Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 2 – How To Solve All Of Your Life’s Problems

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the actions of Allah Subhana Ali, the Prophet who forgives and takes forgiveness, will help solve all of the problems that people have experienced. They explain that these problems can be solved by recognizing and identifying the root cause of the problems and stopping them repenting to be regretful. The speaker also emphasizes that using these three remedies will give people peace of mind and comfort in their heart.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How to solve all of your life's problems? This is our discussion today in Episode Two of Muslim tidbits. And this may seem like a bold proposition, in few minutes, you're going to learn how to solve all of your problems. So I understand if you're skeptical, but I'll ask you to bear with me. If we want to solve a problem, we locate the cause of that problem. And now this cause may have something that had caused it. So when we locate Eventually, the core reason, the original cause behind our problem, we can solve it efficiently. Now Allah Subhana Allah Allah in the Quran makes the cause the original cause of all our problems very

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clear. Allah subhana wa tada says, Well, Matt asaba, Khun Mimosa betim febi Makassar. But ad comb via foo and cafe, whatever misery and calamity befalls you and comes your way. It is because of what you have done. Meaning it is because of disobeying a lot because of sin. Like continues, we are for aunt Kathy. And he forgives plenty more meaning that the sins that Allah forgives, are more than the sins that causes pain and misery in this life. But it remains a fact as a law states. That pain comes from our own sins and our own mistakes. And think of it this way, that when we commit something that angers Allah, we create the circumstances for that pain and misery for that calamity.

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It's like a beacon. And that beacon is calling to itself is calling to us. Everything that will make us unhappy and sad and anxious. And so whenever we sin against Allah subhanho wa Taala, we light that beacon and call to ourselves all that pain and suffering. How do we solve this? We solve it by recognizing and identifying the wrong that we are committing in our life and stopping it repenting to Allah being regretful that we have done it and asking Allah for forgiveness, all the time. Remember that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would ask Allah for forgiveness 100 times in one setting. And this is the Prophet saying a stuff that a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff in

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real life. And this has an amazing effect on the heart, and amazing effect on chasing away sadness and misery and chasing away and washing away your sin. So repentance and asking Allah for forgiveness will help solve a good deal of our problems. Now, when we commit a sin, we chase away the angels of Allah, and who occupies that empty space, it is the sheath on or the shale theme. And in the shaytaan is our companion, the task of the shaytaan is to make us miserable, and sad and anxious. That is the mission of the Shakedown. So to protect ourselves from the company of the shaytaan, we need to chase the shaytaan away by remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one of the

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best ways to do this is to remember Allah during prescribed times, before you go to sleep, there is a prescribed remembrance Vicar of Allah that the Prophet used to do before he went to sleep. And also in the morning, and in the evening. And like a medicine that the doctor prescribes, when you keep taking that medicine, that pill when you keep remembering a lot continuously in the evening, and in the morning. And before you go to sleep, and you consult and you can consult a book of Dr. On that such as his non Muslim, the fortification of the Muslim and I'm going to put a link in the description that will guide you to that book. So when you repeat this Vicar from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala, you will be protected from the shaytaan by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala now the last portion of why we have problem is that we like guidance in our life, we don't know what to do, so we stumbled, we make mistakes and we get stuck. And this is so because we do not ask Allah Subhana Allah data to guide us to show us right from raw and also we don't ask a lot for assistance for the power to do what is right when we know what right is. So here we have to go back to Allah, we have to ask him do i is essential here. We have to ask a lot continuously first to guide us and second to assist us and to give us the power so that we can do what we have to do. Now when you

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employ and use all three of these remedies, asking a lot for for

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Goodness and repentance and then remembering a lot to protect you from the shaytaan. And then employing due to that lack can guide you and give you power and assistance, when you use all three of these remedies, you will find that a large portion of your problems are simply going to go away, they are going to resolve themselves and you will feel a lot better. Now, what remains the portion that remains of your problems, these will require more specific solutions, but then you will find that these specific solutions will be more efficient when you imply or when you employ these three remedies that we talked about. And that you will find that these specific solutions to your problems

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for instance, don't like family issues or you know, an issue at your job or a feud that you have with another human being. So you need more specific solutions right. So you will find that these specific solutions will be less efficient when these three remedies are not available in our life. So if you do want to solve your life problems, and you want to live a more peaceful and more comfortable, a more happy a happier life. Then employ these three remedies. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will give you peace of mind and comfort in your heart. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to solve all of our problems.

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If you have any questions if you would like to be in touch, please leave me a comment. You can also reach me through my email, Muslim research [email protected] one word Muslim research [email protected] and until next time assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

In the Second Episode of Muslim Tidbits, we point to the three common causes behind problems in our lives and how to overcome them.
The book I mention in the episode is Hisnul Muslim (The Fortification of the Muslim). It is available as a free app for your phone.

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