Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #15

Sulaiman Moola
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Tina on Jamba

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human I say upon your Ragini rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. sampo Luna Salah Rawabi room can you boom boom

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boom boom Rajim bill ye by the way I'm poor known as a burrito Sammy know whom Cal boom corabi Allah mulberry daddy him May Allah moon in Cali fala tomography him in Murano and wa Hera, wala de Steph Devi him in whom had sought out a love love him. So yes, we were busy exploring verse 22 of this riveting chapter of the Quran and we concluded on the debate of the precise number of the occupants of the cave and the back and forth opinions that was suggested by the different groups. And we concluded that the evidence supports the proof that they were seven in number with the dog being eight. I shared with you to prove number one that Allah refuted the first two opinions. And Allah

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subhanaw taala did not comment on the third opinion. Then I gave you from a grammar perspective that wow, our prefer was included in the third opinion, which also supports the proof that you know what they were seven in number and the eighth being the dog. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala said, My Allah moon in khaleel. That of course Allah knows of course Allah knows. And only few people know only a few people know. And Abdullah now basara the Allahu anhu Maya said and Amina, luckily, I am from amongst that few. Can you my brother and sister process the richness of that accolade? Can you absorb and digest and register? how profound an accolade that is? Allah said only few. You talk of

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one in the country, one in the continent four in the world. One of its kind one of its type. Well, I'm out of the 100 I'm out of the 500 I'm out whatever you want to say. And Amina khaleel that Allah subhanho wa Taala says only few know it and I've done live now birds are the Allahu Allah says I am from amongst that kellele and I am telling you that they were seven and what the dog it was eight. And yet there's another argument given supporting the sentence is also just so beautiful. So we just rewind slightly when Allah subhanho wa Taala revived them and they were a woken them from their sleep and their slumber. parlato look at look at the deduction, look at the deduction, just just,

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you know, I hope you can appreciate this Carlota elumen home comme le bestem one from amongst them said How long did you rest? And I told you that many say his name was mK salamina. So tala, he said the car Ilan, you know, to say to speak to other one from amongst them said come how long Lebesgue term you slept and you rested. Then a response game by the Gordo Lambeth now young men Oh ba ba, ba Lu, they said loveth now we rested. We slept for Yeoman, a de obar viome or a portion of a date. Now Paulo in Arabic as you would know is a jamaa is a plural and the occult. The minimum for plural is three. So it's singular, it's dual and then plural. And then you have Gemma Killa. Gemma Katherine,

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but basic, simple. Plural would mean three or more. So we already spoke of, we've addressed four people here. One asking, how long did we how long folks how long did we sleep? How long did we rest. And then the Quran said a group from amongst them said Lesnar, Yeoman over half a day or one day. So that makes it for a while another group responded by saying, Rob Bogum Arielle mo Bhima lebay Stone, you know what, Allah knows best how long you slept. And in the third, you know discussion is also the adoption of a plural. So the minimum plural is three. So that leaves you with two groups of minimum plural of three each, which makes it six and the first person who initiated the discussion

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asking it was singular that makes it seven. I hope you know what I am saying and I hope you

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can appreciate you know how the scholars

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delve into these things and how they they pick it up and you know the uniqueness the uniqueness of these deductions from Quran so the the overwhelming view is that yes they were seven in number and what the dog that was eight but going forward Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says fella to marry fee him fella to marry fee him in Mira and ba Hera, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not debate with them regarding this except outwardly apparently superficially, don't go into a detail you know what intense, heated debate with them. Just convey the message and move on further do not to marry debate dispute, argue with them in a bad

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mirror and by Hera, a common and average general a basic discussion, listen, you asked me for this year, I've conveyed it to you, and I've told it to you. Now No, no, you know, you have some people that you convey a story. And then now they want to go into the most finer details and they want to argue and they want to counter argue, and they want to go into very, very intricate and complex issues. Allah subhanho wa Taala told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the proof of the Yama and they had made this the proof of your profit would otherwise there were too many proofs of the profit route of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it was not pending on him. Explain in the

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mystery of these people, every day these people observed and witness the life of the messenger sallallahu wasallam his character itself his character itself, and that that's that's the argument that we give that what is the what is the logical proof that this is a prophet? So so the divine proof is the miracles that he performs right? That's the divine proof that he does things that you know, what are supernatural which the regular human average person cannot do? And that is why every profit is given a medical or profits are given not as the object of profit would but as the proof of profit would because people want to know, you know, convinces you to profit. But what is the logical

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proof? The logical proof is the life he loved the character he displayed the generosity he displayed? The selfless person he was, no one can do that no one can do that. And there are so many examples in the life of the messenger sallallahu wasallam.

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So do not stagnate with them. Do not get into this debate and detail and argument and intricacies move on move on. file a to marry fella hands do not argue with them in law but Mira and ba Hera, a common basic average sample, superficial outward discussion and debate. What are the stuffy men whom are Haida and do not even ask anyone about them? In other words, don't try and ask them because they claiming they have knowledge from the divine scriptures. So they can share different views and opinions and, and and research. Don't ask them what to do not the stuff they asked them. fee him men whom are harder. Don't ask any one of them regarding the Seven Sleepers, any information. you convey

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the message to them and move on. And I think we can also you know what, take this cue and this lesson that we've got to convey the message of Dean and move on. We don't want to get into arguments and debates and discussions. Because it's not always productive. It's not always productive, to entertain every question.

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Was it not valid? Who came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? And then he said in boonta in nama doody Dubey ma j tamina del amor de mal and Gemma and I like I mean, I'm Wally narmala jamatkhana Allah come in a moi Lena Hata Guna as an operation mala were incantatory to be Monica moluccana incantatory to be shut off and so whether or not we're in Ghana, in Namibia, kalba factor A Anissa operations fell into the witch garage raw, became gonna be sallallahu wasallam. And he said that if you want well through your mission, we will give you money and if you want leadership will make you our leader hatanaka. Amen. We will consult with you and if you seek in power, we will

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nominate you. And if you want, you know what woman we will line up the most beautiful woman and then you can choose whomsoever you wish. And the prophets Allah ism said are forever they are available it for us, they are available it Oh, I've been worried. Are you done with what you needed to say? I really don't want to respond to anything. Are you done with what you wanted to say? And he said, Yes. He said, Okay, I afforded you a urine. Can you afford me a urine and then and then the prophet SAW Allah

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It was seldom conveyed his message conveyed his message. Likewise, when they came and they asked the messenger sallallahu sallam, are you better or is your father better? Are you better or is your grandfather Abdulmutallab better? And their messenger Salah ism did not reply to any of this here. He said, Are you done? He said yes. It said okay, now can I convey my message and the messenger sallallahu ism conveyed his message. And then of course he recited harmie Tenzin Amina Rahmani Raheem kita boon for Salat is the whole Quran and Arabi. He told me I'm on Bashir on one zero for Allah xo, whom for whom lie is my own. And he recited a lengthy portion of the surah in the 24

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jewels of the Quran. remod lumad. He was a doctor, he was a medical practitioner, he was a you know, what? A physician of the time and he came into maka, maka, Rama. And then people told him that now the villain or the villa Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is mentally impaired. So he came to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And he said, I've been hearing comments from the greater people here in Makkah, that will react to Billa you are not mentally stable. And you know, what are alleged to I've treated so many people can I treat you nobody is awesome, did not entertain, did not counter did not respond, did not say anything. And he kept on saying I can treat the best of people and I

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will treat you and then the messenger sallallahu wasallam just said, Okay, you've said what you want to do. Can I say what I want to? And that's the point I'm saying Yeah, Allah told the Prophet sallallahu sallam, convey the message, convey the message. Now don't get into a debate and a discussion and the details and the intricacies and the finer research and no, no, no, convey focus on the point. The point is that Tiamat is the reality prepare for tiama prepare for tiama you losing the point, you losing the point.

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You can study science, and you can do all your research, but in through that if you do not, if you do not find your Creator and you do not recognize the divine power, then what have you achieved, what have you attained? You've lost the plot my brother, you've lost it.

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So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said limar can I say what I want to say? He said yeah, you can say and then the messenger Salah Sam said Alhamdulillah he asked me to who started you know who started Pharaoh? mania, the love of Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allah, Allah for you and I it's a regular Arabic sermon. Hooda Well, I've heard it Okay, basic Arabic What's there to eat? as those who were Arabs who understood it. He said, I read the I lay the hill kalimat repeat these words forgot the Bella Tanaka mu cell Buhari. This is the height of profound speech. This is the height of pro this this is profound. This is amazing. And then he said hello Maya dagoba yonka Give me your

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hand I want to embrace your faith. And he took the Shahada so matter of the modern wahoo well as the MA who Anna Mohammed hartlaub Aslam le luuk. De with the hub, the poet said, then came women from the SD tribe, Mohamed Salah is and barely gave a sermon, he was impressed it penetrated his heart, he took the Shahada and he left.

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So convey the message. Don't get into detail. You know what unnecessary discussion and debate and that kind of wraps up verse number 20. Do we move on to verse 23, while at the colon Alicia in nifa, reknown Valley goverdhan illa sha Allah in this verse, there is a independent advice and what we refer to as na u de bien, na u a D been. So now you know one means a prohibition. D means a tarbiyah. tarbiyah means a nurturing a prohibitionist pertaining to the nurturing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If you recall my brother, and if you register my sister, in Episode Number one, when we did the introductory comments of this particular chapter, and we put perspective

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to the backdrop which prompted the revelation, then it was the mushrikeen, who had asked the Prophet sallallahu some three questions which they had heard from the counterparts and they wanted clarity on it, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Come to me tomorrow, and I will provide you with the answer. However, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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slipped up to utter the word insha Allah and remember a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a human. He is not exempt from human emotions. So and maybe feels hungry and maybe feel sad and the beacon forget it's it's it's coming because he's a you

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He's a human. And that's the beauty that Allah has made him a human so that we get direction, even in the human. You know, in the human situations, in in those natural human dispositions,

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there's sadness, there's happiness, there's anger, there's excitement, we can find direction from the life of a newbie, even in those human emotions.

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So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, come to me tomorrow, and I will tell you, and he sallallahu wasallam did not say in sha Allah, and revelation was paused according to the more authentic and overwhelming view for 15 days. So the pause was to put it on hold, and then the entire revelation came down. And in that the importance of insha Allah was impressed upon our beloved Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the interval was exploited by the infidels to say, well,

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we told you that if you can answer three questions, you're a prophet, you are unable to answer it. So this is now proof that you're not a prophet while yada yada Billa because they want they came back and nobody's asked him said come back, I'll give you the reply. And the Vla ceram did not have the answer. They do they three they day four, and so on and so forth. And it continued up to 15 days after 15 days, and then the chapter was revealed in its entirety according to the generation of de Lemmy on the strength of anessa nomadic NAS Allah Chu rato McAfee, Jim Latin ma hacer Bruna Alfa Malak, that it came down at one instance escorted by 70,000 Mela eega so in this ayat nebulin salam

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was reminded a verbatim translation while otterpool anna and i told you this is nahata Debian out of love and tarbiyah just like when the fish solid say that our universe alehissalaam this was the this was not the Avi this was not persecution. This was not infliction, this was nurturing. This was impressing, this was teaching this was therapy. And of course Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the tarbiyah and Allah subhanho wa Taala teachers a newbie in 27 years in Surah to najem Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah who shady don't do millet infest our who have been open Allah Medina fetta Donna Fattah de la and we know that this is according to the authentic tafsir refers to gibreel Allah is

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Salatu was Salam. That Alamo, Zoo Mira the person the been what great might end strength, thought Nabi sallallahu Sallam referring to gibreel Allah is Salatu was salam, and we know the mind and the strength of jabril alehissalaam. And then in in the next chapter in Surah. Rahman, Allah said, Manu Allah May Allah Quran that Allah Himself thought the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so interested in earth mining, it is written that in the previous chapter in Surah, two najem where Allah referred the teaching process to gibreel was just to show that gibreel was no more than a medium he was a medium. If Bismillah bacon levy Holla Holla Collinson, Amina Allah atra bukal Akram

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la de, la mer been column, who taught through the pen, so Allah is the more I live and the column the pen, it shows the greatness of the pen the pen is the means gibreel was a means otherwise, a rough man, Allah Himself thought, and hence at every juncture and in every stage of life, Allah subhanho wa Taala would give the guidance the direction and the council to His Messenger and to all the ambia la hemos Salatu was Salam.

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So what are the polar no Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not say well are taco and Alicia in for anything in the valley I far Elune will do that they get that rather than tomorrow. And yet the scholars say tomorrow doesn't mean tomorrow per se literally. But anything that I'm going to do in the future, don't ever say I will do this tomorrow or I will do this in an hour Illa but a sha Allah that you pay it up with the machine and the intention of Allah if Allah wills it, if Allah wills it, then I will do it. So this was a message given to the Vla. Salatu was Salam. And of course these were the chosen selected servants of Allah I heard this from one of my teachers may Allah preserve

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him with goodness, I mean yorubaland I mean that you and I do not say in sha Allah every day, we slip up or deliberately or inadvertently or negligently or carelessly, and Allah does not deprive us of anything. Allah does not deprive us of anything. Tomorrow I'll meet you at eight o'clock. I'd like in blockers. Ba

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denials that don't allow us to get up from our sleep. A lot of His grace and kindness overlooks this on our part. Of course the lobby of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the noblest of his creation, hence his nurturing was at the highest level. What were Barna co israa rock while we're Barna I'm always rock and we removed from you the burden led which another broke, rock your back. And one of the explorations of this scene is that often the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would perform a virtuous action and it would be absolutely correct, but subsequently he would discover that there was something similar to eat a sister action, which was greater in merit and virtue and

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this would bring so much sadness to Nabi sallallahu Sallam that I performed that but if I knew that the particular thing was of greater reward, I would have done that. And this subsequent discovery would bring sadness to Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, and this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala said what were darna and go is drug we've removed from you the burden and levy and kawahara for us as long as we did what was right and it's acceptable, it's fine, but Nabi sallallahu wasallam was on a nother level altogether. So let's let's take this message seriously my brother to myself to my spouse to my children, in our home in our environment, insha Allah Masha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah

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La ilaha IL Allah, a believe that Stan needs to be minds with these utterances will meet tomorrow Bismillah heeta Allah will meet next week Allah willing, absolutely this Ramadan Allah willing Allah willing, while at the colon I do not say Leisha into anything in the verily I find religion will do it Valiquette that rather than tomorrow or the future in sha Allah, unless you add to it in sha Allah. That's one moving forward was good Rebecca, either Nessie and remember your Lord when you forget. In other words, if you mentally you forget to say in sha Allah, then subsequently when you register say in sha Allah, so if you've committed to someone Yeah, no, it's fine tomorrow. That's

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good. Yeah, we'll do it. A Forgive me, man. Insha Allah, that's quite arrogant on me. How did I say this? He I'm talking about in our interactions. You know, sometimes you just absolutely I can do this as sorted out now. Yeah, one phone call and I will mobilize the whole thing. You give me a weekend. I'll have the shipment here. Like I'm in control. Like I'm in control. Wait, hang on, hang on, forgive me. I know what I was talking so proudly and arrogantly You know what, like, it's just the press of a button or it just can hop on the flight like you know what, everything will go fine. If Allah allows it, Allah well in with the consent of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what's good

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Rebecca either Nancy

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was good and mentioned Rob back your Lord either awareness eat you forget, if perchance you slipped up to say insha Allah, that as soon as you recall and register then say in sha Allah, wa por la has a, d and e Rob Bailey acaba, minha rasheeda and say to them were called se Asa. I hope that my Lord will guide me to that which leads closer to it. I hope that my Lord will guide me I hope that my lord as I hope a year D and E, my Lord will guide me Robbie, my lord Lee acaba, closer minha than this guide, Russia has been included in the word guide. What does this mean? That today you will have made the proof and the veracity of my Prophet would the narrative of the people of the cave and

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then with the paws of Revelation, you were mocking and scuffing and rejoicing, but Alhamdulillah revelation came, and I have given a detailed account of the concerns you've made not to say that now they accepted Islam, not to say that they accepted Islam. However, I am optimistic say unto them on Mohammed sallallahu Sallam that my Allah will manifest at my hands and on my tongue, more revelation and more miracles, which will be more compelling and convincing on my Prophet would then the narrative of the people of the cave, that's what it means. So today, you make this the basis, but I'm optimistic say unto them all Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam eisah Robbie, I am hopeful that my

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Lord will guide me, Lee after I'm closer to this, and yes, indeed, yes, indeed. Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout the time and beyond that point, through the tongue of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam and through other narratives of the Quran conveyed

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Much more clearer not to say that this wasn't clear. But just to prove that beyond that they were many more miracles. And I think I gave this example before, is like,

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a son asks for something. And because he's very passionate about that, and the father buys him the phone, and it's like, oh, Dad, you know what, you are the dad, man, you the man, you are my father, oh, this is an awesome dad. Well hang on my son, by the way, I've been paying your fees for tertiary as well. And if you need to know, then you know what your monthly fees is more than this phone in its entirety. So I've been paying a lot all along. But it's just that you took that for granted. And you didn't realize that year. And suddenly, you know what, you had this pressing need for a phone. And because I delivered so you making that the basis of my selfless nature and the loyalty of me

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being a father, and well, in a way Whatever. I'm just giving an analogy and an example. But looking through your life, I have done 1000 things greater for you, then the simple phone that I have bought for you and so on and so forth. So today I have conveyed to you the tale of the people of the cave, but I'm optimistic that my Lord will continue to prove to you miracles and signs of my profit word. And that kind of concludes verse

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24, verse 24, what could I say wakulla asabi a DNA acaba minha. Rashida we move on to verse 25. will not be through feed can feed him Salah Sammy, I didn't see Nina was the duties are. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the duration. So we spoke about the number, how long we spoke about how their bodies were and how an onlooker would think. Now how long did they sleep? Well, that'd be foofy caffee him and they remain in their caves for 300 years and add a another nine to eight so that's that's the expression of the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala did not say 309 Allah said we're and lobby through they remain fi cafe him in their cave fella Sammy, I think 370 years was the zoo and

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they added his daughter, his daughter is the zoo. And they added this are another nine. And the scholars say the unique adoption of this expression was to combine the lunar and the gray gout Gregorian calculation Wow, the lunar and the solar calculation. So Allah subhanaw taala adopted such an all embracing expression, Allah said wallaby foofy can see him and that's the beauty of the Quran.

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They remained in their cave, Salah Sammy, I think 300 was the zoo and they increased nine years. Now, if you know and understand then on three on 33 years on 33 years by the solar count by your date of birth English speaking then you would be 34 by the lunar Count islamically if you were doing the calculation, so, if a person is 33 years old, then islamically he will be 34 and if a person is 68, then 66 then islamically it would be two more years and that will be 68. So, on a century on a century by the Gregorian Sol account, it would be 103 by Luna count on a century 100 years islamically you would be 103 and if it is two centuries, then it will be 206 and if it is three

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centuries it will be 309. So look at the amazing again this you needed basic Arabic Allah said 300 and they added a nine which gave off both the calculations simultaneously depending how you choose to count. If you counting by the Gregorian and the solar then lobby to Vika for him, Salah Sami attend, they remain in their cave for 300 years. And if you opt in for the Islamic calculation was the duties are then add on a another nine. This is the divine speech of the Almighty. Our takeaway lesson from today is the importance of the utterance of insha Allah, a believer in everything, the famous hadith of Sahih Muslim where the messenger sallallahu wasallam said Satan as a man alayhis

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salam retired to bed with his multiple spouses. And he said I will share the bed and consumate with every spouse and every one of them will conceive and a warrior will be born and he slipped up to say in Sha

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Allah and none of these 100 spouses conceived on that night, other than one woman and that child was also you know what malformed and that child had passed away. And then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If today man alayhis salam said in sha Allah, then all his spouse's would have conceived and a warrior would have been born. So let us become conscious of the utterance of insha Allah in every statement and utterance of ours. I mean, they are Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edma as well will hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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