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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the historical significance of Surah Al and the importance of learning from the backlog of the Quran. They also mention the significance of the Battle of butter and the significance of the Battle of Fire in the history of Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from the backlog and the significance of the Battle of Fire in the history of Islam.
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Ahmed alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Bukhari while he was having

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today's cannot will begin in the middle of surah Allah have

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installed your property at the center and this surah will be completed and then we will go into Surah unpa. Now Pura Ravi mentioned yesterday focuses on the stories of the prophets, right and this Jews begins in the middle of that portion in the middle of the story and profit sharing on the Salah. And the bout of the verses that we will recite in the first half of the Ravi will focus on the story of the Prophet Prophet Musa.

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Now, this is a very important passage in the Quran, a very important story in the Quran, you will find that the story of Prophet Musa alayhis salam is repeated in the Quran more times than any other story. This is the most repeated story the entire brand, because the lessons of the story of Prophet Musa alayhis salam, they are lessons for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his own mother, that they stole the stories of that Omar and this woman a very simple Prophet Musa Elisa had to deal with a tyrant and the Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah He was learn how to do a good job. And right up to today, the master has to deal with titles, and from the moose Ali Salam had to deal with the

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second largest oma in the history of this world. And prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has to deal with the largest woman in the history of this world. I prefer mousseline Salah from his followers the way righteous and probably follows the Westerners from the follower, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are those who are righteous, and they are those who are sinners. And so you will find a lot of parallels between the two stories. And that is why the story is repeated in the Quran more than any other story, because the lessons from the life of Prophet Musa alayhis salam are timeless, whatever era you are living in, you can see something in the life

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of Musa alayhis salam that is relevant to your life and you can apply to your life. And so, why these verses are being recited, recited let us reflect on the story of Mousavi, Salah, and how these lessons can apply to us. Now, towards the end of tonight's recitation, we will get into Surah Al and father and this is the beginning of the Jihad students. So tomorrow's karate is basically the Jews of jihad. Right the changes of the Quran, Allah who follow that's the Jews of jihad is to other foreigners who are told to sue the other part was revealed after the Battle of butter and Surah Tauba after the battle after the expedition to double. And so both of these rulers focus on Jihad

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peace, I mean is. So what is infallible surah is a series of verses, explained also the lessons that we can learn from the backlog, because the value of other was one of those major turning points in the history of Islam. It was the first major battle between Islam and Cooper. It was the first major battle between the army and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the enemies of the corporation. And it was a decisive victory for the Muslims, even though they were outnumbered, it played a very fascinating role in how history changed from that point onward. Because there's one point about this battle that a lot of people don't realize. You see, when you look at the leaders of

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the disbelievers of NACA, they will two generations of leaders, the older generation, Abuja, Abu lahab, writer, Mayor, all of these individuals diameter, or around the time, I will have them go to bother but he died around the time for all these other individuals, most of them dying, but the ones who survived this is what's fascinating, the leaders of the enemies who survived button. So what the need is occupied. So Haley with Ahmed Abu sufian it crema safwat, I'm not even on us hardly even worry. What do they all have in common? They all eventually becomes a habit. They all eventually becomes a habit. So this is a major turning point in history, because from this point onwards, the

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Muslims are no longer fighting people who are going to fight into the debt. They're finding people who are now more more open to their message and who eventually end up accepting the message. And so that makes a major difference with an earlier generation. It was a stubbornness from Abu Jamal and and his associates. They were extremely stubborn, that they knew from the journal for example, he knew that the Prophet Muhammad's advisor was a true messenger. And he knew that Islam was the truth and he even saw angels. But still, he didn't believe there was the stubbornness, the next generation, the next generation to be more open minded. You look at his own set of criminal, his own

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son, aikman rate that when he was running away from market, the Prophet Muhammad closed on copper, copper, and he was running away, and he got on the ship, and the waves began to rock the ship. And then the captain says to

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Your idols and I'd love for her because only he can save us now, ecommerce industry has realized that the producer, the true prophet, what his message was a true message, because this is what the Quran said as well. So he went back to Makkah, and he became a Muslim, and he became one of the Sahaba. And he died. And she had a look at the difference between one generation and the next. So the Battle of button was a very important turning point in our history. That's why an entire surah was revealed, laying out all of the lessons from this battle. And this is Surah alpha. From the surah we learn many, many things. One of the most important lessons we learn to look through and

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file is that numbers are not significant because

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it is our mind and our thought one that makes a difference, that sometimes we feel we are very few. And we wonder whether we'll ever be able to achieve victory in our own golden our own projects, but allow the victory to whomever He wills if they are sincere. And just as the Sahaba were victorious in butter, if you have a project that you are working on for the sake of Allah, it doesn't matter how few people support it, if it is sincerely for the sake of Allah, Allah people Baraka, Allah can give you victory for them. So these are some of the lessons for mother and tomorrow inshallah we look at surah doba. And some of the lessons from the expedition of our book to handle robbery is a

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form of Salah.

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