Wasim Kempson – How to Deal With a Mental Illness

Wasim Kempson
AI: Summary © The importance of recognizing and embracing mental health issues for all individuals is emphasized, including for sister mental health issues. The chef and chef's discussing the need for support for all individuals, including those with mental health issues. The importance of seeking medical help for mental health individuals is emphasized, along with a focus on seeking aid for those affected by mental health issues. A charity is working to raise awareness and encourage people to pray for their friend's health.
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example over cancer sister, welcome to the show. What's your question for us today?

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Amanda studio? Yes, you understood you

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well, I have a question about myself. I suffer from screening schizophrenia

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and I can't pray and I can't recite the Quran as well. Could you sorry says that I didn't catch that. Could you describe what that innocence describe the illness? Mental illness?

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Schizophrenia? Yeah.

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Okay, you can continue thank you so much system.

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if the share could tell me what what I should do you find in difficulty praying you said, Yeah, praying. Okay. And I feel depressed as well. Can you move numbers? No. Okay, then sister, thank you so much for calling us today. Do you have any more questions? No. All right, and inshallah we'll be the chef will be able to help you, sister. Stay strong. Inshallah. Thank you so much for calling me Allah, Rudy. For everyone else watching at home brothers and sisters. This is a live show OSCE man, you're able to call us in just like this, they just did. And ask us any question in the capacity of your lifestyle as a Muslim. regarding any challenges you may be going through any specific topics

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you'd like clarification on, or anything you know better your questions, the number is oh two or 36376857 We will be live over the next hour or more here inshallah for the duration of the show. So be sure to pick up the phone and call us into benefit yourselves and of everyone else watching Inshallah, you're also able to follow us on Facebook, where there's a live stream, at email channels, Facebook, so just typing in my channel, you will land on the page and find the live stream where you're also able to send your comments there. Your question is there in the comment section in sha Allah.

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So chef, this is the ask, due to mental illness, which is schizophrenia. She's finding difficulty praying, she's suffering depression, if you could give us some advice.

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So firstly, I said a lot are the marble outershell Kareem and you should be that almost Allah subhanaw taala that he cures and makes it easy for our sister. And she should know shallot and every Muslim should know that Allah subhanaw taala will only test every individual according to the level of the Iman, that Allah subhanaw taala will never test you with a test that is beyond your capability, in that you are doomed to fail, you can never pass that test. Okay. You know, if I put myself in an exam, which is to do with physics or something library and a level or even beyond that, for me, I will I will fail. Because there's a you know, I, I don't know, it's not my speciality and

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I will fail it for sure. But Allah subhanaw taala always test us with an exam with a test that we are able to pass. And this is because Allah subhanaw taala loves us and Allah Subhan Allah is merciful to us, even though Subhanallah even though that you may not see the Rama, the mercy and the love of Allah subhanaw taala at that very moment, but as long as you persevere and you show patience with Allah subhanaw taala for sure, Allah subhanaw taala will allow you to see the beauty and the benefit of being patient. And how Allah subhanaw taala loves you for that test. Okay, so if at all of us, we always bear that in mind, even though we have very, very testing times. And we have very

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difficult times different you know, different end points in our life. That if I, if I know that it is Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is testing me,

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then for sure, and only it makes it only makes sense that I am going to ask the one who is testing me and that is Allah subhanaw taala if I know Allah is testing me, I'm not gonna go to somebody else to help me. If Allah is testing me, I will go to Allah to help me. Okay, so I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easier for the sister and to make it easy for all of our brothers and sisters who are going through

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you know, any kind of mental health issues because you know, sometimes it's very difficult for them to you know, maybe to access the the necessary help that that is available. And sometimes you find certain communities

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Muslim communities that they they don't want to recognize that somebody can have you know, some form of depression how Muslim can be depressed What are you talking about? We'll Quran COVID Quran and go make dua and you'll be fine. Okay. Now there are certain mental illnesses that do affect Muslims okay. And the fact that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to seek refuge from Al Hasan from sadness means that it kind of afflict people, okay. So it can afflict people. So if Muslims have this notion that you know, Muslim, the Muslim is never depressed, or Muslim has never said

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this is a mistake to say such a thing because we have

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have clear supplications that the Prophet says and taught us to seek refuge in Allah jell O Allah so that we don't fall into sadness, okay? So it can affect then it can, it can affect people.

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So there may be certain communities who, who reject this notion that Muslims can have any form of, of mental illness, and so on. And so just let them get on with it and they want to just overlook it. And in the end, you find that that individual who's going through the who's suffering through that, only, you know, that the suffering continues. And Alhamdulillah in the UK, we have many services that are available to to help people, you know, regarding or depending on whatever difficulty that they're going through, okay. So if the sister is, is feeling like this, I would, I would say to her to try and access as many services as much help as she can, because the medical issue, or medical

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issues aren't just something physical, okay, you know, I've caught myself I've broken my bone or I need an operation or something like that. Sometimes, we need a medical help, which has to do with our minds as well, we need support, okay. And it is extremely important that as a Muslim community that we recognize that so that we can deal with it, okay. So I would say to the sister that she should

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seek medical help 100% Inshallah, tada that there are certain things out there which can help which can help her channel 10 Okay. And not forgetting, not forgetting that, that the one who is testing her and it has no doubt test from Allah subhanaw taala that it is Allah subhanaw taala and that the only one no human being will change her state to does Allah subhanaw taala is going to change her state and change all of our states and our situations, that if she you know, she recognizes that there is an issue and she wants to deal with it.

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At the time, she is feeling well, the time that she feels you know, because sometimes you there are good days and maybe there are other days which she doesn't feel so good. Okay, the days that you do feel good. Then make dua to Allah subhanaw taala Okay, call upon Allah subhanaw taala and part of our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala because I am a Muslim Willie led by c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, I say that therefore I recognize Allah as my Lord, and whom I worship. And part of my worship is that I will offer Salah what I will offer my salah when I can inshallah to Allah when I know that I feel good, I feel strong. There may be days when maybe I

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forget myself, I don't know. And I feel like I'm not in control of myself, okay? If this is the situation, then there's nothing upon you because you know, you don't know what is happening, okay? And we know that the pen is raised on certain people, okay, you're not accountable for your deeds if you like, but it is important that you, you take a look into the necessary help so that you don't cause yourself any harm. Okay? But the days and the times that you do feel good and shut out and then you try to establish the prayer, okay? You try your very best to,

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to ask Allah subhanaw taala to make easy your situation. And I'm sure and Allah Subhan Allah Allah knows best.

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In the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah subhanaw did not send down any illness, except that there is a cure for it as well. Okay, there was help for that. So if a person feels that they have a difficulty, have some form of illness, go and search that they were going to you know, look for that treatment that will help you be even elated, by Allah subhanaw taala has permission and I think this is no need advice for the sister and Alaska Eliza to make it easy for her, but also all of our brothers and sisters, that they have illnesses or difficulties whether it's physical or mental, or even spiritual issues, go to a person who can help you. Okay,

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and by Allah subhanaw taala has permission, because Allah says Allah made these as a means, okay, for you, Inshallah, to Allah eventually to be cured by Allah subhanaw taala. Thank you so much. In addition to that, I don't know if you're aware there's a charity in the community that's doing great work in regards to raising awareness, and kind of like combating the stigma existing in the community and

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in spirited minds. Yes, that's what the spirited minds they have. They have counselors, handler, so I thought just good mentioned that. I remember when they were first being established. Yes. And they contacted me and they said, You support algo? I think there's maybe a couple of years ago, yes. And I said it's a very much needed kind of service within the Muslim community. Because not just on this topic of mental health, but sometimes as Muslims because we have been given with the left hand guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. And we know that Allah azza wa jal has given us a perfect way of life, that somehow that all of our lives will somehow be perfect, and that we don't suffer. Or we

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don't when there's no vices within our conditional ills in our community, that certain things don't happen. You know, everything is everything's lovely, and we're looking at are looking at through look at the world through rose tinted glasses. And the reality is that, yes, Alhamdulillah we have perfect guidance from Allah subhanaw taala we have a perfect way of life. We have a perfect prophet in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu and it was, but that doesn't guarantee for sure, because none of us will be perfect. We all have sins, we all have shortcomings, and some of those shortcomings and some of those sins will be things which we don't want to recognize that they will be certain facts

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actresses that are maybe well known in non Muslim environments or non Muslim communities that as Muslims, we'd be embarrassed to say that, you know, we have such things going on. Yes, yes. Okay. So things like domestic violence, okay? This is something which unfortunately is, is very common, okay? Even child abuse if it does exist within Muslim communities, and is not sufficient to say that we have Islam and we are Muslims and everything's okay. And that they have a beard and she wears a hijab and they are praying that a person wouldn't do such a thing. It is possible the person may do a thing as though for Allah. Okay. Yes. And it is important that we recognize that these ills that

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they do exist within our community, and that they need to be dealt with. And not just to put things under the carpet and to say, No, everything is okay and everything will be okay. If you're aware of such things that people need help, you should ensure because it's part of our religion, and Allah subhanaw taala is quantum hieromartyr an accredited investor and you are the best nation that was raised amongst man people amongst mankind. Why a more honorable amount of effort and Hona and it occurred to me because you command the good and forbid the evil and believe in Allah subhanaw taala. So if such ills are going on in communities commander, God forbid the evil, okay, it is not

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sufficient for us to say it doesn't exist. It does exist unfortunately. It's a reality. And it's important we deal with any appropriate way. Well, thank you so much, Jeff. May Allah Who

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