come to the houses of Allah azza wa jal, especially when you come to Juma which is the most recurrent sada and also read, choose the best of your clothing,

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not just regular clothing that you have that you wear every day, no in fact, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam and the Sahaba and the Salah from after they would have clothing and they would have something special for what he and Juma

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not the regular clothes. So if you have two jackets, there'll be one jacket for the better of the two. And another one for the rest of the week. pants or what have you something that is special for Friday, so that Friday feels different. And if you honor Allah azza wa jal and Allah has what he loves, you will feel that in your life, if you neglect it, not gonna feel it. Friday will be like just in any other day. But if you start treating Friday differently, you'll start getting more from it. So I am actually asking you if you want to take homework for you today, you pick something specially for Friday and you mark it this is for Joomla whenever Am I gonna go for Joomla I'm

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wearing this jacket or this thing and bad thing and you make it of the best that you have on or Allah zodion in your life to see honor in your life as well.

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So Allah azza wa jal. Yes, he wants us to take care of our bodies. And Allah subhanho wa Taala wants this body to be strong, because understand it's not a hostile relationship with it. How do you stand up in Salah if your body is not strong? How do you go out to earn money to be able to feed your family and give sadaqa and Zika if you are weak, how do you fast and fasting is yet another thing Subhanallah you see how people today talk about intermittent fasting?

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What are you fast for long hours of the day? Intermittent fasting before that existed? Didn't we have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommending Monday and Friday or each other day. Then we have Allah azza wa jal obligating all the Muslim population, don't population to fast Ramadan, so that you'd be healthier because all of it, we did not maybe know about the effect of that fasting, but we believe when we see the likes of these studies, that Allah has lived and wants the best for you. So you may complain about Ramadan, but Allah is saving you through Ramadan, saving your body through it. So before all that rage about intermittent fasting, remember the fasting of Rasulullah

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he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and how healthy that could make you and come back to it.

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Come back to it because there was a reward in it plus the health benefits. How could you go to Hajj and Umrah if your body is not strong? So yes, Allah azza wa jal wants your body to be strong.

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But it's not everything.

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Where Allah azza wa jal says,

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Yeah, many of them are cadenza, nowaday commonly Bursa, you worry so article Mauritia, whatever. So talk about that because

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it says all children of Adam We have sent down to you and the baths, a clothing that cover your nakedness and for beautification, and the clothing of Taqwa is even better. Here, Allah azza wa jal is counting the clothing that we cover our bodies with as a net amount that we should thank Allah for, and you cover your body out of necessity, out of dignity and out of beauty, out of necessity, out of cold and heat for protection also, out of negativity so that you are not naked

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and also out of beauty. And yet, see how we focus on these things and how much money we spend on them.

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Allah zoton says with the best of luck with any guy

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don't forget

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that your soul is also naked, not just your body and you need to close your soul.

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And if you close your soul with iman and with duck Wahdat is much, much better than the clothes that you buy to cover your body even though both need to be covered.

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See Subhan Allah.

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How much time do we spend buying stuff for body and beautifying?

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How we chase brands.

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And how little time we spend on what Allah says is the better clothing which is the clothing of Taqwa. Imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror now looking at your face, and grooming your your face, grooming your hair, your body, making sure your clothes look fine before you exit your house. Legitimate as long as it's not excessive.

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Do you spend on do we spend enough time examining the soul as well?

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Which is the thing that Allah has nobody looks at now your body.

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When you meet humanity, what are they look at?

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Even Muslims

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and we're not exempt by the way and live there no be elute no illusions even when you come to the houses of Allah azza wa jal because we have the same sickness of everybody else. Even when you come to the house of Allah azza wa jal how do people look at you?

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Right? A person examines what car you driving, right? And assesses you based on that.

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A person looks at the handbag that you carry, but I'm gonna sisters, and the sisters know that very well. What handbag are you carrying? What brand is it? How expensive is your shoes, your clothing, your hair, your hijab, and based on that they assess you and based on that they either treat you well or not. They classify you.

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This is what you're looking at.

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And this is how superficial you are.

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And because you are so superficial, you only only see the surface.

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There's a way out of it. But if this is fine for you, then you could be a superficial person.

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But Allah Allah does not look at that. Gotta be wiser than this. What is Allah Who kept

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your heart

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and your deeds? And that's what you should be focusing on. Not what that person is wearing, not how much money they have. But do they have Taqwa? Do they have love of Allah azza wa jal do they love of Allah. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam you could be the poorest person.

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The poorest person, yet in the masjid or in the city, the best in the heart, the eyes of Allah azza wa jal. You think that Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam exalted himself or distinguished himself with clothing, to distinguish himself from the rest of the Sahaba, when and Arabi with come,

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a Bedouin, a stranger coming first, to see Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under a prophet will be in a gathering, he would stand and he would say, you can Mohammed, which among you is Mohammed. What does that tell you? He didn't distinguish himself Alayhi Salatu was Salam in either in no way.

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Not in the way he was sitting not in his clothing, not in his turban, not in any single way. He was like everybody else, only his salatu salam.

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So, the body is important, but the clothing of the soul is even better. And your body needs your soul and your soul needs your body. The body needs the soul for it to function and the soul needs the body for it to fast and to strive for Allah sake. And both of them together are your vehicle to Allah has ordered. Whereas Allah has devoted for the best in the slide meant that you're after a Hulu COLA that was the federal law do you want to move faster?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on Theban Mubarak and fee who also leawo Sallim ala Rasulillah. Muhammad was early he was so happy he was sitting on my bed.

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As we said that Allah azza wa jal asks us to view our bodies in moderation,

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devoid of two extremes. And the body no matter what body you have should not be a source of pride or shame.

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You should not be proud of your body

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and you should not be ashamed of your body. This is something that is given to you by Allah azza wa jal.

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So if you're tall or you are short, or you're thin or you are fat, or if you're black, or if you are white, none of these things are a source of pride.

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None of these things truly define you.

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And if again, if you have what you consider to be a flaw in your body, that flaw is first now real,

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should not be even seen as a flaw.

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But most importantly, you should not be ashamed of it.

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And for us who are obsessed with our bodies, I asked you to look again.

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If you're going to the gym and you're exercising, and you see yourself getting more muscular,

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ask yourself, why are you exercising? And what is this doing to you?

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Now that exercising is bad.

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But is it making you more prideful and arrogant, and self obsessed and selfish? Are you exercising for a good reason to be healthier to do things that Allah loves, or to look at yourself and have people admire you, because if it's the second, that's the wrong intention, and you are a slave to your body, you're a slave to a culture that is enslaved to its body.

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So you're not supposed to do it for that. Don't be so self obsessed, and also realize that this muscle that you have, you are going to lose to the sisters as well or to the brothers who stand in front of the mirror admiring their beauty, the beauty of the hair or the beauty of the skin, and that propels them to share that with everybody else. Here see how thin I am? tight clothing, see how beautiful I am? See, how am I here? See this and see that? Again, asking yourself? Is this how you define yourself? Allah azza wa jal had gifted you this, and he's testing you with it.

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You think Allah is not going to ask you about these things? If you are strong, Allah did not give you the strings simply because you're privileged. He wants to see what are you gonna do with this strength? Will you obey Allah or disobey Him? Thank Allah or rebel, be rebellious, assist the weak or oppress them. And if you are weak, Allah wants to see what are you going to do with that weakness? Will you submit to Allah and be patient and ask for his help or Rebel, and BNP? And if Allah gives you beauty, that beauty could be any armor. If you use it, well, what a curse and a catastrophe if you misuse it.

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So your body is an Amana.

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And if Allah had given you something good that you have to consider, first of all, that he will ask you about it.

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Consider a second that he wants you to do the best with it, and not abuse it. And also third, don't let it define you.

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The beauty of your face, how long do you think that's going to last? That beautiful skin? How long will that last year?

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The strength of your body, your muscular body that you're so proud of? How long is this going to last year? You're going to start losing all of that sooner or later. And when you lose this, too, are you them?

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Without that body without that face without you know the the strength and agility that you had? Who are you then are you nothing? Are you something still? And if you are something still what is that thing? Because that the thing that is really you?

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And if you say yes, I'm still something, you have to find what that thing is that thing is imminent. Allah says

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that even though everything else around you changes Allah as though does not. And you soul is still connected to him. subhanho wa taala. So the body serves that soul, but ultimately it's going to turn to dust and it will be nothing.

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And the soul remains and the soul is going to meet Allah azza wa jal, and the soul is going to answer these questions. So cultivate the soul with assistance of the body, but don't be defined by how you look. And at the same time, don't neglect how you book.

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So the prophets of Allah Azza wa Sydenham said just as some Hadith about how we're supposed to take care of our bodies, he said, at least Allah was salam how can adequately Muslim and Efdc love equally, Sabathia? Yamini Alma Yasuo Vyasa, who just said, it says it's incumbent upon a Muslim, that he would bathe or she would be once every seven days where they would wash their hair and body.

00:24:20--> 00:24:25

There are people today non Muslims who are saying in fact no, you should never wash. She'd never been

00:24:26--> 00:24:34

but no rasool Allah is Allah Azza wa sallam says it's a must that you should be fully at least once a week.

00:24:35--> 00:24:42

And if you add to this, the will do that we do for every salah. Islam's emphasis on cleanliness becomes clear

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

in sunnah will FITARA a lot of people may know the more you know about them, some may not know about them. So then we'll FITARA where from when you trim your mustache and both male male and female, you remove the hair of the armpits, the hair on the private parts and you

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trim your nails. He said what Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah using them if he then he got in a Yama the prophets of Allah Allah He was in them gave us an upper limit in doing that no more than 40 days. That is at least once in every 40 days, you got to do all of these things.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

Remove the hair of the armpits,

00:25:21--> 00:26:08

the hair of the on the private parts, cut your nails. And if the mustache is long, obviously trimmed the mustache. This is a sunnah that are the Sunnah of the prophets, as well see, understand that. We're never to neglect the body. But once we take care of it, we don't become so obsessed with it that it is the thing that we look for. And on social media. Finally, I just want to really urge you and plead with you. First for our young, do not let your young especially females, but both male and female be exposed to so social media, because that is going to corrupt their mind and social image and will create this this for me this dysmorphia, where they think that there's always something

00:26:08--> 00:26:49

wrong with them. And you look at cultures today, east and west, and how they tried to manipulate their bodies even surgically, they're never happy with whatever Allah has given to them, the nose is not good enough, the eyes are not good enough, the ears are not good enough. All this is from that exposure to that extreme sense, manufactured sense of beauty. So for the young, please don't let them be participants in social media, and delay that as soon as as late as possible, even into their college years. But even as adults, do not share your best moments on social media. Don't say share your best images on social media. Don't share the wealth that you have on social media, please do

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not do that. Because once you do this, somebody else is going to see it who does not have what you have. And they're going to be regretful resentful, and angry because of that thing. There is no need to do all of this. You need to share it, share it with your close friends. Don't send it to the entire world to see. Don't send it to the entire world to see. So as Allah Allah Allah mean before that insha Allah so before I forget, there are brothers here who are collecting donation for the masjid that they are building in Vaughn. They have bought a big piece of land, masha Allah and they have ambitious plans to build a complete Islamic center, msgid full time Islamic school, et cetera,

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et cetera, et cetera, a data center and the closing date is in March. So as I always want to say to people, if there's ever an opportunity to come a participant in building a message, take advantage of it, even as little as $5 or $10. But let your name be written as they he helped and she helped build the house for the sake of Allah as origin and whatever you find that opportunity to take advantage of it. So as a lot of Bella Allah Mirabella Allah mean to make us of those who take advantage of the good one they see it will ask us noble Allah mean to make us of those who participate in the houses of Allah has diligent in building and maintaining the houses of Allah.

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Well as Mr. Homma Rahimi, they make us of those who take care of their bodies, but do not indulge excessively doing that or become fixated on them while asking about herbal alchemy to cleanse our bodies and souls from sin. Worse can Amara Jaime to elevate us among the righteous while asking me out of banana mean fill our hearts with Eman the honorable al Amin, you know and we know that our hearts have hardened and our hearts are distant from you Europol and me and that we here we were your remembrance what we are not affected by what we hear we as you are well and I mean in this last day, by your names and attributes that you soften our hearts and open our hearts to the truth and

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transform us on this day on herbal alchemy so that would be better Muslims closer to you and closer to the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam fill our hearts with Eman fill our hearts with the love of Allah, the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the love that we have for the believers and for what you love your Uncle Al Amin, Allah forgive us all of our sins and the sins that we know about the sins what we do not know about the small ones and the big ones. Whereas your anatomy for Jana, and anything that we're bringing bring us close to it. And we seek your refuge from hellfire and anything that will bring us close to it. LaMattina for dunya Hassan Ophelia

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here it has either been not Aloha my yarmulke nibble Kulu with a bit blue banner Isla de la ma ma sublethal Kulu bizarrely Fluvanna Ultra Arctic Allahumma in the creek Washoe Creek we're hosting a bird attic, Aloha Minister local Jen Neto, Makarova, Ellingham and cold environment. We're now Oh, the becoming a natty or Makarov am encoding what I meant when I saw local hire Akula who IG Da Hua Ji the Houma I live in I mean who am LM Nana? We're not only becoming a Sheree Cooley here ideally he was a GED Hema I mean who am LM Nana when I look I mean Haley Mercer alaka I would do whatever you can Mohammed on Danny who saw that was Saddam when all the week I mean surely he must do that. I

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

mean, we're gonna be Yuka Muhammad Ali he's Salatu was Salam ala mulata Delena Adam Bonilla Forca wala Helmand in LA for watch the while they in an ill

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Aleta What are muddy? You going to index your feet while there may eat and Ihlara him while you're hurt and here like I did on one and a half he has solder on in local data. Why a certain era but I mean, yeah how you yaka you will be automatic and history. Austin Atlanta. shenana kula will attack in fusina tophatter Hi welcomes