Tafseer Bites 2022 An Ayah that would change your life Fussilat, Ashura, Azukhruf

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smell loud from the Los Altos thermal so let's see them I take my plate I don't look at

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first of all, I'd like to wish you all a blessing.

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last final night of the of Ramadan there are some shallow to have tried to take advantage of this final night's ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those who will be saved from hellfire in this desert nights as every night in Ramadan buzzer chooses those who will be saved to make us amongst them.

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Today sha Allah will cover to the service so that Firstly let for a shoulder and a bottle of facilite Assura and as all of these sores all of them are murky sewers

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and we'll start with solid for Senate. They are also called and how I mean

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seven of the salts all of them the seven of these final ones, I'll call out how I mean why they're called and how I mean

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because they start with heavy

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because they all start with Jaime and what is happening

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now Paula

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how often to hedge

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some cars parked illegally

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now they're all from the hell I mean, they talk about the all these how I mean they talk about the merits of the end of the Kitab ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala they also talk about Musa Allah about moose as I mentioned previously that Musa is the Nabi that is mentioned the moose in in the and he struggled with benefits lightly. And also how the the hardship that he endured with bunny as long as Tina moose and keytab have to leave fe, they deferred and he and we talked about the importance of unity versus this unity, the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood, as I mentioned yesterday for remembering a lot of zoom up, you know so let's zoom out by the way when I spoke about it, but you

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know zoom in itself means group as the people of gender will enter in group as the people will have fun with entering groups that people observe now we're entering groups as well, Allah azza wa jal is not was not going to let everyone to enter Jannah by themselves, they will enter in groups and we'll give you an example an example like this here

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and another example since you stood up then you'll get to generis Inshallah, you're gonna, you're gonna go to Janna, come here. So the Prophet Muhammad is stood up I didn't tell you to stand up but used to the Prophet Muhammad one day he took Abu Bakr from his right hand and Allah from his right hand and the electric diseases will enter agenda like this together in one group. So shout Allah may Allah make remarks. So in general, we need to improve. So here the

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inshallah group this is why we pray that is why we break off us even if we you know we meant to be united versus disunited, so that

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firstly, that talks also about the days of judgment in the Day of Judgment. I'm gonna talk about some, some things that will happen in the day with judgment, whereby

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will put a seal on our tongue and what we'll talk instead our skins in our flesh, people will say, and we mentioned this and Satya seen Yeomans asked him what he can What to tell him what to add him what was wrong the mechanics they won't they won't Allah would put a seal on their mouth. So what would speak instead their feet their bodies will speak on their and therefore organs will speak on their behalf. So in solid for Salat ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, verse number 21. While cod only Judo the hem Lima Shaheed Toma, Elena, Allah will bring them and then he will show them their deeds the people these disbelievers they will say no, it's not me. You did this

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luck, it's not me. You said this letter that's not me. They will be based. They will not only negate negate and debate, that Allah will say who will be your witness? Prophets, though even I don't profess to be my witness. So who do you want to be the I only choose to be my my witness my by myself I want to be I want to witness on myself. Then Allah subhana wa Italia would put a film that don't what would speak instead their feet, their hands, their flesh, their skins, the eyes would say I watched the ears once I heard, you know, the hands would say striked the feet would say I walked and then people will say we're cuddling Judo the hem they will talk with your skin's lemonade from

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Elena Harlow and upon Hola. Hola. Che the one who I made a speak is Allah. We were trying I was trying to predict you. This man will say

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In this video we will say I was trying to predict your from the Wrath of Allah and then the skins will respond and tap on Allah the one who made us speak is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in a nutshell, this is solid for Silla. And that's one of the shoulder Shula as you say in all doom Assura or matura. To believe we used to be with them you say mature, you know, consultation with one another, as he provides saying,

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We will differ amongst one another, there will be differences.

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Even the Sahaba The difference with one another, but instead of stone fishing, for Hukum, avoiding Allah for helping you to live if you were to depend on something that he turned back and resort back to Allah subhana wa Tada have shown that with one another, consult with one another. A man should consult with the household of his family. So he's the father, so is the husband, so are the children, you're not always the one making decisions, but instead to show to bring up the back of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Another Lazarus insights show that also talks about his signs the size of the universe, and he wants us to contemplate on the son of Allah subhana wa. And so that is sort of in other view when we say Majid Musa matalon What do you say this machine has sacrificed? Decoration? No, it could also mean ornaments. In this particular surah Allah azza wa jal talks about a lot about gold and silver. And the people are crowned when he says with regard to Musa alayhis salam.

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He says fanola He told me that he says if he wants to be a prophet, why didn't he come with braces of gold?

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As if any people the solar as if the message here is don't be deceived with a Messiah as we say in all of the ANOVA this the the marvel of this dunya we tend to be you know, sometimes who do we be friends sometimes I will use the try to befriend those at school sometimes the guy who has a car the guy who has the money the car, who was the guy who dresses that nice, the girl who has this or who this is who we tried to be to befriend, oftentimes not the only but those who are the straight brothers and sisters, it comes my idea that will change your life. I'm connecting all together, this is the puzzle and I that will change your life in surah.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in sort of verse number 6767 Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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we young woman I eat him Bob only boggling I do a little more dubbing

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Helene who is having a lot

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of hearing on your own here I want you to raise your hand

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you take that and you give it to the to the taxpayer next year, I want

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the grandchild side all right. I want more for the church in

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the church inshallah the gun Chachi by Avila, Sally comes from Paula, who is like the partner like the friend the good friend. So he Allah Subhana Allah says and actually learn friends that they will be enemies to one another. Except who except taffy.

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Yeah, oh my God. They

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are late and it was only Holly Allah

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Selena, the only thing

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above any other degree by the journey, so this man will lie on his hands that day he will say I wish I took the back when I follow the back of the Prophet I wish I did not take so and so as a friend. Friends that day

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will be enemies except tapping except the righteous. This is why the Prophet Muhammad used to say somebody will send them

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a mother wahala Dini highly

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for the shadow, menu, Harley, a man will follow the footsteps of his close friends, that each one of you meticulously choose their friends. What do you get from that school? What you do Who Who are your friends, who are your

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the pious was the righteous was the one who reminded you tend to forget or the ones who will only call you or come to see you whenever they need you or your friends. And this is why I used to say

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and I will end with this he used to say a film in those kinds of sci fi increased from the from the righteousness of for the righteous, righteous friends. Why just because they wouldn't benefit you in this dunya and they would benefit you in the name of Jasmine

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And I love how you are all watching. I love it. I'm trying to I'm trying to speak to the hearts. I'm not trying to speak to the ears, I want my message to reach the hearts. But as listen to this, he says the friends, they will, righteous friends, they will benefit you in this dunya and they will benefit you in the dunya in the ACA. They will he was asked we understand how my friend can benefit me in this video, but how can my friend benefit me in the ACA, he says that the judgment when the sun enters, he will look around and you would look for his Helene. And then you will not find so and so as his friend from the believers but he did not make it to July yet. So he will say where's my

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friend so on so I finally I in a hurry Leo is my friend. He says he did not make it. He did not make it any he's in her fire is from the believers, but because of some things did not allow him to enter her fire. So the man will say Yara Billa tapped me let that you had that delivery before.

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Oh Allah, my my satisfaction will not be totally fulfilled, and to beat my brother, my brother so and so to meet him, let him join me in Indiana. And then Allah has to tell him go ahead fire and bring whomever you know, from your righteous way. Allah would prohibit and fire from burning you're hiding behind Allah Who and he wouldn't go because the Prophet was having some sense of Allah as you say it bring out from him fire anybody who has made a call or email in

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the wake of a call from Iman and people will get lots of people out from hellfire from the believers and then go back to their fire and get anybody who has missed fall the weight of an atom from from from it has an ad go and get anybody maybe somebody who said only that

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this is the key to enter Jannah and then they will go to her father we bring in lots of people out from hellfire, your friend can be amongst them can be amongst those if mama forbid if I don't make it please or be my brother my soul and so he's not here my fulfillment my satisfaction, my pleasure will not be fulfilled until you break my brother with me here in Jana, may Allah make us among. So this is the purpose of the solar talking about in that I asked philosophers to make us in this dunya to make us a Silla in the hereafter insolvable data in Jannah and to engender together visiting one another internet together inshallah Allah and please before I go, if I make it to general shallow to

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Allah, please don't visit me for the first 500 years

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500 years you see on your on your things that stay in my childhood when I make it. I'm just joking. It's that kind of luck. embolic illogical, so that might come up later on