How can I increase my Khushoo and Concentration in my Salaah?

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The question asked by Jamal Abdi Nasir

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Assalamu alaikum. Brother. May Allah bless you. I'm watching from Edmonton, Canada.

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And the question that came on the Facebook just a couple of minutes back. My question is how can I achieve the horseshoe in my prayer? I feel my salah lacks enough pressure. And the similar question that has been asked earlier on the WhatsApp. I'll inshallah club them together so that we can answer more questions in a shorter time. This question was asked on the WhatsApp

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sometime before, maybe a couple of days ago,

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up the Sorbonne from Bangladesh currently living in USA. My question is, Could you kindly suggest us some ways or tips to concentrate better in our prayers and gain Taqwa fear of Allah? A similar question is posed by Muhammad Imran Hussain Assalamualaikum. Sir, my name is Imran from Chittagong, Bangladesh. When I stand in my prayer, I remember the worldly things. And I keep thinking over and over again, about the moments of talking to my friends, how can I increase my attention in prayer?

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A similar question again by Zerrin. Conductor assalamualaikum Sir, I'm from Bangladesh. Many children and adults ask, what should we imagine while praying to Allah? Should it be the Kaaba or should we ask them to imagine space? And there are many such questions asking mainly on how should we concentrate on a Salah and this problem of your mind deviating during Salah is common. Don't think it only happens to you? It is very common, it even happened amongst the farmers.

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So this is a common phenomena that your mind deviates when you pray to Allah subhanaw taala and when you're doing work of Allah when you're doing Dawa you know the shaitan try then comes and DVT SIBO

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and just to make it a light moment you know one cent mom was praying salah the Maghreb Salah and after the Salah over the moody says that Imam you have prayed only to rocket he wants his own iPad Thea car so one person gets up and says you have to do that I'm concerned about it is and how because in mammogram, salah I calculate the profits of my business. Now I wasn't able to complete it that we have not finished all that anyway, this is just a joke, just for like moments. So your mind does deviate and do it's a joke it's a reality. People do even calculate the profit they will take which they should ideally intraday, delete biscuits, social died deal in cold drinks. So should

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ideally, it happens. I've given a full lecture on this salah the program it was I just did which is available on the YouTube when you read your Salah, I always say that most of the Muslims, they don't understand Arabic language. So what we should do because we are non Arabs,

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our 80% of the Muslims, they're non Arabs.

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So more than 80% of all don't know Arabic language. So I always tell them that at least you should memorize the meaning of those portion of the Quran that you recite in the Salah. You should know the meaning of Surah Fateha very well.

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This will monitor him in the Name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. Alhamdulillah Bill Alameen bitwala, the Lord of the words are Ramana Rahim, most Gracious, Most merciful, and so on and so forth. After that, you recite the Surah, the surah that you recite whether it be for a class, whether it be for the NASS so if Allah whatever Surah See to it, that those Surah that you recite in your Salah, you should know the meaning very well. Now when you're reciting the Arabic portion in your mind, because you don't know the meaning only a small portion of your mind is occupied, maybe 5% 95% of your mind is free. And most of the Muslim you ask them to recite surah Fatah from the

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middle of the slip they will do it you know only a small portion so remaining is blank. That's the reason it keeps on wondering now when you decide in Arabic. And when you also at the same time translate at the back of your mind. Recite an Arabic at the back of your mind the meaning is being translated. Now more portion of your mind is occupied less chances to deviate.

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Those who navigate the language besides reciting also concentrate on the meaning it will deviate less. Now once you start doing this, maybe after a few months, it become mechanical. You're reciting in Arabic You know the translation so well you can say it in the middle of a night in the middle of asleep. So what

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then besides

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Even recollecting the meaning also concentrate on the meaning, a human being cannot concentrate on two things together.

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You can consider it 50 50% For example, while driving a car, you are concentrating partly and also talking no problem. But if you're reading a book, you can eat a book and even listen to something else but your concentration is divided but 100% you want to consider reading the book and the meaning you cannot do 100% reading the book and understanding the meaning and doing something new to similarly when you are doing the Salah in your Salah Vinod, setting the Quran recollect the meaning concentrate on the meaning, the more you concentrate on the meaning less will your mind deviate and less chances the evil thoughts will come less chances you will think of something else but to

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concentrate if you know the meaning, if you don't know the meaning, how will you concentrate? This is the most important factor for concentrating and forgetting crucial in Salah and you try this, it will get you wonders, but your concentration level also keeps on different. The more you concentrate, the more you will get the crucial in Salah, even for the children tells them the meaning of sort of fathia also a class and that time it's not necessarily that you have to think of something concentration itself occupies your mind. You don't have to see an image I don't see an image. Yes if you don't have anything then you may have to bring in an image that cob etc but when

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you're concentrating on the meaning image not required and we'll get the real question. I hope that answers the question in brief for more details. You can see my talk on Salah, the programming towards HSS