The Significance of Masajid #09

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The segment discusses the importance of the Prophet AlContinues for rebuilding the world and making it a place for worship. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to find their place in these places and create a welcoming environment for them to serve the needs of the people they serve. The segment also touches on the need for people to find their place in these places and create a welcoming environment for them to serve.

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But quite early he also had to he urged Marino but

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yet with eternal hurry, you were Muslim Fiso Hina

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and Mahmoud Mila did and that was not not fun or the Allahu Anhu Harada Bina al Masjid Bukhari Han nurse with Alikum I have boo and Jada who I let

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the Hadith tonight within the obviously still the theme of the significance of masjid and I'm going to be trying to tackle that from a number of different angles in sha Allah throughout the next week or so.

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What what a Muslim narrate to us, one of the tabs that wouldn't have been levied said that asthma and during the time of birth matter the Allahu Anhu during his healer farm, he wanted to rebuild the masjid and the scholars have different when he was talking about the Masjid Al haram. He was talking about the message never we most likely he was talking about the message of the Prophet Allah, you sought to assume that is the majority opinion for this headache specifically, obviously, the other opinions are credible as well. If you wanted to rebuild it, if you want to kind of change it a bit and so people didn't like it. People didn't like that people don't like change. You don't ever, ever

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have ever will. And they wanted they really encouraged him to leave the message the way it is the look the same way and be the same way. So as mine would respond to them, and you'll see the final call for Congressman let me add to Nari Salah Holly who early he was sent by a coal man bene Lilla he must Judah when Allahu Allahu Mithila who Regina and I heard the Prophet it is not to say whoever builds the message for the sake of Allah Allah will build something similar to him a structure similar to it in gender waiting for him.

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Whoever structure that you build on this earth, making it as a messy to place for worship a place for people to gather a center for Muslims to come in and learn and be close to Allah subhanaw taala you will build something similar to your agenda and Jana, and it's because he gave that hadith with Allah who I know that they actually permitted him to do it because people were kind of getting a little antsy and they weren't very happy with the fact that he was going to tear down certain things and maybe rebuild certain parts of it and make it look different. Obviously, the Most Merciful Hello, I'm interested in the VRT Assad was I've gone through multiple rebuilding, rebuilding

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throughout the throughout the centuries. So it's no longer needed that much of an issue. But back then was very hard for them to comprehend the idea that you're going to tear down on something the Prophet Alia saw it was maybe himself put up, it's very hard to kind of accept that. And he even he could have been involved in this. In this pillar, we're gonna bring it down. It's hard to understand. But the concept that Nakamoto had learned about the Sahaba, the early generation, he understood, he understood the reasoning behind things they didn't get caught up sometimes with just the appearances or maybe the literal ways of things before them. He understood that this masjid, if

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people if there are more people than you need a bigger one, a place that is capable of serving more and more human beings and they may have different backgrounds or have different needs and different necessities, keeping things exactly the way he did earlier. Salatu Salam, it just means you didn't understand why he did it in the first place. Because if you're stuck with a structure, you're stuck stuck with a with a model, and you have no way around it, you just you lost the connection to the cause, or the reasoning or the or the rationale behind why he did what he did. So Allah Azza wa sallam Batman wasn't like that. That's why the the great philosopher that we learn their stories, we

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know their names, or people understood why he did what he did, all he saw was him. So they had it in them, he had the ability, so anyone will take tear down this wall and make it a little bit bigger and open it up a little bit more and make an entrance from here into the entrance from there, because their goal was to make it comfortable to make it welcoming to make it allow it to be a place where a lot of people could come I imagine if they didn't do that. Imagine if the profit as I was mentioning was still was still exactly what it was. You understand what that means you've ever been for amo, you understand what that that's just the roba there have been two that you can't even get

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in there. Like I lived there for years. years, I think I was in there twice, like for years. And I was 10 minutes away. I could walk any day I want if you think it's very hard to get there people are, you know, people waiting in line hoping for a moment to stay and praying. They're older. But obviously the expansion of the place, this hadith, the point of his honey that doesn't say we need to expand this message or any other message. The constant is that understanding why they're there and what purpose they serve, so that you adjust them in a way that they serve the necessity, the needs that they're there to serve and requirements of people. So if mine didn't have a problem with

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saying like, yeah, we'll we'll tear things down and we'll build it people didn't like it. You've always a little bit scared when these things happen. But he did it anyways. And of course doing that you allow the access for millions of people around the world to access the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the end message haram. And I think that's something you have to keep in mind that these places have to be arranged in ways that serve people's needs. They have to be designed so that people are comfortable and are welcomed and find their place here. That's how they have to be designed. And if they're not designed that way, you have to rethink how we're designing them so that

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people do do actually find that yellow we'll say hon, he met up a car I think he wanted me to read a North American I found on the Allahu Allah Davina and misogyny Bukhari Han Soo the Alico hub Gu and Jada Iguala at Farrakhan sent me to never use Allah Allah Who early he was a llama yo Coleman Benelli Allah He must Judah, burn Allahu Allahu Mithila Whoville Jana Sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said it was Michael again

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Under Shinola ilaha illa Anta still feel good to believe ALLAH who was telling them about like Allah you know Mohammed the main show okay so now we'll have the tafsir halacha right afterwards inshallah Baraka Luffy