Ramadan Motivations #08 – Sujud Raises Us to Jannah

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The transcript describes a segment where Subhana adsits to pray for himself and his followers, while Jenna talks about his desire to be happy and a happy family-home wife. The importance of praying and staying in a certain position to avoid rushing to do something is emphasized, as it is crucial to connect with Allah's words and actions. The speaker also emphasizes the need to elevate the culture of Islam to include the salads of the holy month and avoid mentioning his name in public settings.

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No smuggler Santa Monica to lie he will want to counter.

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Santa Monica Rahmatullah II what I care to begin, as always, by praising Allah azzawajal or hammerite, who mean for his Nemours for his bounties and asking him subhana wa to Allah to continue to bless us. Bless us with internal blessings and external blessings, blessings of the hereafter and the dunya religious blessings and worldly blessings. But ask him subhana wa Taala on but I mean, to accept Ramadan from us and grant us the strength to continue to worship Him in the month of Ramadan. We asked him to hand over data to make our fasting and our pm and our reading of the whole on sincere and fruitful according to the sooner beneficial in the hereafter and in the dunya army, who

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asked him to send so on and so now upon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to guide us to what benefit us and to allow us and give us the willingness to do what benefit us and to give us also the wisdom to stay away from what harms us mean. So insha Allah today's Hadeeth

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comes to us through So Ben.

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So Ben is a Sahabi who used to also serve the messenger sallallaahu it was hitting them so that means that he was close to him. So Allah honey us in them, so Someone once asked so bad,

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he said a bit naevia Amylin you'd hurting me that will be him, Jenna, I'll be a happy family Lola. He says, tell me about a deed through which I can go to Jenna. Or, I did that is most beloved by Allah Zoda that the reader Allah loves the most. So he's asking about telling me to do something like a lot of the sapan in LA sometimes we can ask, I want to do something, tell me something that I can do that can take me to gender or something that which is really the same question something that Allah loves, and loves the most because if you know something that Allah loves the most, that's the most beneficial, most rewarding deed and if you do it then Allah will love you on a lower reward you

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for it. So he says, tell me about that. direct me to it. So So Ben doesn't say anything.

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The man repeats it repeats the request. So Ben doesn't say anything. He repeats it a third time. Then tell Ben answers.

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And if this reminds you of something it should remind you of the messenger so low it you Addy was sending them because Subhana Allah the Sahaba around the Prophet used to absorb his behavior, whether consciously or unconsciously, they absorbed his behavior, they start acting like him so the law he was in them and that's the virtue of the Sahaba. Anyway, going back to the heady so in the third one when he asked him Tell me about that deed that Allah loves the most or the deed that can take me to Jenna. He told him so as to rasulillah so a lot of audio sent them about this I asked the messenger sallallahu Sallam about this, and he told me I like it because a lot is to do he says to a

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lot of sujood

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for in the conductor's to do either, he said today he says whenever you do, once you do to Allah azza wa jal, or OFAC Allah will be here that idea Allah will elevate you one level because of it will help you can have a clear and remove a one sin from you because of it,

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too, he says do unto Jude because every time you do as you do, you're raised one level and hopefully one sin goes away. That is this is the deed that Allah zildjian loves the most and this is the deed that will take you to Jenna, according to the messengers of Allah who you are sending them.

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Now what is so special about sudo First of all, now when we're talking about I think, can we get through it sudo do a lot of sujood we really are talking about sujood in Sunnah. Talking about soon insula. The only time where you have to do the outside of Salah meaning independence to do is when you have to do the teen hour when there is to do it when you're reading the Quran and you go ahead and do sudo

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and there's also a sudo shook of gratitude. When something good happens and you go and you prostrate and you mix you dude, this is the only time when you have a single sujood independent that exists outside of cider

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But these two types of students are there to espouse, they're connected to a reason. So they don't always repeat. You don't always have a good thing by for which you are frustrating. And you're not always reading a surah in the Quran that has a solute in it by which you're going to go and make sudo. So other than that, where is that? sujood? Where does it exist in existence for now? So by saying, are they can we get for this to do what many do a lot of sujood ministers me, he says, do a lot of sunao but he's signal sujood insula because of the excellence of sujood.

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What is so special about sudo? In Salah

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First of all,

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if you want to any desire to be closest to Allah zoologia

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that position of sujood is the position that brings you closest to Allah for such so throughout all the positions of Sala standing, and bowing and prostrating and sitting in between the prostrations the position where you are closest to Allah is Institute so Allah as it says in the Quran, Candela to date who wants to do work tell him No Do not listen to him he's speaking to the passengers on a low audio system. No Do not listen to that disbeliever was stood and prostrate and come close to Allah so to come close to Allah you come to a close to him through prostration he also sets a lot he sent him about it to confirm this problem i akuna abdomen Robbie here who decided you closest to our

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to Allah is when you are in that position of sudo. Now think with me in sha Allah, why is it that you're closest to Allah?

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When you are in the position of servitude, what is it about that position and it tells you actually a lot about yourself and a lot about Allah as legit when you understand this. So I hope inshallah we

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did that, in that position you are closest to Allah, what is so special about it.

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And if you think about it, and if you were to say in answering this, that in that position, I am the humblest and the weakest, exactly humbleness. Then you were right. Because you submit yourself to Allah the Most in that position because your face your forehead, the most honorable and protected part of your body is on the floor. That is even in a Subhan Allah, other human beings, when they want to show submission and surrender to another human being they throw themselves on the ground,

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to a king or to a figure or someone that they're afraid of. They throw themselves on the ground kissing their feet, meaning this is I am at my lowest at this point that the most honorable part of me is on the ground, I'm my lowest. So when you put your head on the ground, you are submitting yourself you say Allah, I am at my lowest for you.

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So when you rid yourself of all ego or pretentiousness, of all the semblance of pride or independence that I have nothing and you throw yourself at the mercy of Allah with your face on the ground, you become very close to him some Allah

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subhana wa Tada. You close to him subhana wa Tada. So this tells you something Suppan a lot about something that Allah loves about us, that is when we are arrogant. Think we don't need him, we are very distant from him. When we are humble, when we don't think of ourselves as having anything and think of Allah as having everything internally, then we are very close to him as a virgin.

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And so that posture of sujood facilitates the heart submission to Allah xuejun. And that is the connection between the physical and the non physical in Islam. You cannot simply say, and this is also beautiful, by the way, Elphaba insha Allah that stays with us. I'm just gonna worship Allah and pray, the way that I feel, the way that my higher my heart directs me to, not in any physical way because I don't really connect with it. As if we are saying that the physical posture has no impact on the heart, we say absolutely false. absolutely false. What you do externally affects your heart. So in your prostration, Allah azzawajal here is preparing you physically so that you can spiritually

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connect with him as a surgeon. So the way the posture that you take does in fact change you internally.

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How you dress how you sit, how you want has an impact on you internally and the internal has effect on how you perform everything externally. So when we say Institute when you put your hands on the floor, head on the floor,

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forehead on the floor and you put yourself in that position, your heart is now ready in sha Allah to connect to Allah in ways that it could not when you were standing or sitting.

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So this is part of the wisdom of Islam you can come closest to Allah like that. So that is one benefit of subdued. The other benefit of soju is that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that Hadith after you said that you are closest to Allah when you're doing that, what does he say? He said, so make dua because it is likely as that you would be accepted, then

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make do in that position, because it's likely is that you'd be accepted then, and again, that tells you that when you are very humble before Allah zodat, and you surrender to Him again, you have no ego, you have no

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fiction or

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about that all I can do things right. I can do things I can manage, I can rely on themselves, you have no fiction like that. You only believe that only Allah can help and only Allah can save. When you're like that completely surrendering to him. He Allah helped me because I cannot help myself and nobody else can help me This is when Allah as his origin, helps you the most when you surrender to Him. So this is a beautiful time, and a wonderful time to make in your sujood now the only time but one of the best times to make do sudo is in is in your sudo. So this is what the prophet sallallaahu it was in them was directing. So Ben, and so Ben was directing that questioner and we are also

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directed to that if you want an action that takes you to Jenna.

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And you want an action that connects you to Allah zodat especially if you say that I feel distant from Allah,

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disconnected, distant from the Quran distant, even from my own self, in my own heart, we say invest some time in sudo. So when you are praying in sha Allah praying the third Eva, and also especially when you are praying at night,

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and you are standing and you are reciting the Quran, and that's a beautiful time when you're reading the Quran with you because you're connecting with the words of Allah, they're on your tongue and going into your ears, and your heart is reacting to them as you're going into record. Now when you move into sujood give yourself the time that you need Institute to connect with Allah Zoda to be closest to him, especially at night and especially at the last part of the night when Allah is very close to you. And you want to be closest to him now and you're so dude, when you go there and you say Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will be handy, you say that kind of subdued.

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And now I want us all in sha Allah to feel when we're doing in that position. I am now very close to him.

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And he is very close to me. And now I can ask him and take them asking Allah subhanho wa Taala as much as you can physically endure, because it may not be a very comfortable position for some of us as much as you can endure in sha Allah but give your time the time to ask and to connect with Allah azzawajal Allah not be the concern. I just want to finish that aka No, give yourself the time to connect with Allah and feel what you're saying. And feel that Allah as good as you're making this sujood Allah azza wa jal if Allah accepts this from us, we are being raised one level closer to him subhanho wa Taala because when you are raised one level in Jannah, you're getting closer to him. And

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Allah is taking away another sin and you will feel energized even if I want to make another suit to Allah. See, make another seduce the second suit. And in that second suit, you feel Allah is taken away another sin, Allah is elevating me up to closer to him. And now I can ask him for something more and you ask Allah and you feel closer to Allah. And the more that you do have that the more that you get closer and closer to him subhana wa Tada. And that is part of the beauty of salah and not just only praying, my prayer has an impact. My prayer connects me to Allah and my prayer takes away my sin, my burden because my sin is my burden takes it away and I become lighter and I can fly

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higher to Allah as urgent. A question that people ask related to this sometimes is that you see some people sometimes when they finish their Salah,

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they do some kind of Allah xojo or before they even do that they after they finish this so that somebody can cinematical then they go into sujood again, right. They say is this permissible is this sooner? Is it not sooner? What is this? It said this is not sooner. You do not find in the practice of the prophets of law. It was in them that there was an independent it

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Additional sujood after the Salah is over, that is not soon. Even if you feel like it this simply feeling like doing something is not a motivation or a reason for you to go ahead and do it. But if you have to so that you say but I feel like making sudo will say it handed in that you can pray too soon as to what I have sooner and put deposit fuel so jute in them and stay Institute as long as you want.

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No one is going to rush you stay Institute as much as you want, especially if you do it at home, right because it's more sincere if you do it at home

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versus the masjid but permissible if you want to do it in domestic but there is no independence to do to be done. Just right after the Salah is over, just by itself right after Salah that's a time for the can of Allah zodion and you can also make dua to Allah xeljanz so our hadith of today insha Allah reminds us again that I want to be closer to Allah, how do I do this? If you want it, think about the next Salah that is going to come and especially I'm going to stress in sha Allah the night so that the nights Allah when you have freed yourself or maybe other obligations and you're doing it before you go to bed or you're doing it you know after you had woken up and waiting for a ledger,

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that when you're just devoted to Salah think about sujood and think about yes I'm reading the Quran I want to finish maybe my Koran my head my my conclusion of the Quran, yes, I want to do this, but I also am waiting to go to sujood so that I can pray and ask Allah and be close to him subhana wa Tada. And when you arise from sujood after you have done that, you will feel the evening that I asked Allah that Allah makes it so the sweetness of salah and sweetness of being close to Allah zildjian so your ally are behind me we ask you, that you allow us to taste the sweetness of being close to you inside out, and the sweetness of making up and the sweetness of reconnecting with you

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and give us here Allah the longing and the desire to always be close to you. So that we miss this whenever we are distant we miss being close to you and we want to rush back to you your Allah your hammer, I mean and make your but I mean reconnecting with you proximity to you being close to you, dear to us than proximity to any other human being. And we ask you your but I mean to allow us to open the door of your app for us and accept all of our drought and allow us and inspire us to make dua for the hereafter and the drop for the dounia does that benefit us and that protects us from harm. Whereas you have been either mean to allow us to taste the sweetness of amen and the sweetness

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of Ramadan and the sweetness of Eva, will Allah ask us you know, but allow me to make us of those who love you and love your messengers of Allah Allah you send them more than they love ourselves more than they love themselves. And those who love for Muslims what they love for themselves and the love for non Muslims that they be guided and that they come back to Allah but Allah mean your but I mean we ask you that you improve our character give us the best of character. protect us from the worst of character makers of the people of Jenna, give us the character of the people of Jenna protect us from Hellfire and protect us from the character of the people of Hellfire protect us from

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disbelief and *can hypocrisy and bidda protect us from what upsets you your pal Allah mean? We ask your pal Allah me to elevate us in the hereafter and to elevate us in the dunya we asked you to protect us and our children and our spouses and the oma Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from deviation from Hellfire does that go below here I see today 100 and I was able to keep it short. So in handy Linda give me credit for that $100 Bill and I mean, what is your opinion of insha Allah to get for Allah to protect you and to give you energy with Nila or hamdulillah Okay, we have we have a name and not a name we have a question. Somebody with the name has a question. Okay.

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What are the rulings on seeing a loss Allah's name in the bathroom or any way Allah's Name cannot be said? No that is it the question you get every day I'm just wondering, you don't say Allah's name in in an inappropriate places or circumstances. So you do not say Allah's name in inappropriate places or circumstances if you want to remember Allah zodion in those times and places you remember him in your heart, but not in those places. Okay, now in the bathroom, right? And this is inshallah hopefully is something beneficial in the bathroom. While the person is doing their business you would not mention Allah's Name. So on the toilet, right, you wouldn't mention Allah's Name. Now once

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you're done with this, unless you're you know, you're over the sink and you're washing your hands and you're going to about to make will do so some scholars will say dear to us that of course bathroom is something new

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New in the sense of what having one shared space where you're doing all of these things in one space one shared space, this is something that is new.

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So they will say that because it's a shared space, it is permissible that over this thing when you're making will do it they say Bismillah So you mentioned in Allah's name that why because you're making the dough you're not over the toilet, you're not doing that, but you're performing Moodle, other scholars who will save a lot of them you mentioned Allah's name in the heart or in heart, you will say Bismillah you say to the heart, I agree with those of the right first opinion who will say that over the symbol you're making although you can say Bismillah so even though it is called a bathroom at that moment, you're not over the toilet you're not doing things that you're not supposed

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to mention Allah's Name while doing so you can when you're performing will do insha Allah say Bismillah because of that, anyway insha Allah in the bathroom in general right, you will avoid mentioning Allah's name you just mentioned it inside, right, not with tongue. Then when you leave the bathroom, you can mention Allah's name as much as you want. So I hope inshallah that has answered your question. So we asked a lot, but I need to keep you all safe, the highest of a man with the highest of motivation to protect you from what do you hate for what saddens you and to give you what pleases you? As long as it is pleasing to Allah Bellamy?

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Can you make a deal out which is part of the Quran? Yes, in sha Allah, that also is a common question. So it is often a lot harder for asking this institute, right? You're not allowed to recite the Orion Institute or record right? Institute you're not allowed to recite the Quran now. Institute Can I bring in a dog from the Quran? Okay, yes, you can. So if you find that in the Koran Rob be that the attorney for the entire body thing just just that something that came to mind? Okay, I've been attina Jr. has an awful lot he has an option other than No, something like that. If you find out that you like him to hold on, can I say it into Judo? It's in the Quran? Yes, you can. Because

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your intent there is do not call onic recitation.

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So in the subdued Okay, you can see from the Quran you can see from the sooner you can see your own your art you can see your own data in your own language.

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So this is comprehensive insha Allah so inshallah remember this and tell it to others because this is a common question. So in your sujood you can say draw in the from the Quran. Okay. You can say that from the sooner

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Yeah, it's not in our style, obviously because it's too hot. Right? So you see derived from the Quran, but you're not reciting you're just saying Robin attina for dunya has another beat at the front of the write up and I have learned I mean as far as you know, whether reality Nakamoto is more generally mustafina Imam or something like that. Right? So data from the Quran Yes, you can do it from the sooner tradition from the prophets already sent them Yes, you can. Your own in Arabic. Yes. Your own in your own language, whatever language that is, yes, allowed in sharp, right? To connect it that the the important thing here is that you were saying something, it's coming out of your

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heart and connecting to Allah xojo that's what we want in our sudo May Allah zildjian accept all of your dua and grant you the best of this life and the life to come. I mean, what well I mean, in sha Allah will see with Nila as though Dell tomorrow at the same time it Neela with reflections from a story from the Quran just below theoretical level. fuchal szczepanik alumna will be handed a shadow under either hail and a stuffy look about to boil acorn hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh