Yasir Qadhi – How Do We As Muslims Make Sense of the Palestinian Situation?

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the actions of their father and the negative consequences of suffering, as well as the need to start discussing Islam and theology. They emphasize the importance of showing commitment and bravery to leaders and individuals, as well as the need for political analysts and rewarded individuals for their actions to cause positive impact in their own countries. The ongoing struggles of humanity, including the loss of human beings and the rise of evil individuals, also highlight the need for actions to stop the crisis and bring about change. The speakers encourage people to act like activists and not just talk about it.
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you can't help but feel overwhelmed. So I think for myself in all of us, just a quick reminder and talk about how do we understand and contextualize how do we really make sense really, I think that's really the question. How do we make sense as Muslims? Isn't religion? isn't our religion the truth? I mean, you kind of sort of sympathize with Ramadan. Allah who I'm and the Treaty of Abia, when he comes to the process, and says Yasuda, Allah, how can we accept this? Are we not upon the hack, even his anger, it is Islamic in its own way, even though it was directed to the Prophet system. And he himself said, I did many deeds to make up for that day, he felt very guilty. But the essence of his

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anger is Islamic, like, How can this be happening to the law? How can we accept humiliation and lose and we are the believers in Allah? In fact, as we know, he even said less than either luck. And we needed a boubakeur. By the way, it'll be a loved one, to come to him and grab him by the collar and say, sit down, you have no hot dog, what are you doing? Who are you talking to? In any case, that's a whole different issue. The anger that rumor or the Allahu anhu felt, we should all at some level, be feeling it. But we need to have aqeedah and eemaan to understand what is to be done. The first point, dear brothers and sisters, and as always, time is always working against us the first point

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and it's a very difficult point where like, but it's one of the most obvious political power is not a sign of Allah's pleasure.

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And political defeat is not a sign of Allah's anger. On the contrary, we begin to contextualize by D linking Riza in this world, with Asia in the eyes of Allah, we have to D link it the two are not causally related, it is possible that the most honored people are not shown on earth by the inhabitants of this earth. And that doesn't mean that the creator does not show them honor. That's how we begin to understand and make sense of this. Because this dunya is not the ultimate goal. This world is not an indication of whether Allah is pleased with you or not. As Allah says, In the Quran Kula Nomi do How will I will we will give this dunya to all How would I miss the believers? Well,

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how Allah means the Croatian kufr Kula no matter how big Allah's blessings of this dunya are open to all, and there are times and situations where the righteous do not live to see the fruits of their piety in this world. How many were the Sahaba martyred in Mecca? was their death for no cause. They never saw Medina. They never saw the fruits of their own patients, our professors and passed by the Sahabi, who my father named me after yourself and his wife, samaya, and they are being tortured to death the first martyrs. Can you imagine how he himself said and felt? And what could he do other than say sobre la Yasser Inamori Docomo agenda? Now, I'm not advocating by the way pacifism, don't

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misunderstand me. I'm saying we need to begin the discussion by understanding our Qaeda and theology that this world and there is of this world means nothing. That's why Allah reminds the Quraysh that hey, for us, you think you're powerful, there were people more powerful than you can shut them in what they were more than you, they had more quantity than you first jumped out of 100. They used to make fun, they used to take advantage of their strength, what happened to them. So there is in this world has nothing to do with is in the eyes of Allah. And in fact, one can even make the case, as our Prophet system explicitly said that when Allah loves the people, what does he do? He tests them.

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And so at times, being tested can actually be interpreted as a sign of raising one's ranks. Another way we begin to understand what is going on, is that if we truly believe in the promise of a lunch Allah all of us do, then we have to have your deen at some level, that the positives that will come are greater than the negatives. This is something that we have to have your clean about. Now those negatives might be painful, the suffering of people, the loss of innocent lives humiliation, but we have to believe that overall the positives will outweigh it.

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The negatives and that only comes if we have a man in Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Quran that when one of the worst incidents or the most traumatic incidents happens in the Sierra, which is the slander of Ayesha, what did Alonzo just say? Lots I said Whoo hoo Shara la cumbre hua hai uralic don't think what happened is bad, no, overall there's going to be positives that come out, there's going to be positives. And after the Battle of when the Sahaba really were demoralized, there was a sense of panic and sadness. Allah revealed other immigrants who the other one it's very important to read and run after any one of these incidents happened because it cheers

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us up. And Allah azza wa jal mentioned so many things. Every time a calamity happens to you, are you going to go back to a public we're going to go back as if nothing happened? Our Kula every time something happens. Allah reminds the Sahaba that look, you're going to be in pain and suffering, but they're also having in pain and suffering and you have what they do not have what to do and I'm in Allahumma Yola, June, the two sufferings are not the same. You have Allah subhana wa Tada. There's a wisdom here. And in these verses, Allah subhana wa sallam mentioned so many times that the end result the victory will always be eventually for the believers will akeeba children with Japan. So

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we have to have that in our opinion and imagine that eventually, yes, truth does come forth from falsehood. And the victor that Allah says in the Quran, Khattab Allahu La Habana anniversary, Allah has decreed that me and my messengers shall eventually be victorious. This is the father of Allah azza wa jal. Another point that we have to understand as well. Is that individual pain and suffering, the suffering of the people there.

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It is something that alara xojo is testing them with to raise their ranks, as we already mentioned, there is wisdom in pain and suffering. And that wisdom is that people reconnect with Allah subhana wa Tada. people turn to Allah azza wa jal, their spiritual spirituality rises I, unfortunately, this is our reality. When things are going good and easy. When things are nice. Our soul becomes lacks. We don't have a connection with Allah. But at times of stress and difficulty, that's when our Eman soars and so those that are suffering and in pain, and we see Mashallah the bravery and the courage, we see what is happening to the people of a sham, and the process of praise the people of a sham. So

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we have fully again, that what is meant for them is positive. And in fact, we learned this directly from the Quran. When Allah mentioned a case that in some ways is even more brutal than what is happening to our brothers and sisters and fellows thing not to compare contrast, but we know what happened to the Bani Israel under Fidel and we know what he did. We know how many centuries of adapt we know he took innocent babies as a policy as a policy and slaughtered them in front of their mothers and fathers. This is something we all know now what does Allah say about the bunny is thrown in, after alum mentions that fit our own killed and raped and plundered you know what the next verse

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is? One odd unknown neither readiness totally fulfilled or the one angina whom Emma Wanda human body thing. After mentioning the humiliation to the bunny is rockin What does Allah say? We wanted to bless the children of Israel. We wanted to bless them the moon, and we wanted to make them leaders Subhana Allah, Allah just mentioned that they're being persecuted, they're being tortured, they're being killed. Allah mentions they lived as servants and slaves. And then Allah says, but we wanted to make them leaders. You know what this shows us. When Allah wants to make a leader, you're gonna have to go through a process, a real leader, not the fake ones we have here and other Western

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countries and frankly, Muslim countries as well, not those leaders, real leaders that generate respect. leaders that gather the masses, leaders, like Salah had the another UB they don't just come out of nowhere. They have to go through struggles, they have to demonstrate commitment. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says we wanted to bring from them leaders and insha Allahu Allah, from the ashes of all that we are seeing there shall emerge leaders. That's our hope and our goal, and it is as soon novela healthy, in fact, not even a Muslim issue. This is even amongst non Muslims look at any celebrated leader, humanity wise, whatever their faults might have been another not even Muslim.

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Look at Gandhi. Look at Martin Luther King, look at Nelson Mandela. They went through struggles, Nelson Mandela 20 years or 27 years of solitary confinement. Then he comes out a leader. This is the way humanity works. Going through pain and suffering. You establish your leadership, you establish your credentials, and we have no doubt insha Allah who to honor that this struggle, this pain, it is forming leaders just like gold is put through that furnace, raw gold, polluted gold, you put it through the furnace and then that furnace separates the real gold from the chaff

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From the stuff that you don't need, this is a fit enough. This is a turbulence if you're like that the end of it will demonstrate why this happened. So this is another reason why these pains and the sufferings are happening also for those of us on the outside Subhan Allah, Allah is telling us what are you doing? Allah is waking us up from our own slumber and sleep. The least that we can do is to appreciate Allah's blessings on us well law who we are in our fear, we are in so much fear. We are sometimes where we should be scared that this might not be a type of either Allah who was done too much Aafia in some ways like to become makes you lazy makes you not thinking and we ask Allah azza

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wa jal for his refuge, we ask Allah for his loss, we ask Allah for tofield, but will lie brothers and sisters, we are spoiled, we are spoiled, we ask Allah to protect our eemaan in the spoiling, we lose track of our priorities of what we're what we're here for. And so this type of pain and suffering, it must jolt us into action. If it doesn't, then our eemaan level is flat on the graph of a man. If nothing happens, Well, lucky, we had better do a heart check, meaning the spiritual heart, the fact that we are reacting, and the fact that we're trying to do something, no matter how small it might be, and what is to be done, we need the help of experts and political analysts and whatnot.

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That's not just my job to tell you, but things need to be done. And the very least our heart should be in unison and pain. the very least our hands are being raised the very least we appreciate the blessings of Allah upon us, which motivates us or it should motivate us to be better people to be more charitable to cause positive impact in our own countries and lands. This was also a test from Allah zoa jen for us, and this is of the wisdoms of why this is happening. And also dear Muslims, when such tragedies come down,

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one of the most bizarre perks that come this is really strange, but bear with me.

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We learn who are the hypocrites and traitors from within our own oma.

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We learn those who are willing to sell themselves for a measly price. They will not feel Kuhn, who have no shame for the sake of their courtesies and power for the sake of their oil rich companies and their kingdoms. They're willing to form alliances with the worst of the worst, they form alliances with the devil and they're willing to sign against Allah and His messenger and the people of Iman and taqwa and we thank Allah, Leah, Misa la Hobbes, I mean, these are hoba thoughts. They're traitors, and we say this openly and publicly. Anybody who sides with an apartheid regime at this point in time against our Palestinian brothers and sisters, against the people of the kalama against

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the people of a floss will law he How can we have not had any shame and boycott from those Muslims? How can we not cut off ties These aren't actual believers in Allah and His messenger. This is where Allah and Baba comes into place. So we thank Allah that He is allowing us to see and by the way, this is what happened in the incident of our mother I showed the loved one her one of the main benefits when Allah says don't think it's something bad it's something good. You know why? Because Allah azza wa jal demonstrated the reality of Abdullah bin obey Mr. Rule, that evil evil evil man will lie he how evil Can you be to start a rumor that is so disgusting and filthy? That the books of

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Sierra don't even verbalize what the rumor was? It's so disgusting and filthy, that the actual rumor and slander is never actually spelled out whose mind could have been that made up something like that. Abdullah ibn obey Ibn cellule Okay, even so dude is dead. But we have his intellectual descendants and his heirs amongst us living walking, talking as our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, shell team. They are shell team but not Jin of the ins yet aka Luna sinitic them they speak your language, they look like you but they are Shay out in the Hadith doesn't sign Muslim, do Arjuna awardee jahannam there are calling people to jahannam and we have people like this in our midst. So

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there's benefit brothers and sisters, that we know once this is all over. We cannot have anything to do these are not going to help us the people that for the sake of money and for the sake of their courtesies and their thrones, they're willing to do what they do you expect help from these people. It's not going to happen. So Allah has demonstrated Allah has shown us and this is in the Quran in surah in the for the Battle of Leah means Allahu

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Allah wants to separate the hobbit from the podium. So we're seeing the satyanarayan and from this as well and my time is up I know from this as well. Subhan Allah Liam is Wahhabism and of

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the pure and Alhamdulillah

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We see what is happening the people of a sham and what will make you understand the blessings of the people of a sham so many a hadith Sham by the way includes Philistine when the process and pray Sham don't think only Syria Sham is that entire region which includes fellow state and includes see you know ports portions of Syria actually the primary emphasis is in fact baytril mock this because the head it actually says that baichwal mock this cannot be beaten mock this the righteous are going to be in baichwal mock this and surrounding baytril mock this. So, the point to your brothers and sisters is that yes, well lucky, my heart is with you as well that you do become overwhelmed and the

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images really hurt they really do and the toxic you know, conversations and tweets from our politicians and from others as well from our own midst will llahi it hurts and you just wonder, ILA matter for how long but Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, that the believers of the past were tested was zero and they were shaken to the core had they akula Rasulullah Dena, Mata nostra law and the prophets of old and the people of Iman of all day themselves question When will the help of a law come? And our Eamon keeps on reminding us in Nasr Allah here Karim, Allah in the natural law here Karim, Allah in Nasir Allah He taught him, we just have to keep on saying and believing.

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Because this is not our goal to Syriza in this world if we see it on Hamdulillah, but our goal is the pleasure of Allah. And Allah is not going to ask us did you solve the entire crises, but Allah will ask us, what did you do? What did you do? Something has to be done, and all of us do something. And as long as we do something, and as long as we try, and I'm not saying that, you know, I will develop Please don't misunderstand that I'm being a pacifist or whatnot. On the contrary, much has to be done. And some of it cannot just be diplomacy and whatnot. But I'm not the one to do that and other devout or not, we need communal help. We need people to come together. We need other

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Institute's far bigger than individuals to begin some processes. And when that happens in sha Allah, we hoped it would Emma and the DA to be at the forefront, calling for the best and frankly, the only solution. But until that happens until that happens, I'm not advocating pacifism. But there's activism that is of many other ways activism of the tongue activism of the heart actors or the pen activists, the social media, things have to be done and the tide is going to shift slowly but surely, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to be instruments that he uses to bring about head and Baraka. We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us for our incapability to do more than what we are doing. We

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ask Allah to not test us with more than we can bear and burden. We ask Allah azza wa jal for his apphia We ask Allah azza wa jal to help us and to not help against us. We ask Allah subhana wa tada for the best of this world and the next to the best of the next world was sent out to La Habra catch.

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