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cinema Liquidmetal lahi or barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen When if we were to do multiple you know Managua Illa Allah Lottie mean what I should do Allah you know in Allahu Allahu la sharika hula hula well you know what are hearing what I should do another billionaire Muhammad Abdul who assumes Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdullah sadaqa Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marina my bad Welcome to another episode of our Tafseer page by page and inshallah Allah today we are on page number 26 of the Quran and that is in the second row Surah baccara

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Allah subhanaw taala. In the previous episode on the previous page, we mentioned that Allah azza wa jal speaks about the believers in the way that the people of understanding an Eman reflect upon the signs of Allah subhanaw taala and thus leading them to worship of Allah azza wa jal alone, and to submitting to his command subhanaw taala and how the disbelievers are those who despite seeing them, those signs in the creation of Allah, the universe of Allah azza wa jal, they still take God's besides Allah subhanaw taala in worship, and how they're, they will come on to you on the Day of Judgment, and Allah azza wa jal will punish them as a result, and those gods that they worship

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besides Him, they will disown them, and they will disavow themselves of, of having any knowledge of what they used to do in worship. besides Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanaw taala at the conclusion of the last episode we mentioned, he spoke about how these are from the traps of shaytaan how shaytaan commands evil and indecency and speaking about Allah azza wa jal with that knowledge. So ALLAH SubhanA data at the beginning of page 26 In verse 170, Allah azza wa jal gives an example of speaking about Allah without knowledge, and that is one of the most common ways that the people and the nations of the Prophet choose to respond to them. Allah subhanaw taala says our older bIllahi

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min ash shaytani R rajim. will either be either homotopy or a woman that Allah who called Luban Tebbe, Roma and fina early

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an hour long Kana

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gonna show you what I did one permanent reset to them follow the message that Allah has sent down the answer we follow the ways of our forefathers, what, even though their fathers understood nothing and when guided. So one of the most common risks responses justifications, one of the most common arguments that all of the Prophets and Messengers received from the nations and their people, is that we are following the ways of our forefathers This is the religion that we found our parents and grandparents upon, and that is what we're going to stick with. You will find this in the stories of the Quran of the various prophets of Allah azza wa jal sent to the different nations of the earth.

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And you will find this in the sun on the seer of our own messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how often does the Quran say to him, how can you disregard the religion of our forefathers? How can you say that what our forefathers were upon was falsehood? How can you say that you don't want to worship the gods that our fathers used to worship? And this is a common thing that they will do. For example, as mentioned in Bukhari, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to his uncle Abu Talib on his deathbed, and Abu Talib had not accepted Islam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, Oh, my uncle, c'est la ilaha illa Allah, a statement that if you say

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it, I will use it on your behalf in front of Allah azza wa jal meaning say that, and the rest of the sha Allah I can do by intercessory, interceding on your behalf in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And the likes of Abu Lahab. And Abu Jamal and others from the leaders of Quraysh will also by the deathbed overthought him. And they said to him, when you leave the religion of your father, your grandfather, when you go away from the region of Abdulmutallab, and forsake everything that he stood for. And so Abu Talib, at the end remained upon the original his forefathers, that pull of ancestry, that pull of lineage that poll that surely if if I disregard what they're doing, it means that they

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never they had no knowledge, or they were upon falsehood, or what they did was all wrong. That is a pull that is extremely strong. And most of us even talk today are still upon this. We're very happy to go with what our parents do. And what is interesting is are often you will find young people when it comes to the careers that their parents chose, you know, the way of life in general the aspects of dunya and so on. A lot of them like to a lot of young people usually like to take a different path, whether it's a form of rebellion, or whether it's a form of just like, oh, this is the norm and I want to do something different, or I don't just want to follow in my father's footsteps or my

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mother's footsteps. I want to try something

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different and unique, different experiences, new, new experiences, and so on. But when it comes to religion, we're very happy to stick to what is just the culture and the norm, and to stay within that bubble. Even though aspects of the dunya matter less as we know, then this aspect of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And you find the same mindset, even amongst Muslims. If you come to someone and say that practice that you're doing is a practice of disbelief cover, or that practice that you're doing is a bit is an innovation, or what you're doing is wrong is something which you shouldn't be doing. One of the common things that you will find people will say, is that

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what our parents taught us this, we will do this since we were kids, my grandparents used to do this. This is all we've done in our family, I don't know anything else. Are you telling me that my parents for 50 years didn't know what they were doing? They don't want their religion. And people take this off into a different route. And so Allah azza wa jal is telling you say that this type of thinking is incorrect. Because number one, there is no guarantee that your parents are upon guidance, Allah has or didn't guarantee that for anyone, that their parents are upon guidance. Number two, that even if they are upon, even if, therefore, if there's no guarantee that they are

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upon guidance, then number two, surely that means that you have to find your own path, you have to go and make sure that what you are doing is correct. And in terms of the worship of Allah subhanaw taala, you will not be asked about them, they will not be asked about you, you will not be held to account for them and they will not be held to account for you. And therefore, a person has to think for themselves and realize for themselves. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that when the prophets of Allah would come with these messages, they would say, this is not what we found our forefathers upon. Allah azza wa jal says, What if they weren't guided? What if they didn't understand? What if

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they were upon disbelief? It is not a a justification and an excuse in front of Allah azza wa jal noumenal Yama to say of Allah. This is what I found my father and mother upon and I followed them so you go and speak to them. It's not a valid justification, not a valid justification in terms of issues of Eman, disbelief and Eman. Nor is it a valid justification in terms of a Muslim saying that I did these practices that were wrong, incorrect against the principles of the Sharia, because my forefathers were upon them. My parents were upon them. I heard this in a lecture or they may be and so Allah azza wa jal is telling us to be aware of this. Those people who disregard knowledge,

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disregard for example, proofs and evidences disregard the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah Allah azza wa jal compare compares them. In particular, obviously, in first instance, it is about the disbelievers Allah subhanaw taala compares them to the one who the farmer or the herdsmen who's calling animals that only hear sound too they don't really understand the words that are being said. They recognize intonation of the voice, they recognize the sound emanating from this man, but does the animal understand the farmer? Does animal come in and have a conversation can they understand intricately what is being said? No. And so Allah azza wa jal says in verse number one set 171

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Well method will let the NACA Farrokh MSAD Levy and repo be murder. Yes, Mara will do one either.

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Some book. For hula in one calling to disbelievers. It's like the herdsman the example of the ones who call the disbelievers is like the example of the herdsman who calls to things that hear nothing but a shout and a cry. Now, yes, Marie, learn to do and neither do either one either a shout and a cry. Indeed, there are deaf, dumb and blind, and they understand nothing. The example of the one who hears the statements of iman, here's the Quran. Here's the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hears that this is the path that is leading to Allah azza wa jal, and these are the signs of Allah and the evidences of Allah subhanaw taala. And they disregard that is like the animals who

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hear their farmer, their herdsmen calling them, and they don't understand anything, but they hear sounds, they can hear the sounds, and then we follow those sounds or follow some of those instructions, but they don't comprehend what's being said. So likewise, when it comes to the disbelievers, they hear the sound meaning that Allah azza wa jal has established the proof upon them. They have no excuse on human piano that they didn't know that they didn't hear. But as for taking that information, taking those sounds and comprehending them and understanding them, that is something which they don't have the ability to do. And so therefore, in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal

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says that this is the example of the disbelievers, then therefore we understand by necessity, that the believers are the ones who don't possess those attributes. The believers are the ones who not only understand or hear the cry and the shout, but they understand the words that come with it as well. When the Quran is being recited, they try to understand what Allah azza wa jal is saying. They try to comprehend and they try to apply it in terms of their lives. And likewise with the guidance of the prophets of Allah, what are you said? That is the difference. So one can just read or hear, but they don't really comprehend and so therefore, they don't do anything but do not

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Which, and the other one hears as well. But they also comprehend, they also understand, they also internalize and they therefore apply the rulings of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah azza wa jal as we mentioned in the previous episode, Allah subhanaw taala gave a command to mankind in general, that they should eat from that which is highlighted and pure. And in verse 172, Allah azza wa jal gives the similar command, but this time for the believers for mankind in the previous verse in the previous episode, the command was to eat for from the halal for all of mankind, and therefore, to stay away from the footsteps of shaytaan. This verse about the believers says that when we eat from

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that which Allah azza wa jal is provided to us from the halal and the tube that which is pure. It should be a means of us coming closer to Allah azza wa jal, by ways by way of gratitude and worship. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you had a lady in Amman Kuruman Are you bowtie mouth was apana commercial rodilla he In Kuntum er hooter Abbadon Oh, you who believe it the good things that we are provided for you and be grateful for to Allah azza wa jal if it is indeed him that you worship. Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned in the last episode commands is to eat what is good, what is pure, what is halal, what is lawful, and what is pure meaning that the means that are used in order

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to attain it, the way that is cooked, the way that it's attained, the way that is sourced is also something which is pure and good. And Allah azza wa jal says Mao was an outcome that which we provided you from, from the greatest attributes of Allah Azza wa gentlemans greatest feat was upon us is that he is the one who provides for us the risk of Allah azza wa jal as Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Hood, well, man, I mean that but in full Arab Illa Allah had his or her that is not a single creature upon the earth, except that ALLAH sustains it and provides for it. So Allah has given us the ability to eat and Allah azza wa jal has made for us food that we can enjoy. And Allah

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subhanaw taala has made the vast majority of it halal and permissible for us to consume. When we eat from the food, we should make sure crab Allah azza wa jal and thank him, thank him in terms of verbally thanking Allah azza wa jal praising Allah subhanaw taala making the doors before and after eating, saying that Hamdulillah that is from the gratitude of Allah azza wa jal from the question of Allah subhanaw taala is to speak and remember about the blessings that Allah bestowed upon you that Allah has favored you with food, that you open your fridge or you open your ladder and your cupboards at home, and you find it filled with different varying types of food at the same time,

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when there are many people around the world as we know Muslim and non Muslim that are suffering from hunger and poverty, that go from meal to meal not knowing where the next one will come from, that will survive on the bare minimum, because they have no other recourse to finding any provision. Allah azza wa jal has favored you and from the chakra of Allah subhanaw taala and his gratitude is that then you use that food in order to worship him subhanaw taala use it as a means the energy that you get the nerve the nourishment that that is provided for you by Allah subhanaw taala should be a means through which you come closer to Allah azza wa jal by doing more money by doing more good

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looking after your family providing for them doing what is halal and staying away from what is haram. And so we use food that is halal and pure. And we thank Allah azza wa jal in a way that is befitting and then we use the if you like the, the after effect to the end result of that food which is the nourishment and energy that it provides to further worship Allah azza wa jal as Allah subhanaw taala says In Kuntum er who taboo don't if it is him that you indeed worship,

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investment 73 Allah subhanaw taala then mentioned to us the foods that are not allowed, as we said, generally speaking, everything that Allah has given to us by way of food and drink is permissible, it is lawful, instead of what Allah azza wa jal does, is he makes the exceptions of what is haram, and therefore everything else remains lawful, as opposed to the other way around that everything's haram. And then Allah lists every single type of food that is had I can imagine, because in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam in Arabia, Mecca, Medina, they had very limited exposure to different types of food. And so for Allah to list all of the types of foods that would come and

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emerge later on, for example, in our time, you know, the very many types of dishes and desserts and foods that are available in the cuisines of the world are so vast and so many and so different and unique, that in the time of the prophets on Allah, where it was set them to list them all and say all of these are halal. And anything not mentioned in this list is haram. That is something which is the wrong way of going about this issue. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala in these types of affairs makes it easy for us. He says everything is halal, but you have this list of the handful of things or whatever it may be this list of a few dozen things that is the Haram and that will apply

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every time and place an age. Everything else therefore is halal, what you do with those ingredients, the different types of foods and dishes and cuisines that you make. That's all

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Halal because it's taken from all the ingredients that are halal. And so from that which is haram Allah Azza dimensions investment 73 In Namaha Rama are they common Mater with dama

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00 He loved me he never Utila. Allah says that is forbidden for you carry on. Carry on meat is an animal that dies on its own accord, meaning that it wasn't sorted in the name of Allah azza wa jal slaughtered for the purposes of eating meat with the with the requisite etiquettes and laws and commands that we know that goes into them and slaughtering according to the Sharia law. Carry on is for example, you go and you find out animals that died, died of old age died of disease died of whatever, whatever particular you know, whichever way it has died without being ritually slaughtered. That is called Mita. It is a dead animal and therefore it is not permissible for you to

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eat with them flowing blood, it is not permissible for the Muslims to eat flowing blood or drink from flowing blood. The exception to this would be number one, the remnants of blood that you find sometimes in meat, for example, you have a steak or you have some meat, sometimes you will find remnants of blood, that small trace amount of blood is something which is allowed, because there is something which is part of the meat that you take from the animal. And likewise, as the Prophet told us from Allah, what do you send them, the organs of the animals that we eat? So for example, the heart, the liver, the kidney, there is blood within some of these organs, and that is also therefore

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permissible. The third thing that Allah azza wa jal has made Haram is Rahman when zeal, pigs meet in any way shape or form, pork bacon ham, whichever form it is made, or cooked or or served and prepared. It is all haram, warmer or hidden levy the rainy law and animals over which other than Allah's name has been invoked, meaning that they have been sorted to other than Allah azza wa jal idols are gods besides Allah subhanho wa taala. And so that animal is also therefore haram to eat, even if the animal itself is animal that we will normally be permissible in a salad for streets. So for example, a cow or a sheep, it is permissible to us for me to eat from that meat. But if the way

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that it is prepared, meaning the way that it is slaughtered, is not in accordance to the Sharia, then it is not allowed. If someone's sought is that animal to an idol record besides Allah, it now becomes haram, not because of the essence of the animal, but because of the preparation and slaughter methods. And Allah azza wa jal elsewhere in the Quran, for example, in Surah, Anaheim will give more details of this and we find a number of a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concerning other types of animals and other types of meats that are considered to be haram and likewise obviously drinks as well. But here Allah azza wa jal gives us these four categories, as

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an example of the things that you stay away from. And as we mentioned before, that the physical nourishment plays a part in the way that we worship Allah subhanaw taala in terms of our deeds being accepted, our door is being responded to, but also because the more that you engage in Haram, in your food in your drink in the way that you're nourished, it is more likely then that you are going to go on to other forms of haram by way of other deeds. And if you're someone who's diligent, you're constantly mindful as the Muslims should be that every time you pick something up, that is food that you unfamiliar with, you look at the ingredients and you want to make sure that it's devoid of

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alcohol and pork and, and all of those different things that we know when our religion is haram. We stay away from them that level of diligence, that level of care. It is an act of worship, that Allah Allah azza wa jal rewards you for and if you're diligent in your food, then inshallah Tada. You are diligent when it comes to other aspects of halal and haram.

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Allah azza wa jal then gives investment simply three, continuing with this verse, The exception to that rule, the above categories of pork and blood and so there is an exception to that rule, and that is fundamental to robbery. Robert, you want to add in, if merrily in Allah have a photo Rahim. But if anyone is forced to eat such things by hunger, rather than desire excess, he commits no sin. Indeed, Allah azza wa jal is not forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala says that there is an exception to this rule. And that is the exception of the one who is in a state of dire need. Someone, for example, is in the middle of a desert, they're lost, and they have no food and no

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drink. And then they come across an animal that has carrier meat in died of its own accord. It is permissible for them to eat from that meat for as much as their ability as much as they need in order to survive. Because that is what Allah azza wa jal has made halal. And so you know, actively go out looking for that type of food. No, do you actively go and that is what Allah azza wa jal says, you don't do out of desire or access, it's not something which you want to do, or you put yourself in that position. Or when you're given that opportunity. You go to Japan and GORGEOU and and you say no, for the next three days. This is all I'm gonna, you know what you're accessing these

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types of issues, but Allah azza wa jal from his mercy, as we know in our Sharia, that in times of extreme hardship and difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala has made certain things allowed for necessity, so certain things which would normally be haram

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are allowed and there is from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal. Obviously the details of this can be found further in the books of faith and this is really the place or the time for us to go into that detail. Allah azza wa jal continues in verse 174. And he says Subhana wa Tada in the Leatherneck to Moana mountains and Allah hoomin and kita be wishto Whetstone gonna be here feminine Cadila are still gonna be here feminine con Elan Hola, como Kelowna, feeble Tony him Elon Narada you can Lima, Hula, hula, Yeoman, Yama. Whenever you can Lima Hula, hula woman to Yama T wala, use a key Mala humara there any as for those who conceal the scripture that Allah sent down, and they set it for a

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small price, they only fill their bellies with fire. Alarm surgeon says those who who conceal the knowledge that Allah azza wa jal has given to them in the book. And obviously, this is first and foremost speaking about the disbelievers, the Jews, and the Christians, the People of the Scripture, but even amongst the Muslims, if someone wants to do this, and they sell it for a small price, meaning they buy the dunya for the Acura because the whole of the dunya is a small price even though it is something which in our time for us in this in this world is something which is you know, extremely valuable, it is something which is priceless. But when it is compared to the hereafter, it

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is an extremely small price to buy your akhira with the dunya or to buy the dunya for your with your Africa. It is something which Allah azza wa jal says it is a small price. The people who do this Allah says they only devour fire in their bellies. And this is the connection and Allah knows best to the previous verses. Allah azza wa jal is saying stick to the halal eat from the halal stay away from the haram. Those people Allah azza wa jal is saying that it's not just about the physical nourishment, but rather the other things that people do so the sound, Allah's revelation and his guidance and the the knowledge of the scriptures, they sell it for the for the world for the dunya

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and when you sell something for the dunya what you receive is well the monetary benefit, what will you do with that monetary benefit? You will feed yourself with it, clothe yourself with it, surround yourself with it? Allah azza wa jal says In reality, therefore, they only devour the fire. And Allah azza wa jal says Allah you can live with whom Allah Who Yeoman Yama, those are the people that Allah will not speak to on the Day of Judgment. Well, I use a Kim know when he purify them, one of them I've dabbled in him and they will have the worst of punished punishments. And that is because they have given up what is revelation, what is the benefit of the accurate what is the reward of Allah

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azza wa jal, they gave up for the paltry sum of the dunya and that is when Allah subhanaw taala investments 75 Allah azza wa jal mentions this in even more stark and unclear terms, Allah azza wa jal says Allah can lay the initial road by the table who there will either by Bill Mark Vera these are the ones who exchange guidance for error, forgiveness for atonement, they have bought guidance, Soul guidance, and they have bought misguidance with it. And they sold the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and instead they bought the punishment of the fire. And that is why the people of the AVI man are always told to be patient, always told to be patient that yes, even if the dunya is difficult

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and hard, yes, even if you struggle, even if you go through many challenges and hardships, tests and trials, be patient, because what you are attaining and what you are buying and purchasing with this patient and steadfast fasteners and sacrifice, you are buying the Acura and you will bind the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada Don't be those people who are short sighted, who can only think in terms of immediate gratification, that everything that you want must be now in this world, and they want to enjoy it to the max to the, to the globe, most of their ability. That's what they want, and they will do anything by hook or crook to attain that. So

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if it means sending the error, it means sending guidance, it means just just engaging in Haram they will do so. And that is when Allah azza wa jal concludes vestments 75 By saying firmer us Mara, who Maryland now, what makes them so patient in the face of the fire, meaning that every type of guidance they're giving away, they don't want and every type of misguidance and evil they're embracing. And the end result of that is the fire. So they're willing to be patient and steadfastness over something or upon something which ultimately will lead them to the fire of hell and Allah's punishment. So therefore, shouldn't the believer, be more patient, more steadfast? When

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it comes to attaining what is essentially Allah's reward and his blessings on normal piano? The believer should be more willing to sacrifice for what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala than the disbelievers are willing to sacrifice and remain steadfast upon what will ultimately be the fire. Allah subhanaw taala concludes this page in verse one center 76 Allah azza wa jal says, then he can be a nulla Hana zylkene

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dab inhaca This is because Allah has sent the Scripture with the truth. We're in a levy Natella for finicky Terbinafine she caught up in buried and those who pursue differences in the Scripture, or they are indeed deeply entrenched in opposition. Allah subhanaw taala says that We have sent down to the truth, the truth that you have with you in the book the truth that was given by at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As for those who disbelieve those who differ when it comes to Revelation, those who are different and they pursued the differences of the Scripture, they will always be in opposition to that which Allah azza wa jal has revealed. So Allah subhanaw taala tells

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us to remain steadfast and patient upon God, upon worship Upon submitting to Allah subhanaw taala. And don't be, don't be misguided, don't be, don't be in trend entranced by those people who look as if they are enjoying the dunya and they're enjoying all of the beauty of the dunya as the Prophet told us on Allahu Allahu wa salam, Allah has given to them the few pleasures of the dunya. And Allah azza wa jal has saved for us the pleasures of the era. And that's why we know as is mentioned, in the Hadith that this world is described as being the prison of the believer, the prison of the believer, it is said that one of the people came to one of the scholars of the past, and it was a

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disbelief when he was poor. And the Muslims, Allah was someone who was wealthy. So he said, How can you say that this prison is this life is the prison of the believer when you're using to be enjoying it more than I am. And so the scholar responded, and he said, It is a prison for me in comparison to that which Allah has prepared for the believers on human piano. And it is a paradise for you in comparison to that which Allah has prepared for the disbelievers on human piano. And so we are patient upon the hardship of the dunya in the hopes of Allah azza wa jal will give us His eternal blessings and reward May Allah subhanaw taala be granted to us and our parents, our children and our

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families and all of the believers BarakAllahu li como son Allahu Allah and Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine was sent on what are the common rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah

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