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So this morning made plans is going to Ramadan a child that shall know for every piece of jewelry. You know, I've dated some of the most you know famous and beautiful women you know and all of that stuff you know without a law it means nothing without prayer means nothing and is a real empty feeling. Since you mentioned sneaker, I want to get your thoughts on something.

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And I have good news and bad news. Taking maybe that the old town road performer is getting a lot of attention. So Irving, Kyrie Irving that's his name right? grateful always taught law golf allowed me to come out here. So I'm just grateful. People say that to me all my lives and in my comments like they think they won't offend me like they'll say, Brother, you should love Jesus and I'm like, I do love Jesus. I'm Muslim. This could be my last Ramadan this can be your last Ramadan. This could be Eddie's last Ramadan. Let's take advantage of every single Salah. Let's take advantage of every single dude. And we will need The Breakfast Club and we got the deen show.

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I mean, I Salaam Alaikum. How are you guys doing? We got our next guests coming up.

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g unit Philly. Let's win hustlers star. AKA tone Trump given show how does out in Philly. Abu Salah, how you doing my brother? I humbly let all as well I'm glad to be here. Did we hit that? Right? Let's win, hustle or starve Is that you? Some of that stuff is me a lot of that stuff is oh, you know I always saw was somebody did a Wikipedia.

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So some of that stuff he said in the beginning is is all but it's all a part of my story. So I can't you know, I can't deny you. But we want to have bigger and better things, you know by the permission of a law. So right now is just the top. The prettiest, the smartest the fly is Donald Trump the big non Muslim down family and I'm honored to be here with you today, brother. I like that. I like that we all have a past we have some history. Let's go into a little bit of your history. And what brought you to where you are today that you're actually thinking a lot different. Um,

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the best way I can answer that question is, um, about

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about seven years ago, you know, the birth of my son, Eileen Samir. Um, his mother had some complications during delivery. And she had a fever. So they started to like, try to rush deliver the baby. I didn't have a lot of experience. I was very, very scared. And I had went outside the hospital room and I pray and I just, you know, I was asking a law. Because I've always I've always been aware of a law I've always been aware of Islam, my father, you know, my uncle bought Islam to our family before I was born. So I've always had knowledge of Islam, but I didn't always you know, follow the Sunnah and follow the, you know, the rights and rules of being, you know, a praying and

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believing Muslim. So, I had knowledge but I was living a life that wasn't, you know, conducive to call myself a Muslim. So long story short, I made a prayer and I basically asked the law, you know, if you will protect my child, if you will bless my child to come out of this, you know, I would change my life, I would do their things differently. I would, you know, just things that I think a lot of us do when we when our back is totally against the wall, especially people who don't pray normally. You usually pray when you know, the chips are down. And that's what I did, and a lot, insert my prayers. My son was 1,000% healthy. He's actually about 10 feet away from me right now

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playing on his iPad. Mashallah. So, I came up with a promise, you know, to strive to live better. And as I you know, it started with different steps. A good friend of mine in Serbia invited me to Friday Prayer one day, and it started with me going one week, to me going every week, you know, another brother Muhammad was inviting me out, I always forget to mention and when I tell the story, so may Allah be pleased and reward both of them because they play a big part in my journey. They both kind of just like the same way people will hit me up, they go to clubs, and I hang on a block. These two particular brothers will hit me up on Fridays, when we pray in it, you know, and it's

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different when you know, brothers you love and respect for that on you. Because it's like, you know, you don't want to say I'm praying as we go and going, Oh, you know, I had to have an answer. So I'm like, you know, I'm going another way. I'm going to look though, I'm gonna pray at this Masjid.

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And they started to feed my soul in a way that I was realizing how much I needed to pray consistently how much I needed this word. And it was all making, you know, when I was young, and I was hearing about Islam, sometimes it It didn't resonate with me, but now everything that you man was saying every cut bars felt so personal, like he was talking to me about me. And I developed a personal relationship with the dean that um, I feel like as I begin to pray more and read and read even more, that I really felt my true purpose and calling in. I think a lot every single day I wake up for that. So that's how I got to the point I am now. It started with just different things,

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different efforts started with the prayer for my son. Fast forward to about three years ago, I went to the I went to O'Meara, and I did that prayer over again this time that the cobbler asked him

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law in a different way just to, you know, replace all the things I'm doing around with Hello, and make it where I can maintain that lifestyle that I've that I'll be honest that I still love, there's a lot of things that I that I struggle with that I shouldn't love anymore that I still have a love for Edie. So, some people like to pretend like you know, when they take Shahada, you know, you get a new slate and now you're just new person. And that is true, but some of the things I miss doing it is hard to let go of others, you know, everybody has different you know, jihads and different things that go with and for me some of the things that I attach myself to are very transparent because of

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the fact what I do for a living I'm a rapper, I'm an influencer I'm an actor so people see me and you know, you know, as a Muslim we're supposed to conceal our sins and in my business it's hard to do that so you know, sometimes that's that's the constant contradiction, but it's a totally issue your question those different trials in my life, starting with my son, the birth of my son, were things that really made me you know, step my game up and that's how you got to demand Muslims. And it dawned that you're talking to today my show

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Mashallah, so you have a big Muslim community in Philly, is that right? Very big, very big my show long. Philadelphia I like to say it's the biggest African American Muslim community in America and you know, and in North America anywhere i've you know, I've been blessed by law to travel everywhere and I've never been anywhere where I felt the presence of you know, she was slamming you know, Muslims and you know, saying he jabs and the cops and you know, those and coffees in the same manner that you see here in Philadelphia is the thing I'm most proud about this city is a lot of things in the city right now that aren't to be very proud of but you know, that the place you know, being so

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you know, conducive for being Muslim, you know, we know so many places to pray so many places to eat Hello. It's something that I don't take for granted. I'm very grateful of, you know, being here in Philadelphia and my Sharla I never been to Philly, but if I come down at you, maybe take me to what's this place called? eats by Dre is some crab cakes. Ah, one last shout out. I'm definitely gonna get you some crab cakes from east by dragging my show up. I'm gonna set you to go when you come to Philly, you want. And just so you know, for those listening who don't know, we've even coined Philly Philistine, which is, um, a lot of times when people see hear me or see or hear me say

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that they think I'm talking about our brothers and sisters in Palestine, who I love. But um, we renamed the, you know, the standard when you hear Afghanistan and Pakistan is in Pakistan, the standards land up. So we took it for landfilling, and, you know, being such a Muslim city,

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you know, some people right from Philly, and they feel like they in the Muslim countries themselves, but you see so many Muslims. So also beautiful thing. Do you think it's, it's like a, as you mentioned, something now is a Jihad everyday a struggle every day is, you know, but for somebody who's experienced for people who've kind of just had most of what you can have in the dunya. And now you've tasted it, or you've tasted the other side, you taste the sweetness of the man, that's what brought you to where you are. But now fighting, like you said, every day, you know, the temptations that are out there? And what do you tell people who are now striving to kind of go towards that life

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that you're trying to fight against falling back, you know, people, you know, on the fence, sometimes, you know, and you see people, they come over, they experienced the mind the sweetness of salado a prayer of connection with their Creator. But then some people, you know, they end up falling back. Because of that struggle, that constant jihad, that constant war that we're with with the satanic forces, you think is hard, it's harder, because you've experienced most of most of the delights of this life, it's more of a challenge where other people they, they haven't, you know, gotten gone toward or experienced some of the many things that you've experienced. I think it may be

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more of a challenge for some, but I think for me, it's more of a blessing. Because I think because of some of the, you know, the success and failure I've had in the doing Yeah, and the worldly things. I've seen it at so many levels, bro, I've been around, you know, I've worked with some of the most famous people in the world. I've been around some very miserable people who have a lot of things in his world, he likes to let me know how much that that stuff doesn't really mean. You know, I've drove every single car you get think, Oh, you know, I've had some, you know, I've wore every piece of jewelry. You know, I've dated some of the most, you know, famous and beautiful women, you

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know, and all of that stuff. You know, without a law it means nothing without prayer means nothing and is a real empty feeling. When you realize that you work so hard and you you think you want certain things until you get them and then when you get them you realize they really don't mean anything and they really don't matter. And that's why you see you know, people struggling with mental health and a lot of times you know, usually people that we think have everything, you know, they commit suicide because you know, the things that we deem is everything aren't really anything. And that's what we struggle with in this world. And it's easy to say sometimes more than to do but

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I'm, I'm living proof man like I've seen it all man like I've seen it all on every level.

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You know, growing up when, you know, I wanted fame, I wanted money, I wanted the music world so bad. And as those things started to come and you know, some of the things they cut and another thing about her on money, it doesn't last it doesn't sustain. You know, and you can have, you know, we've seen that so many times, but how many people you've seen, they say was worth $50 million. And then they in a poor and the homeless, you know, when people say, Man, I would never let that happen to me. You can never say never. Because, for one, everything's written by law. And so you think those people that lost all that money, thought they were going to lose it? No, everybody's not just dumb.

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Everybody's not just blowing their money. It's, it's the fact that you're trying to do this and live this life when you try to do this without God. It's not gonna work. I don't care who you are. And even when we think it works, in this worldly life, we look at some celebrities. And you may think, you know, I hate to always use them as example. But I always like to use the Kardashians as an example. Because people see them with all that money, and all that fame. And they're always looking for something else, you know, from from every member of the family, like, you know, that they're, you know, reconstructing the way God made them. Look, you know, that the head of their household,

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tried to turn itself into a female for crying out loud with all that money and fame. He wasn't happy with being mean. You know what I mean? So I like to use that for example, especially when I'm talking to younger people they got every you know, Kanye West is over there. They just named him a billionaire. Does anybody think he looks happy?

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Does anybody think he looks like he you know that you see a door in his face when you see him know? You know that darkness and sadness that you saying that that's this Doom you that's the shades on. Despite all that money, despite that beautiful wife, despite this is a guy who his name is on the back of a sneaker that 90% of pop culture either are wearing or want to wear, and he's miserable. So that's a perfect example I've given since you since you mentioned sneaker, I want to get your thoughts on something. Well, not eggs. And I have good news and bad news.

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May be that the old town road performer with the launch of a pair of sneakers, and both lines, blood sneakers, Lil NAS X's collaboration, our collective mischief, were released the same day as the video, the 666 pair of sneakers are black with red trim, and future gold pentagrams inverted crosses, as well as human blood inside the soul. The shoes, which are modified Nikes are you're the one I mentioned sneakers. So I want to get your reaction to that 21 year old rapper. So for everybody that hears that, that means 10 years ago, which isn't that long ago, that kid was in seventh grade, eighth grade me. So he's a kid, he's a baby. But the people at Columbia Records, the

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label, he signed to the people at Nike, the billion dollar corporation that creates that sneaker, the people, whatever company that did the collab, they all should be held accountable for what they're pushing out. Because they're aiming that for our children to see it. And it's been it's promoting, you know, satanic rituals is promoting homosexuality is promoting cross dressing. And these are all things that I don't think it's fair, that is being pushed by such powerful corporations, when you talk about Columbia Records, Nike,

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you know, these, these are giants. So I think it's sad, I think it's pure evil. And I pray a law protects my children and all children from you know, entities like this, and this is why I feel like it's so important when people criticize, you know, the Muslim entertainers and influencers, doing you know, content and creating things, I understand, we have to be mindful of the way we represent it slammed at the same time, we also have to, you know, we have to, you know, we live in 2021, where these kids got these phones in their hand. And it's like, I'd rather my kid be looking at, you know, any of the Muslim influence or entertainers all day over, watching the queue displayed on the

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screen. I don't even like saying their names, but the kid you just played on the screen.

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So what do you when you see the youth? Where do you begin, when you see them striving to emulate to kind of do you know, live that life that you were living to be around, you know, to be a star? You know, where do you start? What do you begin with? What do you what do you tell them? I think the start is listening to them. And then I listen to them. And then I give them real life perspective. So I can tell them things that I went through epic long things that I experienced, and also letting them see me be successful without doing those things. You know, if the kids in my neighborhood equate me driving a nice car and doing different things with me, dealing with drugs and stuff like

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that, they believe that comes with it. But if these kids see me out here pushing the power of prayer, and see me talking about waking up every day for fudging talk about so he classes in Arabic classes, and then doing great things. They'll equate that with that as well and show a lot and I think that's one of the big things for them to see us. You know, I do things intentionally, I did a meet and greet. And I make sure that when the young Muslim brothers that came out, I met

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A young boy named sorry. And you know, he comes up to me and I want to be like you big. And the first thing I saw was man start with that Fletcher prayer. And when I say that to him, and he looks over and we got to fire you in the corner, and we got a, you know, a vintage sob on the corner, and a G five bins, wagon, and all these different things that he's only seeing rappers and drove to his head. And he see his Muslim elders have nice things and knowing that we can be successful in seeing us bridge the gap, you know, at this particular Meet and Greet, I had moved the Rafique out there. So I got to move the out there on the same corner with you know, ex gang leaders and guys who just

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came home from prison and just bridging the gap. So the young brothers can also see us all unified. And I have all this separate system where you know, you people, what kind of Muslim is he or Where's he from, and this race over here and this type of Muslim over here and know about we all love Allah, we all acknowledge who is lasting the Beloved Prophet, and we all come together and not follow any entertainers not follow each other. We follow the sooner we follow one for our brother and sister we want for ourselves. And I feel like when they you see that, that a successful level, that he, I think we'll see a lot of change. I think people are busy yelling at these kids and telling them what

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they can't do. And so know what not to do. And nobody's giving them any alternatives. Nobody's showing them how to make any real money. You tell these kids don't do anything around. But then the only way you somebody can make a lot of money is stuff that they got to go to school for for 50 years, come out of school and a whole bunch of debt. And kids now we're wising up kids. Now we're saying, Hey, man, people are going to college, graduating college and working for high school dropouts. So it was like people are smart enough now. So we have to show them those alternatives, whether it be through our feet, starting with our faith, and then starting with our own personal

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experiences. And that's what the whole Trump movement, the Muslim movement is all about. It's reality. It's not no fake stuff. It's not no facade. This is reality. You know, I can't sit here and tell these kids about, you know, stopping the violence without telling them my true story. I've been shot before. I've allegedly shot people before. So it's like, I got to tell these kids my truth, what was going through my mind, what consequence our faces how much being shot hurts, not just physically, but mentally, how much it hurts your family, your mother happened to get that phone call, and just being real with them and let them know how much it is much funner to be doing things

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the right way and flying around the world business class and, you know, eating great food and meet and greet people and collaborate with other great believers. And I just want to show them that lifestyle and showing that, you know, it's a way that you can do it and see this and you know, without, you know, you can get fame being a great man or a great scholar or student knowledge, you can get fame being usciences you can get fame, being a computer, you know, computer tech guys, so many things you can do to get, you know, fame or notoriety as well as money in falu. So is like, you just got to be smart about it. And you got to pray on it with purpose. And that's a lot of guys your

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intentions and they guide you education and I feel and then just do what I do, man, you know, tunnel vision, don't look, don't worry about what nobody's saying, just work every day, and pray every day like it's your last.

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I see you really like, you know, taking that responsibility of sharing the message, you know the purpose of life, with the people doing dour, like every Muslim should be striving to do. And what do you like to talk about in what direction do you take when you have people who have this love for Jesus? And then obviously it's an article of faith in Islam to believe in love Jesus, one of the mightiest messengers of God. So how do you take that conversation when Jesus comes up in your conversation? So I think the first thing is like what you said, you know, is when we speak about the Prophet, he says peace and blessings be upon him is mainly letting them know how much we love them.

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And I think that's the biggest misconception people believe because we don't pray to Jesus that somehow we don't like him or hate him. So I feel like the main thing is to show that regard that we speak of his name in the show, you know how much we love him to know we love Jesus. Like, it's like, people say that to me on my lives and in my comments, like they think they want to offend me, like they'll say, Brother, you should love Jesus. And I'm like, I do love Jesus, I'm Muslim. You know, I love I love all of the last creation, including, you know, the process. So that's my main thing. Like I think the main thing is like getting that stereotype off the way because I'm glad you said

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that because that's a conversation I pretty much have every time someone takes Shahada so you know and Mashallah my movement you know, the other day we did a we did an E toy get back in a we had two brothers take shot on my show a lot and one of their brothers was a strong you know, brother coming from, you know, the Christian faith and that was this thing you know, what about my love for Jesus and we'll give you the route. And I'm like, yo, bro, you don't got to now hate Jesus. You know, you don't have to hate anybody or anything. And I think when we start to give him that doubt and I think that's why one of the most important things we need to be pushing to is just having you know,

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creating so he classes and being able to show people true understanding of, of the deen, you know, ensure understanding of top one in 10 different things because a lot of times you hand somebody a cut and a prayer rug and you say you know, figure it out, and that's not fair to them. It's not fair to this beautiful and perfect religion, Islam. And that's what

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Love about when you talk about towhee that pure monotheism when we when we talk about you know the deep love of Jesus that we worship like Jesus, we greet like Jesus Peace be upon you. This is how he greeted, he prayed, like we pray because he was a Muslim he submitted to the will of the Creator, not the creation, even in the pictures that they posted, they proclaim to be Jesus, which I know, you know, you know, I don't necessarily prescribe to obviously, that picture that they push around looks like that would be a Muslim. I mean, in today's how I mean, this guy has a huge beard. He is a skin of bronze and he's wearing the soul sounds like either it sounds like he's either a light

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skinned black dude or, you know, you know, I'm hearing like black, black Muslim or Arab Muslim to me just by his appearance that they push up, by the way, not that we're pushing out he, even even what they had portrayed what they push out of his blessitt mother, who we love who there's a chapter named after her in the Quran, she's in and hijab, right? Is that amazing? I use examples like that, like I make it practical for him. Like, you know, I mean, I'm I'm even now that we said this, I may start asking dudes like, let me see your picture. Jesus, you speak up and then ask them if you had to bet if you didn't know what that was, and somebody said, Is he a Muslim? A Christian, or a Jew?

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For example? I think not. 10 out of 10 and not not at a 10 was a SS Aki. That's one of us. I think that's one way we can approach it inshallah, kick kick, kick. Can we get you to talk about that on the breast group? Breakfast Club? Have you ever been on The Breakfast Club? inshallah? I should be doing a breakfast club next month. So you know, that popular show The Breakfast Club? Is it where

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I should be going in next month? Oh, yeah. Yeah, one thing about me because my project dropped in June. So we want to schedule to run my project. The thing about me, Eddie, is you don't got to worry about me, ma'am. Any microphone in front of me, man is slammed is gonna come up, I did 100 interviews on Trump, you can't interview me and I bring it up, you know, I'm proud of my sleeve. So a lot of Muslim artists that can sit down with people like The Breakfast Club, and they genuinely might even know that person's Muslim. You don't sit down with me and not bring up something about Islam. And I'm proud of that. So they'll definitely will be definitely talking about those five

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prayers, but that's gonna be talking about, you know, the way you slam change and save my life. So I'm going to do that on any platform. And if you don't see it, trust me to edit it out. And that'd be a problem. Because I'm not there's no platform I went, I was worn many times to maybe you know, in so many words to turn down, you know, my broadness and my unapologetic about my love for my feet. And I've never followed those orders. I've even done it more, since they told me to kind of tone it down. I've turned it up even more on my show. I like that I like to unapologetically one who has surrendered and submitted to the Creator, the heavens, the earth. And that's what a Muslim is. And

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that's what Islam is to do that action. And this is something that we should be proud of, and is hearing you sing you hopefully, inshallah the youth and Muslims can get inspired, that they can go ahead like this, you actually were so excited about sharing that you shared it with the person, we're going to get your reaction to this, he's now in a Masjid. And you are a great influence and sharing the message with this individual four days ago.

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You know what

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he's doing and he's excited about it, man, he's just happening to the place that Allah has. And I'm giving them the confidence to come out with Do not be shy, you see nice praying on court. And on the land, this time, it's time it's time for,

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especially guys that might start to feel like they have the peace love that they've got right now. And that's what carries it. You know, if I want to pray, if I want to, if I want to praise Allah in front of the world, I should be able to do that without offending anyone. And we're at the point now, where we don't care, we'll feed you know, saying that's what we that's why we all that's why most of the players and it's a lot of it's more NBA players is going to throw down a child that y'all know. It's like eight or nine right now.

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And this time, it's time What do you comment on that? I'm just so proud of him, man. I'm so proud of him. I'm so proud of his message, his movement. I love that brother, man, as you seen you seen a difference in my reaction from when you played the first clip? So the second clip, right, that's it. So that's somebody you know, I call him Aki five, you know, I mean, stack five, Steven Jackson man, our brother and faith, you know, he was my brother before he was a Muslim. And you know, him taking Shahada him saying the beautiful words you know, lay lay a lot of meat on my mic. My my twin brother and my closest brother, I love him to death. I love him. Words can't express the love and respect

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and honor I have for him. And you know, he has a lot on him. Eddie, like, you know, he was already thrust into a position of leadership for the civil rights movement, the biggest civil rights movement ever. people that understand what went on with George Floyd the way the world was paying attention today that's never happened in the history of ever, like even when you know our great leaders like, you know, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Mohammed

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Lee, you know, Marcus Garvey and I can go on and on and he mams, Jamila, Jamila I mean and he's different leaders. They didn't have the power of social media to connect these different words like when we were coming up when something what happened to us we didn't know that people all the way in let's just say Yemen could feel our pain. And now because of social media we know that in Aki five Stephen Jackson has been thrust into a position of leadership, he didn't sign up for that. And even if he took Shahada I've never seen someone you know, revert to Islam and just hit the ground running with the tight you know, you just showed a video of him speaking in a mosque that furthers a brand

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new Muslim and he's already you know, garnering that that love respect and attention and I'm just honored to call him a brother I asked the Lord to continue to guide him and protect him and he is

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he different bro like his you know, he's just a special special human being and I love him. And like I said, I'm proud that he's with us and I'm proud that you know we're with him and we're just getting started we got it we got a tour we're working on right now to announce real soon inshallah. Me and him a top big, big done speaking tour. And that will be given Dawa as well as doing some different things and workshops and shall also be on the lookout for that and like I said, I'm just probably calling my brother I love me No, sir with us. So a lot of people don't know that you are actually there in the masjid with him You helped. Now we were saying his term Shahada. I mean for

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the non Muslims who are out there hearing this for the first time this is basically the clearing what's in your very nature is nothing worthy of worship except the creator to heavens, the earth, God Almighty Allah, and then Mohammed just like Jesus was a messenger, the final messenger. So that's the Shahada. And you are you're someone who helped facilitate that you are describe that moment, like how it led up to that and just In brief, and then you're in the masjid together when he took his Shahada. For those people that don't know the story of the lab? Well, you know, first of all, it was an honor. I'm there every day your phone don't ring with an NBA World Champion, you

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know, calling you period. I don't care who you are, let alone calling you for something so beautiful. So yeah, I want to say he probably DM me first. And then we got on the phone. And it was like, let's say it was like a Monday and he was like a bright man. I've been you know, reading up I've been studying man, I feel like the Lord is calling me. I want to take my Shahada and I want it. I want to do it. I want to take it with you. And I moments priceless man, like I got chills, man, I was so excited. And I'm just like, I'm like winning. And you know, and I'm like, yo, bro, we I would love to do that man show up man when he was like, Yo, man, I'm gonna try to come like tomorrow.

00:27:30--> 00:28:09

Like, so you came like like that Wednesday, man. And I have reached out to you man, Mom, Hamid and a young man in my city. We work with the Muslim down family we work with hand in hand because he gives out in a practical way. You know, he studied in Medina and he's very knowledgeable student and knowledge but he also is very practical when educating you know, the newer Muslims which I thought would be great. And the brothers flew in like a no longer than a day and a half two days later. And and the rest was amazing. The rest the rest was was something that was so beautiful. And I'll tell you this, Eddie, I'll sum it up for you like this. Steven Jackson is somebody who

00:28:11--> 00:28:44

got drafted and you know, went to the NBA right out of high school was a high school all American played with Kobe Bryant, NBA World Champion play well, Hall of Famers all these great things. And he looked at me that day and said, he brought us the greatest day of my life, some multi million dollar contracts. So you know, this isn't the guy who's left some boring, like, he's done some amazing, great things. And he was able to acknowledge that this is the greatest, you know, moment of his life, my show, we heard a match Kyrie Irving grateful always to allow golf allow me to come out here. So I'm just grateful. See, a lot of people have questions. But yeah, I am taking part in

00:28:44--> 00:29:26

Ramadan with a lot of my brothers and sisters, my Muslim brothers sisters, and it's been an adjustment. That's really what I can say just being committed to my service to God Allah, and then continuing on with whatever I'm got it with. So you know, just happy to be part of my, my community and doing the right things. So fasting is definitely part of it, obviously, if you know anything about the Muslim community, but yeah, I'm just just really blessed and grateful to be taking part in. So tell us about Kyrie so he's people were wondering, is he Muslim? Is he not? But it's official. He is Muslim. He's fasting. And what do you know the background of what led to him

00:29:26--> 00:29:57

accepting? Honestly, Eddie, I have never heard him say he's Muslim. I've heard him say he's participating in Ramadan. I've heard him say some different things. But I've haven't heard it. I wasn't there when he took Shahada. I haven't seen any any Muslims. I know say they've seen or heard that. So I'm holding back on that for now. But I asked them all to guide them. I think it'd be great for the dean I'd be great for carry First of all, yeah, and I think it'll be great for you know, young black black boys and young black Muslim boys and, you know, young boys period, young Arabs will be inspired because this is somebody that they look up to anyway, so I asked a lot to guide

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

them to the correct path. I want to speak too much on that because I don't know much

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

But I do notice that loves him and stack is a mentor for him. So I'll have to check in with stack for that. But the last thought, but that's odd. No, I'm not just gonna say somebody I don't but you know people people believe everything they see on social media.

00:30:13--> 00:30:19

I wish they believed in the law as quick as they believe social media means but inshallah that day is coming.

00:30:20--> 00:30:21

He also mentioned

00:30:22--> 00:30:28

that there are a lot there was like nine or there was a bunch of NBA players that are

00:30:29--> 00:31:06

fasting, they're Muslim, they're cutting dead. He's having an influence over what what do you know, you know about this? Yeah, I know of a few players. I know. Jaylen brown from the Boston Celtics Mashallah his uncle was actually my manager. So I know he he's participate in at least as fasting I would like to be careful with that because even when people say like non Muslims are fasting it's like it to me is no fast and without praying at ease yes yes. Mashallah like so it's like you know, like my man who's a great teacher when I remember one year you said he said if you're you know, you're fasting you know, you call yourself fasting without praying you just starving yourself so I

00:31:06--> 00:31:38

understand that the non Muslims like to show us respect but I don't want to speak on nobody whether it's celebrity or not, because just because you're not eating or just because you know, some Muslims you know, I want to be respectful but at the same time I also want to be respectful to the fasting Muslims as well and I don't know just because you don't eat doesn't make you you know, you're not observing Ramadan because there's so much more to that you know from from the reciting from us you know, fasting not just from food but fasting from our tempers and different desires and different things like that. So it's just so much to it so I do I've heard probably with the same much as you

00:31:38--> 00:32:06

heard, but I just been focused on you know, I don't I don't focus on you know, millionaire basketball players bro. I focus on these little babies in the ghetto who are who are being murdered every day you know? And that's been my mission and my focus and my purpose so I don't be knowing too much about them guys but I pray a lot guide small to true Islam and inshallah that happens. But in the meantime, we got so many babies to focus on so many kids to focus on we just did initiative with the prisoners they need us for more than a

00:32:07--> 00:32:17

year ever make $40 million a year you got a bunch of people you can call I got to be on I got to be in the ground routes and I got to be in the streets helping these people that need me today. And that's what I'm doing my show

00:32:18--> 00:32:32

you think that because people in you mentioned prison now do you think now because when people are participating obviously in the rat race of life so many distractions especially if you get that type of money those those kind of the bling bling, as they call it?

00:32:33--> 00:33:08

Bigger when the money get bigger? Yeah, distractions get bigger when the money gets bigger, but if you're in is that one of the reasons why in the prisons Islam is the along with outside the prison, but particularly here in prisons, when people are now confined and they got a chance to think what's the purpose of life? Why am I here? Why are they being created? They look at the evidence of Islam now and they're forced to contemplate and to think, you know, do you think this is why now in the prisons, so many people are accepting Islam? I think I think it's deeper than that but I'm sure that plays a part but I think it's deeper than that. I mean, I truly believe a lot brings us back to the

00:33:08--> 00:33:39

place we pray to move so you have to be careful about that. A lot of brothers get to prison a man and you know that you know in the hood they call it you know he was dean you want his Dean you praying Are you you see brothers come out of prison I got you know, big big prayer margining for it because they just bumping the head on it on a concrete into behind behind big wall but um, I can't really speak you know, from an Islamic standpoint, I can't speak on why from a personal standpoint, you know, I want to be respectful so my brothers is locked up and my brothers because a lot of times people feel like they start trying to shame people who take Shahada in prison and I don't want to

00:33:39--> 00:34:12

say anything that sounds anything like that. All I say is only a law can make you Muslim so when people take shot in prison hamdulillah then you know I you know, that's the one good thing about prison that you know, people are discovering the beauty of Islam and I think a lot of times it's just the influence like when you go somewhere bro and people want to be like the dude says running things and you know sad to say but the prisons are ran normally by the Muslims so if you're 1716 years old you're an adult prison all the guys you look up to all the guys and everybody fear all the guy that people respect all the guys at the guard soft nice, normally are Muslims. So people get

00:34:12--> 00:34:40

attracted to wanting to be Muslim and the thing about prisoners and brothers in the prison I got 3540 years and they're not gonna let you play with this do you can't just have a big beard and some some cut off pants and thank you a Muslim No, they won't quiz you they won't question you on your prayers. They won't question you on different things and to educate you as well but just know you won't be pressed about that Dean. A few more questions before we conclude tell us so let's take it back for my phone just give me a thing st is great die so but but we got

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

a couple more questions. So let's take it back for the for the Irving's you know the NBA players are from just the young boys, young adults who are tuning in and now before some who are you know, trying to sympathize with Muslims, you know, and they're doing the Ramadan. But you said even before that the prayer but let's take it even before that now.

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

Acknowledging that there's only one and only one Creator of the heavens and earth, the Shahada go ahead and somebody already they've been looking into Islam, you know, the articles of faith. They're like, okay, I agree with that the five pillars of is I agree with that to to hooey, the pure monotheism, which starts with Mohammed being classified a mystery. How would you go ahead and explain the Shahada for somebody out there who's like, okay, now I'm ready, I want to become a Muslim.

00:35:22--> 00:35:58

I probably explained it the same way that you know, your favorite shake, your favorite scholar, your favorite, you know, I just do it in a way that I speak the language of my people. So I try to break it down. So if you was to watch a video of any you know, ma'am, and in a way, they will probably talk about their love for a slam. Our love is probably super similar, but the way I explain it is, is different. So the main thing I do is I give life experiences, I let them know in the most convincing voice, the most passionate way that Islam saved my life. And when I let them know that, you know, I'm living proof, man, people have seen my wall, people have seen my journey. So I don't

00:35:58--> 00:36:27

really have to oversell it, man, people see, especially in my neighborhood, and then now even globally, because people have seen my struggles with no people on the internet. They've seen me get into fights and beefs people on the internet, they've seen you get arrested, as people on the internet, they're seeing people close to me get arrested for everything from murder, to selling drugs to everything. So the things that I've been affiliated with, you know, throughout my career in my life, and you know, just being from where I'm from, you know, all these different trials and tribulations. So when people see that, and then they see where I'm at now, bro, that's so much of a

00:36:27--> 00:37:02

testimony. You know, one day, the great scholar Dr. Sherman Jackson said to me one day, he spoke about me just being in the masjid, that being a form of Dawa. So for people, you know, when I walk into medicine, and everybody's staring at my statues and stuff like that, I can take offense to that. Or I can use that for opportunity to just give Dawa rd mages received that with just by looking at me, because if you're somebody is trying to be holier than thou, and you think you're so perfect, but you missed a few slots. And you look over to your right, you see a black Muslim with 100 tattoos on it. He's in Mensa who he's praying and praying, that's gonna make you feel away. So

00:37:02--> 00:37:36

we inspire even those who don't like us and love us and we try to do it with real life and real practice. When I talk about the religion, you know, my uncle used to tell me, you don't have to wear your religion on your sleeve, you have to wear it on your heart. I've chose the word on both. And it's been it's been it's been it's been trials with it. And it's been a success today. And I humbly lead for it all the good and a bit. So the main thing I do bro is I break it down in a language you know, I talk to them in a way they can understand it certain ways. I'm talking and certain words I'm using in this interview that I'm not gonna use but a 15 year old on 54th Street I'm just not you

00:37:36--> 00:38:10

know, Mashallah, that's one of the reasons I think I have success because I speak the language of the people which our beloved Prophet peace and blessings be upon them all we said it was very very very important dressing the speaking language that people you know, you serve, and I know who I serve Mashallah alright so with that said, Brother, any final words is Ramadan for the people out there for the Muslims out there for not yet Muslims, what what message you want to end with for those that aren't Muslim? I just want to say that I pray that law guides you to the truth and instead the one you know the oneness of Allah and I asked the Lord to guide you to slam it slam and

00:38:10--> 00:38:45

keep you on the correct path for those that are Muslim. Keep praying and keep striving keep working. I'm living proof of the Lord's mercy I'm living proof of my mother's prayers and you know, to those that are watching just keep just keep praying, keep pushing, keep believing. Love the law, love yourself love humanity. And right now in these last you know, you know, I don't know when they want to hear this, but we right now we're living within the last 10 days. There's so many people who didn't know last year was gonna be the last Ramadan. This could be my last Ramadan this can be your last Ramadan. This could be Eddie's last Ramadan. Let's take advantage of every single solar. Let's

00:38:45--> 00:39:10

take advantage of every single duar Let's make it such as to go to Mecca and Medina, let's make incentives to do better in our communities less than if you're not married making sense as they get married. If you come from a non Muslim family, make sure they know how to properly bury you get your affairs in order. This is the last few days of Ramadan, make it count because if this is your last month, think about how you prepare for the last day of school or the last day of work or whatever it may have been.

00:39:11--> 00:39:13

This could be your last Ramadan.

00:39:15--> 00:39:51

You know, may Allah have mercy on us all. I asked all those that are watching and listening if you're able to watch the deen show you're blessed you are to have a phone or computer pray for those with less pray for the believers that are behind the bars. Malcolm X was in prison before you guys all love him now the next market max may be in prison right now make do offer that person and I'm out man the biggest app the top the biggest guy they never thought they seen it they never thought they see it. Where are you? Where are you from? Chicago. I was hoping you said so I'm there on the whiteboard is from somewhere like another country. Bosnia, Bosnia, Bosnia. There we go. They never

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

thought they will see the biggest occupies near Lincoln. Biggest. This is a top hot thing. Shout out to all the Muslims worldwide Ramadan Mubarak and

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

I want to let all the Muslims know out there. Ramadan is the best time of year. Let's show the babies that let's show the kids that shout out to a huge epified na shout out. Nice book. beanie seagull freeway j ROC big Osama everybody who volunteer to sponsor at our E toy drop. It was so beautiful to see our babies get to have fun every year they got to watch all this Christmas stuff go on so it was just great to be festive. You know decorate you know I've got stuff going on man I've got i got i got plates this year. We got the plates with the Eden barrack on it you know we we get an A vibe and you should get involved too. Let's This is beautiful. We are the best of humanity. We

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are number one. We are the most beautiful. We are the smartest We are the strongest we we should be the happiest Let's show it. Let's love each other man. Love your neighbor for real for real. And I'm Asana like that may Allah have mercy on us all and go to my Instagram right now and get you some merge and support everything Eddie is going with the theme show yo I'll be honest with you bro I do interviews every day when law II This was one of the ones I was waiting to do. I love your show. I love the way you guys you know your producers and edit everything up. So it's not it's not hard to make me look good, but make me look good.

00:41:09--> 00:41:13

Yeah. Yeah, man. Shout out to the whole Muslim guy made

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some ice man.

00:41:19--> 00:41:20

Bless you, brother.

00:41:23--> 00:41:32

Earlier you mentioned The Breakfast Club man. We will need The Breakfast Club. We got the deen show. And we got all these different Muslim platforms we build up our own platforms. And I'm gonna play so you wanna say hi

00:41:34--> 00:41:39

it's Eileen right here. This is what I was talking about. When I said about I sent out a coupon this was the one I was

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this the one I was praying for? Mashallah.

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Ah, my wife I love Like what? I'm your life safe.

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I love

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perfect way to sound All right.

00:41:55--> 00:42:01

I love you. I love you too. For for the sake of Allah brother inshallah will be my baby. My baby. He don't like to get left out this

00:42:03--> 00:42:18

shallowly Cool. All right, now let y'all thanks, Eddie. I'll see you in Sharla here in Chicago and Philly will begin some of those crab cakes. inshallah I can't wait man and let me know Keep me posted on my show ready? So I've been promoted to the world so it could be the biggest one ever inshallah. inshallah.