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Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The episode discusses the importance of happiness and the source of it in Islam. It uses the analogy of a woman being in love with her partner and the difficulty of life due to friction and hostility. The episode also highlights the importance of the heart and the value of one's life, and encourages viewers to leave feedback and suggestions.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to Muslim tidbits, a series that intends to present short and easy to digest Islamic insights. Today's episode is going to be about happiness. What is Islam what is the Quran teaches about happiness, happiness, which we can say is the human pursuit to escape from what brings us pain and misery and hold on to what brings us happiness and joy.

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Well, we find the Koran we find a lot in the Koran saying, woman out of that and decree for in Allahumma, Asia done Blanca, the one who turns away from my remembrance will have a difficult life. Now before we explain this, let's understand its context. So that it can make sense

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a lot there. In the previous I in the previous verse speaking to both Adam and how Adam and Eve, he says, pulling a habit forming hi Jamie Babu calmly balding I do is saying to them, preparing them for what is going to come next when they're going to descend from Paradise. He says descend both of you all of you from it, there will be enmity between you. And this enmity is between humans themselves, and enmity also between the humans and the shaytaan. So unlike paradise, there will be enmity on this earth that we inhabit. Now what is the source of that enmity? The source of that enmity of course is the friction or the hostility between humans and the shaitaan but also ignorance

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and misguidance. That is why Allah continues in that verse. And he says, For in May at the end, Nicko mini Huda feminity, bajo de la Luna is, when you receive guidance from me, those who will follow that guidance from me are going to be saved from going astray and misery are going to be saved from two things going astray, Berlin, and Brunel. He means not knowing what the truth is, or knowing what the truth is, but deciding not to follow it. And if a person is in Milan is in guide, misguidance, has gone astray has strayed from God's guidance, that person will be miserable. But if a person follows God guidance, then that person will be happy. So God in that verse is making a

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connection between following what God has revealed and escaping misery. And to highlight that point, Allah continues in the next area in the next verse, And he says, woman out of antiquity, for in Allahumma, Asia than banker, and the one who will turn away put a distance between himself or herself and my remembrance, my guidance will have a difficult life. The word that is used in the Koran there is bunk, bunk is tightness, think of a tight space, so that life is going to be tight is going to be difficult. And the place where that tightness that difficulty is going to be primarily experienced, will be in the heart, even if the person on the outside appears to be enjoying the

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fruits of this life, and is swimming in luxury, the heart of that person will be uncomfortable and disturbed. And why is that so? Because the way that our heart is created,

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it is anxious, it is ignorant, and our heart is insatiable.

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It is insatiable, because it constantly craves things and is not satisfied with what it has. And when it gets what it has aspired for, it soon becomes dissatisfied with it, especially as it compares itself and its situation, its success, and its failure to the people around it, it becomes more miserable. So it is never satisfied. And when God guidance comes, it teaches it to be content. And it also teaches it the value of the true value of this life, and the true value of the eternal life that is going to come next. And that cannot happen without God. The heart also, as we said, is also very anxious. It is it gets worried about tomorrow, it gets worried about losing what it has.

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And without believing Allah the Most High that it can protect it, and it can compensate it. And even if it loses something, there is wisdom behind it, there is a reason behind it. And if it only is patient of the heart is only patient, it will be compensated in this life and in the next without God, all of this will not be available and the heart will be remain extremely anxious and agitated. And the heart also is ignorant. It cannot interpret what is happening to it. Why is this happening to me? Why am I facing all of these difficulties, the heart on its own cannot

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Understand this, but then comes God's guidance and sheds light on it, and it tells it No, there is reason there is wisdom, and there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are only patient. And also to add to all of that, there is that enmity that we talked about the enmity between the people, humans and the chiffon. without God's guidance, this human eye, and you are very vulnerable, or without protection, and only God's guidance will help us from the enmity of the shaytaan. Without guidance, guidance, our companion will be associate on and will be extremely miserable and unhappy. So think about it. God makes the link in the Koran between happiness and being close to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So if you want to be happy, be close to Allah, the Most High, the Most Merciful.

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I'm happy that you can join us today. And since this is our first episode, I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear your thoughts. I would like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Would you like us to continue with this series? Would you like us to change something about us? You're about it. Your feedback is always welcome. So please leave us a comment. also send me an email. I will leave all the contact information in the description and also the comment below. Thank you for joining us, and until we see you next time. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This is the first episode in the Muslim Tidbits series: short Islamic insights and reflections. Today, our talk is about human happiness and the reasons behind our unhappiness in this life.
Please let us know what you think. Share with us your ideas, suggestions, or anything on your mind.

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